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Berry, Black Currant, Fruity, Malt, Berries, Smooth, Tart, Blueberry, Pine, Red Fruits, Cranberry
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To the rescue

Are you in desperate need of a little pick-me-up? Then this looks like a job for Superberry. It’s a sweet and fruity blend of black tea, juniper berries, blueberries and açai powder. There’s a lot of buzz going around about açai berries, a so-called South American “superfruit.” But unlike most health food, these actually taste amazing. All in all, they make for a delicious tea that will pep you up faster than a speeding bullet. (MK Kosher)

Ingredients: Organic: black tea, juniper berries, rosehips, blueberries, acai powder, safflower petals, natural flavouring*.

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76 Tasting Notes

513 tasting notes


That’s pretty much all this tasting note needs, as far as I’m concerned, because isn’t nom the whole point? if nom can be achieved, what else even matters?



Seriously, I hope this tea isn’t at risk of being discontinued, although the fact that it isn’t listed on David’s site anymore doesn’t exactly bode well.

So the smell and the taste actually reflect one another perfectly: so if you don’t like the way this tea smells, you certainly won’t like the way it tastes. Either way, you get a fresh blast of jumbled berries, mostly blueberry and raspberry, I feel. I can also very distinctly taste the acai powder. By that I mean that I haven’t tasted actual acai (I’m not even sure what it is), but it tastes like other things that are flavoured with acai. There’s a bit of tartness in the aftertaste, and I imagine this comes from the juniper berries, which you can’t directly taste while you sip. The whole composition also tastes as though it should be a bubble tea with tapioca balls in it, because that’s what I was instantly reminded of when I began sipping. I honestly don’t know why this tea has such low ratings. I mean, I doctored it up with some milk and sugar, but it still tastes exactly how it smells. It would seem that today would be the day for berry tea!


I have this one but haven’t yet tried it…looks like a cuppa might be in my near future!


It’s awesome! I hope you love it.


Haha! Totally, nom is the point!
But I also like to have some non-nom , they help my tea knowledge grow sometimes :-)


Yes, the occasional non-nom is important for sure, but nom is definitely the hope! haha

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160 tasting notes

This tea I also got when I was in NYC. Back logging everything, as I said before, is going to take a long while… But anyways… I was done buying tea for the trip, or so I thought, until I sniffed at this one. It smelled so spectacularly fruity that I really couldn’t resist. It also was pretty and full of tasty fresh-looking berries. Ok… 2 more ounces isn’t going to do anymore damage to my pocket than was already done.

So the dark tea leaves and the red berries (much redder than they seem in the picture) made for a beautiful tea. The scent was all berry, it reminded my of the blue raspberry jolly rancher flavor in sent. I wasn’t entirely sure that it was going to work with the black tea base.

Once brewed, the burgundy tea smelled a tiny bit like tea and a whole lot like raspberry jello. Not bad, just not something that I would chose on a normal day. Unsweetened it was slightly sweet and very confusing. Very much needed to be sweet to work for me. Sweet it was a happy treat. (Completely unintended rhyme…) The only berry flavor that I love I tea seems to be blueberry, so this is going to drunk up quickly and probably never replaced.

If you are looking for a sweet and fruity berry tea with a super intense flavor, this is what you are looking for. :) Sadly, this isn’t what I am looking for, but happy to give it a try!

Also, since I promised… Here is the link to the video of the last ice skating show! Not me at my best, but it was fun to skate again for the first time in years!


You are very talented!!


Loved 1:05 and 1:43 ish – great job! You go girl! :)


Awesome!!!!! I only wish I was half as talented as you :D Thanks for sharing!


I always like watching this on tv when the winter olympics are on (they never ever show it otherwise). I have no real interest in it other than marvelling at what the human body can evidently do. I like watching gymnastics for the same reason too some times. :) How do you not get super-dizzy? I don’t understand it! O.o Thanks for sharing. :)


Thanks everyone :)


Wow, are you kidding??! You’re amazing!!!

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514 tasting notes

I am so used to eating the plump berries out of my Blueberry jam tea post-steep, that I popped one of these berries in my mouth!

It was a juniper berry.

So I quickly drank the tea to get the piney-tasting bits out of my mouth. Beware the juniper berry!

Other than that – it’s a berry tea! Not my favourite but makes a nice summer iced tea, or creamy berry latte.


Oh no Mr. Bill!


HAHAHAHAHA!!! Thanks for the heads-up! I don’t think I went after the berries in this one for whatever reason.

Dylan Oxford

Hahaha, that’s pretty funny right there :)


haha I laughed at myself as soon as I picked the grossness out of my teeth :D

In my opinion it tastes way more berry than piney – I think the juniper berries just have a strong scent! :3

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8177 tasting notes

Thanks to courtney for letting me know that this was on steepster but as one word. Only reason i’m logging this….GROSS!

