72 Tasting Notes


As a hot tea, it acheives the three Bs: Bitter, boring and blah.

As an iced tea: it makes the gosh-darned best lemon black iced tea I have ever made! Too bad it just don’t really like iced tea…

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drank Honey Bee by DAVIDsTEA
72 tasting notes

There is something in this tea that turned me off. Maybe it was the taste of maté. Maybe it was the honeybush (which I have the feeling I do not enjoy in any of its incarnations). Whatever it is, it made me unable to enjoy either the taste or the smell of this one. Sorry, Honeybee!

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drank Matcha Matsu by DAVIDsTEA
72 tasting notes

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drank Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA
72 tasting notes

I had this one forced upon me by certain close friends of mine, all acting in my best interest I am sure! (I find it hard to dole out cash for something that looks like trail mix…)

I understand that some people ADORE Forever Nuts. I find it good. Just good. It tastes like oatmeal cookies. I like oatmeal cookies. That’s about all the enthousiasm this herbal – can it even be an herbal tea if there are no herbs? – this infusion brings out of me.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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Are you the kind of person who loves to put some loose leaf in your teapot, add some hot water, and then pour servings into your mug gradually, letting the tea steep as you drink? So am I. And this is exactly the sort of person we shouldn’t be while having Hot Toboggan. Letting it seep leads the apples to create a bitter mess.

I will remake this tea tomorrow following a strict steeping protocole followed by an update here, but just wanted to warn you guys to be careful!

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This tea is heaven in liquid form. It is my addiction. First thing I do in the morning is make a cuppa of this baby with milk and sugar to go with my breakfast. Even while staying at someone’s house or camping, this baby comes with me. Life would not be complete without it.

I grew up on Salada and Lipton orange pekoes, and spent years trying to find a tea that satisfied my needs yet was loose leaf and (if only possible) organic. I tried DTs Orange Pekoe and English Breakfast, and they were good but nothing special. David’s Organic Breakfast is everything I ever wanted in a tea, and more. It has a rich, bold, deep taste and the most inviting aroma. It is bagged orange pekoe X 10,000,000.

If you have not tried this tea yet, please do. Your mug will never be the same again.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

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To start off, I am completely biased when it comes to tasting this tea, as I am a firm Electric Lemon user when the cold season comes around.

I got it as a ‘to-go’ tea one day when I was sick and wasn’t able to get my Electric Lemon (or medicine, as I call it) at home. The tea was ok. I mean, I was completely stuffed up so couldn’t taste much, but EL still packs a punch in the most dire situations. This tea was too faint to taste. It was soothing and warm, and I could catch a faint whiff of lemon scent, but it didn’t do more than any other tea to clear me up or fight the cold blues. Other than Electric Lemon, of course.

One day I will try this again as an actually tea instead of a cold fighter!

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drank Carrot Cake by DAVIDsTEA
72 tasting notes

I just don’t understand. This tea of the month was the first that I was excited for. The first that made me want the summer days to go by just a bit faster. I really, REALLY wanted to get my hands on this tea!

October rolls around and I run into DT to pick me up some Carrot Cake. I grab the canister and take a big whiff, only to be completely turned around. WHAT is that unidentifiable smell? Why is it so potent? Shouldn’t this smell like carrot cake or spices? I decide to buy 25g anyway, just because I had been waiting so long and still had the higest of hopes.

Nope. Shouldn’t have done it. It tastes just as odd and unidentifiable and un-carrot cake as it smells. I’ve tried it twice to no avail. And I agree with Nurvilya, it gives me a headache. Overall, it’s just a disappointing lost cause.

Kay Kanada

BTW, if anyone in the MTL region would like the rest of my bag, feel free to message me! :)


sigh We seem to be similarly excitable when it comes to new teas… Sorry to hear this one was as disappointing for you as it was for me.

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I bought this tea because I needed to love a flavored white tea, and this was the rave suggestion from the friendly staffer. Not to mention it smelled devine.

I made it following the DT directions, and the result can be described as such:
Take strawberries and 1 dirty gym sock and allow to sit in water overnight. It should pretty much equate to my first experience with Organic Strawberry White.

What a (disgusting) disappointment! But I have a new hope. Now that I see everyone saying that it should only be steeped 30 seconds, there is a chance that this tea can redeem itself in my eyes. I’ll try to pluck up my courage this week, and will let you guys know about it when I do.

The moment of truth!

I am now trying this previously detested tea with a steep time of only 30 seconds, annnnndddd….

It’s much better. Unfortunately, this tea is still not wowing me, but I think I may quite simply not like strawberries in tea.

It is no longer drab and disgusting. Instead, it is rather light and floral, with a strong strawberry flavour, especially in the aftertaste.

This won’t be a tea I’ll restock once I’m done, but now I’ll be able to finish off what I had bought!

Previous rating = 5
Updated rating = 50


I hope it works out for you, since this is one of my favourite flavoured whites… good luck!

Kay Kanada

I really hope so too!! Especially since I have 50g of it!

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Age 2 – Stealing sips of orange pekoe from my Grandpa’s cup.

Age 4 – Being spoiled by my Nanny with my own cups of tea.

Age 13 – A mug of camomile from my mother to accompany a good book.

Age 17 – Strong black tea with milk and too much sugar to wake me up for school.

Age 18 – A tea (or five) a day keeps the doctor away.

Age 19 – Exploration and experimentation. With loose leaf teas at “Un amour des thés” in Montréal.

Age 22 – I embrace DavidsTeas with open arms.


Laval, Québec

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