AJ said

A Steepster Cleanup Initiative

New tool link for moderators: http://admin.steepster.com/dashboard

With everything that’s going on, and the changes Steepster’s about to undergo, I think everyone can agree that the Steepster Database is in BIG need of a deep clean.

We already have a topic for spam accounts and posts, but I think we need one to coordinate efforts to tidy things up to the best of our abilities with the tools we have. Admittedly, this isn’t a lot, but we can still edit entries and mark them for removal.

So here’s what I’m proposing:

Tea Database
◦ On this post we’ll start a list of ‘Accepted Company Names’. This’ to help us weed out duplicate companies. So things like ‘DAVIDsTEA’ not ’David’s Tea’. That’ll make for an easy reference on what you’re working on. Post them here and I’ll try and edit them into a list.
◦ Either change relevant tea’s companies to the ‘correct’ company, or mark it as ‘Duplicate’ if a tea already exists under the ‘correct’ name. Do this by renaming it something like “Tea Name [DUPLICATE]” so that it’s 1) easy to tell what tea it’s a duplicate of, so that The Higher Ups can merge it with the CORRECT tea and 2) that THIS is the ‘duplicate’ tea, not the ‘master’ tea.
◦ Mark spam similarly. You don’t know HOW many ‘call girl’ teas I’ve found. I think the EASIEST way to deal with these is to leave the name whatever it is (so it’s unique and doesn’t conflict/cause errors—otherwise just keyboard smash), and change the company to ‘SPAM’, so they’re all housed under one ‘company’ (https://steepster.com/companies/spam).
◦ Broken images: I’ve found that I can remove broken/old images and select a new Featured image. I don’t know when this was added, or if this is something just the moderators can do, so I suggest check. If you can, great. Fix it. If you can’t, add the correct image and then link the tea here so the ‘broken’ image can be removed.

Places Database
◦ Similarly, this is kind of a mess… It’s been taken over by random advertisements for law-firms/what have you. I’ve just been renaming these ‘SPAM’ or ‘SPAM1/SPAM2’, deleting the original name entirely.
◦ Places is pretty borked as-is, likely due to a lack of updates needed for it to mesh with Google Maps. But I mean, best we can do.

Master Company List So Far
Tour de Tea (incorrect: tour de te)
Yunnan Sourcing (incorrect: yunnan sourcing (private label), Yunnan Sourcing (China), Yunnan Sourcing Menghai Tea Factory, Menghai tea Factory (Yunnan Sourcing), Yunnan Sourcing | Mandala, Yunnan Sourcing US, Yunnan Sourcing US and Taiwan Sourcing, Yunna Sourcing, Yinnan Sourcing)
Taiwan Tea Crafts (incorrect: Taiwan Tea Crats, Taiwan Tea Cr)
Steven Smith Teamaker (incorrect: steven smith)
White2Tea (incorrect: white 2 tea)
Farmerleaf (incorrect: Farmer leaf teas, Farmer Leaf)
Keep Calm And Carry On Beverage Company Ltd.
1001 CVET
1001 delights
1001 Plateaus
101 Tea Plantation
1040 Giah
105 Degrees
10th Avenue Tea
1837 TWG Tea
Two English Ladies
3 Leaf Tea
3 Teas
365 Organic
3:15 PM
4 Origines
6 1/2 Cups
85c Cafe
Čaj Chai Teahouse
Čajek Cafe
Čajový Dom
Épicerie Shung Lee
Épices de Cru
Epicuean Delights
Østerlandsk Thehus
Zack’s Coffees, Teas & Gifts
Zaira Tea
Zanzibar Gifts
Zawadi African Tea
Zealong Tea Estate
Zed’s Cafe
Zee Tea
Zen Gardens
Zen no Ocha
Zen Organics
Zen Tara Tea
Zen Tea
Zen Tea Life
Zen Tea Traders
Zen Zoo Tea
Zen’s Tea House
Zenjala Tea Company
Zenkouen Tea Garden
Zenobia’s Garden
Zensation Tea
Zentei Matcha
Zero Tea
Zest Tea
Zhang Jia Jie moyeam Co., LTD
Zhang_Yunhai Private Production
Zhao Li Qiao Tea Factory
Zhao Zhou
Zhehang Tea Group, China
Zhejiang Anji Impression, Tea Co., LTD
Zhejiang Tea Group Co., Ltd
Zhena’s Gypsy Tea
zheng ming
Zheng Shan Tang
Zhi Ming Du
Zhi Tea
Zhi Zheng Tea Shop
ZhiJian Puerh
Zhong Guo Cha
Zhong Hua
Zhong Min Wei Shi Ecological Tea Company
Zhong Tea
Zhong Xing Tea Factory
Zhongcha Brand
Zhu Xiang Ji
Zhuoqon Menghai Tea Factory- Taobao
Zi Chun Tea Co
Ziamese Sisters
Zion Health
Zlatý šálek
Zomia Tea
Zona Sun Tea
Zoomdweebie’s Tea Bar
Zun An
Zuo Wang Tea
Złoty Smok

