72 Tasting Notes


Today was a fun event – my gang of tea-loving friends gathered for our first Tea Exchange. Everyone brought and offered up the teas that they no longer like and get to choose from others’ unwanted teas for something new. Highlights: Nobody wants anything to do with DT’S Honeybee, Fantasy Island, Pina Colada and Sencha Pear.

In the midst of this, we all made some tea – Cinnamon Heart, Sweet Dreams, Buttercream for my friends, Hot Lips for me. I’m really happy I got to try this one.

First impressions: The most beautiful tea blend in the world. Fiery red flowers and peppercorns make it soooo pretty!! And, it smells exactly like the cinnamon heart candies. Kinda insane. The liquor was a surprising yellow and had the same aroma.

Taste: Cinnamon, swallow, and… hooah! That’s got some kick going down!

Loveability: Won’t be purchasing any of it before it’s gone. I don’t ever crave cinnamon in my teas, so even though it’s a very tasty tea, it would just end up being given away at our next Tea Exchange.

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This one was a gift, so not a tea I would normally choose myself…

First impression – Dry leaf different than the bundled little rolls that I so enjoy. Almost looks like the leaves were chewed on a bit, mushed into a compressed little shape and then left to dry. But in a nice way. The smell is rather strong and vegetal, not the kind of tea that makes me want to stick my nose in the bag and inhale for days.

Once steeped, the smell is a lot stronger and doesn’t captivate me, but : the liquor is the most amazingly beautiful pale pale lime green! (There is now a strong war going on between this and Mother’s Little Helper in terms of prettiest tea in my clear mug. ) The unfurled leaves are wonderful and make me want to be a photographer.

Flavour First steep, nude, and with no expectations, this tea has as strong a flavour as its smell. Fairly astringent, light-medium bodied and vegetal, Tie Kwan Yin is nice, but a tad too… something for me to fully enjoy. I’m left searching for the floral notes that are mentioned everywhere.

Loveability I’ll see how this one feels in the next two steeps, and I’ll try playing around with a touch of sweetness, but I don’t this is a tea I would ever crave or buy again. Would be a pleasant “company” tea, though.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Electric Lemon by DAVIDsTEA
72 tasting notes

How I love you, Electric Lemon!

You make my life so much better by:
¤ Reminding me of my childhood with your yellow lollipop scent
¤ Waking me up when I’m feeling “blah”
¤ Giving my taste buds a unique thrill
¤ Converting my tea-hating girlfriend to an Electric Lemon drinker (it’s a start!)
¤ Kicking the ass out of any sore throat, cold or congestion that has dared to cross my path

Now if only you had the power to regenerate so that I didn’t feel like the end of the world is that much closer everytime I have a pot…

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drank Electric Lemon by DAVIDsTEA
72 tasting notes

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drank Electric Lemon by DAVIDsTEA
72 tasting notes

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Myself, at the beginning of the winter tea season, sipping some Snow Bunny:

I can see this tea becoming a tradition that will lead to heartache when the winter collection ends. I can see it as my companion whilst wrapping Christmas gifts and after frolicking in the snow.

Well, the honeymoon is over, it has disappointed me time and time again, and now I’m kicking it to the curb. Finished my 25g bag of Snow Bunny today in a “clean out the tea cupboard” swing. By finished, I mean brewed, got disgusted with the smell, sipped, was disgusted by the taste, threw down the drain, rinsed, did not repeat.

I don’t know what happened with this one. Each time I had it, the banana flavour seemed more fake, the walnuts more overpoweringly bitter, the black tea so bland it faded into none-existence. WHY did I ever think this was good? Goodbye, high rating!


I’ve been drinking teas like that at work for a while in an attempt to finish some sub-par teas. Unfortunately, drinking yucky tea isn’t fun and I’ve taken to drinking no tea instead!

Kay Kanada

What’s that saying… “Life’s is too short for bad tea” ? I think that applies to about a quarter of my cupboard, and it taints my tea experience!

