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From 52teas

Tea of the Week for August 21, 2017!

Before anyone gets any ideas that this is some kind of tea remedy for that special time of month – no – although as one who occasionally suffers from some horrific PMS symptoms, I would love to find something that actually worked for that.

This tea isn’t about that.

Instead, this is an Anxi Hairy Crab Mao Xie Fujian Oolong blended with Pineapple, Mango and Strawberry. Get it? Yeah – so maybe it’s not the cleverest of names but hopefully it will get a chuckle out of some of you.

In case you’re unfamiliar with a “Hairy Crab” Oolong, it’s a ‘green’ floral Oolong – it’s very smooth and sweet with a thick mouthfeel. When I first sampled this particular tea, I immediately thought that it would be nice blended with fruit. (It’s also quite nice on it’s own – unflavored – but that’s not the kind of teas 52Teas offers.)

But as a blend – this is really tasty. I recognize the pineapple first and the mango comes in just after that. The strawberry hits about mid-sip. The smooth, sweet floral notes of the Oolong play well with the fruit flavors and seem to emphasize the ‘tropical’ kind of theme that’s going on with these particular fruits. You know, kind of like – maybe you just stepped off the plane and they put a flower lei around your neck and offered you an island fruit drink. A tropical getaway for your tastebuds!

ingredients: oolong tea

organic ingredients: pineapple, mango, strawberry and natural flavors

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At, you will find unique, hand-blended artisan loose leaf teas: a new limited edition creation every week of the year. We pride ourselves on offering truly unique, one-of-a-kind tea blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

14 Tasting Notes

1792 tasting notes

TMI, but I’m currently going through an annoying adjustment period switching birth control after the last one started messing with my cycle. But now, I’ve been ultra bloated (gained 8 lbs in a month!), sore, and the cycles have been whiny. I was hoping this would help me considering the name. Perfect time to try it.

I ike this more than I thought I would. I went through oolong burnout after drinking it nonstop a few years ago and thought I would never want to touch it again. This is a lovely floral oolong on its own, supported by mostly strawberry and a hint of pineapple. I don’t get any mango. Mostly strawberry for me.

Has it helped my symptoms? I’m not sure, but it’s a nice one.


It’s not intended to help with the PMS symptoms, it’s just a fruity Oolong with *P*ineapple, *M*ango & *S*trawberry. :) I’m not confident enough with my herbal knowledge to put together a blend that would help with symptoms of any kind. Sorry!


I know! I still wanted to use it as an excuse to try it though since I haven’t been touching my tea and oolong sounded comforting. And it was!


I’m glad it was comforting! I really wish I knew what I was doing when it comes to herbs – back when I was blending teas as LiberTEAS, the person who supplied me with my herbs knew a thing or two about herbs and the best way to utilize them – I knew how to blend teas – so we made a pretty good team and were able to come up with some good blends – unfortunately, she stopped growing the herbs (which is one of the main reasons why I closed LiberTEAS) and a couple of years before I took over 52Teas, she passed away so I’m not able to turn to her for the contribution she made to those blends. :(


Aww, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that about LiberTEAS. Maybe someday, you’ll back back into working with herbs? Either way, keep doing what you’re doing! I’m always excited to tear open a new pouch and try your blends. :)

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1403 tasting notes

Day eight of not drinking caffeine after three. Nope, not working out all that well. I may stop drinking caffeine at about five which is still far better than my previous seven or eight o’clock. Baby steps.

Shopping in my stash and came across this delight.

The plan is to get out for a brief or long walk, depending on my health that day, first thing. And so I did, with this with me. And then, I spilled half the carry mug in my bag—-boo!

Bright pineapple and sweet mango. Possibly a wee bit of tartness from the strawberry. The oolong comes through all floral and lovely. Another winner.

One thing I really appreciate about 52Teas blends is the range of flavours, without a pattern of sweetening things to death like some other blenders. This mix is sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. The flavours come through as natural, with the tea base peeking through. A good balance, yet again.

Evol Ving Ness

Also, 52Teas needs to make more oolong blends. I wonder whether a milk oolong vanilla marshmallow would work?

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1268 tasting notes


Crowkettle slowly approaches a disconnected mic on side stage, brown paper bag fully enveloping head.

CROWKETTLE (nervously)
I like this one better than Butiki’s Flowery Pinapple Oolong.


Crowkettle violently vanishes into a void leading to an unknown dungeon dimension.

Flavors: Floral, Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

hahaha i think i thought it was compareable as well. in other words, tasty!

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13661 tasting notes

Sipdown (563)!

This is day three or four now of just kind of being in a constant state of nausea; I can’t figure out what’s causing it and I haven’t thrown up or anything but I just feel CONSTANTLY queasy, and several times I’ve just broken out into spontaneous dry heaving/gagging. I’ve taken Gravol but it’s not helping.