Important Posts:
◦ Terms to flag for deletion

109 Replies

Oh, I had batches of duplicate entries I had found in the past that needed “merged” into the “master” entry… I’ll hunt through my e-mails to find them. I don’t have moderator powers of any sort (was approved but the “switch wasn’t flipped” before the site got broken), I can and will edit entries as a “regular” user to help out. As mentioned in the other thread, I’m a librarian so database management/merging records is in my “normal wheelhouse.” :-)

AJ said

Definitely! The moderator powers we were given don’t extend to merging or deleting entries, so this is about the extent most of us CAN do, but at least when things do change, the Duplicates will be easily marked. Which will hopefully dissuade future Steepster users from posting in them too, until they’re dealt with.

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Company: Tea Chai Te (actually Tea Chai Té, but indexed without the accent for ease of use)

Duplicate entries:

DUP: https://steepster.com/teas/tea-chai-te/42841-ginger-puer-duplicate
MASTER: https://steepster.com/teas/tea-chai-te/10106-ginger-puer-no-106

Broken images:

(new images already uploaded, not displaying by default)

(default needs updated) https://steepster.com/teas/tea-chai-te/20264-chocolate-chipotle-chai-no-117
(default needs updated) https://steepster.com/teas/tea-chai-te/17396-zhen-qu-golden-buds-no-112
(default needs updated) https://steepster.com/teas/tea-chai-te/10118-coconut-oolong-no-29-formerly-coconut-pouchong
(default needs updated) https://steepster.com/teas/tea-chai-te/17087-velvet-milk-oolong-no-107
(default needs updated) https://steepster.com/teas/tea-chai-te/23990-mt-hood-vanilla-no-17
(default needs updated) https://steepster.com/teas/tea-chai-te/27581-vanilla-macadamia-nut-mate-no-91
(default needs updated) https://steepster.com/teas/tea-chai-te/42837-sleep-blend-no-93
(default needs updated) https://steepster.com/teas/tea-chai-te/10108-strawberry-sencha-no-24
(default needs updated) https://steepster.com/teas/tea-chai-te/16945-be-swell-blend-no-60-formerly-be-well
(default needs updated) https://steepster.com/teas/tea-chai-te/16493-yerba-mate-chai-no-78

Company: Tour de Tea
INCORRECT Company name autofills: tour de te

Duplicate Entries:

DUP: https://steepster.com/teas/tour-de-tea/88049-massai-chai-duplicate
MASTER: https://steepster.com/teas/tour-de-tea/88050-massai-chai

AJ said

Fixed all the images to the ‘spoon’ shot, deleted broken and duplicates.

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Spam Entries (Tea Database, company changed to SPAM):


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LuckyMe said

There are about 10 duplicate entries for Yunnan Sourcing in the database that could be consolidated into one. Some have tasting notes, others are typos that appear in the tea vendor list and need to be removed.

