Santa's Secret

Tea type
Black Herbal Blend
Black Tea, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Peppermint, Sprinkles
Chocolate, Creamy, Peppermint, Cream, Vanilla, Smooth, Sweet, Candy, Dark Chocolate, Cotton Candy, White Chocolate, Sugar, Earth, Tea, Frosting, Mint, Artificial, Spearmint, Milk, Sugarcane, Powdered Sugar, Smoke, Forest Floor, Cloves, Dirt, Wax
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Bulk, Loose Leaf, Sachet
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205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 45 sec 4 g 25 oz / 746 ml

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  • “I picked this up on the weekend since i was trying to remember if i liked it or not. I still do, so that’s good to know, though it’s less wonderful than the first time i had it as my tastes have...” Read full tasting note
  • “This tea is so good. Too bad I steeped it in my Timolino tumbler. I gave it 20 minutes to cool with the lid off but still managed to burn my tongue so badly that an hour later it still feels...” Read full tasting note
  • “It’s official, Santa’s Secret is my Pumpkin Chai. Love and adore this blend. My amazing and wonderful mother in law found me some soy egg nog for the holidays and sent an unopened carton home with...” Read full tasting note
  • “Santa Baby, Coming down my chimney tonight… But only with this tea! Creepiness of that song aside, this tea is still going strong. Delicious, creamy and smooth, it has a richness that is...” Read full tasting note


How it tastes
Rich and festive – a sweet, minty black tea

A holiday pick-me-up to remember. Find comfort & joy in this festive combination of Chinese black tea & peppermint leave – all sprinkled with real little candy canes. It’s both energizing and remarkably soothing. Try it as a frothy tea latte and prepare for all the cozy feels.

What makes it great
• This bestselling black tea has been on our shelves every winter since 2009.
• Peppermint’s cooling flavour is known to help soothe sore throats and upset stomachs.
• Makes the ultimate holiday tea latte – just add milk.

Black tea, Peppermint, Artificial (vanilla, cream) flavouring.

About DAVIDsTEA View company

DavidsTea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest Canadian-based specialty tea boutique in the country, with its first store having opened in 2008.

535 Tasting Notes

15131 tasting notes

I picked this up on the weekend since i was trying to remember if i liked it or not. I still do, so that’s good to know, though it’s less wonderful than the first time i had it as my tastes have evolved from last year. No need to restock this, but i would be open to picking this up occasionally to enjoy from time to time.


I swear the mint in this smells a lot weaker this year.

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1598 tasting notes

This tea is so good. Too bad I steeped it in my Timolino tumbler. I gave it 20 minutes to cool with the lid off but still managed to burn my tongue so badly that an hour later it still feels numb/terrible. :(

Dumb me. Oh well…


20 minutes? Try 2 hours. Hahahaha. :) Hope your tongue recovers quickly!


:) Thanks!

I guess next time I use that tumbler and I plan to drink tea any time soon I’ll add an ice cube or put it in the fridge or something.


Man, that thing honestly sounds like more trouble than it’s worth!


Sounds like I need a Timolino, I have a DT Noble travel mug and it works great, but certainly not as good as what I have been hearing about the Timolino, also I haven’t seen one up close but it looks like the infuser is mesh rather then a basket with holes in it allowing better particle filtration.


Ozli: :) Yeah…. Maybe. It does fit in my stroller through, and it’s also really good if you’re the type to make tea, then forget to drink it. I imagine that when I’m back to work it’ll be super useful.

Ne141: It does have a mesh basket. There’s also a secret compartment in the lid, but I haven’t used it yet.


The Timolinos are fabulous, really. I brew my tea in a different cup, let it cool a bit, then pour into the thermos and go. If I brew in-thermos using boiling water, I do have to wait a few hours before I can drink it, which is perfect if you want tea a few hours later (I often do!) And yes, the little basket is mesh, and works great for most things, but rooibos will get through a bit, just FYI. The problem is if you leave the basket in with tea, you will get floaties while drinking, as the holes in the top part of the mug are quite a bit bigger. I advise removing the infuser basket regardless of whether it’s an herbal or proper tea you’re drinking.


