Black Currant Bai Mu Dan

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Fruit White Blend
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From 52teas

It’s white tea week at 52teas. I accidentally ordered a bit too much white tea, so here we are with a couple of extra blends this week.

Sometimes I think white tea is not as much fun as the others. It’s such a delicate and subtle flavor to begin with that it doesn’t lend itself to things like chocolate peanut butter cup. What DOES pair well with it are nice sweet fruits, like black currant.

Chelsea, my faithful sidekick insists that our black currant papaya green tea is great for taking baths in. She says it makes her smell good and it leaves her skin feeling softer. Clearly, I’m not one to take a bath in our teas, but I have to admit that it’s pretty sexy to think of Chelsea taking a bath in them. (Sorry Sheri).

Anyway, (and before I get myself in too much trouble) whether you drink it or bathe in it, I think you are going to find this tea amazing. We actually doubled up on the amount of real black currants in this blend and it is delicious.

About 52teas View company

At, you will find unique, hand-blended artisan loose leaf teas: a new limited edition creation every week of the year. We pride ourselves on offering truly unique, one-of-a-kind tea blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

83 Tasting Notes

1353 tasting notes

This would be the first cup of the return of an old favourite recently returned to my collection backlog.

And actually, slightly unfair to the tea because it’s a really good tea, today it’s just a decoy cup.

See, something interesting happened to me this afternoon, involving me getting proposed to.

If you can guess what I answered, you win a cookie.

(Edit: Oh my goshy-wosh, this is still every bit as excellent as I remembered!)


I hope I am the first to give you and your husband-to-be (do I win the cookie?! Of course I win the cookie!!!) the very best wishes!!!!


Apart from our parents, yes. :)


Congratulations!!! Best wishes!




Ooh, I’m happy for you!! Best wishes to you and the groom-to-be!






Congratulations!! :)


Thanks everybody. :D


Proposals always make me think of the sage advice my mom gave me when we broke the news to her (and no, I’m not making this up): “Just remember, you’ll be washing this man’s dirty underwear for the rest of your life.”

Here’s to happy boxers, briefs, and other unmentionables. Be blessed!


Ha, actually his underwear goes in the kind of loads that he usually washes. :D I get to wash his handkerchiefs, though…


Congrats. We want details on how he did it though. You can’t just tell us you were proposed to and not tell us how. LOL


Well, he said, “will you marry me?” and whipped out this ring:
I said, “yes.”
And then after a little while he said, “I can’t believe you said yes so quickly! Are you sure you don’t want to think it over?”
So I offered to take it back and think about it if he would like, but he said that was against the rules.
All in all very straightforward without a lot of romantic nonsense and what not involved which is how I prefer it, as all that stuff with hearts and roses and whatnot mostly tend to make me a little uncomfortable.

And also, FYI, that’s just a place holder! If you consequently answer ‘a pony’ to all questions about whether you need something from the supermarket, apparently you get one of those. :p
The real ring will follow. We are going to go look at some next week and then I get to choose my own.


Congratulations! I actully love the pony ring. I know you will cherish that one, too, even when it is replaced with a real one.




The pony ring is too cute. Did you ever watch Gilmore Girls? It reminds me of that. One guy proposes to his girlfriend with an Elk’s Lodge ring from the pawn shop and after he gets approval from her mother and asks her again the mother says “Here is your grandmother’s ring. That one you put in drawer so it doesn’t scare the children”.

Southern Boy Teas

Congrats! And I’m glad you’re still enjoying this tea. It’s still one of my personal favorites.


Congratulations! The pony ring looks perfect.

Daisy Chubb

Oh my gooooosh!
Congrats so much! That pony ring is amazing, what an amazing time for the both of you! Many years of happiness!!


AAWWWW! If he gave you that pony ring, then he is a great guy! Many happy years to you…we are about to celebrate 25!


:O Congrats!!! I bet you’re super excited!


Congratulations!!! :D


Thank you again, everybody!




Aw congratulations! Here’s to many many more happy years. :-)

Winter Salo

Congratulations – that’s wonderful news. :)


Awwww yay! Muchos congrats!!!!


