Pineapple Oolong

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Apricot, Natural Flavours, Oolong Tea, Pineapple
Pineapple, Sweet, Floral, Medicinal, Apricot, Vegetables, Candy, Creamy, Thick
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  • “I’m finishing this sample today. It’s a light oolong with a definite pineapple taste. To me it’s more of a Spring/Summer tea than Autumn/Winter tea. I find that as the days and nights get...” Read full tasting note
  • “Thank you SO MUCH to Dexter for sharing her bounty in free DavidsTea with me. :) Yep, this is the tea I chose. And it’s been changed. The pineapple pieces are now HUGE, way bigger than the oolong...” Read full tasting note
  • “I didn’t realize I never posted a longer review! We finished this one up today and it is on my re-buy list, honestly. The oolong is there but very subtle under the sweet pineapple. It puts me in...” Read full tasting note
  • “I finally managed to take the time to brew this one up, and have to say that I’m rather disappointed. Yes, it’s definitely pineappley. But the oolong is lighter than I was expecting, and would have...” Read full tasting note


Crowning glory

With their exotic, golden flavour and dramatic spiky crown, pineapples are clearly the king of the fruit world. Their original name was “Ananas,” from the Tupi word for “excellent fruit” – we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Here we blend big pieces of pineapple with Tie Kwan Yin oolong tea, for the perfect balance of fresh, fruity and floral. The result? A bright, refreshing blend that’s equally amazing hot or iced. Trust us – it’s like drinking a cup of sunshine.

Ingredients: Hand-rolled Ti Kwan Yin oolong, pineapple, apricot.

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119 Tasting Notes

107 tasting notes

Whoop, whoop, I am set up for school! Dad spotted me a bit of money to cover tuition until my Christmas bonus comes in on Friday (I hope), and I got all my tea gear in my locker, if not my tea – sugar, spoons, filterbags, wee travel mug. I went to SBUX tonight to test the hopeful hypothesis that they will give me hot water for free after the Market closes as long as I don’t need a cup, and this hypothesis has so far proved correct. Yes.

So I’m finally getting around to my sample of this that I’ve had floating around since…it came out. Yeah, that long. I let this steep longer than I meant to, but it seems none the worse for wear.

And ooooh pineapple!

I’m such a fan of pineapple-flavoured stuff. Not so much the actual pineapple, because I have difficulty with the texture. But juice and flavouring, that I can do.

This one just has an awesome balance of flavours, to me. There are some people who seem to like the base to be stronger than the flavour in a flavoured tea. I don’t quite understand that; if I wanted only tea flavour, I’d drink a straight tea. And I do drink straight teas, but I generally want a strong flavour in a flavoured tea…and a base which is not weak, but which takes to the background and meshes well with the flavour.

That is the balance I’m getting here. The oolong is nice, but I’m more aware of the pineapple. Pretty much exactly what I want when I picked up something called “Pineapple Oolong.” It’s very bright, and the bit of floral I get at the back of the sip is actually working with the other flavours. That’s nice, because floral notes sometimes make me rather queasy. Then again, that may only be when they are added to the tea and not natural to it.

There also seems to be another fruit in here. From the description, I’m guessing it’s apricot? It comes out a little more as the tea cools. I bet this would be amazing iced!

I want to give this a couple more shots, as well as try it iced, but I think this might end up being a cupboard keeper.

Very nice, anyway. And very relaxing, which I need just now. I had my first Women’s Studies class today, and I really don’t know about the prof… I was about 3-4 minutes late because the building the class is in is numbered in a really confusing way, and I went down the wrong hallway at first. She did not give me a chance to sign the attendance sheet. Um, okay? If this were even the second class, I would accept that, but geez, people coming late because they couldn’t find the room is something that HAPPENS on the first day!

And then she rushed through her PowerPoint slides and didn’t give us more than a few seconds per slide to write anything down – some slides she didn’t even show because she got so caught up TALKING, which I guess must be the only way to communicate! And her written notes suck – no complete sentences, because she’s one of those types that puts up the barest sketch of notes and then “fills in” during class.

ADHD makes my working auditory memory virtually non-existent, so I depend on clear written notes, and the shitty notes she gave us aren’t even on the student Blackboard, so apparently she’s also one of those types who withholds written material to blackmail people into coming to class. So now I have a few pages full of half-finished sentences, and the barest idea of what we discussed in class because I can no longer really remember it. In a few days, I will have no memory of anything she said at all.

I came to the library stressed almost to the point of tears, but the tea is helping immensely. I am definitely never going to her class from now on without tea in hand. And maybe a discreet voice recorder. But mostly tea.

5 min, 0 sec

Ugh, I hate professors who use powerpoint but don’t upload the slides. Like they couldn’t take the extra 5 minutes to do that!


I’d have trouble with my disability also but I’m up front. I tell the instructor…I have blah blah disability and this is what I have to do to accommodate it. Then I ask for any feedback suggestions to help me do well and leave it at that. They’ve now been informed of my recorder or whatever I’m going to need and I’ve enlisted them as agents of my success.


Oh, forgot…I was a special ed major in the 1970’s at San Jose State University.


I second Bonnie’s comment. I don’t know how University works in Canada, but in the U.S. you have a right to accommodation. I am very hard of hearing due to an old work injury (getting tested soon for a hearing aid, since it’s not getting better as I get older), and I have a right to sit near the front, and if need be I could also request notes. I would definitely check in with the Professor and possibly disability services if your campus has that.

Daniel Scott

You have the right to accommodation in Canada as well. I have never been to Disability Services before, and I didn’t want to use them to strongarm her, because fighting with your prof is never a good start to a class…

I think I will nicely email her first and explain, but I am not hopeful, TBH. Problem is that my ADHD documentation is long since lost if I have to go to Disability Services. My doctor might have a copy, I guess.


