2015 "72 Hours" Raw

A Pu-erh Tea from


84 / 100

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Tea type
Pu-erh Tea
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Candy, Cotton Candy, Cut grass, Grass, Olive Oil, Sugar, Floral, Summer, Sweet, Astringent, Hay, Tobacco, Zucchini, Creamy, Eucalyptus, Honeysuckle, Rainforest
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Typical Preparation
Use 4 oz / 104 ml of water
Set water temperature to 200 °F / 93 °C
Use 7 g of tea
Steep for 0 min, 15 sec
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9 Tasting Notes View all

“probably w2t’s most interesting production to date.” Read full tasting note
“Unlike a lot of the teas I go for, this tea is by no means assertive or flashy. It is, however, thick, durable, and a pretty consistent qi bomb. The flavor is tough to pin down; maybe a hair...” Read full tasting note
“Wow! This has to be one of White2Tea’s most incredible sheng puer’s to date. I’ve had this tea since September, and only sipped on it a few times. The last time I sipped on it, it released to much...” Read full tasting note
“https://www.instagram.com/p/BKfx6DhgrOr/ Last years best blend they say… blend or not, I will still take some TAF : ) This had a good three steeps to get through the astringency, but the mouth...” Read full tasting note


Our highest quality and most complex blend from 2015. A tea worthy of aging, but a joy to drink for lovers of young raw Puer tea. The 72Hours blend is intensely sweet and has a variety of engaging characteristics. We recommend this as a tea for special occasions or focused brewing.

The material in this blend crosses many regions and mountains, but all of the material used is of excellent quality. We have been studying this blend of material for several years and after short term aging (~5 years) the soup becomes increasingly viscous and sweet, with an intense body fee

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