54 Tasting Notes


hummmmm welllllll…
NOT that spicy
NOT that powerful
A pretty light tasting Chai.

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Scheduled a post over at Sororitea Sisters for this one using a Song Pairing for #MusicAndTeaMonday – can you guess which song I used?

Anyways I enjoyed this one thanks to my fellow Sororitea Sister Nichole! I appreciate the extra thought and love that go into flavored earl grays!


Werewolf in London? Or a song by Foghat?

The SororiTEA Sisters

Great guesses but you haven’t guessed it YET but getting warmer :)


I might have to let someone else take the torch or inspire me because I’m drawing blanks. Is it a London native musician?

The SororiTEA Sisters

Yup! Their origin is London, England! Think 70s and 80s


London Calling?

The SororiTEA Sisters

Ding, Ding, Ding!!!!

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It’s #MusicAndTeaMonday over at Sororitea Sisters! Check out the Steepster Discussion above.

Check out my full review HERE at Sororitea Sisters:

We hope you’ll play along!

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Full review:

I LOVE being surprised – or better yet – proven wrong – by a tea and Jane Austen’s Black Tea Blend from Simpson & Vail Tea did exactly that! This is just what I needed to start my day on a crazy Monday morning! I just might have to buy this one in bulk and soon! This is a heavy-duty tea that gets a GOLD STAR from me!

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Interesting offering! Pondering it before full review over at Sororitea Sisters :)

Black tea, Thyme, Vanilla…nice!


Hey, welcome back!

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After one sip I knew that she took a good amount of time to get the orange and cardamom ratios ‘just so’ and for that I am truly grateful. I will never question her brilliance of evening out flavor levels

Ahhhhh yeah!
Full Scoop:


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I think I was expecting a brash and overly rich black tea flavored base to this on the tongue but it has a more even sip than I thought it would. I’m not saying that is good, bad, or indifferent – it’s just something I was surprised by. It had a woodsy-type flavor that seemed to come and go. I do like this tea. It’s satisfying. Honey Red Jade Tea from Golden Leaf Tea is pleasant and not overly done in any way. Perhaps this would be a nice loose leaf to share with friends…especially if you are unsure of their tea tastes. Personally, I think this is perfect for early to middle of the afternoon. I would need something more robust to start my day off but it might be better for those not into the super strong tasting black teas, too.

FULL review located here:

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