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Aisling of tea’s recent slew of strawberry teas made me crave my own strawberry or raspberry tea, only to discover that this is the only pure flavor of those two that I have. So, even though its not my favorite, decided to make some of this for my after-supper lounge.

This tea is actually kind of growing on me. It’s faint and subtle and light, and the strawberry flavour just barely peeks through the white tea, which is actually the perfect balance for this tea. I even had a second steep of this, and enjoyed it even more. Upping my rating for this one…

Does anyone have suggestions for a nice DT raspberry tea, other than Raspberry Nectar?

Tina S.

Raspberry seems to be a flavour they haven’t mastered. Closest I can think of is Fantasy Island, but that isn’t a pure raspberry, or a strong one. I’m hoping for spring/summer we’ll get one!


Sadly, DT has no raspberry tea, as far as I remember. Raaspberry and blueberry are too flavours they haven’t really done well. : (


Afterthought: I do know they have raspberry nectar, but I don’t think it tastes like raspberry!)

Kay Kanada

Uniquity – You would THINK Raspberry Nectar would be raspberry-ish. I can’t even stomach the smell of it, though, so I never got around to tasting it.

Tina – Forgot about Fantasy Island! Too bad that one never won me over. And, thank you! I forgot that I could look foward to the season’s change. What says spring better than berries, hmm? And maybe if I send them a REALLY convincing letter…

Tina S.

I know we’re getting Pink Flamingo back, but I haven’t heard any other hints yet!

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Wow. I am definately surprised by this one! I received it as a gift, and is not something I would have picked out myself.

My only other experience with a straight white tea was many moons ago, when Salada tea bags were the only tea I knew. I walked into an Amour des thés shop, and was sold “a wonderful white tea!” with no futher info, even though I was obviously a newbie to loose leaf and quality teas. Result? I made a cup using boiling water, added milk and sugar (that is the only way I knew how to drink tea back then) and promptly gave the rest of the $20 bag away! (Yet another way in which I fully appreciate DT…)

Back to the tea!
First impressions – The dry leaf smells like a subdued gunpowder green tea. It brews to a pale golden color with a similar aroma. I definately agree with Tina S. = these are the most beautiful tea leaves that have unfurled in my cup. So delicate and fresh!

Flavour – Definately not the mild flavour I would expect. It’s like a wonderful Osprey Gunpowder that has mellowed out and had any trace of bitterness removed. Very light yet still a lasting flavour.

Lovability – Not the tea that I would run to, nor one that I would necessarily restock. But it is definately a pleasant and surprising tea that I am happy to have tried.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 30 sec
Maxime-Daniel Friðrikson

I don’t agree that much about the note, but anyway, try steep it during 10 minutes. Anyway, your reviews are good!

Tina S.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who looked at the leaves and couldn’t believe how lovely they were! :D

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
72 tasting notes

Thank goodness I stocked up on this one to last me through the rest of the winter. It’s just the perfect compliment to snowy weather. I went skating today, and the whole time I just though about how wonderful my post-winter-activity cup of Santa’s secret would be. And it just smells sooooo good…

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I was in Québec City over the holidays, and had completely forgot to bring any of my teas with me on the trip! (Imagine being tired enough to forget tea, that’s the state I was in…) Luckily enough, there’s a DT that I was able to go to the first day. I was really craving some Electric Lemon, so I asked the worker what lemon-ginger mixes they have Since they only have two options, I ended up taking a cup of this to go.

Weak. Mild. Inoffensive. Boring. I really do not like this tea.

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Age 2 – Stealing sips of orange pekoe from my Grandpa’s cup.

Age 4 – Being spoiled by my Nanny with my own cups of tea.

Age 13 – A mug of camomile from my mother to accompany a good book.

Age 17 – Strong black tea with milk and too much sugar to wake me up for school.

Age 18 – A tea (or five) a day keeps the doctor away.

Age 19 – Exploration and experimentation. With loose leaf teas at “Un amour des thés” in Montréal.

Age 22 – I embrace DavidsTeas with open arms.


Laval, Québec

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