Pu'erh Ginger (organic)

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Pu-erh Tea
Ginger, Orange Peel, Pu Erh Tea
Earth, Fishy, Broth, Ginger, Salty, Spicy, Autumn Leaf Pile, Hay, Smooth
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Fair Trade, Organic
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205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 45 sec 2 g 10 oz / 295 ml

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This’ll do it

Combining pu’erh and ginger is like creating an arsenal. These are two of Chinese medicine’s best weapons. Pu’erh is said to aid digestion, cleanse the blood and help with weight loss. Ginger is supposed to improve circulation, help with digestion and counteract nausea, colds and sore throats. This tea also has a hint of orange, which combines perfectly with its zesty earthiness.

Ingredients: Organic: pu’erh tea from Yunnan Province in China, ginger and orange peel.

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58 Tasting Notes

1125 tasting notes

Lest we forget. It’s Remembrance Day in Canada today, so please take a moment to remember the sacrifices made for our freedom.

I am having a travel mug of this tea while at work, it’s tasty and very warming, it’s getting to be soo cold out..about -14 C this morning! Brr! Thank goodness for automatic car starters and hot tea. See previous notes!


So true, I’ve spent the moining going through pictures of my Great Uncle who was a Rear Gunner in the Air force. He thankfully came back to us, but never talked about his experiences or thoughts about the war. I know that there has been mixed opinions about some of the actions of the AF during the war ( ie Dresden) but I think it might have been more about the reality of his position in the war the Rear Gunner was apparently the most dangerous position in an aircrew and they did not have a good survival rate. I have pictures of his air crew one of the AC he worked on and A formal picture of his battallion in the UK. Theyn are also some of the only pictures I have of some of my g.g. uncles and aunts on my mothers fathers side. We only lost him a couple of years ago.


My great uncle was also in the air force and lived, he didn’t talk of his experience either but I know it was quite a bad time for him, he lost many commrades. We also lost him a few years ago, but his contribution lives on and I will never forget it and him. Thinking of your great uncle as well.

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1682 tasting notes

I’ve been suffering from a nasty stomach ache all day. This morning, I wasn’t thinking right and made mint green tea, and a regular black tea. D’oh!
To be fair, this was my last resort, since I only had one cup left of my meager sample. Well, that’s my fault because I only ever have any of this one when I’m ill, which isn’t often, so I don’t want it to go bad and don’t keep much on hand.
Sad thing is, I can’t even consider it a real sipdown, cuz I’ll be going by the DT store asap to pick up another 10g… maybe 15g. That’s what I did last time and it lasted me nearly a year. Still it’s an essential part of my cupboard and one of the very few blends I actually enjoy from them.
Bah! It is what it is. Right?! (ie a delicious blend that I adore when sick!)
My tummy feels a bit better now, but I fear it’ll get worse again once the effects of the tea wears off. Too bad I have a conference call in a few hrs, and lots of housework to get done before that!


Hope you feel better soon!


Get better girly!


I love my ginger teas for upset stomachs, which i get all too frequently.


Thanks ladies!! I’m a bit better today :D

Heather, I’ve been getting this strange, sudden knot in my stomach that lasts usually an hour or so. But this time, it was less intense and didn’t go away! :/
I should have known my ginger tea would do the trick!!

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3134 tasting notes

My mom loves ginger, and had expressed an interest in pu’erh, so when we were trying to come up with $20 worth of teas to purchase to get the free 50g of tea, I saw this on the tea wall and hoped maybe it would be a winner. Turns out, I think I’m right! I didn’t actually taste the first infusion of this one, but my mom definitely liked it better than the black teas I’ve had her try, and I think she enjoyed the ginger as well. There was a bit of a fishy smell to the dry tea, so I gave it a literal rinse (poured hot water through the tea in the infuser basket into the sink) before infusing it, although it still had a little bit of a fishy odour when brewed up. I didn’t find it terribly bothersome though, and as she drank the whole cup, I don’t think she did either.

The second infusion (next day) which I’ve made for myself smells more of ginger, and less of fishiness (if at all). The pu’erh gives it a nice, smooth base, and the amount of ginger is just right for me – a bit of a kick, but not too much. For me, this one’s just ok; I’d drink it again, but wouldn’t seek it out unless I was craving ginger for whatever reason.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

That fishy smell always freaks me out a little even if it isn’t in the taste at all! If you want a super ginger-y pu-erh Rishi has a very strong one.


I had one tea (Tangerine Ginger?) from Rishi, and I think it was good in the ginger aspect, but had hibiscus that turned the whole brew super disgusting. I imagine the pu’erh wouldn’t contain hibiscus, so I might try and get ahold of some someday. Thanks!

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2216 tasting notes

I picked this one up because it smelled GINGERY to me, and I love ginger drinks.

I rinsed it with 1/2 cup of hot water, dumped that out, then steeped for just over 3 minutes, and added a stick of honey.

