Liquid Proust 2017 Master Thread, Goodbye Blends - Last Sale!

Everyone, and yes I mean Everyone: Steepster has been the most wonderful and useful online website that I have been a part of. Tea was something I started to look into more while I was in college because I wanted a hobby that was practiced around the world and invited conversations. Fast forward over some years of learning and practice, here I am. At first I just threw my own opinions around and traded flavored tea for other flavored tea… but then Butiki went away and there was a clear void within the community. For whatever reason, I decided to try and fill that void myself by blending; somehow it eventually became Liquid Proust Teas. Fast forward two years and I am really happy with all that Liquid Proust Teas has done such as creating unique teas for tasting experiences or group buys that provide great value and learning regarding specific tea related goals that I set out. It’s now March and I just wanted to get a lot off of my mind because Steepster is pretty much the only reason that Liquid Proust Teas launched.

Why I am going to stop blending multiple teas
I recently got a promotion at work and things are going quite well to the point that my application is already at a university for 100% tuition paid as I peruse my MBA. This alone will eat up my time and I don’t want tea to become this chore on the side after I finish work or school; so I decided that when I do tea it’ll be pure community, pleasure, or education, and never business.

What will Liquid Proust Teas do if not blends
I will continue to host the Sheng Olympiad, and oh how they will be getting better and better, as well listing to the community as they ask for request. Group buys will continue with the main purpose to provide education or experiences that are not financially the easiest to access such as the aged tea group buys or multiple farmer direct buys.

2016 ending numbers
According to my tax paperwork that I filed, Liquid Proust Teas invest $14,196.00 in tea and had $9,578.00 in sales. The excess money is split between invest in the evolved project that is called In Search of Lost Oolong as well as starting out the new people with puerh (which had over 350 people!).

I will continue to use this post to post updates for events, for those to make a request, for any feedback, and whatever else gets discussed.

March 9th 2017
Lowered prices : )
Earl Pink $4 (down from $5)
Western Wild $5 (down from $6)
Mordor $7.50 (down from $8)
Oolong Spa $6.00 (down from $6.50)
Amacha $5 (down from $6)
In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower $8 (down from $9)
Also for presale, years in advance, is my brass stored 2014 Yancha. Please PM me about it, $5/25g
Order with 4+ items from 3/9 through 3/18 will receive some moonlight white with their order too!

March 12th
Group buys all started when I got back from my study abroad in Japan:
A project I took on because I wanted to provide a way with people to connect all over through different teas in one easy purchase. Over just a few years, I’ve done multiple ones now. Lots of great feedback came through and then earlier this year I was asked to put together my second requested group buy (Pubertea, aged raw puerh, being the first) which made me really excited. Two words and I knew it was a project that I would love putting together. So what are those words? Regional Oolong
Probably my favorite group buy thus far. Etsy just has the listing of the teas, but I want to drop a few lines about this here:
2 pieces of bricked DHP from a vendor I talked to years ago when I hosted my first outside tea party and showed off some of his teas. These are by far superior to other DHP bricks I’ve tried and they are available through Cha Ceremony now.
19g Gold Rose “Jin Mei Gui” from Yunnan Sourcing ( Such a solid tea that provides clarity through taste that Wuyi teas can be delicate and precious sans strong roasting.
Hong Kong
9or10g High Roast TGY from Tea ( This tea cost more than a ‘HK roasted’ TGY because it’s not just highly roasted but it is roasted in Hong Kong itself. Very glad that this gets to come on board because it’s not often that I’ve had a highly roasted oolong that has caramel notes in it.
7g Organic Kagoshima and 7g Miyazaki Koubi Shiage. I have not tried either of these, but due to the available stock, I did buy out one for this group buy and almost bought out the second. I really like to share the last of a type of a tea with a group to have discussion. Really looking forward to the remarks on these two.
20g of a private batch of oolong through a family farm I’ve talked to since 2015. Currently they do not produce oolong, but they have before. This will be a unique tea to add to the lineup because it’s something we all get just a few goes at and might never see it again.
10g Wild Orchid Pearl
10g of a tea that has yet to be released… a smoked oolong ;)
South Korea
15g Amber Hwang Cha. This one is tricky as it is not an oolong nor is it a black tea, but Hankook Tea told me that it is processed like an oolong tea; but seriously, South Korean dark tea… you know you want some.
From Siam Teas
20g Dong Ding
20g Bai Yai Assamica
Taiwan edit, going to be winter 2016 roasted crop a
10g Yushan and 10g Charcoal Roasted Yushan. Same farmer, same leaf, same year, and at a beautiful 1600 meters high. This will be Spring 2017 harvest so it’s still not in my possession just yet, however it’ll be splendid to compare a these two!

