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- Assam/Ceylon blend; pretty straightforward!
- Malty, sweet, bold
- Not too tannic
- Would be excellent actually with breakfast – I find some teas too strong for early morning drinking, but this one strikes a nice balance.
- I feel like I’ve heard of this one before, and maybe seen it in some stores, but I’ve never paid much attention to it. I would now, if I were looking for a solid EB, particularly if there’s a loose leaf version.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec 1 tsp

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Another grocery store find.

I’ve actually been pretty impressed with Pure Leaf’s Tea House collection overall, so I was excited to see my grocery store carrying another of the flavour options. It’s actually quite tasty; mellow and sweet with a balance of strawberry notes and a mint that reminds me a lot more of a spearmint flavour than anything else. There’s even something sort of nostalgic about it to me; it’s taking me back years ago to my very first ever online tea order with Della Terra teas! I can’t even remember the name of it, but I ordered a strawberry, ginger, and spearmint green tea from them and this tastes very, very similar. It’s almost creepy, actually.

That was such a long time ago – I don’t think I’d even tried 50 kinds of tea at that point so everything was still SO new and exciting for me. It’s kind of weird to think about; I would just order green tea with reckless abandon at that point – now I’m SO cautious of any green tea I’m spending my money on because they’re really not my thing.

So, thanks Pure Leaf for the blast from the past! This was refreshing, and I liked the flavour pairing – it was well balanced. Would purchase again.

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I picked up a bottle of this premade tea at work. It’s only 90 calories and has 20g of organic cane sugar. It tastes heavily of ginger, more than I would have expected. Next is the cinnamon. But it mostly tastes like a non-sparkling, black tea ginger ale. Overall, it’s not what I look for in a chai. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Ginger

14 OZ / 414 ML

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Not THE BEST jasmine green tea, but it is ssmooth light, delicate sweet and crisp.

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I love this tea! I can quite literally drink this every day if I could. The tea has a good amount of sweetness to it, and the peach flavor is not overwhelming. I love it!

Flavors: Peach

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I made a cup… and in an act of pure disaster managed to spill the whole thing over my desk… What a cluts… After wiping up the spill, which took many paper towels, I settled down with a second cuppa. I’ve had a couple of different types of Darjeeling recently and they’ve all been so different! What surprised me most is that the classic muscatel notes of Darjeeling were really weak. Instead, this tea adopted a light tobacco flavour. It’s a nice brew but, despite it’s Great Taste award, it’s an unremarkable Darjeeling.
Enjoyed: As a post-lunch pick me up at the office.

Flavors: Bitter, Muscatel

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Received this for Christmas (our family traditionally gives a bottle of local/small batch soda in stockings, but since carbonation is a bit much for my digestive system, I got this instead. I picked it out myself, actually, but it still counts as a Christmas gift haha.

Anyway, this is sweetened, however it isn’t really sweet (like lipton iced teas), more like a touch of sugar. There is actually 80 calories worth of sugar in it, but I guessthe lemon balances it out. I like the lemon in it. The honeysuckle is fine-it adds a vegetal note. The base is generic, but not bitter at all. The blend has a definite fruity and vegetal scent to it, reminding me of the smell of apples.

So yeah, this isn’t bad, but it isn’t something I’d buy regularly. I normally don’t buy tea out ever, and certainly not from a bottle, but I was curious to try this flavour. It is better than many iced teas out there, seeing as it actually tastes like tea, but it also isn’t the best iced tea I’ve had (that would be homemade iced tea).

Flavors: Citrus, Fruity, Lemon, Sweet, Tannin, Vegetal


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drank Gunpowder Green Tea by Pure Leaf
597 tasting notes

The other reviewers on here didn’t seem to like this tea… I guess I’ll be the weirdo who actually enjoyed it.

The jar is generously full and the leaves smell earthy and fresh. So far, so good…

I did NOT use boiling water, like the package says to. I’m thinking that may have made the difference. The flavor isn’t super strong, but then, I was conservative with the steep time because green teas make me nervous. It steeps up a golden brown color. I get toasty, vegetal notes, particularly green beans/ asparagus. It has a pretty brothy mouthfeel.

Overall, it’s a pretty inoffensive green tea. For $7 for the whole jar, I’ll definitely take it. It’s owned by Lipton, so set your expectations accordingly.