I don’t have a disability so I guess this comment isn’t really relevant but in my university experience (in NS, just a few years ago) it was not the norm for teachers to post slides except for science classes. I don’t know why science teachers always did it, actually. The expectation was for the student to make their own notes and attend all classes, and as you point out not posting slides or notes forces that. However, having a disability would change things, I would assume. Tricky. I hope you find a resolution one way or another, perhaps via a ‘studdy buddy’ or something?

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289 tasting notes

Dry Leaf Nose: sweet pineapple, complemented by the oolong tea.

Liquor: golden-green clear liquor.

Flavour: sweet summer pineapple – the apricot is light and brings a bit of tartness to the blend, which highlights the lively character of the oolong tea.

180 °F / 82 °C 4 min, 0 sec

So delightful in description! Doubt my wallet will agree….

Sandra Brassard

So happy it stays…what a refreshing Oolong!

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97 tasting notes

Had this again today and I was rather disappointed. Despite steeping for a long time, it had almost no flavour. :( Like drinking hot water with a slight sweet creaminess. I don’t know if I had a bad batch of leaves or what…

Steeped twice, second time was a tiny bit better.

I’m gonna have to lower my rating significantly. It’s just not the same as the first time.

Boiling 8 min or more

Maybe try dehydrating your own pineapple and add to whichever tee you like? Or boil it down until you have syrup then dehydrate that. Might work.


Tea* hate this keyboard


That’s not a bad idea! I don’t have a dehydrator though, so I guess I’d have to just buy some dried pineapple and add it in.


sometimes adding a spice can help… i don’t find david’s persuasive, myself =0\ you could try nutmeg, or a dot of vanilla. you could steep and reduce on the stove and dump it over ice cream. temperature can change things too. maybe try an overnight cold steep?


Can’t do ice cream, unfortunately! I’m very limited to the things I can eat – which is another reason why I love tea so much.

Never thought of adding spices or vanilla extract – that’s a really good idea.

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297 tasting notes

Also received this in one of my orders.
I brought a bunch of samples over to my moms, when she said she should have another coffee, I told her she should have tea instead.
About 5 mins later she asked what kind if tea I was making her. She chose this one.

She said it was too sweet for her.
I had a sip, so technically this isn’t a tasting note. It was oolong, creamy, buttery, slightly floral & definitely pineapple. Im not usually, or ever a pineapple fan, but I would like to try this again, because the sip I had wad quite good.

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 45 sec

the one from butiki is delicious! and the one from lupicia wasn’t too bad so i’m thinking maybe it’s just one of those really tasty tea+fruit combos


I like the one from Lupicia but I’ve never had this

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583 tasting notes

Made for me at a DavidsTEa store.

And you’re saying, Michelle, for the love of all that’s good and pure, stop trying the flavoured teas, because you hardly ever like them.

I live in optimism.

This one is pineapple-flavoured hot water. Some mineral notes as the liquor cools. That’s it.


Better to live in optimism than pessimism =)

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137 tasting notes

This tastes a lot like candied pineapple! Which is both nice, and slightly disappointing. I was hoping for more of a juicy-fresh pineapple flavour, with some of the tartness and acidity that I associate with the fruit. I always hope for this in pineapple flavoured teas, but it’s never there. BUT it is still delicious, and refreshing, and really flavourful. I love that I can actually taste the toasty, creamy oolong base.

I had this iced along with a big old slice of tomato soup cake I had made the day before. Mm, delicious together! The rich spicy cake and tangy-sweet cream cheese frosting played well off the tropical fruity tea, and actually ended up reminding me of carrot cake. Oh how I love food and tea pairings!


I want the recipe for the cake!!!! Sounds GREAT!


I can pm you the recipe, if you’d like? Definitely worth making.

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742 tasting notes

I was served this as the Tea of the Day at my local David’s tea.

This tea was served on ice. I was impressed at how I could really taste the oolong in this one. I definitely need to go back to get a full cup.

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148 tasting notes

My DavidsTea order finally came! This was one of my free samples, so I decided to try it with lunch. I made it hot, but think this would be a better iced tea.
I can taste the oolong and a hint of pineapple, but the flavoring tastes really artificial. It also has a creamy taste and texture that I don’t typically associate with oolong. Not bad, but not something I would buy either.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Aww, that’s disappointing. I would like to try this one iced.


I was pretty excited about it too! It probably doesn’t help that 1) I love oolongs and 2) some artificial flavorings weird me out.


Ya. I like what I’ve tasted of oolongs so far and really don’t like artificial/perfume-y/chemically flavours.

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757 tasting notes

It’s pretty good, but it isn’t my favorite tea. It is light and refreshing, though I think this is still best hot. I think I still prefer Long Life or Happy Kombucha, but those are both darker oolongs, and the nice think with the Pineapple Oolong is that it is a lighter base, so I do like that. I probably won’t repurchase as I like the milk oolong better overall.

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440 tasting notes

Continuing my trend of reviewing my backlog at 4am when I have insomnia! I finally dived into my sample of this one today after losing it at the back of the basket for a little while. Pineapple is not a favourite fruit of mine, be it in spears, cubes, or on pizza (SHUDDER!). But sometimes teas change things into marvelousness, and so the oolong had to be tried.

And I am really glad I did. This was a lovely mellow tea with pineapple notes but they didn’t override the tea. The first cup was much more pineappley but second steep was perfect for a non-lover like me. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this one will blend with some of my other oolongs, especially other fruit flavours. I think it’ll be a great tea to highlight others!

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