Red Velvet Cupcake

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From Simpson & Vail

A cup of this brewing “tea” imparts a heavenly aroma of chocolatey goodness. The aroma is truly awesome. And the taste? This “tea” strikes the perfect balance of chocolate, rooibos and cupcake. So brew a cup, sit back and relax, knowing that the goodness in the cup is also good for your waistline!

Ingredients: Rooibos, organic cacao nibs, coconut pieces, raspberry pieces and red velvet cupcake flavoring.

Brew tea at 212º – steep for 5 minutes.

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21 Tasting Notes

1434 tasting notes

Just not loving this as much as I did when I first got it, so the rest is getting sent to the lovely Cavocorax shortly. It’s still tasty – especially with some Truvia – I’m just not in love with it anymore. Poor tea. I’m sure your new owner will shower you with hot water and sighs of delight.

Boiling 8 min or more

Haha. I hope so! I think that’ll be my first S+V tea! I liked Davids version, for a while, but then I thought it was too sweet. Here’s hoping this one is better!


It’s definitely not sweet, or at least there’s zero sweetener added. I wasn’t able to drink DAVIDs version, so I’m hoping this is stellar in comparsion for you!


Does S&V replicate a lot of David’s blends? This is the second one I have heard of. I never tried the original, but their version of the Cocomint is pretty good.


oh dang! cocomint?! sold. i’m gonna place my next order with S&V it seems. samples samples samples.


Dustin the cocomint one was purposeful. They had a client commission it after David’s didn’t keep it as a permanent selection.


I’m not sure Red Velvet was supposed to replicate Davids’s version. At least this version is a rooibos.

Cocomint WAS a direct replication as a request from Jackie T on Steepster who wanted to be able to buy more after DAVIDs shelved it. I hear that one is pretty much identical except the coconut is a little different.


Shmiracles you usually have to search for the cocomint type in Jaclyn and it comes up


I had seen that the cocomint was a client request, I just wasn’t sure if they did similar blends of discontinued tea often. It was Jackie’s post and enthusiasm that sold me on it. I have a couple old Teavana favorites that I wouldn’t mind seeing someone recreate. They were my gateway teas to loose leaf.
Shmiracles, if you want a sample of the cocomint, PM me your mailing address and I’ll send you some. The minimum amount they let you buy is something kinda big like 4oz.

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6770 tasting notes

OMG…Are you freaking KIDDING ME?

This also reminds me of Las Vegas! I LOVE Las Vegas (and I’m not even a gambler!) I love the hot weather, the eye candy, the food, the drink, the entertainment, the melting-pot of culture and people! If I didn’t have a family and was by myself I would MOVE there!

Another reason I love this aroma and love Las Vegas is because of this place…

The last time I went to Vegas (in March) we visited this place! The Vegetarian/Vegan options are wonderful! But my meat-eating DH enjoyed it a lot as well!

They are known for their Red Velvet Cake and it smelled EXACTLY like this Tisane!

These ingredients are incredible! S&V really jumped on a trendy dessert with this one! I have been seeing Red Velvet Cakes and Cupcakes in more and more places lately!

It’s cake-ier than any Rooibos I have ever had…it tastes like a cake!

The Raspberry is juicy and but NOT Tarty. It’s intensity level is perfect for this flavor!

The chocolate is like a chocolate malt fudge or German Chocolate Cake type chocolate…dark, robust.

The coconut contributes to the cakey/bakey-ness and isn’t stand-out/stand-alone coconut. It’s really yummy and necessary as it stands in this blend of flavors!

It’s RICH and Totally ROCKIN’!

I LOVE this in so many ways!

If you are afraid of Rooibos…try this one. It might change your mind. The level of Rooibos flavor is not upfront – the additional flavors are. The Rooibos is a nice sweet base tho…without being stereotypically Rooibos…if you know what I mean!


Hesper June

I just love it when a tea conjures up images of a lovely place I have visited:)




I got married in Vegas (on the radio!) as I think I’ve (over)shared with you… this sounds awesome!


oooh, sounds great!

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1779 tasting notes

Thanks MissB for this one!
You know, it’s not bad! It does have a fairly strong rooibos flavour, but that works well with the raspberry. I don’t get enough chocolate flavours but to be fair I NEVER get enough chocolate in tea.

Overall: This is good!

Also, my cupboard is up to 160, with about 20 more on the way. :O I’m bringing all my sipdown sized teas to the office! I bought paper tea filters to steep in instead of my timolino’s and that’s MUCH BETTER. I don’t have time to clean my filter baskets out at the shop so this allows me to get through 6 cups in a shift! :D


Good idea on taking the sip downs to the office. I may have to borrow it!


I agree about the filters! I did that when I had to stay in a dorm last summer and it was so much easier than fiddling with the basket in the Timolino.


Oops. My bad about the additions to your cupboard. ;) Glad you liked this one!


Haha. I’m never actually that upset about my cupboard expanding, especially when it’s all stuff from my shopping list! :D

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3191 tasting notes

My plan was to sip on this as I ate an actual Red Velvet Cupcake. In theory, that was a pretty awesome plan. In practice, not so much. This tea is very heavy on the rooibos and the fact that it is being had next to the real thing is just highlighting how off the flavor is.

It is weird because a little while back, I did not mind rooibos but lately it really puts my off when it is not hidden under flavor. Alas, that seems to be the case with this tea. Thank you Cavocorax for sharing! This is certainly one I expected to enjoy but I just don’t think it is for me :(

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Aww :( Sorry it didn’t live up to its decadent name.


