Organic Chocolate "O"

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From The Tea Spot

Organic Chocolate Tea

Tasting Notes:

Our newest signature tea is the closest thing you’ll find to heaven on earth. This certified organic full leaf tea indulges your senses with the purest of chocolate aromas on a delicious malty tea base, with hints of caramel and honey. Handpicked black leaves with golden tips, grown organically at high altitude, deliver a smooth, full and well-rounded flavor that brings on dreams of hot cocoa. The color of the infusion is a beautiful dark amber. We microblend this tea with a superb organic single estate Hong Maojian and chocolate essence. Experience the long smooth finish of Chocolate “O”.


•Organic Chocolate Tea
•Single-estate premium loose leaf tea
•Origin: China
•Sample = 5 8-oz Servings
•3oz Bulk = $0.38 / Serving
•1 LB Bulk = $0.31 / Serving
•40-45 mg Caffeine / Serving
•Gluten-free & Sugar-free

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51 Tasting Notes

2188 tasting notes

Well, I spent this morning doing what everyone hopes to do on their birthday, which is waiting at the DMV to get my drivers liscence renewed. Actually it went relatively smoothly for the DMV.

Now I need some tasty birthday tea, plus it needed to be a black tea for the morning, so I reached for this one. Love this tea so much! Like a gongfu black tea with a bit of extra chocolate flavor, which is I think essentially what it is. Very subtle flavoring here.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Happy Birthday to you…….

Dinah Saur

Happy birthday! And glad to hear the DMV line wasn’t too bad. I’ve found in my town that if I go on a week day around noon, there is rarely any line at all.


Oh my gawrsh, Happy birthday!!!
Favorite chocolate teas are perfect for celebrating ^^


Happy Birthday!


May everyone (bureaucratic and otherwise) be exceedingly nice to you today!


Happy birthday : )


Happy birthday!


LOL @ DMV so sorry about that! Happy Bday!!!


Happy Birthday!!


Happy birthday!




Happy Birthday!!!!
….. (¯`v´¯)♥
… (

Dylan Oxford

Happy Birthday!

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3262 tasting notes

I’ve spent the whole day drinking ‘grown up’ tea, & while we were taking a break from re-stringing another harp, and reading Indigo Bloom’s post, little Terri started begging for a chocolate tea. And this one is awesome! First of all, the tea base is real full leaf tea, not chopped up stuff, & it’s a nice malty robust base! Then the chocolate! It reminds me of melted chocolate chips, the semi sweet kind. It has a thick feeling to it. I added stevia & coconut creamer, & I’m drinking hot cocoa! YUMMM!!


Hmmmmm… Want! Lol

Terri HarpLady

I plan on sending you some, when we finally do our trade, LOL!


Haha ok


My fave chocolate tea by far!


ohhhh yah that sounds amazing. Little Terri has good instincts haha


I want to A. learn to play the harp and B. drink this tea! : )

Terri HarpLady

Dinosara: Yup!
Indigo: Yup! She’s very easily influenced by others too :D
Serenity: Too bad you don’t live in St. Louis! I have rental harps available for students. BUT if you ever decide to try lessons, I can probably help you find someone in your area.


I’m happy to influence tea choices any time! :P

Terri HarpLady

Sometimes it’s fun to look around, see what everyone else is drinking, & then decide what I want. No responsibility!

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8269 tasting notes

I’m thinking that the tea spot and i are going to have to have a chat soon about putting some of their teas into my house. Terri was awesome enough to send me a bunch of their teas and I’m thoroughly enjoying a bunch of them. I’d take tea spot teas over tealux teas every day! (and no i have no idea why the two are comparable in my mind) I wanted a cup of this without any additions but i for sure can see how amaaazing this will be with a bit of sweetner and possibly milk added to it.

Without additions this is a cocoa chocolate malty delicious sort of tea. Kittenna better be careful or i’ll steal her samples that Terri sent along. :)

Edit: This resteeps really nicely too!

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

uh ohs. methinks IB is in trouble… (after she tries this…)


it’s a really nice one. :)

Terri HarpLady

Yay! Glad to hear you like it!