Congrats! Best wishes for many happy days to come!


Thanks again, everybody. :)


very best to your future and your present may one inform the other and both wedded in growing laughter, love, and connection….


Wow, so exciting!!! Best wishes!!!


I saw this elsewhere and was running out the door so I didn’t get a chance to offer congratualtions. I’m thrilled for you two.


D’awwwww :) Every time I navigate to this page I read your post and feel all mushy because it’s sweet and makes me smile.


Thank you Krystaleyn. :) Little over two months left now. :)

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14571 tasting notes

I still think this is pretty tasty, though less so than before. Nice cup of this while we relaxed tonight. :)

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310 tasting notes

I just got this in the mail and immediately brewed a cup. I love it. I don’t know what to say about it other than yum. I am not a white tea aficionado and I am not sure what black currents taste like by themselves so it is difficult for me to be a good judge of which flavors are dominant, etc. But I can say that I really really like it.

When I open the bag and smell it, it smells so sweet, like candy. Then when it is brewed up the white tea and the black currents are both delicate and seem well balanced. I added a little agave nectar to it because, well, that’s what I do. That really made it for me. I was sad to hit the bottom of the cup.

Brewed 2 1/2 tsp to about 10 oz for 2 1/2 minutes at 187 F. That is a higher temp than recommended but I don’t have a tea kettle at the moment (getting water from the Keurig) and my kitchen thermometer batteries are out. It didn’t seem to hurt it.


Wow, that sounds absolutely delicious. I am tempted to order some right away :)


If you do, make sure you put in the special notes that I referred you. I’m trying to win free tea for a year! :)

Jim Marks

Bai Mu Dan (sometimes Pai Mu Tan, as at TeaGsch) is a very delicate white tea. I’m surprised anyone is flavoring it.

If you can find an unflavored version, I would give it a try, you’ll probably enjoy it quite a bit. Whites of this kind lend themselves to a sort of sweetness and wouldn’t be harmed by a drop of agave.


The flavoring is pretty delicate. They did a nice job with it. I’ve had an unflavored white tea before and found it to be a little bland. I don’t remember what kind of white it was (probably was something from Teavana).


I’ve never had black currants, but red currants are very tart. My grandparents had current bushes when I was growing up and they told me to eat them by squishing them under my tongue 1st.

Jim Marks

I would say that white teas a) are pretty varied, as most tea is, and b) really aren’t worth buying unless you buy really, really good ones, because instead of being light they end up just being flat.


Jim… well yeah. Why would you buy bad tea no matter what kind? Everyone has their own idea of good/bad, but buying bad tea is dumb.

Jim Marks

Dumb it may be, but an awful lot of bad tea gets sold in this country nevertheless. ;-)

However, my point was that with white tea, it isn’t a question of good versus bad, but rather a question of mediocre versus good versus very good versus exceptional. I have found that Teavana tries to pass off mediocre/good tea as very good/exceptional simply by charging twice what the tea is worth. I wouldn’t be at all surprised that a white tea that Kristin tried from that shop was bland – I’ve never been impressed with anything I’ve had from them.

What I’m saying is, if you want to drink unflavored white tea and have it impress you, you probably need to drop some serious coin on some serious tea. White tea is too fragile to survive the trip to your cup with all the nuances intact except under the best of care; which most tea doesn’t get.


Re. bad tea. That is why I have stopped buying almost any tea that I cannot buy a sample of first (this one was an exception because 52 teas are so unique). I got tired of throwing away large tins of tea.


Shrugs… I even like adagio’s whites so price doesn’t always matter.


I didn’t like any of the teas that I ordered from Adagio.

Jim Marks

Liking a tea is a matter of personal taste and preference, it has nothing to do with objective quality. Objective quality is expensive. Unfortunately, sometimes stuff that isn’t very good is also expensive. So yes, we should not mistake a high price tag for quality, but the reality is, something that is of objective quality is going to be expensive. Based on what Kristin has said, my suspicion is that she isn’t going to enjoy lesser whites.

