Shagadelic English Breakfast

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From The Tea Spot

Our Shagadelic English Breakfast tea combines four gorgeous, full leaf, black teas from three different countries, resulting in a deep, rich, well-balanced liquor. This British tea favorite is fit for the Queen, but lighthearted enough for Austin Powers. And its black tea caffeine kick will help jump-start your morning mojo!

We originally developed this breakfast blend for a local Boulder restaurant, Foolish Craigs, which lead to its original name, Foolish Breakfast. The tea became such a hit around our office that we decided to offer it to everyone, with a cheeky new name. Around here we drink it straight up, but it’s full-bodied and robust enough to stand up to milk or lemon and sugar, if that’s your persuasion. We think it’s smashing!

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21 Tasting Notes

1220 tasting notes

I got this as a sample with my order from The Tea Spot, and I have been wanting to try black blends like this, so I was quite content! I do believe this is the first I’ve had that is specifically labeled as English Breakfast.

This is perfect for today, with its name, because it makes me think of Austin Powers and one of my favorite F1 teams always has silly Twitter hashtags for races, so this week is #AustinPowers as the race is in Austin, Texas. My favorite is still Korea: Yeongam Style! But this is still funny to me.

And better than everyone else going with Austintatious…except that’s my nail polish’s name, seriously.

I steeped this up for four minutes, because I knew I was going to want to add milk.

So good, I am really, really loving these hearty blends of black teas on cold days. I could probably drink this one without milk, but I was really craving tea with some in there. I did try it before adding, it was malty and tasted a bit of fruits and chocolate. I loved how it tasted with the milk even more though.

And the caffeine boost was nice though I don’t think I really needed one, as I am SO EXCITED for the race! 99 minutes to go…


In the Austin Powers spirit, I will say this to you: «Oh, Behave, Momo»!
Good luck for the race!

Rachel Sincere

I betcha you use OPI nail polish. That name sounds like one of theirs. That’s another thing that’s easy to collect.

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676 tasting notes

Thank you DHart1214 for this Sample tea!

Um breakfast tea! I love my breakfast tea!

Not being a morning person ever in my life, I need help crawling out of my beloved bed. I begin by inching towards the light at the far end of a foreboading tunnel.
My dear father ‘Bill’ used to throw open my bedroom door and do his best WWII bugle call “Time to get up Bonnie”! This would elicit evil words from my innocent mouth that I could never remember when fully awake, but were surely worthy of going to confession. Mom (Pat) would ‘rush’ (poor darling had painful rheumatoid arthritis from age 35) down the hall, “Bill, you know how she is…you can’t wake her up like that!” But dad never learned. He didn’t know that it was painful to be startled awake. I TAKE TIME! (Sure do miss them now and they sure loved each other!)

My morning tea gives me time to pull off those remaining shadowy cobwebs.

The Tea Spot packaging was perfect for a non-morning person. It looked like a big green eye on a white package screaming “Pick Me!”…so I did…since I could see it above all others.
There was a word I could make out…Breakfast…ok. I’m obedient. And a phrase…“boost your mojo!”
Mojo? Where did I put my Mojo? (I think I left it somewhere next to “I’m sexy and I know it!”)

I used a clean Finum filter and steeped this tea 4 minutes.
The scent was light, sweet and fragrant along the line of an Orange Pekoe.

I took a sip and the blend was quite mild without much smoke but having a bit of fruit, a hint of tannin (hardly any really) and medium body. Later I could feel the mojo…as though the caffeine was revving an engine in the background ready to varoom…race ahead through my day.

What black tea was used for this blend? Assam, pekoe,ceylon for sure…what else? Still…I would have thought with so much black tea variety (4 black tea’s are in this blend) there would be more smoke or fruit. Peach, yam, orange pekoe…something deeper.
The caffeine part would be good for someone who likes a kick in the backside like me though. I keep a few high voltage tea’s around for migraine control.

This was a good mid-range morning tea.


My Dad did exactly the same thing to me when I was little.. to the same effect!


My dad went to a similar school of “how to wake your kids.” He pounded on my door and shouted TIME TO GET UP! In his deep voice. I mastered the art of chirping happily, “Okay! I’m awake!” as if I had been up for hours. I can still do it to this day. If the phone rings and wakes me, no one has any idea I was sleeping! LOL! I bet my heart is really strong, too….


I think my Dad loved doing it because a) he grew up on an army base and b) he loves being a jokester. Apparently nothing is more funny in the morning than rousing your kids with a jolly: “It’s time to get up.. it’s time to get up.. it’s time to get up in the moor-niiing..”


Mom, "Bill, Bill…stop it…she doesn’t know what she’s saying…! Bill, “Well that’s no excuse! She should know!” “But Bill, she’s still asleep!”….sputter, walks down the hall towards the kitchen but not defeated. Tomorrow the bugle call will be louder.


I wonder if your response actually made him chuckle a bit to himself, encouraging to go at it again the next day.


Probably! But he got mad! He used to cross his leg under the dinner table and kick me every night too! "Dad! " Reminded me of a bratty boy who was not giving up his childhood without a fight! (Afterall I was a feisty 5’9" 5th grader…hardly delicate!)
In every other way we were always fine.


I still have both my parents, they are in their 80s. I don’t have any great stories similar to yours except my day would throw the circuit breaker to my room when he had had enough Black Sabbath for one day. I am not sure how that is possible. He seemed to have a very low tolerance for metal at 110db.