I’ve had this on my list for a while. You make me want to get down to that Tea Spot order sooner haha.

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1965 tasting notes

As anticipated, milk accentuates the subtle chocolate hiding behind the excellent black tea base. Chocolate fog. This is not the one you want if you crave fudge.

Our little creek bottoms were coated with deliciously wispy vanilla fog this morning. I wanted to drive 20 mph to absorb the scenery; unfortunately, the vehicles behind me did not have the same opinion. So I had to enjoy it far too quickly.


How’s the ankle?


wispy vanilla fog….. i love fall.


Limping, but nothing requiring more than ibuprofen and sympathy. My minor misfortune is providing a source of merriment to most of my coworkers.

Terri HarpLady

I love Fall!

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676 tasting notes

Thank you Bo from the Tea Spot for this generous Sample!

Morning Tea! It’s a beautiful morning on the Frontrange!

What is the Frontrange?
At 5000 ft. there is a point where the high plains meet the mountains running the length of Colorado. All along that point resides most of the population of the State. The views are stunning! I’ve seen antelope in the neighboring fields, fox and bald eagles.

Boulder where the Tea Spot is located, was voted the town with the happiest people in the United States. It might be because the people have been drinking this tea.
As tea lover, I’d stop in at the Tea Spot and pick up this tea to go, then stroll over to the Pearl Street Mall and walk until I found the perfect place to people watch in the shade. The Mall is open-air and closed to cars…filled with fountains, flowers, people walking their pooches and musicians from the Colorado Music Festival.
You can visit tea house after tea house, spice shops, boutiques and the National Center for Atmospheric Research. This is a tea friendly town!

I made a whole 32oz morning pot of “O” using 1TB leaves and steeped
3 minutes. The liquor was a medium honey brown.

First I took a sip without any additions and was relieved that there was no artificial chocolate flavor or sourness. Hooray!

You could easily enjoy this tea as it is without additions. I found so much more enjoyment with sweetening, cream or both added.

When I added a little sweetening the chocolate flavor began to wake up.
Um…“How about that”?! I wasn’t expecting such a change.

Then I added some cream.
“Well?!, Where have you been all my life my sweet sexy, smooth chocolate bonbon”?!
(I did say the “S” word which with the “O” makes “SO” as in “SO” good!)

The sweetened chocolate creaminess reminds me of Italian Chocolate Hazelnut Seashells that I used to eat at Christmas.
Marbled and precious…better than Nutella…way better. More chocolatey.

Ok Bo….this is a great tasting tea! A little Frontrange Slide Show….Come and visit….these scenes for you photographers, at Rocky Mt. National Park are about 1hr from me although the Mountains are right outside my door and just as grand.


OH.My.GOSH! Sounds Awesome :)


Hi! How are you today?! Ms. 50000000 reviews! Amazing!


teehee…a few extra 0’s on that LOL – I’m good, and you????


Good T"OO"


Another awesome review bonnie ;)


oh wow this may just be worth an order!

The Tea Spot

Thanks for the great review, Bonnie! I thought you might enjoy this one a little more than Bolder Breakfast :)

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1779 tasting notes

I woke up this morning on auto-pilot and poked through my box of samples to see if I could find one for the morning. And I didn’t want any of them. And suddenly I didn’t want tea at all.

:( That’s the hazard when it comes to focusing on sipdowns and trying unopened samples.

So, I said FORGET IT, and drank this instead and am now happy with tea again. Maybe I’ll update my cupboard and get a better idea of what I have by looking at the physical weight of it all, instead of focusing on the number. :P


Yeah, you gotta drink what you are in the mood for! :)


i try to alternate…i don’t force myself to drink samples if it’s really not what i’m in the mood for


Yeah, I go easy on myself in the morning. Just drink whatever it is you want: tea, coffee, nothing, etc. LOL.


Totally. I’m happy I moved onto something that excited me. Every cup is basically working towards sipdown anyway.

Terri HarpLady

Arrrr, mateys, today I’ll be drinkin’ whatever I wants to drink, says I.


Why is there no rum in my tea? :)


terri – i posted an internal announcement on our “back office” site to that effect… just to try and get people to smile…hopefully i don’t get in trouble for it lol


Why is there no rum in the house?