It’s pretty good. There’s a lot of warmth from the ginger, I can’t really tell that there’s any orange in it, and the puerh isn’t fishy now that I’ve rinsed it. Not sure that I need to have this in my cupboard, but I’ll probably finish the sample I got within a couple days. :)


It’s good to have for when you get sick…

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871 tasting notes

OK. Last one from the pu-erh sample pack.

The dry tea smells super gingery, very similar to David’s super ginger which I really like.

After brewing, the smell is of ginger and fish pu-erh. I almost had to throw it out due to the smell. I let it cool a bit and tasted. It initially has a moderate ginger flavour. It is enough that you can feel the burn on your tongue. At the end of the sip, I am getting that fish/seaweed/canned mushroom pu-erh flavour.

Overall thoughts on the David’s tea Pu-erh sampler: I am glad it was only a sampler; I do not like David’s tea pu-erh base, or the pu-erh tea blends (with the exception of Berry Good which looks to contain not much actually tea leaf); I found most of the blends to not really blend together and each flavour came out at a different point in the sip; I’m glad its over and have congratulated myself for trying even though I knew I most likely would like and ended up not liking.

I feel like I have conquered a mountain. I would like to say that I am now more sophisticated and worldy, but I know that is far from reality, I am still going to pretend though.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec

oh dear— no part of puerh should be fish, seaweed or mushroom soup! i wonder if you would like silk road’s green puerh…? personally i’d really like to try persimmon tree’s honeysuckle… it just might not be your thing. i can’t abide rooiboos.


I am not completely writing off pu-erh, I can’t say if I have ever had good pu-erh, but at this point I have no desire to even explore it. I just think it is not to my taste at this point in my tea life.


a completely fair statement. i have reached that point with rooiboos. no matter how nice it smells as soon as it hits my tongue ‘nope’ becomes the operative word.

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1887 tasting notes

Rinsing this tea did wonders for removing the fishyness from the pu-erh, so I highly recomend that anyone else who has an issue with it do the same. That along with an increased steeping time seemed to bring out a more pleasent, softly earth flavour that had been lacking the last time I tried this tea.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

I rinse all of my pu-erhs, I find it really helps.


I usually do too, but I was hesitant to do it with a flavoured pu-erh, though in this case at least it doesn’t seemed to have harmed it.

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1230 tasting notes

Ugg, sick. So sick I messed up this steeping, so I have no idea how long I did this. However, I was slightly crazy and added a cm or two slice of fresh ginger to the steeping.

The taste? Uhh ginger mostly, the taste buds are shot! It’s making my throat feel better though!


Come on over and we can have a sickie party. We will drink tea and you can work on your shawl while I knit the Doctor Who scarf.

Oolong Owl

hahah, totally! Ugg.. I’m doing a picot bind off and have been at it for 2 hours and maybe 1/4 done the shawl’s edging!


feel better soon! this is the right tea for being sick :)

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361 tasting notes

Hmmm… after the 2 previous flavored puerhs from David’s I didn’t think this one was gonna be any good either, but i’m surprised to find that I like this. I do LOVE ginger and the ginger in this tea is super dooper strong and spicy. There’s a hint of fishy puerh at the end, but it is otherwise totally unoffensive! Yay! Thanks (AGAIN!) Shmiracles!

Terri HarpLady

You would probably have loved Verdant’s Sichuan Caravan…sigh…

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767 tasting notes

yummy puerh after a big lunch.

i’m answering a question a day for journaling purposes…

yesterday’s questions was:
If a doctor gave you five years to live, what would you try to accomplish?


Taste all the teas in the world! Only partially kidding.


Write write write! If I only had 5 years to live I’d want to leave behind something to be remembered by, so my dream would be to travel around the world and work on novels. Well, actually, that’s my dream even if I have a hundred years to live…

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540 tasting notes

I like the Ginger in this Tea its nice and spicy and the Orange zest is a nice touch too, this to me is quite a perfect Ginger Pu’erh other than making one from scratch at home. I have many times made this myself with Pu’erh and fresh ginger tea that’s the way I like to use Ginger and I’m fond also of adding Orange zest/peel to some teas, if I needed this tea and did not feel like making it myself this one would be the one I would want. You can really feel that good burn from the Ginger(because it’s tore up with shreds and not just chunks and slices,imo) and the orange zest is a great touch the Orange spice mellows the Ginger bite some giving it a really nice balance in flavor. The Pu’erh seems decent its earthy but clean and seems to have a thick black liquid but I think the Ginger and Orange zest take away from some of the Pu’erh’s flavor(meaning I can’t pick out many other flavor notes in the Pu’erh itself for all the other flavors), the Pu’erh could be a little better in this one. It is a great tea overall.
P’s I forgot to mention the aroma it pretty much just smells like Ginger.
Photos here :)

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