Black Tartary Buckwheat Tea Whole Embryo

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Tea type
Herbal Tea
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Sweet, Toasty, Grain, Nutty, Toasted, Baked Bread, Oats, Roasted, Bitter, Chestnut, Corn Husk, Dry Grass, Oak wood, Rye, Wheat, Brown Toast, Musty, Roasted Barley, Toasted Rice, Butter
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Loose Leaf, Tea Bag
Caffeine Free
Typical Preparation
Use 12 oz / 349 ml of water
Set water temperature to Boiling
Use 6 g of tea
Steep for 4 min, 30 sec
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“Here’s Hoping Teabox – Round Seven- Tea #39 I was thinking this wouldn’t be as delicious as it is! But it’s a pretty tasty no caffeine option that I wouldn’t mind stocking up on. It’s kind of...” Read full tasting note
“Got some of this from the Here’s Hoping TTB and drank it the other night. Very warming, soothing and easy to drink. It had a subtle, robust, nutty sweetness and sort of reminded me of houjicha. I...” Read full tasting note
“Mmm, buckwheat. It looks like these little guys would be at home in a genmaicha. I can hardly resist chomping on a couple of these while I wait for my water to heat up! Crunchy! I’ve never tried a...” Read full tasting note
“Another sample courtesy of TeaVivre ‘s generosity. I’ve never had a buckwheat or grain based tea before so this was an interesting one for me that I was quite curious about. It has a roasted...” Read full tasting note


Producing area: Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Liangshan (Xichang city), Sichuan

Tea type: Fried rice tea

Dry tea: Plump-eared, uniform in size, yellowish-brown

Aroma: Full-bodied wheat smell

Liquid: Yellow green

Mouthfeel: Fragrant wheat smell, light sweet in taste, no bitterness, edible after being brewed

Tree species: Liangshan Black Tartary Buckwheat

Tea garden: XiJing Tea garden, 3,000 m above sea level

Fermentation: No

Sugar: No

Caffeine: No

Preservation method: Store in cool, dry place away from sunlight

Shelf life:18 months

Made with Black Tartary buckwheat kernels, Ku Qiao (苦荞, Black Tartary buckwheat) tea is known as a healthy pure ecologic coarse-grain tea in many countries. There are two types of buckwheat that are most widely grown for tea: black buckwheat and common buckwheat (yellow buckwheat).

Whole-embryo black buckwheat tea is totally made from whole embryo of tartary buckwheat as material, by puffing method after stripping the chaff (similar way as making popcorn). The finished grain-like buckwheat seed tea show yellow and have an intriguing wheat fragrance. Black buckwheat is higher rich in bioflavonoid, vitamin, cellulose, protein as well as other trace elements than other types of buckwheat tea , so it is praised as the “ king of the five cereals“.

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