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  • “This was an obvious purchase. Grape is so good! And this works well with the oolong base. The grape flavoring reminds me of concord grapes and it makes for a refreshing iced tea. I wish I’d...” Read full tasting note
    cavocorax 1779 tasting notes
  • “So guess what greeted me when I came downstairs this morning…… my huge Butiki order had arrived bright and early!! It’s seriously some sort of miracle – she sent it out on...” Read full tasting note
    kittenna 3134 tasting notes
  • “Having a bit this afternoon with some Vanilla Orchid tossed in. Yum. Also, I bought coconut palm sugar yesterday, and added a little to my second infusion. That is good stuff. Delightful choice for...” Read full tasting note
    jessiwrites 286 tasting notes
  • “This is one of the teas from the group Butiki order that I would’ve never picked out for myself, but ended up splitting it with a couple others, I think OMGsrsly and Cavocorax. I have just enough...” Read full tasting note
    CrowKettle 655 tasting notes

From Butiki Teas

Our Grape Oolong has a wonderfully sweet aroma. This high altitude Taiwanese oolong is lightly floral and develops into a sweet natural grape flavor that lingers. Our smooth bodied oolong can be enjoyed with some brown crystal sugar for a desert-like treat or without anything added for a natural and refreshing flavor. This tea is good for multiple infusions.

Recommended Brew Time: 4 minutes
Recommended Amount: 1 teaspoon of tea for 8oz of water Recommended Temperature: 180 F

For more information visit:

About Butiki Teas View company

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48 Tasting Notes

1779 tasting notes

This was an obvious purchase. Grape is so good! And this works well with the oolong base. The grape flavoring reminds me of concord grapes and it makes for a refreshing iced tea.

I wish I’d kept my leaves as I left my package at work, and I’d like another cup!


I almost added this to my butiki order also. Maybe for another time. I do want to try it though.


I’m embarrassed I haven’t actually tried this one yet. Tomorrow morning, for sure. :)


ooooooooooooooooh concords __

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3134 tasting notes

So guess what greeted me when I came downstairs this morning…… my huge Butiki order had arrived bright and early!! It’s seriously some sort of miracle – she sent it out on Friday, there was a national holiday in Canada on Monday, yet I still managed to get it on Wednesday. Unbelievable (well…. except that I’m totally drinking this tea right now!)

So on with the review!

The brewed tea smells like a delightful combination of buttery oolong and sweet concord grape juice, although the grape is fairly subtle. Taste-wise it’s subtly grapey with a lovely oolong aftertaste. Upon a few sips, both flavours strengthen quite nicely. The grape definitely does not overpower the delicate flavour of the oolong, which is exactly the way I like it! Not sure I’ve ever met a tea that so accurately tastes like it is supposed to (except perhaps for Cantaloupe & Cream) – my problem with most flavoured oolongs is a lack of oolong flavour, or at least aftertaste, which kind of defeats the purpose of using an oolong base, for me. So big, big points for that, and now I’m super excited to try the Strawberry Oolong as well! That will have to wait for a while though – so many other things!

(Side note: as I have been swallowing this tea, I noticed that my throat is sore! Not scratchy-sore, but lump-in-throat sore, which is sometimes a precursor to sickness (or the result of crying, but no tears yet for me today, so it isn’t that). Really hoping I’m not headed for a cold…)

ETA: Second infusion (175F/4:15) is pretty much the same. Yum. Glad the grape flavour is lingering through this infusion.

ETA again: Third infusion (175-180/~4min) still has grape flavour!! And oolong, but that’s perhaps disappearing a bit more. I used about half the water for this infusion.

ETA: Fourth infusion (175-180/infinite) is grapey and has some astringency (not surprising). I think this one can get to four good infusions, as long as the leaves are removed a touch sooner… they have been floating around in my cup for about an hour – oops! Oolonginess very limited in this infusion, sadly.

180 °F / 82 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Hope you stay well!


maybe put some honey and ginger in your next tea… fingers crossed for you not getting sick!


Hmm, I seem to be feeling better now. I’d wonder about a reaction to a tea, but I’m drinking multiple re-steeps of all three I had earlier, so that’s pretty unlikely. Oh well!! This is a good thing! :D


Nice to know I can possibly get four infusions from this ;-)

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286 tasting notes

Having a bit this afternoon with some Vanilla Orchid tossed in. Yum.

