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  • “Okay this is the second time I’ve had this matcha. It was pretty good hot but it wasn’t at it’s best for me. Then I tried it with water and ice and it was awesome! next time though I need this one...” Read full tasting note
  • “I have been waiting to try this one. I was holding off for some reason, not sure, delayed gratification maybe. Anyway, the dry matcha smells DELICIOUS! It smells of generic cola, my favorite...” Read full tasting note
  • “I was a soda drinker for years – at one point I drank it more than water. A few years ago I did the impossible and gave it up to better my health. It wasn’t easy, and there are times when I find it...” Read full tasting note
  • “I don’t know if anyone remembers Coca-Cola Blak from a few years back. It was Coke mixed with coffee, and I looooved it. I’m so sad it was discontinued. I have no idea why I loved it. I was...” Read full tasting note

From Matcha Outlet

The unique Cola Matcha can be used to make most foods and drinks acquire an interesting adventurous twist. Its deep albeit slightly sweet taste leaves many people both mystified and compelled to enjoy more. This special flavor has no equal and can be used in any occasion to make an exceptional impact on its various audiences both big and small. This flavor relies on its much loved status in the world to entice its enthusiasts to appreciate its unique offerings in the world of refreshments.

Cola Matcha stands in a class of its own as far as delectable taste and universal appeal is concerned. Its enticing appeal draws both old and young together for both ordinary and extra ordinary occasions. Since its taste range is far reaching and exciting, it provides a place for many different palates. Its lasting lingering appeal makes it both unforgettable and special for most people.

Company formerly known as Red Leaf Tea.

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29 Tasting Notes

791 tasting notes

Okay this is the second time I’ve had this matcha. It was pretty good hot but it wasn’t at it’s best for me. Then I tried it with water and ice and it was awesome! next time though I need this one a bit heavier on flavour. I got this basic grade, delicate flavour, small (30g) with the metal tin. I was a little bag challenged when opening the bag and spilled some (the dog licked it up but didn’t suffer any negative effects from it) bye-bye actual cola hello cola matcha :D

Matcha Outlet

I have not tried it yet, but now I wander how it would work with carbonated water and ice.
If anyone tries it, let us know :-)


Interesting, I can’t imagine a cola flavored tea. I’ll have to try it sometime

Autistic Goblin

Another tea I must try with Vanilla ice cream (I’ve put the ice cream on the shopping list) should taste like a Cola float then I would think :D

Autistic Goblin

I have to order more as I don’t think I’ll have enough when the black cherry comes to mix it… (puts it on the to-do list)

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871 tasting notes

I have been waiting to try this one. I was holding off for some reason, not sure, delayed gratification maybe.

Anyway, the dry matcha smells DELICIOUS! It smells of generic cola, my favorite flavour. I could barely wait to try it, but it was bedtime by the time I opened the package so had to wait until today. Smells very much like cola flavoured candies. I made this one cold shaken for work. I put the matcha mix and a bit of white sugar in my glass water container at home, then added the water at work. The taste is a bit disappointing considering the smell. There is still a cola taste but it is not quite there. It is like you are waiting for the taste to hit and you can feel it coming but it never does. I am going to experiment with some different sweeteners because I think that could help bring out the taste.

Edit: OK so I read a bunch of reviews on this after I drank it. First of all, just to point out, this was robust flavouring. I think I need to try a bit more matcha in the mix. I used 1/2 tsp per 8 oz, which is my norm for Red Leaf matches, but I think I need to try 1tsp. And it seems that most people did not add sweetener, so I will have to try that and keep you posted.

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200 tasting notes

I was a soda drinker for years – at one point I drank it more than water. A few years ago I did the impossible and gave it up to better my health. It wasn’t easy, and there are times when I find it hard to resist, especially since it’s so easily available. One of the problems is that the flavoring is hard to find. You don’t see “cola” flavored things very often. So when I saw this cola flavored matcha, I knew I had a found a winner. Tea AND cola flavors brought together? This is amazing.

And I have to say, it definitely is. Even from the smell I knew I was in for a treat. I used 1/2 teaspoon of powder in my water bottle, shook it up, and then took a sip. It was absolutely delightful. It tastes just like cola (I think it has more of a Pepsi taste than a Coca-Cola taste). I even added some seltzer to give it just a little zing, which also helped.

This is definitely recommended for anyone who loves soda, but wants to indulge in a healthier option.