It’s made me a little reserved in what teas I’ve been drinking, and just how much tea I’ve drank in general over the last few days – and I fear that this tea may have been a bad choice. I’m really enjoying the triad of sweet, juicy tropical fruit notes – but it’s also SUPER FUCKING FLORAL. Like, really intense orchid and lily notes that are coming off as perfume-like. It’s triggering that nausea really badly, and while I haven’t gagged yet I feel like I can feel it coming on pretty quickly now…

I mean, to be fair I didn’t love this one the first time when I tried it and I wasn’t feel sick/gross even though so it would make sense it would be even worse now. I’m just this giant pile of ‘blah’ right now. Why can’t I just focus on the beautiful pineapple and strawberry notes!? Too much florals though…


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(52teas (Anne) 2022: 185)

P is for… PMS Oolong!

I always wanted to love this tea, but the flavours just never popped the way I wanted. The base is a nice, smooth and flavourful green oolong (tgy?), and I most prominently taste a bit of a pineapple flavour… but it’s light, and that’s about all I pick up. It’s a pleasant tea regardless, but not one I reach for.

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308 tasting notes

Oolongs, particularly flavored oolongs, are quite tricky for me, so I didn’t have high hopes. Truthfully, I only ordered it because there was mango in the blend. LOL I stopped after my second re-steep, but this was a surprisingly nice fruity oolong. The first steep was bit mineral-y. The first re-steep yielded the best flavor – smooth oolong base and lots of lovely, juicy fruit notes. I was concerned about the pineapple because that doesn’t always work for me, but the combination of pineapple, mango, and strawberry was really quite nice. By the second re-steep the freeze-dried fruits had lost most of their punch, so I gave up the ghost. All in all, not a bad lil’ blend.

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6382 tasting notes

Having my first cup of tea in well over a week. Turns out I had a pretty shitty reaction to the anti-anxiety meds my doctor put me on. I got so physically sick that I thought I had the stomach flu. Also got so depressed that I would just sob uncontrollably or be borderline catatonic so on Wednesday, my sister sent her husband to come get me from London and bring me to her place in Waterdown. I went off the meds. I also left my dog with my sister and am now trying to get back into the swing of school and trying to level out emotionally. That was scary but hopefully the worst has passed…

As for this tea, it has lost a fair bit of its flavor though I can’t be mad since it turned a year in November. It still is sweet and fruity with just a bit more of the floral oolong base than past cups. Not bad, and it may even be preferable this way for some. I have a sweet tooth so I take all the fruity notes I can get. This is why I need to work on drinking teas when they are fresher…

Mastress Alita

I had a bad reaction before and have to have a very specific class of mood drugs; one class I actually had my doctor put in the “allergy” section of my chart, not because I was allergic, but because I got the severe “suicidal thoughts” reaction to them and they just did not respond to me. It definitely can happen!


It was certainly scary to feel such a loss of control so quickly. Sucks that the thing meant to help with anxiety caused severe depression.

Mastress Alita

Sadly every single one of them can do that just depending on how your particular body/chemicals works. I’m on one of the “anti-psychotic” class even though I only need help with anxiety/depression, but my Mom had bipolar, so I guess that one just works right for my genetics; the SSRIs are what screw me up (I have chronic migraine and serotonin is the receptor that plays a major role in migraine, so for whatever reason, that class of drugs made me SUPER depressed/suicidal instead of the opposite!) The really crap part is all the weaning off and trial and error but worth it to find the one that “clicks” right.


Ah, that is terrible when the thing that SHOULD help is making it worse. Very scary. Hope it will get better…


That’s so frightening! I hope you are able to find the right combination quickly, and without too many more episodes like this. :(

Evol Ving Ness

Gah! Feel better soonest, VariaTEA!


I’m on a frightening combination of antidepressants, antipsychotics, anti-anxiety, and ‘other’ drugs and I’m still depressed and anxious, so I feel your pain. Good luck.


I have just gone off the meds. My anxieties are social anxiety and pretty intense agoraphobia (fear of being unable to escape so crowds are a no go for me) and I have dealt with them this long so I will just continue to do so until I am back in Toronto, at home, as opposed to alone in an apartment in London and going to school.

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13894 tasting notes

I snuck this one out of VariaTEA’s bag of goodies because she encouraged me to drink her teas! I really wanted to see how this one turned out. I still very much miss Stacy’s pineapple oolong, as it’s one of the best pairings with a green oolong that i can imagine. Lucipicia’s version is also nice but not as “juicy” from what i remember. This one is mostly pineapple – which suits me just fine, but i do get a sense of the mango coming through. Really enjoyed this one today while spending some time relaxing and reading.


Yay for sharing!


as always, thanks…i appreciate it!

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223 tasting notes

This is this week’s Tea of the Week. I’m currently on my second infusion of the leaves I first infused about an hour ago. The second infusion is probably my favorite steep of this particular tea so I highly recommend a resteep on these leaves! The flavor of both the Oolong and the fruit has mellowed somewhat – and it’s just soft and sweet and really quite nice. Smooth and silky.

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