KS Sooooo funny! I’m cracking up laughing! I needed that laugh too! This has been good to hear peoples memories.

The Tea Spot

Hi Bonnie, just wanted to clarify that this tea IS still available on our website! Glad you found it suitable for a morning cup—and I love the comment about the “green eye” logo on the bag. I’ll have to share that with the office!


Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. Yeah!


My Dad woke me up singing this song, well the first part anyhow. Starts around 30s.
Trouble is, he still did that well into my teens!!! ha!


Oh Indigo! I love that your dad channeled Mr. Rogers! I would have begged for a sleep over at your house!


LOL it was fun when I was a kid… but by the time I told anybody it was out of embarrassment not fun! haha
Still, it’s a fond memory, and you’d have been welcome anytime!! :)


Hahaha, usually it was my mom that woke me up (which took multiple tries), but on the days when my mom wasn’t around, I got a sharp rap on my door and an annoyed-sounding “It’s time to get up!”. It always started me awake so badly that it typically worked (or was it the fear??)

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3294 tasting notes

This will hopefully be my last early morning posting at Steepster for awhile. Not my last posting, mind you, just my last early morning posting. Normally at this time I’m still peacefully dreaming my fairy music dreams, but lately I’ve had quite a few early morning gigs. Today is the last one of those. I still have a few xmas gigs, but I don’t have to get up so early to play them.

This is also my last cup (at least for awhile) of Shagadelic English Breakfast. It’s a bold & bright cup, worthy of it’s name.


I love the name of this one. Groovy baby!

Terri HarpLady

yeah, baby!

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4843 tasting notes


This is a fantastic Breakfast Blend. Very bold, robust, and hearty. It has a lovely strength about it, and lots of depth. Really, really good. It tastes of malt and hints of a deep, rich chocolate-y flavor, freshly baked bread (the caramelized, chewy crust!), slightly earthy tones, oak-y/deep woodsy background.

Really, this one of the best breakfast blends I’ve had that wasn’t called “LiberTEAS Breakfast Blend.”

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20 tasting notes

If I can’t afford Mariage Frères’ French Breakfast Tea, this is my basic breakfast tea. It holds up well to milk and sugar. It is a nice plain tea. Sometimes even dessert craving sugar fiends like me want something plain and reliable with which to start the day and this fits the bill. It even doesn’t get too bitter if I let it steep a bit longer than usual. (I’m usually on the ball but I sometimes take 10 or 20 seconds before I attend to my tea timer.)

Boiling 4 min, 45 sec

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804 tasting notes

Samurai TTB #19

Not going to rate this, as I got distracted and MASSIVELY over-brewed it this morning. A splash of milk saved it from being undrinkable, but I definitely didn’t get to try it at its best. Totally my own fault!

Boiling 8 min or more 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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206 tasting notes

I got a sample size of this tea when ordering the Tuffy travel steeper (which is quite nice I think, though I haven’t actually used it for travel yet. It does tend to leak tiny leaves in to the remaining brew, but is compact and easily washed so I won’t be too fussy bout floaties in my cup)
As a morning breakfast tea, its just ok. I guess I brew my normal Assams and Yunnans pretty strong, so this doesn’t stand up to my brisk morning cuppa. As an afternoon pick me up, its still just ok. I’m not sure how to describe it as generic black tea with a metalic aftertaste? I guess with a name like Shagadelic I’m expecting a bit more nutty or malty or astringent taste, and its just a bit of a muddled blend.

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2841 tasting notes

Wait….. what do you mean I’ve reached my sipdown goal? Whhhhhhat?
Er, well, go me? To celebrate I shall have one of the teas that I have not yet tried.
So far so good! Its a nicely balanced breakfast bread, a good companion to toast, and generally pleasant.
I’m glad I feel that way, as I have an absolute ton of this.

Evol Ving Ness

Yay you! Well done.

My sip down approach is currently working on my focus pile—which is gargantuan—but also occasionally treating myself with a relatively new tea: shopping in my stash as it were to keep things interesting.

Evol Ving Ness

I notice that you have far more discipline. Admirable.


Thats a really good plan! I’m going to start planning a small, celebratory order of teas I’m interested in trying, as a reward.


Amazing! Congratulations!

Evol Ving Ness

I need a bit of room for spontaneity. Otherwise, I get bored and the fun of it all dissipates.

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67 tasting notes

So its mid day I have been up since 6 am done a 40 min cardio, taken the kids to school and currently at work and have already put in 13,000 steps and needed a pick me up. I quickly remember that I took my Shagadelic English Breakfast sample to work today and after all it does say to boost your mojo which is exactly what I needed.

I let this brew for 3 mins as I was anxious for my first sip and boy I was not disappointed. This is a gorgeous blend incredibly smooth taste with a hint of honey and malt with a subtle aftertaste. Oh yeah this is a great cup!

Flavors: Honey, Malt

3 min, 0 sec

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652 tasting notes

Received this as a sample from The Tea Spot…. it seemed like it was tasty but unfortunately the sample was so scant that I couldn’t even make a normal sized cup out of it, I felt like it could have been stronger. To my tastes, anyway.

It seemed raisiny and malty and a good strong breakfast tea, from what I could gather. I would love to find a good breakfast tea to stock.

I can’t really rate this because I felt like I didn’t have enough tea for a satisfying cup!

Would like to try again sometime with more!

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