I’m considering getting a timolino, Did you get yours from David’s tea?


I did! It was $30 so I hesitated, but I don’t regret it! (Except for when I don’t let things cool enough.) There a lot of reviews on Steepster for it too!


I am having the same hesitation with the fact that it’s $30, so it’s good to hear you think it’s worth it. I’ll have a look at other steepster reviews, I was hoping that there might be a good time of year to catch it on sale, but I’m starting to doubt that.


Yeah I haven’t gotten the impression that DavidsTea does a, ot of sales, but that might just be because I keep missing them.


They don’t do many sales, no. I’d be surprised if they did one on the Timolinos, but you never know. Perhaps wait until Boxing Day?? Totally worth $30 though, especially if you like your beverages kept HOT.

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1473 tasting notes

It’s official, Santa’s Secret is my Pumpkin Chai. Love and adore this blend. My amazing and wonderful mother in law found me some soy egg nog for the holidays and sent an unopened carton home with me. We decided that in the New Year, we’re really going to make more of an effort to be as dairy-free as possible, as cream and some milk products make me violently ill. Soy nog = looooove.

I heated up some of that beautiful soy nog, frothed it a bit and steeped some Santa’s Secret in it, 1/2 nog, 1/2 water…mmmm. I found Holiday Heaven, y’all.


Eventho I have been lacto-ovo veg for 18 years I have been cutting back on my diary again…digestion issues, etc…anyhow…let me know if you find any good products and I will try and let you know, too! :) Good luck!


I think I’m just using it as an excuse to shop at Whole Foods XD. So much love for that store! I’m on the hunt for a dairy-free ranch….wish me luck!


That sounds delicious! Love that tea! I like substituting almond milk when mixing with teas, it adds a little bit of sweetness that usually complements perfectly!


I have been adding Vanilla Almond Milk to some of my teas.
As an aside is there a David’s near the Science Centre in Toronto? We are headed there tomorrow after we went to the Raptor’s game tonight and I really think I will need a good tea.

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709 tasting notes

Santa Baby, Coming down my chimney tonight…

But only with this tea! Creepiness of that song aside, this tea is still going strong. Delicious, creamy and smooth, it has a richness that is surprising, considering the fairly minimal ingredients list. I wish I had ice cream that tasted like this… Though at this point, I wish everything tasted like this. Yum!!


Seconded on the ice cream (even though I shouldn’t have it). The only candy cane ice cream I can find is full of chocolate, booo!


There was a Chapmans one at my grocery store that looked good, but I boldyl walked by. not sure if it included chocolate, though..


If it was the one with a penguin on it, then yep! Choco city. Boo. But I have grown to love Chapman’s since moving up here!


I’ve had candy cane ice cream without chocolate…I think Scotsburn has it without chocolate (actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it with chocolate).

I find this tea much more satisfying (and makes me feel less guilty) than the candy cane hot chocolate from tims!


Oh, I’ve had it, I just haven’t been able to find it since moving to Toronto. It’s for the best anyway, I can’t really have it.


God I miss Scotsburn. It doesn’t exist outside of the Maritimes.


Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Man, Scotsburn is a staple here. Obviously.


I knooooooooow. It’s so sad! Those towering scoops of ice cream is every flavour imaginable . . . I miss it so much.


Creepyiness of the song?
I loved Eartha Kitt’s version the most.
You must be too young to enjoy real music :-(

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513 tasting notes

I made this in my new timolino to take to work today, and I’m nearly done drinking it already. I suppose that says something about my liking the tea, and I do, in a vague and generic sense. It just seems like a very basic, black mint tea, and I was hoping I’d like it more than I do. I think I’ll easily finish my sample packet, but this won’t be a restock (it’s just as well that I’m not in love with a tea that’s only available seasonally, anyway). I actually prefer white chocolate frost, which is actually less likely to make a repeat appearance next year, so there’s that.