I can not WAIT to blend this with other matcha flavors like rum and black cherry. I’m also planning to buy a couple more fruit flavors in my next order to mix with this. Hmm… maybe I should have bought a large.


I know what you mean ! I just feel like lost when I don’t have my glass of Cola per day, especially in summer. I am curious to see what a cola matcha can taste.

Invader Zim

Are you hyper yet?! I think this is your third matcha review within the hour!


@Ysaurella – It’s a pretty good substitute I think, LOL

@Invader Zim – LOL! I actually need the pick me up today. I’m dragging a bit.


How much water are you adding with half a teaspoon? I just bought this one too and was thinking about getting some seltzer to mix with it.


16 oz for 1/2 teaspoon. I could add more but too much and you’ll get too much matcha without flavor.

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1220 tasting notes

I don’t know if anyone remembers Coca-Cola Blak from a few years back. It was Coke mixed with coffee, and I looooved it. I’m so sad it was discontinued. I have no idea why I loved it. I was reminded of it with this new flavored matcha from Red Leaf so I knew I had to get it. And when you live in the land of Coca-Cola, you kind of need to know how this thing tastes!

I think this would probably terrify many people because it’s pretty unique…but oh man it’s so good.

When I opened the bag it definitely smelled like Coke, it even smells effervescent. I waited as long as I could but I needed to have it ASAP. I figured the only way to really have this is to drink it cold, because hot cola would be kind of weird.

I put a bit of creamer in it, and it really tastes like Coca-Cola! The matcha is pretty much covered by the flavor, but at the end there’s a bit of the flavor of it. I don’t even care. I can’t stand soda other than Coke Zero because of the syrupy nature of it, and this is WAY better.

Imagining it now with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it…


I loved Coca-Cola Blak too! I don’t really even like Coke that much (too sweet) but with that acidic, malty coffee…. MMMM. Heaven! I miss it.


I still have the carmel matcha from you to try! I smell it and it smells SO lovely! Saving it for a ME moment! :)


Online it says Blak is still available in Canada.


Everywhere I looked said it’s gone entirely and has been since 2008/2009. This is my favorite response about it though: I guess it doesn’t get more legit than your coca-cola salesman.


Oh, actually I read that the Canadian version tastes different and there was a Mexican version that was different too.


wow this sounds great. first time i’ve ever heard of this kind of tea.


This actually sounds good! I would confuse my parents so badly.

The DJBooth

Dude a buddy of mine and I loved it too. It was odd but good.

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14108 tasting notes

I have to say, I’ve probably had too much tea today but that didn’t stop me from wanting to finally break down and try the Cola flavoured matcha that I purchased a little while back.
Now, since I switched over to drinking tea last year, I only occasionally drink pop now and it’s typically a treat. Part of the reason I wanted to try this matcha was because i really like the taste of cola but i don’t want all the sugar in my diet anymore, and don’t even get me started on "diet’ or zero calorie versions. So i thought that i’d try out this matcha and see how it compared.
I ordered the Distinctive flavour of matcha, with the standard green base. When i opened the bag it was exactly like those Coke bottle gummies – which coincidently are also some of my favourites :) Now for those of you that know me, you know that i never really drink my matcha straight. 99.999% of the time it’s with milk in a smoothie or latte form. Today though? I opted for the water bottle method that many people on steepster use. I added a sifted teaspoon to one of my bottles with water and some ice and shook! When i took my first sip it was pure delicious coke bottle goodness! I wouldn’t call this coca-cola, rather it’s more that generic “cola” taste, which is exactly what i’d prefer. I added just a touch of sweetener to the bottle and it was perfect! I will for sure be drinking this more in the spring and summer on my bike rides for that extra bit of yum!

You can order it here:


Ohh, cola bottles. Those are yummy, and I can totally see how this would work with just water. Thanks for reviewing this. I may get this someday. :)


Oh man, hope you don’t mind if I grab a cuppa when we’re over!!


IB sure thing. It will take me a while to get through it so by all means


Incendiare – it’s surprisingly better than i thought it would be, though because i prefer using matcha in smoothies, it’s got a somewhat limited life cycle in my cupboard (aka summer).


I ordered some of this and can’t wait for it to come in. I couldn’t resist the deal on french butter cookie, so I thought I would get a bunch of other flavours too.