It’s okay. I have other Red Velvet teas that are quite tasty.


Good to hear! :)

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4846 tasting notes


Last night, as I sat down to watch some television with my hubby, I brewed up a pot of this to enjoy while watching. It’s pretty good, but, it leaves a little something to be desired as far as red velvet cupcaked-ness goes. I agree with TeaEqualsBliss in that it SMELLS like a red velvet cupcake, but, it doesn’t really taste like one. Especially when served piping hot.

It IS tasty, though. I like it better after it’s had a chance to cool a few minutes in the teacup, because this seems to allow time for the chocolate flavors to really come forth. When sipped fresh from the teapot hot, the chocolate flavors are quite obscure, but, after a few minutes, they come forward. The raspberry and coconut are very subtle, but they’re there. This just doesn’t taste a lot like a red velvet cupcake, at least, no red velvet cupcake that I’ve tasted. There are some cake-y-ish flavors here, but, my palate feels the flavors are a little disjointed … it doesn’t come together on my palate as red velvet cupcake.

Disclaimer: Red Velvet isn’t my favorite cupcake so it’s not one I eat a lot, so, I don’t attest to be any kind of an expert in red velvet cupcakes.

I do like this, but, it isn’t my favorite dessert tea/tisane offering from Simpson & Vail.

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1723 tasting notes

This is the last tea from my S & V order that I haven’t tried yet. I finally gave in and opened it last night, and was surprised but pleased to find red rooibos. The other couple of rooibos teas I got with the same order were both green, so I think I was half expecting this one to be as well.

I like this one — it tastes of chocolate cake! I’m not getting anything I feel is particularly specific to red velvet cake, but that’s okay. It tastes really good anyway. I drank this with a splash of milk only, so possibly I’ll try a little bit of sugar next time just to see whether that brings out any hidden aspects of the flavour.

It smells good, it tastes good, and it’s caffiene free so I can drink it before bed. What’s not to love? I’ll write a better note when I’ve tried a cup and I’m not half asleep, but first impressions are good!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

What do you think of Simpson & Vail overall? I still haven’t ordered from them.


I ordered the three cupcake teas, plus Candy Cane and Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake. Of those, Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake and Red Velvet Cupcake are probably my favourites. The others are nice enough, but they either lack flavour or have too much of it (i.e. the mint in Candy Cane). I find the green rooibos a bit weird, too, and it appears in quite a lot of their rooibos blends. I’m happy enough to have tried them, but I probably wouldn’t order again. They’re okay, but there are other teas and brands that I prefer, on balance.

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2816 tasting notes

New order arrived today from Simpson and Vail, based on the reviews I was really looking forward to trying this one.

So I agree it is somehow “cake like” but I guess I was hoping for something more on the flavor, it’s better than the version I have from RoT, but the flavor is a bit light. Don’t get me wrong, it’s enjoyable, but mostly what I am tasting is rooibos. I think this needs a much longer steep before I can rate it properly. I know sometimes rooibos benefits from an 8 or 10 minute steep.

Stay tuned!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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807 tasting notes

This was good – and for me that is saying a LOT considering it is a rooibos. The chocolate note was lovely and it did have that Red Velvet cake flavor and feel to it. I would not reorder it but I don’t care for rooibos so thats the only reason.



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139 tasting notes

This smells DIVINE!
I took the lid off the pot to remove the basket and the deep, rich chocolaty smell of hot cocoa wafted up at me. If I hadn’t of known this was tea, I would have really thought it was hot cocoa.

This is one of the most amazing chocolate teas’s I’ve ever had. It’s like creamy cake. I added a little milk and it’s made the chocolate taste a little richer. There are raspberry pieces in the tea, but I can’t make out the taste of them – maybe because of the milk – so for me it’s more a chocolate cake tea than a Red Velvet cupcake. Nevertheless this is outstanding!

I also like the lined brown bag packaging the tea came in. On one hand I love nice tins, however it always brings up the already exorbitant international shipping costs. So I’m happy when vendors package simply.
The only comment I have is that the ingredients are not marked on the package and I have to go online to look for them.

But the tea? I can already see this is going to be a contender to take over the top spot in my “favorite chocolate rooibos” list, because of the cakey aspect of the tea. I will definitely need more than the 2oz I ordered!


love red velvet. must try this tea. thanks for the great review!


oooh! sounds great!

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604 tasting notes

I am thrilled with the idea of a red velvet tea. The Republic of Tea developed their own red velvet blend a long time ago and I remember being so excited to buy a tin. That tea wasn’t too strong on red velvet flavor and left me hunting for a new red velvet blend.
Imagine my surprise when I discovered this tea on Steepster. Thanks to momo I was able to sample this tea. Thank you!

This tea smells like rooibos and creamy chocolate. Sipping.. it’s really, really yummy. I taste the nicest blend of rooibos and chocolate. The chocolate mixes so well with the rooibos. It’s almost a bit like baking chocolate in the way that it leaves your tongue a little dry. The raspberry notes are at the end of the sip. They add a nice tartness to the woody, milk chocolate. Yes, this definitely beats any other red velvet tea I’ve tried in the past. I only wish that there could be more of that distinctive crumbly, moist red velvet cake flavor.

This tea isn’t super sweet, but still manages to satisfy my sweet tooth for the night. It’s not my perfect red velvet tea, but it’s an awfully good chocolate rooibos tea.

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