Should be shipping out April 15th if all goes well! International people please contact me regarding shipping because Etsy puts crazy high cost for whatever reason.
$32.17 for roughly 170g from 8 different areas in the world : )

April 25th, Last Sale

I will be done blending as well as selling tea until 2019; I will still host group buys and tea events though.

All orders that use this coupon code will be shipped out May 6th because I will split up all the tea I have left with everyone who made a purchase.

April 25th to May 5th
10% off + free tea
Ships May 6th

coupon code = MARCEL2019

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Frolic select said

:( I’ve been waiting to order more french toast tea for a while now.

I do wish you the best on your new focus. I’m interested in getting into pu and might end up joining in a group buy this year.

Get you a few more people and I’ll do a private batch when the new 2017 blacks are ready to be stateside : )

My focus is still on community, so something like this fits perfect; just no promises on timeframe :p

Arby said

I’m also wanting some french toast! I’d be in for some if there was another batch.

So it’s going to happen, do you think a presale on Etsy would be weird for this? It’s always sold out and I’m unsure how to gauge how much to make… but I know I can redo it no problem.

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Dude, like on facebook, I’m so happy that your career is taking you this far and I cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done for me and this entire community. I mean this with all my heart and I hope you go further. Now to the mega selfish bits: When might In Search of Lost Oolong launch? Otherwise, I’ll probably cash in some Oolong Spa. I’ve missed that blend so much.

Remember when I made that Facebook video? It’ll be the same time: 2019 is the expected date to open, but it might be next year because… news of stuff I can’t say yet :P

My goal is to keep making friends within the tea community and doing the best I can to help connect them to others, vendors, and the ability to access information a bit easier than normal with some guidance between the new friends/vendors.

This Oolong Spa has a little Oriental Beauty in it; makes it a tad sweeter.

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All the best following your MBA! And congrats on the promotion! You certainly have my support in whatever you do!

Thanks : )
What if I get maocha and roast fresh durian fruit from under it?

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Dr Jim said

Ooooh (long). You’ve done it again. I can’t resist. Placed my order already, even though I have a ton of your previous gems to drink up.

That’s awesome though! I love seeing people drink through the teas over time; it shows me even more how the value of these go a longer way than I always think.

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apefuzz said

Wait… So you celebrate awesome things happening in your life by making my life more awesome with some great teas at an UNBELIEVABLE price?

In that case, may things continue to go well for you, sir! I will be sitting here drinking your tea. Order placed!

Yeah… part of who I am is just a giving person. People who come over for tea always go home with free stuff, but in this case it’s just easier to say cheaper tea for all; celebrating is best done with friends right : )

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Best of luck in your future endeavors! That group buy looks interesting:)

Thanks :)

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mrmopar said

I think you have a lot to be proud of. Not only with the way you conducted business in your shop but the way you have always treated others as you would want to be treated. The Golden rule has been lived by you. I hate to see the shop cease but I am also glad you have advanced your career as well. Maybe one day the career will allow a reopening.

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TeaLife.HK said

Good luck with everything! Where in Japan were you?

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hawkband1 said

Woohoo! Congrats on your promotion and future MBA plans! I’m sorry to see the shop close because I’ve liked many of your teas. I hear you on the not making your hobby an extra stress. You’ve tempted me with the group buy for sure. All the best going forward.

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3 28 17
Due to timing and harvest… the Taiwan selection for the regional oolong buy will be winter 2016 crop and not spring 2017.

KimK said

I just want to say thank you for all of the organizing and putting together you are doing to give us a chance to taste some great teas.

Absolutely! I plan to keep doing this as the community desires more exposure and access to things that are not the easiest to obtain or cost effective to to do so with all

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