Also, I bought coconut palm sugar yesterday, and added a little to my second infusion. That is good stuff. Delightful choice for this afternoon! I love oolongs when I’m trying to get work done. They make me feel productive.

3 min, 30 sec

We cook with palm sugar sometimes…I’ve never thought to try it in tea! Great idea!


I bought it specifically for tea. I rarely sweeten teas, and usually only use raw honey or brown sugar, but thought this would be a better honey alternative.


never even heard of palm sugar befoe this moment..

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655 tasting notes

This is one of the teas from the group Butiki order that I would’ve never picked out for myself, but ended up splitting it with a couple others, I think OMGsrsly and Cavocorax. I have just enough for two separate sessions.

The dry leaf smells like grape juice and rich, buttery oolong, while the steeping leaf smells nutty (almost like popcorn). Once the steeped leaf is removed the liquor goes back to smelling like the dry leaf. The whole thing comes across as sweet, moist, and savory.

I oversteeped it a tad, but the flavour ends up as rather delicate and floral. The grape flavour is gentle, with no cloying sweetness and only the tiniest bit of dryness to give it sour note grapes leave behind. It’s like eating ghost grapes (yeah, my tongue is tingling from the experience..); the grape sensation is wispy and fleeting, yet so precisely grapey. The cup is predominantly smooth, flowery oolong but everything it does suggests and compliments the grape notes.

180 °F / 82 °C 4 min, 15 sec

I almost got this one, but I don’t think I did in the end. If Jenn has some to spare,I’ll pick up a little from the meet up later this month.


If she’s out I’ll put the rest of mine aside for you, if you’d like. :) It’s only about a serving though.


I think she has some.


Actually she doesn’t. So if you don’t mind setting something aside, that would be great.


No Problem! :)


Haha. Glad you guys worked it out. I only had a tiny bit to begin with, and it went quick…


I totally missed this. If any more is needed, I have 2 tsp left. :)

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540 tasting notes

Grape Oolong
This was a Sample from Stacy at Butiki Tea and it isYummy!!, it smells like grape bubble gum and taste like grape Dum-Dum pops,I really like this one Lance like it and it is very hard to get him to drink an Oolong with me so I’m glad to get this sample.We Will buy more of this tea :)
Sorry so short but thats about it, it’s jusy grapey :)

Photos on blog


WOW! One that both of you like!

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I know! he don’t usually like the ones I like


Yay for tea symbiosis! Love when that happens :-)


Bonus! My DH only likes Lipton and strong Earl Greys. I have added this one is on my shopping list.

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676 tasting notes

Thank you Butiki Teas for this sample!

Bonnie is getting brave, coming out of her shell and trying new tea’s. Gyokuro on ice, and two Oolongs all in one day. Who would have thunk it! You can teach old folks new things! (I also had a lovely black tea from Teavivre today also but I’ve logged it twice already). The luxury of tea and discovery of new flavors and brewing methods appeals to me. I am so greatful for today and all my days!

At first when I read the steep time of 4 minutes I was surprised because my earlier Oolong this morning was only a 1 minute steep. However, I leave all this to the tea companies and obey their instructions (at least for the first time I brew the tea!). Like all Oolongs, please don’t use a teaball. The leaves need room to expand. Even if you pour water over the leaves in a bowl it’s better and let them expand then strain into your cup or a pot.

1. Gold shimmering liquor! Then, a grape/lilac-orchid aroma. The flavor is not overly orchid and there is a little tannin along with big, bold creaminess. I don’t find the grape overdone. This is, after all, a grape oolong so there should be grape flavor. It is sweet with rock sugar and slightly mineral.

2. Second steeping I kept with the same 4 minute time. The liquor is still the color of spun gold.
The mouth-feel is juicy, mineral, floral but less creamy with more tannin on the tongue. My addition of sweetening kills the tannin and enhances the floral note and slight grape flavor. I recommend doing this. It is true that the more this tea cools, the more the grape flavor increases which is pleasant.

3. I’m having fun now! Still steeping 4 minutes. The liquor is a great color and fragrant.
Not expecting much flavor, I am very surprised at how juicy the tea has become, and that the tannin is gone. There is rock sugar, mineral flavor with a faint floral orchid taste. It is sweet enough to drink straight up and a bit salty, pecan nutty. Of course as the tea becomes cooler…more grape flavor pops up!

During the last tasting I was thinking about the grape flavor…and how I would like to purchase this tea to Pair with Hard, Salty Greek Goat Cheese like a Kesseri (which is good flamed) or Cypriot Halloumi Cheese (which can be fried)!