Flavors: Asparagus, Green, Green Beans, Vegetal

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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I liked the last tea from Pure Leaf’s Tea House Collection that I tried, so I’m trying another one as well. Honestly, it’s not bad – actually, it’s better than I’d anticipated. I definitely still prefer the other one though.

I actually thought the lemon would be more more intense, pithy, and either sweet or artificial tasting but it’s pretty mellow and smooth, with a very natural flavour. It reminds me in a lot of ways of lemon water, but with the black tea backdrop and some floral notes married with it from the honeysuckle. Really crisp though; hydrating, refreshing…

I don’t think the black tea itself is stellar quality; but certainly a step up from what you’d taste with a normal Pure Leaf beverage. It doesn’t really have distinct flavour notes at all, unless of course part of the floral flavour is coming from the black tea in addition to the honeysuckle.

It’s one I’m happy to drink, but wont revisit.


Haha, I just picked up one of these for the first time yesterday, and very nearly grabbed this one. Ended up with the orange one though.

Roswell Strange

I can’t find the orange one locally! I really liked the Apple/Ginger one, though – certainly not the same are brewing loose tea yourself but by far one of the better ready to drink options I’ve had in a long time.


Shoot, and my store doesn’t have the apple/ginger one! Don’t they understand that we want to see the whole collection? I did like the orange, but it was a hot day and the 14 oz. went down in about three gulps.

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Found myself in a rare situation the other day where I was craving tea without having any on hand or access to any way to make some for a few hours – what I was nearby was a gas station, so I popped in and bought the highest quality bottled iced tea they were selling, which turned out to be this tea.

I don’t know that I liked it quite as much as when I first tried it, but it was a whole lot better than having nothing. Plus, I enjoy that it’s not overly sweet, which is something I think a lot of bottled/ready to drink iced teas generally are. That, and the apple note is nice and mellow while still being pretty accurate.

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Usually I’m really unimpressed with Pure Leaf teas, but this whole line up of “Tea House” teas seemed a little intriguing and against my better judgement I decided I would pick up one of them and give ’em a try…

Actually? Really good!

The apple taste is really strong and clearly Fuji Apple! It’s got that crispness that perfectly ripe apples have, followed by juicy sweetness and a rush of flavour that coats the mouth very pleasantly. Really sweet, but naturally and in a way that isn’t cloying. I expected a lot more ginger flavour than I’m actually experiencing; it’s pretty light compared to the almost apple-juice like notes of the fruit, but it works well paired against them. The green tea is only faintly distinguishable from the other flavours, but what I can taste works well with the added ingredients. It’s a bit grassy.

I actually liked this, and would be tempted to buy again for times when making loose leaf/sachets is not convenient/doable.

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I picked this one up at Walmart. The first time I tried 2 small teaspoons to 450 mL of water. The result was undrinkable.

Second time, I tried one teaspoon. Still bitter.

I will try again. Sigh.


Did you try sitting the bag in cold water first and then steeping it hot?


Nope, interesting idea, though.

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Tried water at ~80 degrees C and the result is much better. That awful bitterness that comes out with boiling water is now much reduced. Still tastes inferior to other gunpowders I’ve tried, but at least it’s now drinkable!

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Picked this up at Walmart because I think it was one of the few loose leaf green teas available. Packaging looked promising, with the “Single Origin” advertising and everything, but the taste is underwhelming. It’s definitely not comparable to other gunpowder green teas I have tried from Teavivre, Upton, etc. It is very light-bodied, dry, and leaves a nasty bitter aftertaste at the end. I used boiling water, which is usually recommended for gunpowder green tea (and was written as such on the package of this tea as well), but this one might be an exception. I will try a lower temperature next time.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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I don’t even want to look and see what year it was when I sat down to write about a tea in Steepster. It was a long time ago and I had stopped drinking my teas for a while. Life happened and I’m in a new apartment with my fiance! He got be a variable temperature kettle (best fiance ever) and I am back to drinking all of my tea!

I process magazines into the library and I remember when I first saw an ad for these teabags. I do drink the bottled Pure Leaf from time to time (not my favorite bottled tea, but it is ok) so when I saw this on the shelf in Giant, I decided to snag a box to see how it was.

