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I’m still enjoying this one. it’s very tastey, kinda juicy slighty fruity like peach, floral at first then goes kinda leafey vegetal like fig leafe with a slight bitter bite, some umami notes similar a tomato or bell pepper, slight sweetness coming thru along with a wet leafey aspect that i enjoy a lot, like “autumn leafe pile” in the flavor notes above. Avery nice Tea.
I’m not a big sheng fan but i’m exploring more shengs now and this one is nice, looks like I’ll have to make an order with Mandala Tea soon :)
I gave 85 last time but Now I’ll bump it up to 90 because it’s really damn good to me.


Nice to see you around again sir!


I was just thinking about you last week and wondering how you are doing! Good to see you here again!

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This one looks kinda funky…
kind of a earthy slightly sweet aroma and not funky at all but it’s kinda smells like some earthy old leafes.

I did 2 rinses and let it rest in the pot with the lid off for a few minutes and started with a 30second steep as usual, its kinda weak I honestly taste mostly hot water and slight earthiness.
I was going to go steep by steep but that was about it with this one, it stayed pretty weak the whole time, nothing at all wrong with the taste there’s just not very much of it.
I did get some earthy maybe kinda woody, slightly sweet flavors and even a bit of camphor notes when I abused it and steeped too long but still just weak, like the flavors have faded or something, I dunno.
See photos of it here on my blog :)

Flavors: Camphor, Earth, Sweet

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I sat outside at the picnic table and enjoyed this tea and a few other today since it’s really the first nice day we’ve had in a long time, Spring is in the air finally here and it’s time to hang outside again Yay!!
I’ve had it for a while but I’ve only drank it a few times even tho it’s been literally in my sight since I’ve had it, my teas get shuffled around all over the house But this one seemed like it was always right in front of my face and it was lol.
I know me so it was obvious that I had opened it and tried it then I must have liked it a lot and was kinda “saving” it for later or something. I do that a lot actually, sometimes I’ll get a small amount of something, drink it once and love it and then kinda never drink it again so that I will always still have some for another time, thats no biggie for me.
I did that to this one TWICE with out even knowing it, I didn’t even know I bought 2 of them…On 2 different occasions I opened 2 different pouches of this same tea and drank both probably just once then Hoarded them both away and never knew it lol
Anyways…Now that I realized I had more of it than I thought I did, I decided to drink some up.
It’s good really good, kinda like it says, it’s like a zheng shan xiao zhong from wuyishan thats not smoked, nothing really noteworthy other than that just kinda the typical type flavor and such that you would expect from a decent zheng shan xiao zhong, It’s Not bad at all…I like it alot because I Love these type of teas, they are my favorites.

Flavors: Dark Chocolate


Good to see you Thomas!

Thomas Edward(Toad)

Thank you, I can’t believe it been like 2 years since i’ve posted about a tea here.


Yes, good to see you! I saw your comment on one of my tasting notes and felt it had been a while since I’d seen you around! I only recently-ish returned, myself :)

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Really good with cashew milk :)
almost 2 years old and still tastes yummy lol

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Drinking this one for breakfast with some milk. it is very bold a strong wonderful with milk, Perfect for breakfast. This one is an eye opener
I have 2 of these with 2 different product numbers of TK05 and TK07
I drank both and they are bother very much similar, with the exception that the TK07 was just a little bolder than the 05 with a slight almost coffee-like taste to, The 05 was a little smoother.
These seem to have a high caffeine content, I’m bouncing off the walls this morning lol
BOTH were tasty and Very strong, I probably wouldnt drink this one without cream or milk and most likely in the Mornings.
Damn good Morning tea :)

These are CTC teas so it dont take much leafe to make a strong cup, Also not a good resteep with these, they tend to give it all up at the first steep. I think i like it pretty good.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

After tasting both of these and they were both good, I decided to combine the left overs from each sample to make into one bag and make a single blend with them.
I Havent tried it yet but i’m sure it will be good :)


I’m sure the blend will be good too!

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Sipping this one outside on a nice cool breezy day, I f##ked it up kinda tho because i put some honey in it, its not bad but it tastes like i’m drinking some kinda chocolate covered dried fruit, not sure what. Chocolaty, fruity, sweet, bold.
Oh THIS is totally differnt Black TGY Now at Upton its NOT the same as the one pictured, i think its changed a few times tho, Still Good :)

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Sipping on this one with Milk and a little homemade Ginger Syrup, it is pretty damn good.
This tea is bold enough to stand up to the also bold flavor of my ginger syrup(its strong) and the milk makes it smooth and creamy and take away the bite of the syrup.
On my second cup now and i’m already thinking about the next cup, This is just ridiculous good like OMG! This one would probably make a decent Chai tea base.


Homemade ginger syrup! Every part of that sounds awesome. How do you make it?

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My favorite time of year is Autumn, I love the cooler weather and the feeling in the air,I like the longer nights and shorter days going into winter(my second fav season). I love autumn rain and the aroma in the atmosphere afterwards, and even tho I can only see limited colors I love the colors of Autumn, they are easiest on my eyes. I enjoy this time of year for making thick soups to keep warm and pulling out the throw blankets for the doggy and me to cuddle up and read a book, Autumn is Perfect reading season to me, its also perfect for watching scary movies during the Halloween season my fav holiday.
Last year my autumn wasn’t so great and I lost the one I love the most and was left sad and alone during the autumn season that We loved the most together :(
But I’m still here and I’ve carried, I made it a year and on to a New autumn, it will be hard but I must move on and embrace the things that I still have to love.
I still love Autumn and I still love Tea, I still love Dark Tea which has always been Perfect Autumn Tea to me, Dark Teas(Puerh,Hei Cha,LiuAn,LiuBao,etc) to me just Taste like Autumn feels and they are a perfect reflection of this time of year for some reason.
Today was the first day that felt like Autumn to me, I walked outside and it was just 60 degrees which isn’t cold or hot, down here it was Perfect this morning.
So anyways the first Perfect morning and I chose this Palace Mo Hei from Teanami, It was a Sample sent to me earlier this year and I’m glad I saved it for today. I’m not sure if it a “Puerh” maybe a “Hei Cha” I don’t really care its a type I like, Dark Tea and it’s not bad at all, a great choice for this morning.
The tea brews up nice and thick and only at the first did it have a slightly “fermented/fishy” aroma to me, No fishy taste or anything but a rather mellow smooth almost sweet taste. Very thick and velvety smooth, with all the “Autumny” notes that I enjoy in the Dark Teas.
Rich notes of Earthy;wet forest floor, leaves and stones and a slight sweetness, after a few steeps there is a slight nutty type fruity note…Very pleasant to me.
The aroma is really nice too, at first it was a slight bit “fishy” aroma to me on the rinse, but after that rinsed away the aroma is very earthy and sweet to me and even after several steeps i keep catching a whiff of it and sticking my nose it the cup to savor it, it just smell good.
I enjoyed this one very much this morning, the price is steep tho, Down from 165$ to 125$ now, still a bit pricey for me for this tea, It is a decent enjoyable tea tho, I found nothing bad about it at all.

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This is a decent Breakfast Tea, I’ve been making it in the Keurig so I crush the bigger leaves that seems to work pretty good in the machine. Tastey bold cup of Tea, typical of a breakfast tea I use a splash of milk in it.


Hi stranger. How have you been?

Thomas Edward(Toad)

Herro! :) i’ve been better,but i’m OK


Good to see you stopping by!

Thomas Edward(Toad)

It’s been too long


It has you need to rejoin us more often.

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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