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  • “Where does the time go? No really, where? It feels like it was 3PM and then I blinked and it was 8PM. What happened? Ugh. Anyway, this cold brew was fantastic – but nothing significantly out...” Read full tasting note
  • ZOMG I am typing this on my very first iPad. My laptop’s HD went kaput and the techs have had it for days now. My mom encouraged me to get one and reassured me that...” Read full tasting note
  • “Backlog This was the last of this I had floating around, which is a little sad because I really think this is one of the better just coconut teas I’ve had. It was still buttery and creamy, and the...” Read full tasting note
  • “Made the last of this one as a tea pop. I cold brewed it for about 8 hours. Mixed half and half with Perrier. Turned out pretty good. The tea is very light tasting, very much tastes like...” Read full tasting note


Simply sophisticated

We all know coconuts are fun. Just think of a tiki cocktail with a little paper umbrella. Or the coconut shell bikini on a hula girl. But did you know the coconut can be seriously sophisticated too? Like when you pair it with premium Bai Mu Dan white tea – a naturally sweet, delicate leaf from Fujian Province in China. The result is subtle and fresh, with just a hint of creaminess. Looks like coconut’s all grown up. (MK Kosher)

Ingredients: White Bai Mu Dan tea, coconut, natural vanilla flavouring, natural & artificial coconut flavouring*.

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93 Tasting Notes

4541 tasting notes

Where does the time go?

No really, where? It feels like it was 3PM and then I blinked and it was 8PM. What happened? Ugh.

Anyway, this cold brew was fantastic – but nothing significantly out of the usual so I don’t have much, if anything, to add. I’ve been toying with the idea of adding milk to a cold brewed version of this. Anyone done that? Thoughts? Maybe on just adding milk to cold brews in general? I’m pretty sure I’ve never added milk to cold brewed tea before…


Could you just cold brew it in milk? Is that a thing?

Roswell Strange

That’s a good question. I don’t know…


I’ve cold brewed chai in almond milk before. Do it just like you would in water. :)


I also was thinking today of what milk would be like in iced tea… I haven’t done it either, but I suppose I have drank tea with milk that has become cool from sitting which would be similar. I only have put milk in black tea though..
I’m sure this one would be tasty that way – you should give it a try.


That cold brewed chai in almond milk sounds good!


Yeah, it was! One of the super cinnamony teavana ones, so it went really well. It was best after just a few hours though. I can see other teas needing more time for the flavours to come out.


Cold steep chai really strong in WATER, and then added milk and sweetener to make iced chai latter – I’ve done the same thing with some coffee esqu teas (things like coffee mate and Davids coffee pu’erh) – iced coffee latte but tea. Cold steeped Special Dark with a touch of milk is FANTASTIC.
It’s your tea, if you think it would be good steeped IN milk, or drank with some milk added – I say go for it….

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1569 tasting notes

ZOMG I am typing this on my very first iPad. My laptop’s HD went kaput and the techs have had it for days now. My mom encouraged me to get one and reassured me that I’m worth it since I did well in school. Aww. Plus no more lugging around a 15" for presentations!

Anyway, everyone here probably knows by now that I am crazy for coconut. I was super sad that I didn’t get more of their coconut oolong before it went away but this came into our lives!

Flavoured white teas are very hit or miss, but the dry leaf smells like a more down to earth, less sweet coconut, comparing this to the oolong, at least. I can pretty much say the same about the flavour too. The base doesn’t fight with the coconut, and allows that yummy coconut awesomeness to shine through. This is without a word more akin to fresh coconut.

I only tried this hot since I can’t justify icing a white (and I pretty much always cold steep so you could imagine how expensive cold steeping this could get). But I’m sure this would make a lovely iced tea.

It’s hard to choose between this and the oolong though. Don’t make me choose!


all i could think of was “coo coo for cocoa puffs…” :)


It’s quite sad, really. :p


I like this one cooler better. I find it is a mix of Coconut Oolong and Vanilla Orchid Oolong.