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1112 tasting notes

Decided to try this in my wee oolong pot. 1 teaspoon to 4 oz of water. One thing about white teas that I don’t like is that you have to use so much! This little pot preserves the illusion of only using a teaspoon a pot, and you get plenty of tea from the multiple infusions (again, why did I wait so long to try this little wonder pot??!!)! There are a few tea leaves in my poured cup, but nothing terrible! Perhaps I can read my tea leaves after I’m done :)

My kettle only goes as low as 175, so I decided to brew at a higher temp than what is recommended on the package. The tea tastes just as spectacular thankfully! I might even prefer it a notch more – it’s more tea-y (and not bitter, which was my fear). I think I’ll continue to brew this at 175.

The black currant flavor and the mellow, delicious white tea is so enjoyable in the afternoon. Each successive steep is milder in both fruit and tea flavor, but very good. I made 5 steeps altogether, increasing a minute each steep.

Yay! This made my afternoon!

If you are curious about my tea leaves, I saw a:

BIRD – good news, psychic powers, movement, motion, good luck, a lucky sign; good news if flying, a fortunate journey

DOG – good friend, love, fidelity, faithful friends

LEAF – prosperous results of your diligence, new friends, and satisfaction

LETTER – signifies news

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 0 sec

Hooray for an afternoon being made! :D

Is there a good place online to look up tea leaf meanings?


I agree! My standard 2.25g/6oz cuppa is often more than a TB!


I have my favorite link bookmarked at work – I’ll send it to you tomorrow! But at home I have a Nelros cup and little book about it.

My cup is like this one:

and you can read the pictures on the cup and tell time and seasons and stuff, or read what you see like you would on a blank cup.


Eee!!!!! Added that cup to my wishlist! I look forward to checking out the link. :)
Thank you!

Southern Boy Teas

By the way, who DOESN’T see a “LEAF” when reading their tea leaves? :)


LOL! Touché :D


My leaf looked like a large maple leaf! Ahem! ;)

Southern Boy Teas

Just to be clear: There are no birds, dogs, letters or maple leaves in our tea. Just yumminess.


:) :) :) Frank, you’re a gem! You’re funny and you can blend tea like nobody’s business!


LOL! I almost choked on my bagel when I read your comment Frank XD
But Frank — think of the marketing possibilities! You could put a tiny prize in each tea like Cracker Jacks, most kids cereals, or Wade of England ;)

Southern Boy Teas

I did get an order of calendula (marigold) petals once for our teas, and it had FEATHERS in it. I haven’t ordered from that supplier since.


FEATHERS, Large feathers signify achievement and prosperity; to authors, literary success; small feathers denote something of which you are afraid, but which you will meet with courage. (he hee)


@52teas… ew, that’s pretty gross. Glad to hear you aren’t ordering from them again.


…and if anyone doubted the tea leaves – I got some good news regarding work – a summer stipend for additional work to be done :) It was what I had in mind when I was drinking and swirling. !!!


That’s wonderful! Congratulations :D

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6073 tasting notes

Cold-brewed some of this up today as well; it was just fine to have in place of plain, ice-cold water, and I think that’s how I’ll finish this one, but it’s definitely not a favourite. I just don’t get the berry flavour I’m looking for here, and the white tea comes off a bit play-doughy or chemically.

Iced 8 min or more

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382 tasting notes

Second steeping: Just as good as the first! Added a minute to the steeping time and nom nom nom. I’d say that the white tea retreated somewhat with the second steeping, which is not what I would have expected, but there you go.

I’m gonna try to third steeping iced. We’ll see how it goes!

160 °F / 71 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Now I’ve got ’En-er-ey the 8th I am I am" going through my head: “second verse, same as the first, little bit louder and a little bit worse”!


Is that where that’s originally from? Learn something new every day!


Prolly not. ;-) I don’t think it was original to Herman’s Hermits. Now that I think about it, not sure the last part about being worse is even part of the song. First part is, though.


Hmm, the internets appear to be divided on the issue. It must remain an mystery.


…I got married to the widow next door, she’d been married seven times before, and everyone was a ‘enery…. guess what’s going to stick in my head all day!


Sorry! Lol!

