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JEEZUM this is good. WFT has the highest quality tea of any vendor I’ve tried. This one is complex beyond it’s competitors. Savory, vegetal, floral, fruity, sweet, creamy all combined. Crazy mouthfeel, huigan, aftertaste. Perfect balance.

Medium-low sweetness, no astringency or bitterness. Longevity is 6 infusions. Mouthfeel is quite buttery. Aftertaste lasts minutes. Super yummy and barely any faults.

The most unique aspect of this tea is that every steep is a bouquet of new flavors. Truly the perfect tea for gongfu.

Harvest: Winter 2022
Cultivar: Qing Xin
Location: Da Yu Ling
Elevation: 2500 m

Dry leaf: papaya, mango, tropical
Wet leaf: papaya, mango, tropical, vegetal, floral
Flavor: Cabbage, vegetal, floral, buttery, creamy, savory, sweet, sugar, salt, mist, rainforest.

Flavors: Butter, Cabbage, Cream, Floral, Fruity, Mango, Papaya, Rainforest, Salt, Savory, Sugar, Sweet, Tropical Fruit, Vegetal


Yes, Wang has some awesome teas! I had a different harvest and didn’t get those tropical flavours, but Daylon and I were also raving over those mist/rainforest/ethereal notes. I hope you got some of their FSS.

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drank Bi Luo Chun by Dobra Tea
108 tasting notes

Another sample I took home from Dobra. Have been away from my tea the last week as I am in the ICU and worked 90+ hrs last week ughhh. But today is my day off and I’m reunited at last!

This is my first Bi Luo Chun and I’m intrigued. Rolled into curls, but not balls like a ball-rolled oolong. It is primarily savory and not particularly “green” tasting like other green teas. The smallest leaved green tea I’ve tried.

No bitterness or astringency. No sweetness either. I don’t get any fruity notes as some websites say Bi Luo Chun often has. Longevity is 5+ infusions. Aftertaste is rich and creamy.

Dry leaves: Vegetal.
Wet leaves: Same
Flavor: Savory, nutty, grass, creamy.

Flavors: Cream, Grass, Nutty, Savory, Vegetal

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drank Long Jing by Dobra Tea
108 tasting notes

The first of some samples I bought to take home from Dobra. Haven’t had Long Jing in a while so I couldn’t wait! This one is yummy even though it’s over a year old.

No bitterness with very mild astringency. Lovely savory tea to have on a fall day. Aftertaste is buttery and oily and lasts for a long time. No appreciable sweetness. Longevity is 6+ infusions.

I gong fu’d this one, but will try to grandpa it next time. I’ve heard that’s how you can tell the true quality of a Long Jing :).

Harvest: Spring, 2022

Dry leaf: Artichoke.
Wet leaf: Spinach and artichoke dip, asparagus, popcorn.
Flavors: Butter, artichoke, vegetal, asparagus, savory, cream.

Flavors: Artichoke, Asparagus, Butter, Cream, Popcorn, Savory, Spinach, Vegetal

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drank Bai Hao by Dobra Tea
108 tasting notes

My first time trying a Dongfang Meiren and it was pretty good! This is a heavily oxidized oolong for sure. Not far off from a Yunnan black tea in flavor, but you can definitely tell it is still an oolong. While this was definitely a high quality tea and there are some unique characteristics, it would not justify spending $1/g + as this tea costs on most sites I’ve seen. Very similar honey and sweet notes as a Yunnan black, but with strong floral notes that tell you it is an oolong.

No bitterness or astringency and very smooth. Easy to down this tea quickly as it is tasty and nothing off about it. Medium-low sweetness. Lasted 5-6 infusions.

Sad to leave Asheville, but it was a great trip! Can’t wait to go back for more hiking, great food, and yummy tea :).

Wet leaf: Floral.
Flavors: Floral, honey, cream, stonefruit, sweet.

Flavors: Cream, Floral, Honey, Stonefruit, Sweet


I have never made it quite so far south as Asheville but I would like to go someday! We have been to Blowing Rock, Boone, Valle Crucis – all around that area, and loved it.

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Stopped by this tea house for even more tea after my visit to Dobra. I prefer Dobra, although this place wasn’t bad. Dobra has better selection and better tea. This one was just…okay. It didn’t taste like a Taiwanese oolong to be honest. Not sure what it tasted like. I honestly couldn’t describe it at all. It wasn’t bad, just incredibly different from what I was expecting. Not the Taiwanese oolong’s I’m accustomed to at least.


Maybe old? Maybe Vietnamese?

Marshall Weber

Might be old haha. No vegetal, floral, cream, fruity notes at all like I’d expect from a typical unroasted Taiwanese oolong.

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Granted, the reviews for this one are 9+ years old, but it’s way underrated on this site. Best tea I’ve had from Dobra for sure. My first time trying yellow tea (the last of the categories for me to sample :)) and I see why people like it! Definitely a hybrid between white and green tea flavors, although perhaps this one leans a good bit closer to white tea notes.

I get very little in the way of vegetal notes here unlike other reviewers. Mostly sweet and sort of fruity. Definitely a note I can’t place either. Would generally describe it as a savory note. Most similar tea I’ve tried is FL’s moonlight white tbh.

Wet leaf: Savory, butterscotch.
Flavors: Marshmallow, sweet, cream, fruity, savory.

