TippysTea said

Best tea(s) that you have ever drank?

So what’s the greatest tea that you have ever drank? The dogs bollocks, the bees knees, the one tea, the one tea to rule them all so to speak. Maybe it was the tea that first wowed you, or the tea to whom you hold all others teas.

As for me the best tea, so far, has been the Yuchi wild mountain black. Just on a whole different level compared to everything else I’ve ever consumed, and I have consumed a lot of teas. Though I have yet to get into pu-erh …

This might be like asking what’s your favourite song, or movie, since it can be genre specific for a lot. But there has to be one, or a few stand outs.

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cookies said

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Best ever for me:

Two other favorites:
Silk Road Tea’s Black Cloud
Joseph Wesley Dian Hong Congfu

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Dexter said
Zack S. said

Just wondering your brewing parameters for Soho Blend.. I bought some of it but it doesn’t seem to be tasting all that great =(

Dexter said

Ummmmm – hmmmmmm – LOL I’m not usually too accurate with flavored teas. Shrug – something like 2.5 tsp/12oz of water under boiling 95C for 3 ish minutes… something like that. I’ve never had a problem with either Soho or Florance – in my world you can do almost anything to them and they turn out great… Wonder if you have an off batch?

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AnnaEA select said

Verdant’s Reserve Qilan. http://steepster.com/teas/verdant-tea/43553-reserve-qilan

Sadly no longer available, hands down the best tea I have ever had. It brewed beautifully in every style, and was achingly delicious.

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Excelsior said

2012 Spring Flush DJ1 Namring from Mariage Freres. It was absolutely the finest Darjeeling I have ever tasted. I should have revised my initial review after drinking 100g of the tea. Ordered a total of 500g of the tea in 2012. As prevailing weather changes year to year in Darjeeling, India, the Namrings I’ve tasted since then have paled in comparison. Yet there are some good Darjeelings for this year, particularly, the 2014 Spring Flush DJ5 Arya and the 2014 Spring Flush DJ61 Puttabong.

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Anlina said

Huh, what an interesting question for me, because I look at how I’ve rated teas, and my top rated teas may be my favourites to drink, but I don’t think they meet any kind of objective measure of “best”. The majority of my top rated ones here are flavoured teas that I love but know they’re not necessarily the best quality or most nuanced.

I feel like this list is short, incomplete and likely to change, but based on memories and tasting notes, these really stand out to me:

Tao Tea Leaf – Keemun Gongfu Black Tea Premium
Green Terrace – Li Shan Black Tea
What-cha – Nepal 1st Flush Spring Buds
DAVIDsTEA – Spring White Pearls
Teabox – 2014 Himalayan Elixir Oolong
DAVIDsTEA – Blue Mountain Twirl

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Nicole said

Same here. Not sure I could list just one. Some of my stuck on a deserted island teas are Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black from Butiki (need a replacement for this one, sadly), Black Pearl from The Mountain Tea Co., Honey Black from Green Terrace or any Yunnans from Yunnan Sourcing. :)

If it had to be a flavored tea, then Paris from Harney & Sons. :)

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Skysamurai said

Ooo man…. hard question…

The first ones that come to mind are
Golden honeydew – lupicia
Handpicked tieguyan – verdant
Milk oolong ~ davids tea
Im tired there’s more but.. that’s what comes to mind first

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cookies said

Oh, I’d forgotten about Wegman’s Lavender Sencha. I adore that tea.

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aged (2007) rui gui oolong.
menghai dayi (2007) raw pu er

and it’s a sort of a budget oolong, but I really, really love the 2013 an xi mao xie (hairy crab oolong). Drink it daily, alongside my daily cups of sencha & gyokuru.

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