[yunnan sourcing (private label)] https://steepster.com/companies/yunnan-sourcing-private-label
[Yunnan Sourcing (China)] https://steepster.com/companies/yunnan-sourcing-china
[Yunnan Sourcing Menghai Tea Factory] https://steepster.com/companies/yunnan-sourcing-menghai-tea-factory
[Menghai tea Factory (Yunnan Sourcing)] https://steepster.com/companies/menghai-tea-factory-yunnan-sourcing
[Yunnan Sourcing | Mandala]
[Yunnan Sourcing US] https://steepster.com/companies/yunnan-sourcing-us
[Yunnan Sourcing US and Taiwan Sourcing]
[Yunna Sourcing]
[Yinnan Sourcing]

AJ said

Hmmm I’m thinking ‘Yunnan Sourcing’ for the master. There was a suggestion for adding Factory Information for database entry in the future, otherwise that info can go in the description body.

Angrboda said


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LuckyMe said

Misspelled/duplicate entry for Taiwan Tea Crafts:

[Taiwan Tea Crats] https://steepster.com/companies/taiwan-tea-crats
[Taiwan Tea Cr]


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Angrboda said

Good idea. I’ve had a go at the # section. Probably needs further tidying, though.

Company names I’ve gone with:
Keep Calm And Carry On Beverage Company Ltd.
1001 CVET
1001 delights
1001 Plateaus
101 Tea Plantation
1040 Giah
105 Degrees
10th Avenue Tea
1837 TWG Tea
Two English Ladies
3 Leaf Tea
3 Teas
365 Organic
3:15 PM
4 Origines
6 1/2 Cups
85c Cafe
Čaj Chai Teahouse
Čajek Cafe
Čajový Dom
Épicerie Shung Lee
Épices de Cru
Epicuean Delights
Østerlandsk Thehus

Plus a whole bunch of Chinese/Japanese character ones that I don’t know what to do with, so I didn’t touch them. What’s the policy on these? Do we keep them because they’re true or should it be Westernised so that we can actually find/type it?

Empty company names to be removed:
Japanese Import
“keep calm and carry on”
(gift mainland china)
14 days UAE visa
16th NTRCA Written Exam result 2019
18 Herbs Organics
2 English Ladies
2019 Spring Organic Wild Baimudan
3 Tea
4D Plumber Barnet – Emergency Plumber Barnet
@Call Girls in Majnu Ka Tilla
{Sajal}Oscars/Academy Awards 2019
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【오피월드】 오피 오피사이트

Uncertain about the true company name of these, but fairly confident it probably isn’t this. One might fit as an ‘own blend’ or something, and one I think might be an entry made by mistake in the first place

Should be in the teaware section, but can’t see a way to move it.

AJ said

Non-english company names are tricky… Especially if they don’t have an accepted romanization. Would be nice if there was a redirect feature.

Angrboda said

Yes, I was pondering a bit what to do with the names with accents, but I decided to keep those. Same with Østerlandsk Thehus, because although Ø is only a Scandinavian letter, I didn’t feel right changing it. I don’t even know what I would change it to, because it’s not even an accent. Ø and O are completely different letters. I could go with Oe, which tends to be the standard approximation on non-Scandinavian keyboards, but that still looks and feels wrong to me as a native Danish speaker. Having the drop-down suggesting ‘Øster’ when typing ‘Oester’ and vice versa would be ideal, really, but as it is I had no idea which would be best, so I stuck to the correct spelling as a starting point.