I finished my tasting this way…some cheese…some grape oolong tea…some cheese….


Mmmm, I’m pairing cheese curds and a ripened goat cheese with my teas right now. Not that any of mine go together though!!


You need to pair with opposites like a salty cheese with a fruity or floral tea but not if the tea is delicate. Can’t overpower the tea! Love goat cheese!


Goat cheese Strawberry Salad with caramelized pecans and a strawberry vinaigrette dressing!


Yes! Exactly! Oolong and garlic fries ick however!


I somehow always walk away from reading your tasting notes a lot hungrier than thirstier…


I laughed…Ian, when is a teenager NOT hungry?!


Hahaha, and Bonnie, I laughed at your comment :P

@Azzrian – Sounds delicious!

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627 tasting notes

This is really tasty. The list of oolongs from Butiki Teas that I like most in order are: Peach, Grape then Strawberry :D Peach is still reigning supreme :D Dry this one smells like really good grape juice :D


What water temp are you using for these? Aproximate unless you happen to have a thermometer to stick in it lol :)


lol just a variable kettle from Adagio but it doesn’t tell me what temp just “green tea” or “black tea” generalizations so I guess :D I put it closer to the black tea area for this one. Green teaish for the peach and I can’t remember for the strawberry :D


for the peach you can also put it close to the white tea setting and that can be good too :D


thanks! haha I need to get either a variable temp kettle or the breville tea maker heh. Really just a matter of how big to splurge :)


one day when I have money a more accurate kettle will be the first thing I buy :D Then a breville one touch, and the milk steamer :D


oh to have lots of money to splurge on teas and tea accesories!


like I said one day…. in a land far, far away….

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998 tasting notes

Thanks nxtdoor for sending me this sample.

This is grape but it’s also really, really floral. The floral becomes stronger and takes over the grape as it cools.
Sorry this isn’t my style of tea. Thanks for the opportunity to try it nxtdoor.

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2216 tasting notes

Oolong #4. And another sipdown.

This one is really good, but another tea I probably wouldn’t restock, just because I don’t reach for much other than black teas and herbals.

It’s welch’s grape juice. As tea. With some green and floral oolong notes. I really like this one. Green oolongs are definitely a better flavour for me than the roasted ones.

And I just realized that I haven’t had anything but painkillers and tea today, so I’m going to wait until my food is ready before I make any more tea. Wow.

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Hope your migraine settles down, it’s the worst feeling, especially in the weekend! I’m hoping I don’t get one, but a huge storm is rolling in, so that may be unlikely.. :(


Eating really helped. The fact that it’s mostly not a classic migraine also helped. :) It’s still here, but much more manageable.


Mmmm. I like this one.


(I have a slowly healing protruding disc in my neck that gives me a lot of trouble – muscle and nerve pain.)

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123 tasting notes

Sample from Butiki! I’m trying to drink all my samples/almost finished teas in order to make room for a flood of tea orders I have coming next week. This afternoon seemed like the perfect time to try this one out! I’m going to preface this whole review by saying that I am usually not a fan of grape flavored things (candies, juices, popsicles…), but I wanted to give this a shot. It was too interesting sounding to pass up. A grape tea!? I was there.

The dry leaf of this tea smells more floral than grape-like, but I am definitely smelling grape (almost like grape bubble-gum. Oh no!). Once brewed, the tea, while still floral smelling (orchid? lilac?), takes on a stronger grape-like character (again – grape bubble gum).

Taste: Luckily, the grape bubble-gum smell has not translated into the taste. It’s shinning through quite nicely. It’s not that overpowering, overly sweet, cloying grape that I find so unappealing in most grape flavored things. It’s lighter, possibly balanced out by the floral aspects. It also tastes closer to what a red (purple?) grape would taste like in real life than most grape flavored things. I’m surprised to find the floral flavor and the grape flavor working together so well in this! It’s almost as if they are the same flavor! The floral highlights, and for me enhances, the grape flavor. It should also be noted that the oolong is not obscured or completely covered up. There are notes of light earthiness in here. This tea is very nice. Smooth and subtly sweet.

Conclusion: Grape flavored tea? A must try! So happy that I decided to sample this one. Finally! A grape flavored drink that I enjoy! I’ll have to pick some more up and share it with my younger sister (she loves everything grape).

NOTE: I did not add any sugar, as I liked the way it tasted right off the bat. I think it’s grape-y enough without it.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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