Seriously, this is really not up my alley. I think this is maybe 1 or 2 teas that i’ve ever taken a sip of and simply spat it back into the tea cup. If i could rate it as a negative number i would.

ick. I’m sure there are reason, and maybe this would be better cold but never again. no way, no how. gaaaaaah yuck!

Terri HarpLady

whatever you do, don’t send it to me! ;p


I didn’t like it either. I drank it, but didn’t want to.


Yeah, IIRC I wasn’t a fan. Still have some left to truck through though. Boy am I glad they let you buy in teensy amounts now! (I think/hope I only got 10g of that one).


Wow, one of the lowest scores I’ve seen!


Why does it get a score of 2 instead of 1 then :P

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3134 tasting notes

Sipdown! A big cup of meh. Random-fruity black. Not even as much interest as Fantasy Island, which I care little for as well. Glad it’s gone – I just figured I’d go for a random sipdown tonight.

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec
Maddy Barone

Always nice to finish something off and have it out of the cupboard.


Yes, agreed!!

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1158 tasting notes

Backlogging from Wednesday

I made this the suggested DT’s iced method.

As much as I really enjoy berry teas, this one seemed a little bit off to me. I think the acai berry powder maybe gave it a funny taste, kinda like I could taste the powder…..or maybe it was in my head….I don’t know, I am probably just crazy!

Anyway, there was something about this tea that was a bit off for me. I did like the juniper berry taste though.


(Crazy) we were going to send you a note but since you brought it up …..well….there is a tea remedy for it I’m sure.


It does taste like a “healthy” berry juice to me. So not my fave, especially since Blueberry Jam exists!


Lol must remedy that craziness with more tea…..mwahhhahaha…going to solve that right now Bonnie!
I agree Kittenna, blueberry jam is way better. I really like that one!

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1220 tasting notes

Caffeine! Yay!

This is one of those difficult flavored blacks from DavidsTea. It’s hard to get it right, it’s either too weak or it seems to immediately become bitter. I figure the water I used was around ~200 degrees, knowing from the steep time I should probably not use boiling. And still, it seems to have gotten bitter from 3 1/2 minutes at that.

Beyond that, it has a blueberry-açaí flavor to it. I really don’t get the açaí hype because blueberries are pretty high up there in antioxidants too, and you know, far cheaper given they don’t just grow in Brazil. Plus they’re far more likely to actually contain all those touted antioxidants because they don’t get processed to death, like in this tea alone where they are just a powder. Still the flavor is okay, but I’d take Blueberry Jam over this one.

Thanks Kittenna!


Agreed. Blueberry Jam > Superberry.

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336 tasting notes

I can’t remember who traded this to me, but you know who you are and thank you very much! I’m assuming the little tiny berries in here are juniper berries? I’ve never had any, but hopefully they’re not too tart.

I made this iced, and I don’t think I made it quite strong enough. It was a bit watery. I went to put in just a bit of sugar to being out the taste more and a giant pile of sugar accidentally fell in :( Despite all that, the tea managed to taste pretty good. Nice and fruity without any tartness. I didn’t really taste any of the black tea itself though. I’m thinking it might be easier to taste that when this is hot.

Iced 4 min, 0 sec

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218 tasting notes

This was part of my order that arrived yesterday. I steeped this to have with breakfast, but was running late so I both ran out of time to drink it and make sure I was steeping it properly. I put it in mydouble walled aladdin plastic tumbler, but the chilly apparent 1oC outside cooled it right down by the time I got to work to room temperature.

First thoughts: smelled berry like, but I think it was the acaici that gives it a bit of tartness. Hot, I think I’d oversteeped it because my one mouthful tasted a bit bitter. Cold, the bitterness is gone and there’s a soft berry taste.

Going to give this a proper go later, and an icing and see what happens.


For some reason I read “give this an icing” as “put in some icing.” XD Now I want berry buttercream tea…


I did a similar thing to a friends’s fb status, she said “if you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? I’m planning on winning lotto this weekend”, I read “if you could go anywhere in space and time”. Damn you, Doctor Who withdrawals…

Didn’t get any buttercream last year, is it worth getting if it returns later in the year?


I didn’t get a chance to try the buttercream, I hope it does come back just to mix it with other things. Caramel buttercream, blueberry buttercream, my mind is aflutter with possibilities.


Oh yes, with blueberry jam, my imagination thinks that would be perfect!

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513 tasting notes

This was a pleasant surprise! I liked the smell, but was a little concerned about the taste brewed up. I tossed in a pinch of sugar and, like magic, I had an amazing cup of tea! The berries all play nicely together and the black base works to anchor them together without the least bit of astringency. After a long (long) day at school, this was the perfect cup to unwind with. I am super impressed and look forward to trying this more often!

I am surprised how much I like these fruit and berry based blacks. I also thought that black tea was more the home of toffee, spices, and chocolate, but it is such a versatile base tea. The fruits bring out its sweeter nature and I find it has just enough strength to anchor them together in an overall blend of flavours. I have learned to be open minded with teas. Just because it doesn’t immediately strike me as a great idea, it might still work really well!

Flavors: Berries

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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