But I placed my first Harneys order!! yeah!!


I prefer white chocolate frost because it’s more unique. I think Della Terra has a tea that’s similar to Santa’s Secret – Peppermint Bark ( So there are options for peppermint chocolate teas. I haven’t found as many like White Chocolate Frost, although I do like Teavana’s version too!


Yes, I think you’re right. The white chocolate and peppermint combination is unique, and DT’s version is quite delicious!


Ooo oo oo! What’d you get from Harneys?


4 oz (!) tins of: rose-scented, Queen Catherine, Boston blend, fruits d’alstace, and hot cinnamon spice! I’m so excited!


No Florence? No soho blend? Gasp :)


Those are great choices! (Well, I haven’t had rose-scented, but I like the rest).


Hahaha thanks cavo! I love floral tea, so I’m hoping to love rose-scented. And nxtdoor, nope, neither of those LOL. They’re chocolate-oriented if I remember correctly? I’m surprisingly not a huge chocolate fan haha.

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1186 tasting notes

I caved and bought a bunch of the winter blends yesterday, all but sleigh ride, coffee cake (had a sample in store, too much like RVC) and chocolate chili chai. I already tried 2 yesterday that I will backlog, but Santa’s secret is my first test this morning, perfect for a lightly snowing day.

The dry smell is nice and sweet, peppermint and vanilla. I steeped for around 5 minutes. Steeped, also minty and sweet. The flavor is very good, a light vanilla melding with a mild peppermint to make for a cozy, warming brew. I don’t liken this to candycanes lol, to me those are a harsher mint and honestly not my favorite. The team I’ve had closest to this is shamrocks and shenanigans by Della terra (now minty cow tea it looks like, but haven’t tried that blend) and while initially i thought this one was a weaker and not as good version of it, I am realizing it might like this one just as much because it’s not as sweet. Della terras also has chocolate added, so that’s probably where the extra sweetness comes from.

Regardless, both of those mint teas have their pros. But as of don’t need to pay shipping for this one, it’s more likely to be in my cupboard this year. I might keep this one restocked even, we’ll see how I feel after I finish my 20g of it. A lovely tea, and a nice surprise, given I haven’t considered trying this tea in the past. Maybe I was scared it would taste like actual candycanes lol. Rate 85 (I’m on my phone, so slider doesn’t work well lol).


I really like this one as well, and also love dellaterra’s offering. btw, I think the formulation of their mint chocolate tea is the same from season to season, but they call it something different each time haha.


That’s what it seems to be! It is a very good formulation so I don’t blame them for carrying it on, but it’d be nice if they just made one tea as it, easier to keep track :) mmm now I’m craving that one too haha.


I know eh? I’m actually going to make myself a cup of Santa’s Secret right now!

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6768 tasting notes

I received a TON of tea today so I better pick up the pace!

this one smells AWESOME!!!!! The Minty Goodness and the Candy Cane Goodness are separate but still yummy and still work together! I might have to break down and try this one with some Soy Milk – just because – but this is lovely as-is!!!


Want. Time to start another David’s wish list.


Nice review I like the name of this.


David’s is REALLY one of those companies that intrigue me with their creative cups and fun ingredients!

Meghann M

Did you see their 25 days of christmas? And I had to lose my debit card on Friday so no orders for me for a week or two. Oh, well. This sounds amazing!


25 days of Christmas? Must resist visiting David’s site…must resist…

Meghann M

looks like it might not be available online :( Maybe soon?


I’m thinking that’s probably a good thing for me that it’s not online.


I just had this today and, on a whim, I opted to try this with soy milk. I think it was quite nice actually.

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1220 tasting notes

I am so upset because my new order from Davidstea should be here but the tracking has not updated since yesterday afternoon. IT’S RIGHT HERE. Stupid UPS. I can’t win. I avoid the postal service after this woman at my office was beyond rude and now UPS can’t even do things right in the city in which they are headquartered.
I know where you live, UPS.