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Company: Steven Smith Teamaker
INCORRECT Duplicate Company Autofills: steven smith

Duplicate Entries:

DUP: https://steepster.com/teas/steven-smith-teamaker/46451-18-duplicate
MASTER: https://steepster.com/teas/steven-smith-teamaker/11825-no-18-british-brunch-formerly-known-as-brahmin

DUP: https://steepster.com/teas/steven-smith-teamaker/66379-oolong-ice-cream-no-001-duplicate
DUP: https://steepster.com/teas/steven-smith-teamaker/66461-oolong-ice-cream-duplicate
MASTER: https://steepster.com/teas/steven-smith-teamaker/66403-no-dot-001-oolong-ice-cream

DUP: https://steepster.com/teas/steven-smith-teamaker/75934-portland-breakfast-duplicate
MASTER: https://steepster.com/teas/steven-smith-teamaker/85237-no-1851-portland-breakfast

DUP: https://steepster.com/teas/steven-smith-teamaker/87082-masala-chai-duplicate
MASTER: https://steepster.com/teas/steven-smith-teamaker/18940-no-33-masala-chai

DUP: https://steepster.com/teas/steven-smith-teamaker/19477-bai-hao-oolong-duplicate
MASTER: https://steepster.com/teas/steven-smith-teamaker/27439-no-20-bai-hao-oolong

DUP: https://steepster.com/teas/steven-smith-teamaker/39155-african-nectar-duplicate
MASTER: https://steepster.com/teas/steven-smith-teamaker/15679-no-13-red-nectar

DUP: https://steepster.com/teas/steven-smith-teamaker/12791-varietal-no-96-jasmine-silver-tip-duplicate
MASTER: https://steepster.com/teas/steven-smith-teamaker/13708-no-96-jasmine-silver-tip

DUP: https://steepster.com/teas/steven-smith-teamaker/66055-ti-quan-yin-duplicate
MASTER: https://steepster.com/teas/steven-smith-teamaker/21303-no-36-ti-kwan-yin-oolong

Broken images:


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I also propose that this company entry is a bit problematic, as it adds the potential for any entries at all to be added to the database. I think they should be merged into “Random Steepings” https://steepster.com/teas/various-artists/30627-random-steepings which is already used for that “catch-all”:


Angrboda said

I would definitely call that an ‘own blend’ sort of deal.

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So… Custom Adagio Blends. I have given up counting just how many different ways these are all listed in the database, with absolutely no consistensy amongst them. Many have added the name of the “blender” and since these can be made by literally anyone, this has the potential of really bloating the pipes, so I think that’s a bad practice. I propose a single, uniform label for all of them (say, “Adagio Custom Blends”) and then adding the blender information to the Tea Information field in the record. Thoughts?

Angrboda said

Yes, that’s what I would do too.

Personally a little conflicted on this; one of the reasons/advantages to having the blender listed out in the company (aside from credit) like that is that there was a period where specific blenders were MUCH MORE heavily purchased/trusted.

For example, Cara McGee has a really strong reputation for the quality of her blending combinations so you could in theory type “Cara McGee” and pull up all of her blends. I still use that often when looking for potential new series to watch/drink along with…

Yes, an Adagio Blend CAN be made by anyone but there are definitely blenders with distinct styles in how they approach blending; that’s why it was called out.

AJ said

Yeah, this is a big grey area… I’m sure, with Adagio taking over, they’ll jump at the chance to add more Adagio-specific fields. So that grouping them together (for now) under ‘Adagio Custom Blends’ could work, with the ‘Blender’ in the description until we’re given a feature that allows us to add them.

It sort of falls into the same boat as say puerh factory names being appended to Yunnan Sourcing (as an example), OR Harney & Sons’ ‘sub-companies’/collections, like Ambessa (I’ve got a few of those floating around I haven’t changed yet, as I don’t know the right course of action yet).