Flavors: Butterscotch, Cream, Fruity, Marshmallow, Savory, Sweet

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drank Kabusecha by Dobra Tea
108 tasting notes

So glad to be back at Dobra Tea in Asheville! This was where my passion for tea started. It was the first time I tried high quality loose leaf tea and immediately fell in love with it :). This one is quite nice. By the feel of the tea, the steeping temperature seemed around 160 F. I would brew this around 120-140 for longer infusion times. I wonder if it might be even more to my liking with that method.

My first time trying a Kabusecha and I definitely see how it is like a hybrid between a gyokuro and sencha. Medium sweetness, no bitterness or astringency, and a very fresh and umami profile overall. Went about 4 infusions.

Wet leaves: Vegetal, umami.
Taste: Sweet, vegetal, grass, umami.

Flavors: Grass, Sweet, Umami, Vegetal

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Might be an off day for my palate? This is one I was anticipating enjoying quite a bit. 25 seconds for first steep, 30 second, 55 third. Just not getting much flavor out of it honestly. Think I need to try again another time. Will hold off on final judgement until then :).

UPDATE: Tried some again the following day and BOOM. Flavor hit me this time for sure! Adjusting my rating appropriately. My palate was not feeling it yesterday. Weird how that happens! I didn’t adjust brewing parameters or anything.

Anyways, this is mostly tropical fruit in smell and flavor and I love it! Not as rich as the Fushou Shan, but still fairly rich. Great value for the price. Would be interesting to do a side-by-side brew of this and the one from Eco-cha. Hard to say which one is better at the moment tbh.

Mild sweetness, no astringency or bitterness. Longevity is 4-6 infusions. Mouthfeel is creamy and rich. Notes shift more vegetal in the later infusions.

Harvest: Spring 2023
Cultivar: Qing Xin
Location: Shanlin Xi
Elevation: 1200 m

Dry leaf: Sweet
Wet leaf: Papaya, sweet, tropical fruit
Flavors: Sweet, vegetal, papaya, pineapple, tropical fruit, cream, floral, coconut, honeysuckle, creamed spinach.

Flavors: Coconut, Cream, Floral, Fruity, Honeysuckle, Papaya, Pineapple, Spinach, Sweet, Tropical Fruit, Vegetal

Daylon R Thomas

This one is better Western, and Eco-Cha’s can be better gong fu. The last few times I’ve had Eco-Cha’s I’ve actually preferred this one because of it’s bright energy. Eco-Cha’s can be more floral, and previous crops were fruitier, though recent crops from 2020 and 2019 and 2018 for me were more floral/vegetal.

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Decided to give WFT a chance to redeem themselves, and boy did they! This tea is UNPARALLELED. There are simply no words strong enough to describe it’s beauty.

The color of the brew is clear, crisp, transparent and lime green like a gemstone. The flavor is perfectly balanced with excessively sweet and long aftertaste. High sweetness, no bitterness or astringency. Flavor is incredibly rich. Easily the richest flavor of any unroasted oolong I’ve tried. Longevity is about 6 infusions, but they are golden infusions infusions ripe with flavor.

This is PEAK Taiwanese oolong. I would drink this everyday if I could afford it. Just absolutely perfect and right up my alley! I am ecstatic to work my way through the rest of these samples (assuming they are all as I ordered them ;)) and see what other gems WFT has to offer.

Also this is the 100th tea I’ve tried and reviewed on Steepster! Quite fitting that I am rating it 100/100 then :).

Harvest: Winter 2022
Location: Fu Shou Shan
Elevation: 2500 m
Cultivar: Qing Xin

Dry leaf: White sugar, fruity, stonefruit
Wet leaf: Vegetal, orchid, floral
Flavors: Peach blossom, floral, fruity, vegetal, white sugar, sweet, grassy, spinach, rich, fresh, papaya, egg.

Flavors: Egg, Floral, Fresh, Fruity, Grassy, Orchid, Papaya, Peach, Rich, Spinach, Stonefruit, Sugar, Sweet, Vegetal


Hooray for redemption teas!

Marshall Weber

Hahaha I definitely agree! Definitely needed after a disappointment earlier in the day. Reached out to WFT and they are sending a sample of the unroasted Bilu Xi for free and were apologetic. Love the customer service!

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Well…this isn’t right. I ordered this tea, but I wanted it unroasted. Instead, they sent me the roasted version. I looked at my order on my account and I did indeed order it unroasted. Kind of disappointing that they messed up part of my first order. Anyways, it’s still pretty good. I will try not to let that part taint my rating of this tea.

No bitterness or astringency. Definitely a light roast, but the flavors are still predominately dark. Mild-mod sweetness. Mouthfeel is unremarkable.

I think given the strong coffee notes in this tea, and my dislike of coffee flavoring, it is not the tea for me. However, I can see how many people would find this tea quite enjoyable. Certainly a high quality tea.

Harvest: Spring 2023
Location: Bilu Xi, Renai Township, Li Shan
Elevation: 2300 m
Cultivar: Qing Xin

Dry leaf: Roasted, toasty
Wet leaf: Same
Flavors: Coffee, chocolate, nutty, tiramisu, sweet

Flavors: Chocolate, Coffee, Nutty, Roasted, Sweet, Toasty


I would definitely contact them and see if they will make it right!

Marshall Weber

Yea I just reached out to them on their website. Hate doing that kind of thing, but I did pay $0.70/g for this tea haha. Hopefully they’ll make it right as you say :).

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