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615 tasting notes


This was the last of this I had floating around, which is a little sad because I really think this is one of the better just coconut teas I’ve had. It was still buttery and creamy, and the mouthfeel falls somewhere between coconut water and light coconut milk. Drinking this also has has that little surge of juiciness that you get when you eat coconut shreds from the bag, and they almost seem to pop. I hope this finds its way back next summer.


I agree, I would love to see this one return

Roswell Strange

Definitely agree, as well :)

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871 tasting notes

Made the last of this one as a tea pop. I cold brewed it for about 8 hours. Mixed half and half with Perrier. Turned out pretty good. The tea is very light tasting, very much tastes like coconut water with an extremely light but smooth white tea base. So I think it should be mixed a bit more tea and less carbonated water. With half and half it kind of gives the tea a salty taste I sometimes can get with carbonated water. To me this one is pretty much coconut soda, but without all the sugar.

Edit: much better with 3/4 tea and 1/4 carbonated water.


Try regular club soda. Perrier is loaded wqith sodium.


The no name brand I used to buy had 44mg sodium, Perrier only has 2mg, so its much less than what I used to use. But I will have to look at other brands. I only bought the Perrier because it was the cheapest at Costco.


44 mg? good lord.


I know! I had no idea until I looked it up. I didn’t even notice it tasted salty, and I normally don’t use a lot of salt in my cooking/food. When I drink it now, compared to the Perrier it is like licking a salt block.


I wish we had a wider variety of sparkling water in Canada. Besides Perrier, San Pellegrino, and a bunch of random generic brands, there’s nothing much else to choose from.


I agree, I just looked up on a calorie counter website to compare sparkling water/carbonated water/tonic water and the ones available to me are full of sodium and a lot of them actually have a lot of sugar and therefore calories. There is only one international grocer in my area, but they don’t sell sparkling water :(


Oh yeah, and I also can’t stand those ones with artificial sweeteners. Blech. You’d think international markets would sell them, but I had the same experience with the Italian and German markets in Edmonton. None of them sold any, and come on, Germany is known for carrying HUNDREDS of brands.

I really miss the selection in Sweden. It was amazing. You’d think with the multicultural society we’re living in, they’d step it up and import some more European sparking/mineral water. Or at least manufacture some in our country that’s on par with the European stuff!


Ok, so may have made a research breakthrough! I was at the grocery store, Safeway, and was looking at the carbonated water. Safeway has a housebrand of carbonated spring water that has no sodium, sugar, calories, etc. All of the other carbonated waters were mineral water. Not sure if it tastes any good but will have to try it. Its all for tea science!

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1125 tasting notes

My mom wanted to get more Cocomint Cream at DavidsTea this week, but it’s seasonal, I sadly informed her, and she was like oh no! So I told her she should try this one, and I picked some up as well. I also gave her my remaining bag of cocomint :) anyways, she splurged on 50 g of this after smelling it and tasting it iced in the store (I did too, it was pretty yummy) and tasted it earlier this week and loved it! So now it’s my turn to try it hot.

The dry smell is a nice coconut, not nearly as oily and overpowering as the coconut oolong, more of a nice shredded coconut smell. A lot lighter, the vanilla might also be helping that. I steeped for 4 minutes with 185 degree water. The steeped smell is maybe a bit more coconutty, but not bad.

I much prefer this coconut flavor than the oolong one. There isn’t that oilyness, its a dryer, shredded coconut flavor. It still is pretty strong, so that must be the flavoring coming out. But this one is much more bearable. The vanilla might be helping with that as well, or at least keeping the oilyness from becoming gross. I like the white base too, although not the price at DT haha. It’s light yet sweet, so far just sweet enough, almost on the line of too sweet, but more along the lines of the second steep of the oolong (I could hardly stand the first of that one). I will have to try the second steep of this at some point as well to see how mellow it is.

Overall, I am pleased it is not as potent as other coconut teas from DavidsTea. Coco Lemon Thai still beats this by a mile though, but I am happy to have tried this, and will gladly finish my 15 or 25 g of it, can’t remember how much I got. As I continue to drink it, the more I like it :) also very happy my mom liked it!