Aye, Cavo. That is a terrrrrrible thing, no rum. (Which reminds me. I need some ginger beer for a Dark and Stormy tonight.)

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2216 tasting notes

Right now, this is pretty darn good tea. I’m not sure I’d want more, but it’s so delicious after that piece of gluten free cheesecake – the one my BFF left in my fridge.

It’s sweet, malty, a little chocolatey. I wouldn’t have guessed it’s flavoured, though. There’s not enough chocolate there for that.

Thank you, Sil. I appreciate being able to try this one!

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

i like bolder breakfast better from the tea spot now…


Haha. That isn’t one you sent. Oh, and BTW, turns out my brother LOVES roasted oolongs and puerh. All unflavoured. :) So you know, not much I have in my house. I need to do a Teavivre order for him at some point.


So some of the teas i sent were a hit? there are a couple puerhs from teavivre that are really nice if you get around to placing that order.


I got the puerh sample pack just before Christmas, and gave most of it to my parents. They just got into puerh, and seem to really like it. :) I had NO idea it’s what my brother would end up liking as well!


Puerh is good!

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4847 tasting notes

When I ordered this tea, I had no idea that I would enjoy it this much. It is AMAZING. Amazing doesn’t even do it justice.

What makes this chocolate tea so special is the base of the tea, it is a Hong MaoJian which gives it a rich, smooth taste. It has a malty tone and delicious caramel-y undertone that melds beautifully with the essence of chocolate.

Honestly, I think that the only thing that could make this even better is maybe some cacao shells to rev up the chocolate. It is very chocolate-y without them… but, more chocolate = more chocolate. (Simple equation for chocoholics everywhere) This may even be good enough to replace my Chocolate Rose Romance.


This is probably my favorite ever chocolate tea. I agree that amazing doesn’t do it justice. :D


I want. Even the name sounds sexy!


I want. Even the name sounds sexy!

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3155 tasting notes

Sipdown! 938. Thanks again to Terri HarpLady for passing this along.

A nice, smooth chocolatey black, but if my memory serves, not as tasty as Laoshan Black. But I wouldn’t turn down a cup of this if offered, as it’s pretty good (and I’m sure it would be better when fresh, too). A nice evening cup, probably a better option than a couple other teas I have going on here…. poor tummy. Should have chosen lighter sipdowns.


Seeing your cupboard number makes me feel more okay with my cupboard size. Is that bad?? :P


Oh goodness! Go Kittenna! :D

Terri HarpLady

Glad you liked it, I haven’t had this one for quite some time. I decided I liked their Bolder Breakfast better, but probably wouldn’t turn down a cup of chocolate O either :)


Yeah my cupboard is massive….. on the plus side, I don’t think it’s as inflated as I was worried it had become… but that remains to be seen when I actually go through everything. I just remembered some Teavivre samples I didn’t add… crap…


Hahahaha. There are a few times I went to browse your cupboard and then I gave up part way through.


It doesn’t help that you can’t organize it right now. It’s frustrating. I plan to post an excel list once it’s a bit better organized :)


I’ve been thinking about doing this… it annoys me to no end that we can’t sort on here anymore. I just want the ability to export my tea ratings/tea log and cupboard at least once… so then i can stop relying on the site

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985 tasting notes

Second tea of the morning…..

I will admit it. I have been ‘re-interviewing’ my flavored teas. I am at a point where I don’t have much left in the way of flavored teas because I rarely drink them, so maybe my review doesn’t apply to most as I am not much of a fan anymore of flavored tea. I know I had fond memories of this one and bought some last April. To tell how interested I have been until now….I just opened the package today.

Call me a bit disappointed. The initial smell of the leaf was a little medicinal and artificial. I am hoping it just needs to breathe a little. It has never been opened, so it should not have degraded much. I do smell artificial chocolate in the brewed tea, too, and I can taste it. I did not go with the stevia sweetener, because I wanted this to be as close as I remembered to having it last. It looks to have a similar base as the TeaSpot’s Qu Hao Silk. I remember quality black tea with cocoa notes on steriods. I got quality black tea with chocolate and a hint of medicine. :(

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