I didn’t even notice it was black tea with vanilla until I got it home since I just grabbed the black tea. It smells so good when steeping. All vanilla teas smell good when steeping. I was surprised to see on the box that this is an Assam black tea. I don’t normally see that mentioned on store brand teas. When I do it is normally in a breakfast blend.

I have no sugar in the apartment currently, so I’m trying this plain first to see how it is.

It tastes like a normal vanilla tea. Not quite sweet enough to tell it is vanilla. No smell of vanilla once it is done steeping. A bit astringent after the sip with just a tad bit of something sweet lingering. It might be good iced, but it is winter and I don’t really want cold tea unless I am taking it to work.

With Milk:
I normally have some milk in my morning tea now since I’ve been drinking boxes and boxes of Twinings Chai. I have no idea why I keep thinking that milk will fix all vanilla tea and bring out the vanilla like magic. No vanilla, but the milk makes the tea taste slightly caramel. That is always nice and appreciated in the morning.

Good thing I have a paycheck coming this week. This one would probably taste best with sugar, but other than that it tastes like any other vanilla tea. Slightly disappointing that the tea never tastes how it smells when it is steeping, but overall fine for a cup. Kinda like the bottled tea.

Flavors: Caramel, Vanilla

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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It rained all night; I’m wondering if I need to start gathering animals two by two. Got the cats already, except they’re both male…

Anyway, it’s a wet, sullen, chilly morning and a stout wake-up was needed. Pure Leaf is filling that bill pretty decently. Has enough bite to it (and usually I need morning tea with fangs) that I prefer it with milk. Nice to find a good morning loose leaf on the shelves at Walmart. Hope it stays there.

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At our house, we’re suckers for free samples and dollar-off coupons. That’s why there’s a new little looseleaf jar of Pure Leaf on the kitchen shelf.

It’s definitely a waker-upper. There’s the cat-scratch sharpness of the Ceylon on top of each taste, then you get the deep breadiness of the Assam—you know, that floor-reverberating thump of a big dog’s tail. Milk makes them play nicely together.

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drank Black Tea with Vanilla by Pure Leaf
2029 tasting notes

Walmart was giving away free sample bags last weekend. The first thing I noticed about the pyramid bag was how fresh and sweet it smelled. (I don’t have the adjectival chops to tell you how I differentiate between fresh and not-so-fresh, but it was.)

Steeped, even with the disadvantage of water from a work microwave, it has the pastry-cookie vanilla sweetness of Harney and Sons’ Vanilla Comoro, which I know is often held up as the gold standard for vanilla tea. The Pure Leaf jars run a little pricier than boxed grocery store favorites, but this one earns its keep!



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About a year ago, we discovered in our Publix store the best bottled tea I’ve ever had. Most bottled teas taste artificial or watered down to me. The bottles of Pure Leaf tea set a new standard. They tasted great, natural, and freshly brewed. So, when I discovered a loose leaf Pure Leaf product in Publix last night, I immediately tossed it into the cart.

My hopes were high for this tea. It was packaged in a simple and contemporary plastic jar. Inside the lid, just a simple paper seal protected the contents from the world we live in. The short dark brown leaves had a nice rich earthy aroma.

As always, I followed the manufacturer’s instructions and steeped the leaves at 212 degrees for three minutes. The brewed liquor was a dark honey color. The smell was like Assam with a tad of sweetener.

The flavor of this tea was smooth, robust, and full-bodied. I could taste both the Ceylon and Assam, which seemed to be blended in perfect harmony. There was just an itsy bitsy twang of astringency, but this seemed to disappear after the first couple of sips. The aftertaste was strong but amiable.

As I said earlier, I had high hopes for this tea, and it didn’t disappoint me. It had all of the characteristics that I look for in a black tea. It was bold, defined, and flavorful. I will overlook the twinkle of astringency since it went away quickly.

If your grocery store has this tea, I would recommend you give it a try. You can’t go wrong at under $7 for 4.7 ounces!

Flavors: Tea

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 4 tsp 36 OZ / 1064 ML

NOTE: 1/3/2018 – Just a quick alert for anyone interested in this tea. Publix had it on sale last night for $6.99 and buy one/get one. At $3.50 for 4.7 ounces, it’s a great bargain!


ANOTHER NOTE: 3/4/2018 – Just left the Publix store. This tea is again on sale for $6.99 and buy one/get one. I picked up two more!

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