185 °F / 85 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Hmm, I’m curious about this one, especially since you describe the coconut as different from the oolong.


It seemed different to me anyways haha it might be the base that’s making the difference too, whatever it is, I prefer it!


That’s good to know! Because I looove the oolong but am currently in the middle of nowhere and am worried none of the stores would have any left over the next few weeks if I may be able to get to one. This sounds like it may be a good stand-in.


Oh it definitely would be! It was quite good cold in the store as well :)


If you want to get your cocomint cream fix, this tea is extremely similar!

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180 tasting notes

Cold-brewed in the Takeya pitcher. (Have I mentioned how much I love that pitcher yet?) I used about 9 scoops of tea to 64oz water and let it steep for around 12 hours.

When I scooped this out, I was impressed by the tea leaves they used — they were furry, decent quality white tea leaves! I’ve found that a lot of flavored teas skimp on the quality of the actual “tea” part. Not the case here. It made for a very happy Lindsey! (Note: I’m not sure what effect that has on the price of this guy – Mine came as part of the Summer Collection boxed set, so I have no idea how much it normally costs.) I also noticed that this one uses shredded coconut as opposed to the big pieces like Coco-Lemon Thai.

This tastes great iced! Nice and light, with a definite coconut butteriness. Slightly toasty, as I find all the best coconut teas to be. Coco-Lemon Thai used to be my favorite coconut white, but… I don’t know – this one may have replaced it. I like the simplicity of Coconut Grove. More of a pure coconut tea. Yeah, okay, I know that’s a stupid obvious statement because there’s no lemon or ginger or anything else that Coco-Lemon Thai has…but it still bears mentioning!


I loved this one iced too!

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283 tasting notes

I don’t like this tea. It tastes exactly like coconut water. I didn’t like Tropicalia either probably because it tastes like piña colada which I don’t like (because of the coconut). The strange thing is I like the Buttered Rum (organic) which has coconut in it, as well as the coconutty SoHo Blend (Harney & Sons) :)

The dry leaf is mostly tea with long strands of coconut throughout. It smells like sweet coconut. The brew is pale yellow (but darkens as it sits for a couple of hours). Flavour: coconut water.

I drank it iced because I couldn’t imagine it hot nor do I have any desire to try it that way.

The tea delivers what it sets out to deliver: an all coconut tea. I just wish I liked it more. It is not astringent at 3 minutes with proper water temperature. I used a heaping “perfect measure” for 8 oz of water. Easy going tea for me, although whites can be picky.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 30 sec

i love coconut, but i despise coconut water. balance! it needs balance!!!

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818 tasting notes

Went to DavidsTea today during lunch to pick up some loose leaf tea bags to use at work, and ended up leaving with a steeped cup of this tea as well. It smelled like sweet coconut, so I decided to give it a shot. She put a little honey in it too. I was really surprised at how much I liked it. Their coconut oolong is too overwhelmingly coconut for me, but this tea was more my thing, even though it is definitely a coconut tea. Maybe I just don’t really like the combo of coconut and oolong? Maybe white is better, although I’m not sure I really tasted the white tea itself. Looked up the ingredients when I got home and there is some vanilla in there as well…must be why it’s kinda sweet and creamy. Mmmm. Anyway, I’ll probably pick some of this up next time I’m there. :)

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464 tasting notes

Cuckoo for coconut! Creamy, coco-nutty goodness! I honestly don’t taste the white tea in this at all. I really only taste coconut and vanilla. I had it hot. It would probably be good cold as well.


Second steep was undrinkable though… bitter awful stuff.


Wow, that is weird that the second steep was awful….like all the flavoring disappeared in the first?


Exactly like that!

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3157 tasting notes

Mmmmm, this is about as delicious as I had anticipated! Lovely creamy coconut with some sweetness. I haven’t had Coconut Cream from other companies recently (which is what I was thinking this tea may be the same as), so I can’t identify whether or not they are different. Might have to have to do a comparison later today. I’m almost tempted to say that this version is better, but it may just be that I’ve forgotten how good the others were.

Anyhow, thanks for sending along some of this one, Janelle, so I didn’t have to buy it!

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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