Interesting! I do like Coke and Pepsi okay, but like you I try to seriously limit my intake of them. I also try to buy the Coke in glass bottles from Mexico, since they do not have HFCS, but cane sugar. And I agree….don’t even get me started on the diet stuff! JacquelineM, I think, sent me a recipe for homemade Coke syrup a while back and I finally just got around to buying some star anise so maybe I can make it!


Drinking pop is a shock to the system when you haven’t touched one for months … soft drink came with our cheapie lunch deal today; my system doesn’t know how to handle Dr. Pepper any more!

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516 tasting notes

Okay, this one did not even cross my mind to try! It just sounded a little too strange.. well.. and also because other cola flavoured teas have not treated me well. (I’m looking at you Cherry Cola!)

Hey, I’m a nice guy. I thought I would let Mike help pick one of the Matchas in my last order. He’d been loving them iced in the summer – a great alternative to coffee and a fresh way to start the day and get a kick in the butt! Haha. So I make him scroll through the huuuge list of flavours, and what does he choose? Why, Cola Matcha of course!

When I opened the bag, the smell was uncanny! It actually smelled carbonated! Reminded me a lot of Cola flavoured freezies. That brings me to another reason I was a little nervous about this flavour: I hate-loathe-dislike-and-despise flat pop. It may as well be straight up syrup. And WARM?! Ugh I’m shuddering just thinking about a glass of flat warm pop being placed in front of me. So! I knew from the get-go we would not be drinking this hot! Haha

We whisked some up, iced latte style, but instead of topping with milk I topped with some ice cold filtered water. The smell was still true to a freshly opened bottle of cola – I still expected to hear the popping noises of a carbonated beverage! First sip?… wow. It tastes like Coke. And not in the bad way! (Has anyone gotten around to mixing this one with vanilla or cherry?) Hey what am I talking about, I have some vanilla left! Vanilla coke, I am coming for you!

Anyways – yes! It is so good! And Mike’s review? “Ohhhh I liked it… but – it didn’t taste like tea, it tasted like pop! Don’t you think? Mm.. I like it!” haha simple and true. Michael is happy with his choice, but luckily, so am I! I’m not sure if I totally agree that it tastes only like pop. Personally, I can definitely taste the slight grassiness of the matcha – and of course the distinctive green colour that goes with it! There is also a slight astringency that I definitely associate with matcha and not pop.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to kick the cola addiction. This has pure cola flavour without all the dyes and sugar. By all means, add some sugar to this matcha, but it doesn’t even come close to the amount you would get with a cup of real cola! In my opinion, it’s just, if not more, delicious. Here’s the link to this crazy matcha:

And now, to wait for Dr. Pepper flavour. Hey – Dr. Pep freezies exist! The matcha in just a matter of time…




:) Awesome!

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771 tasting notes

I know, I know, I just made a tasting note, but this one is different! I just made a cold matcha for the first time! It’s…not as great as I’d hoped. Possibly I’m just mourning the lack of carbonation that suddenly seems to be missing. I think I have too much water, but I just added more cola matcha to my cold water (and shake!) and it got a little bit more matcha-y but not much more cola-y. Guess I’m just disappointed, I had such high hopes and this one smells so good! Mayhap I will try this one traditional style next time.

ETA: Doh, no wonder it doesn’t taste right, I forgot to add sugar! Added about a half teaspoon of sugar to my 16 oz or so of water and it suddenly tastes much better. Might try a full teaspoon next time, if I remember. Usually I just use half, but this is a lot more liquid than I normally have for matcha.


How much matcha did you add to the water? I was planning on making a cold matcha tomorrow but not sure how much to use.


I added a full teaspoon and the flavour was still not that strong. I haven’t mastered making this matcha yet, sorry.

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4843 tasting notes


As I said in my full-length review of this Matcha – – I’m not sure exactly why I decided to order this except that I was curious.

I’m glad that I was curious enough to try it though because it’s really quite a tasty flavored Matcha. I like the way the two flavors meld. The matcha has a buttery quality to it, and this combines nicely with the cola flavor. I think I might have to get some soda water and give this a try with that. It might also be really good in a vanilla milkshake … sort of a creamy soda matcha tasting treat!

Not bad at all.


This is one combination that I’m finding very hard to imagine who they’d even be. But you’re making a fantastic sales pitch here. :)


Too funny, I made myself some champagne matcha before settling in to read 2 days worth of tasting notes…I put it in club soda! Your note might have been some kind of subliminal message as I was scrolling all the way down to the bottom first.