So for now while I cry, I am drinking a cup of Santa’s Secret. There’s also this random pop-up thunderstorm right now and it sounds like someone is shooting a cannon outside. Oh and it’s also sunny. Happy March in Georgia indeed. So I really need something comforting and this is doing the trick.

I love how creamy this tastes without adding anything, and the peppermint adds this nice comforting smoothness. I love this tea. It seems so simple, and yet it’s so so good.

And now I’m going to go find out if maybe UPS decided to completely bypass my door, tracking, and everything logical and leave the box at the office, so then I can be angry and sad all over again and need more of this…except it needs to make it till this is available again because it’s a keeper.


I recently had UPS lose a package. It went “out for delivery”… and then it never was delivered, just out for delivery forever. Of course they never admitted that the package was lost. :P


It arrived at 10am yesterday, then at 1:14pm, it went “in transit” again…and then again at 1:17. So apparently it’s separated into two rogue shipments out on the prowl. And no, they will never admit they lost it. My friend ordered a new transmission for her car and they managed to drop it, which broke something that couldn’t be fixed, and they refused to pay for it despite her having insurance on it through them. They’re great. But they’re better than being given attitude when you’re just trying to send an envelope.

Tommy Toadman

UPS is horrible, they left one of my tea packages out on the steps while it was pouring rain outside, needless to say it was ruined and i was mad, called and complained and now they wont deliver here anymore i have to drive to the hub to pick up my packages :(


The package just showed up actually, I thought I heard their truck out a couple hours ago but now it’s here..I looked out my window and saw it. Then I was just standing there and I hear THUD on my door. He just threw it there. So kind. Needless to say I surprised him when I immediately open the door hahaha


Well ya’ll (especially Amanda since I sent to you today) I bag in plastic and then bag again in another plastic bag the whole thing and send in a plastic mailer so if it rains your tea does not get ruined. Everyone should mail the swaps that way!


Tommy: My door is covered, but at my parents’ house up in Tennessee they are generally really good about putting boxes in plastic bags if it’s going to rain. That’s sad and a really poor response on their part >:[

Generally my mail should stay dry, although there was one time I went out to the mail center and found my box open because the delivery person somehow managed to put the lock on my door in a 180 degree position.


I guess I’m just lucky being in smaller town USA. My UPS is always the same guy and when I had a dog he always had a dog cookie for Charlie. We even have milk delivery here…Who has that anymore! Not in California! Someone would kill um…(sorry but true or rob at least). People…I feel like I went back to 1961 and I can go to the store without locking the door. People ask to help you all the time and say hello. It took me 6 months to get used to it. (I do like it though especially the free coffee and tea at the stores and bank and ice for your groceries when it’s hot weather). If this post sounds wierd I took vicodin for a pulled tooth! OUCH!


My UPS guy is great but I do have everything delivered to the office…

Tommy Toadman

UPS has also left my husbands medicine outside with no knock on the door to let us know it got too hot and had to be sent back, we had many complaints in to them about that so they probably just got tired of dealing with us lol


well at least it would take some serious failure for them to mess up now haha

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6444 tasting notes

Aimee Popovacki sent this my way when I first joined steepster. Since there is another swap from her on its way to me, I figured I should probably try to work on our last one. That means enjoying a cup of this tasty tea.

It is really a pleasant cup in its simplicity. Sweet, minty, and delicious. I seriously considered restocking on this when I initially started drinking it but then Sil sent me Della Terra’s Anti V-Day Treat and I decided as far as sweet and minty black teas go, that is the one I would stock up on. However, if I were ever in a pinch, this is not a bad alternative.

Thanks Aimee!!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

haha that’s totally how i felt about these two teas :)

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2967 tasting notes

I needed pep this morning! I had so very little sleep last night, that I am thoroughly exsausted. Add to that a number of pressing work projects, deadlines, and a boss who zipped in and said “I need to leave in half an hour, and need a completely new project done from scratch before I go!” Grr, bosses.
So, I’m glad I had this in the morning, then. Its got strength to it, and a lot of that coveted pep. Good.

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