2273 Tasting Notes

Well, looks like we are sick for Thanksgiving. Hubby first, then youngest and me, now middle daughter.

I’m still cooking , though! Whatever this is, we have a cough (mine has been held at bay by drinking pickle juice), headache, pressure in face, neck pain, and extreme tiredness. No fever, no nausea, little appetite.

I realized that I feel no worse doing little things than I do lying down, so we are forging ahead, although we may actually gather on Saturday instead of tomorrow – unsure.

Hence the reason for the tea the way it is right now. I don’t really want to eat but ought to have something, so I made a piece of toast and a bowl of matcha…DOUBLE STRENGTH. Most matcha would be really bitter made double strength, but I want this nutritious drink to battle this sickness in spades, so I gave it a go.

Not only is it still good, I am sure I feel better, too. Let the cooking commence!

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drank Vanilla Apricot White by Tazo
2273 tasting notes

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drank "25 DECEMBER" RED by THE O DOR
2273 tasting notes

Strange things have been happening at my house.

Youngest asked if I wanted some Lapsang and OF COURSE I said yes, but when I went to the kitchen a strange tin which I had never seen was on the counter. It was Lapsang from The Odor and no explanation was forthcoming from the child person.

The next day I was offered the opportunity to try a sample. Now, I had dismissed the Lapsang as being a tin youngest had squirreled away for a rainy day after a previous order, but…samples! Clearly a new order has secretly been placed and received and then hidden from Mom, but it IS that time of year.

This sample turned out to be a rooibos, my second least favorite after hibiscus but when flavored right can be tolerable. The Odor didn’t let me down and I found this to have a festive taste and aroma and it was nice that I didn’t have to worry about caffeine keeping me up since it was nearly midnight when we drank it.

We always resteep our The Odor samples, sometimes two or three times, so we got a decent amount of tea of it and even had a bit left over for a cup this morning.

This is orange-y but fruity as well, so it doesn’t taste as cliché as the ubiquitous Christmas blends with orange and cinnamon and clove.


oh man… seeing this and the add for their 25 days not really a tea calendar, calendar makes me want to place an order…

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I reviewed this a while back for Sororitea Sisters. I had a generous bit left over and decided to finish it today. It has been a real trouper, starting the day as a breakfast tea with my blueberry bagel with schmear, then as a hot cup a after breakfast, and throughout the day I am sipping it slowly without even heating it up, because it is November 2 and yet 80 degrees outside with the sun parked almost as close to us as it can get. So…weirdly hot out for fall.

This tea has a very light body, yet a lot of flavor. It is classic sweet smooth black tea with hints of golden monkey type flavors but also the best parts of a low grown Ceylon. It is a little brisk but not much, and my mouth feels so fresh and clean after sipping.

Definitely resteeping this later. As I recall, the resteep is as good as the first steep.

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When I got up this morning, the windows were all frosted over….no, wait. That isn’t frost. It’s condensation. Because I live in North Carolina and it is going to be near ninety and raining and it is as humid as an Amazonian jungle out there.

Youngest and I decided it LOOKED cold since we couldn’t see out of the windows and it was completely overcast, so we have the a/c on and are pretending we need a cup of comforting tea to warm us up.

Queen Catherine is our comfort cup, but sometimes we like to foofy her up with some Rose Scented. I usually go with a 2/1 ratio. The Rose Scented is pretty strong so you still get plenty of floral taste even Catherine is a pretty strong (but elegant) lady.

It did the job. Aaaaaaah.

Evol Ving Ness

This weather— gah, painful.

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My neighbor texted tonight asking if I wanted to walk a bit because she was feeling overly full after supper. I had just finished eating and didn’t feel that it was good timing for a walk, but I waited until she had time to go around the block and texted again and asked if she wanted to join me for tea. She said yes!

Naturally, we had puerh. She has lived all over the world and is very food-adventurous, and she liked it a lot. Best of all, she said that while the walk hadn’t seemed to help, the tea did. She no longer felt stuffed.

The scent of this one was not as nice as some of their other offerings at the start, but the taste was good. It is perhaps not as complex yet as I would like. I will keep aging it and try it again. My neighbor enjoyed the aftertaste and even as she was leaving said she liked how the flavor was still lingering. She felt it “tasted like tea” but had more body. I don’t think it tastes like generic black tea but it does not have the powerful horse barn or cedar taste that I love. That could be simply the way we made it, and I might play with my steeping parameters a bit. I did go light on it since she had never had puerh before,

Since it is late, we didn’t try matcha, but since she was interested in it, I got out several tins of mine so she could see the difference in color and sniff the difference in aroma. When she got to the Harney and Sons mid-grade, she said, “Oh, that smells green!” When she got to the Harney and Sons best grade, she said, “Oh my gosh, that one would be addictive!”

“Congratulations!”, I told her. “You have managed to pick the most expensive one as your favorite!”

We now have an appointment to introduce her to the taste of matcha later this week! Another tea convert in the making…



Evol Ving Ness

ashmanra, you are dangerous.


Heh heh heh!

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We actually had this at breakfast AND lunch today.

Remember tea party day? It has changed a wee bit because both of the younger daughters are in college now and one is also working, so we have to schedule it whenever we can. We still get together once a week, but it has been a “summer of soups” instead of dessert being the star of the show. (Make no mistake, dessert still happens but it is usually cookies now.)

At breakfast this pretty much serves as what the name says – breakfast tea. But at tea time it seemed to morph into a tea lightly flavored with….cinnamon? I don’t know why it had that vibe going on but it really caught me off guard. I had to take a couple of extra sips and then wrack my brain trying to remember if I had switched teapots or something, but no, it was just the way the flavor came across with what we were serving.

Soups thus far have been fresh garden tomato, butternut squash, potato leek, Hungarian apple, and rustic chicken and vegetables. We have done sandwiches a few times as well. Now it is almost time for everything pumpkin!

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drank Teas' Tea Matcha by Ito En
2273 tasting notes

I need a pick me up. I have to keep going for at least another 90 minutes. I decided I need to drink up some of my older matcha but I think I will change my mind on that. Now that I have had Harney and Sons matcha, this one made me a little sad.

It isn’t terrible and isn’t the worst matcha I have ever had, but life is short and I don’t need to waste time drinking things I don’t love. This is now being relegated to matcha latte stash. This is my last bowl of this one straight. No guilt. No shame.

Evol Ving Ness

Thank you, ashmanra, for giving the rest of us this kind of permission too. :)


Yep, it’s time to thin my collection, as soon as I have time to thin my collection. (Oy!)


My pleasure! :D

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This is the last of the Lapsang Souchong samples I bought with my Upton order. Again, I prefer the cheaper sample to this. It isn’t terrible. I don’t hate it. But it didn’t make me go weak in the knees, and I didn’t cuddle my cup.

The tea base is a little weak, and that is the first thing my Lapsang-loving youngest daughter noted when she tried it. The smoke is moderate – if you are accustomed to Lapsang. It is also a slightly bitter smoke. The smoke lingers long after the sip.

It isn’t the weakest base I have ever had but nothing about this tea sparkles for me. I will finish the pot as I look out on the gray day furnished by Irma, but I will be making a better pot of tea later.

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I am a music teacher, tutor, and former homeschool mom (25 years!) who started drinking loose leaf tea about eight years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

I am also reviewing for Sororitea Sisters now!

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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