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892 tasting notes

I saw this in a fellow steepsters cupboard and went.. “wait…what..?” I had no idea something the awesome could exist. I had to have it. So of course I went to and looked through their matcha. I seriously couldn’t believe how many flavors they had. I didn’t even know there was such a thing like flavored matcha. Tea just got THAT much better.
Honestly I was afraid to order it. I didn’t know if it would be good or completely disgusting, but some reviews I read had really made it sound amazing. I finally got up the courage and ordered some of the Cola Matcha waited… and waited.. (Red Leaf actually shipped it pretty quickly. I ordered it Monday and received it Friday :D)
This morning I thought I’d give it a try. I opened the package and smelled it immediately. It smelled like those gummy cola candies you get at gas stations. YUM. So I mixed it all up, nice and frothy and took the first sip. Oh.. my.. goodness.. It actually does taste like cola. The thing I love is that you can still taste a matcha base after the cola. I feel like I can even get a little bit of the fizziness feeling like real cola.
Finding a matcha like this actually makes me really, really happy. I LOVE the flavor of cola but have trouble actually drinking it. The carbonation gives me tummy aches so to find something this good for you AND flavored like cola makes me one happy girl! If you like cola this is a must try for you! Here is a link to it :

170 °F / 76 °C 0 min, 15 sec
Matcha Outlet

I’m really glad you like it. Next I recommend getting “2in1” matcha, pick Cola and Cherry flavors. Some say that this combo is even better :-)


Oo that sounds so good. I think it’d even go well with some vanilla too!


I like it with orange! I’m gonna have to get cherry too.

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1473 tasting notes

This was apparently the box of “things I’m not really that fond of, but want to try in matcha form”. I don’t drink a lot of cola, I’m just not fond of it. It’s too….burny for me, if that makes any sense. Don’t worry, I know it doesn’t. But one thing I do love is vanilla cola. Which is why this was purchased. Vanilla cola matcha for me and cherry cola matcha for the wife. I’ve had other cherry cola teas from other companies, but they were less than stellar. The cherry cola from 52 teas is just horrible, and I’ve nothing good to say about the cherry cola from DavidsTea. But here I am, trying again. Maybe this will be the cola to end all colas. When I was in college and I’d start to feel sick, I’d go buy a vanilla Pepsi and let it go flat overnight so I could have it in the morning…nothing settled my stomach better. So the fact that the cola won’t be carbonated is far from a problem for me, I prefer my sodas flat anyway. I generally only drink cola when I need a caffeine boost, so if I could make my perfect vanilla cola matcha without the hassle of all the chemicals in regular cola, well, then I’m all for it! And then I’ll be on a quest to make a Dr. Pepper matcha.

I got a new teacup with a extremely wide mouth that is perfect for matcha, so I broke it in with this little beauty (found here: I whisked it up, added way too much sugar (oops!), and fell in love. It tastes like flat cola, which is awesome! But it even tingles at bit at first sip, which makes it all the better. I can’t wait to try it with some vanilla and cherry. It’s not really a cola flavor but more of a diet cola flavor, to my tongue any way. Regardless, next time I’m craving cola flavor, I’ll be reaching for this instead of a teeth rotting cola. With every sip, I’m more and more impressed! This really does taste like a cola drink. I’m curious about mixing in a touch of club soda, but I’m worried about the matcha separating. Still, it might be a good experiment. What I love most, though, is that the matcha flavor isn’t lost in the cola flavor, it’s still very present, but it blends well. Well done, Red Leaf Tea!


I think this one has to be my favorite out of all the ones I’ve tried so far.

Daisy Chubb

oo Dr Pepper is king of carbonated drinks! Maybe just mix all the matchas you have together… haha


I think Dr. Pepper matcha is a great idea…


Mmmmm, flat is definitely the way I like cola too. I almost never drink it though.


It is crazy good. I’m going to try it mixed with vanilla today to get me through work, I can’t wait!


My mother never accepted the discontinuation of Cherry Vanilla diet Coke. Making a matcha analogue of the flavor might be worth the fussing.
Oh, don’t waste matcha with the club soda. It’ll seperate and release the carbonation. The same with adding sugar or stevia. That’s how I get carbonation out of drinks for my family members with Crohn’s or GERD.

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