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788 tasting notes

finished off the last of this right now sniff
it will be missed
it was delicious hot and iced
see prior notes for details


That is how I wound up on my 4th bag of this, lol.




aww thanks, i have plenty of new teas to help me over my loss, but it was very very delicious, I am tempted to bump the score on how much it will be missed


I tried this from a swap with JacquelineM and thought it pretty nice — nice enough to order some during the Memorial Day Sale and I’m looking forward to getting my order :D

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1220 tasting notes

I just watched a really interesting documentary called Objectified. If you have Netflix Instant, it’s only available for another week. It’s about how design has come along and now I am looking at everything wondering why it looks the way it does. Like, I never even considered before…digital cameras don’t use film, so why do we keep them the same rectangular shape as 35mm cameras? I suppose the back display looks all proper then, but you could still place a rectangular screen on an object of a different shape…interesting stuff.

I brewed this earlier and left it in the fridge while my ice maker worked out whatever its little problem was, and I must say this could be in one of my future 52teas orders. I think I have only had currants once, and it was on a pastry that was mostly made up of green tea mousse. So, I really love the flavor of tea and currants, and I think they work better with white than green teas. I have another white tea with currant flavoring but I far prefer this.

It’s sweet enough, but I suppose adding a little sweetener could really crank up the berry flavor. I like it just like it is. It’s a nice mix of white tea and black currant flavor, and it tastes just like those real berries did on the mousse…unlike my other tea.

Thanks, Kittenna!


Sounds fascinating!

Daisy Chubb

Boo for Canadian Netflix – I would love to see this doc!


I forgot about this site, they have it if you have no problem watching in 7 parts via youtube!


and with Spanish subtitles apparently haha

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545 tasting notes

Backlogging. Last Thursday afternoon.

I’ve waited too long after first trying this tea to write a thorough and good tealog of my initial impressions. So I shall save that for the next time I have this tea and just briefly record my initial impressions.

The dry leaves were large fuzzy whites with a few twigs and lots of black current berries. I don’t know what black currents smell like but the smell was sweet, slightly tart, berry, and just a bit artificial but in a yummy way. It oddly nostalgically reminded me of purple smelly markers from when I was a kid, you know the ones that smelled like foods. I don’t remember much about the wet leaves except that they didn’t have as much scent as I would have expected.

My first steep was very light in color and light in flavor as well but good. I increased the water temperature by 5° for the remaining steeps and that seems to have done the trick. The remaining steeps were darker in color and I could taste both the white tea and the smooth yummy berry flavor. The forth steep was still quite good and I would have gone on steeping if I’d continued to drink more tea at that time.

Next time all the steeps will be at 160° F and I will steep the first steep for the full two minutes. In the future, I might be interested in trying a slightly higher water temperature depending on how that comes out. I might also be interested in trying increasing each steep time by 30 seconds instead of one minute at some point.

I’ve rated this tea a 74 on the higher end of my good range (60-80).

1st steep: 1 min 30 sec. 155° F.
2nd steep: 2 min 30 sec. 160° F.
3rd steep: 3 min 30 sec. 160° F.
4th steep: 4 min 30 sec. 160° F.


LOL on the purple smelly markers. ;-)

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558 tasting notes

Brewed up a large glass of this iced today (quick brew method over ice). I’m impressed at how naturally sweet this tea is, no need to add anything to it. The currant flavor came out strong to play in this iced tea. I’m loving it! I think I’ll need another pouch to get through summer. I hope they will reblend this one if their is enough demand, must keep in stock!

Iced 1 min, 30 sec
Southern Boy Teas

I SHOULD tell you, “oh no, this one is going to sell out and be gone forever, order it now while you can,” but I think if this sells out, I will have to reblend it just so I can keep some in my OWN cupboard. :) This is (I may have mentioned elsewhere) my new favorite. I could drink this all day. It’s really a shame it has not been as big a seller as some of our other blends. Some folks are really missing out.


Stop making me want this tea! I have no room in my tea cupboard! NO ROOM!

Southern Boy Teas

But it is jus’ a tiny little pouch. It is vafer thin…


tea cupboard explodes

Southern Boy Teas

LOL. I’m glad someone caught the reference. I was thinking I did a terrible job trying to imitate a French accent in text.

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