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Tried this as part of my White 2 tea order

I wish I loved this tea as much as it deserved to be loved. I’m less a fan of smoke than I thought I was. For someone who does love smoke, this is the flavor. It tasted like a campfire and I am certain it wouldn’t stop giving those notes.

Flavors: Smoke, Vanilla, Wet Wood

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This tea is for those who love the taste of sweet rice, which I happen to be.

I’ve had this tea maybe three or four times, but this time I got hit with a wave of vanilla into just wonderfully tasting rice! It’s incredible. It is a tea I might have to start gifting, because it is so non traditional and unexpected. I would be curious if you used the spent leaves on top of some cooked rice how it would taste… especially with some soy sauce. That might just be my lunch.

Flavors: Hay, Mineral, Rice, Vanilla

185 °F / 85 °C 1 min, 30 sec 5 tsp 13 OZ / 384 ML

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This tea is definitely more floral than I expected. It’s a lighter tea that has wonderful flower and nectar notes. The only downside is this tea doesn’t have much of an after taste, which definitely makes this feel less smooth

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This tea has been my favorite thus far from Taiwan Sourcing. For a charcoal roasted Oolong it tastes almost wrong. Instead of a roasted firm flavor you instead get heavy floral notes that fade to an almost amber. It’s a lovely tea. I was thrown off initially due to the stems in the bag, however after brewing and watching the leaves this is a beautiful full medium sized leaf tea that you could tell was loved from start to finish in my cup.

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It’s a lovely tea, and the recipient of my most recent reorder. The roast is present, but not overpowering. The body is still light and playful.

I brewed this western style and I love dosing it with some coconut sugar, especially in the later (4+) brews I can get out of it.

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Is an Oriental Beuty Oolong by any other name just as sweet?

Yes, yes it is. This tea is beautifully honey tasting and floral. I have not had a Bug Bitten tea in a decent amount of time and this tea was a homerun. The floral notes I got during my first brew slowly faded to one of even more honey. Would recommend for anyone a fan of Oriental Beauty as it’s just solid.

Flavors: Flowers, Honey

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This reminds me a lot of Mountain Streams Heavy Charcoal Roast.

This tea is good, however the problem I’m experiencing with it is it is not very full bodied. It’s quite mild in comparison to other roasted oolongs which kind of confuses me. The other flavor I noticed that is definitely different is tobacco, albeit that flavor is light. I brewed this tea western style for (on my current) fourth infusion. It’s possible I needed more leaves, but even then I don’t think so. The lack of depth on this definitely throws it from Recommend to not recommend.

The flavor on this tea is decent, maybe a slight nuttiness but not much. Decent astringency but almost no bitterness

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When I first had the first half of this cake, I didn’t quite enjoy it. However yesterday when I had this, I quite enjoyed it. The leaves were pleasant to look at, and had more woodsy notes than most floral oolongs. I wish

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