What, ideally, needs to happen down the line is we need another searchable input field, separate from “Name” and “Company” that is going to be indexed by the search engine. Because as it stands, I’ve found 54 unique “companies” for the Adagio Custom Blends, and that… is just too many. Having another field, as AJ says, could allow for data such as a Blender, Pu factories, or Tea Gardens. Like Yunomi, I notice the actual tea garden/farmer/source is currently is the “Name” field while Yunomi is in the “Company” since the actual “companies” (garden/farmer/co/what have you) in Japan typically don’t make it easy to order directly from them. Yunomi has very good transparency about their sources at least, making this information available, and then you order through them to get to those tea gardens… Likewise, a field like this could be used to add the Wholesaler info on those annoying blends where we get tons of dups of the same Metropolitan Tea Co. tea from 20 different shops. Basically like… In cataloging terms, we have subfield markers for data. Like a title will have a marker for the main title, and a separate marker for a subtitle (for those annoying pretentious non-fiction books). We just need something like that. Another separate field where we can add another piece of data, individual of “Name” or “Company”, that will still be indexed and searched by the search engine.

A librarian can dream…

AJ said

Yes. I’d love an Advanced Search setup that lets you search by input-field. Source, Factory, Blender, Sub-Company, Tea Type… Even Flavours (since those are ‘static’ as is, I wouldn’t be surprised if those had already been in the works), and Year of Production (specifically useful for puerhs—so tasting notes could be organized by year/climate). Wholesalers, 100% (when they’re known—which at least MTC and Serendipitea are pretty easy to spot).

What would be useful too, is beefing up the Company Pages: 1) images (logos were added to some, I think at the company’s request but isn’t available to everyone). 2) adding duplicate-search-terms that redirect to the ‘correct’ tea, such as David’s Tea to DAVIDsTEA, white 2 tea to White2Tea. It’d have to be heavily monitored because I could see companies taking advantage of it to put variations of their competitor’s names in there to redirect to their page.

Right! Basically (again another librarian term, sorry!) it needs authority files. This is where you can get those “duplicate” search terms to auto-redirect to the right thing, by placing them into the authority file. You could also then link the small tea companies that are known to use certain wholesalers to the wholesaler data, so if someone searches one tea, it could bring up the entries for the other (or vice versa).

And yes, I would love to have ALL those things be searchable! Ingredients as well (another “static” field)…

That sounds like a great solution – but personally I wouldn’t want to lose the ability to search by the blender until that change is (hopefully) made. I do think though that, at the very least, formatting it consistently could be a change made now.

AJ said

I can understand that. Maybe if we agree to a standard formatting until then (like the ‘ [Duplicate]’ setup), maybe make a list of Adagio blenders so that they can be ‘combined’ at some point in the future?

Adagio Custom Blends [Blender Username] – with a link to their blending page. Technically Adagio calls them ‘Signature Blends’ but Custom does explain what they are a little quicker.

Edit: Another annoying problem I kept meaning to bring up, is that even though you can edit company information, and it even has a field to provide a website link… Nowhere does it display that link, so you have to edit the company just to access the link.

Angrboda said

I suspect that link is meant to tie in to that ‘buy this’ button or whatever it’s supposed to say. I’ve rarely seen that button say anything other than ‘not currently available’ even though it’s not true. I’ve never quite understood that button.

AJ said

Yeah, it was a feature that never got implemented fully… The problem (as I understand it) is it’s all manual. Companies have to opt in and request access to their Company Page (Jason explained the feature briefly once, and they don’t have any real access), and each linked tea is manually changed by an admin.

Another issue I have with Adagio taking over… Those features were implemented to give Companies more control over their presence on Steepster, but with the site no longer being third-party it’s likely most won’t want to go through Adagio for access to their company-info on ’Adagio’s site’.

The only companies that had that ‘link’ were those that, back in the day, had a heavy presence on Steepster: Butiki, Andrew & Dunhams…

(Ugh, trolling through the database for examples, I’m reminded of other desperately needed features: a list of people who gave reviewless ratings, and an overhaul of the algorithm that decides top-rated teas, because 1) some are so OLD 2) some are clearly put there by 1-review-bots).

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The alternative spellings for “White2Tea” bug me a lot – in particular “White 2 Tea” which shows up in the drop down ABOVE their correct stylized spelling.

I would suggest White2Tea is the correct one…

AJ said

Seconded and added. White2Tea is the one I use too.

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