OoOoOoOoooOOOh. This is nice. It’s so calming and tasty. The coconut isn’t overly present, but melds nicely with the tea itself, and with the vanilla. I think the tea base gives it enough depth so that it’s not simply coconut and vanilla, which can get kind of boring. I’m quite glad that I bought this on a whim.

I haven’t posted anything in quite a while. I must apologize. I had thought that I would be able to drink lots of tea over spring vacation. Maybe I could have a new tea every day, and then post a lovely poetical tea note! Also, I would manage to get out all my internship apps! And also maybe leave my house once in a while! Well, as it turns out, internship applications are more important than tea (what???). And I had to memorize lines, and fret over my future, and then visit schools, and I BARELY HAD ANY TEA. IT WAS HARD. Apparently there wasn’t enough room in my bag for a tea steeper. And you can’t skip college tours to go to tea shops. Well, now I’m back in the game. I want to post more! Because my number of posts is shamefully low! Also, I’m going to do a large joint order with my friend Emily at some point… super excited. We already do mini-trades. People get suspicious in school when we bring in bags of tea, but we pay them no mind.

Well that was nice. And this tea is nice. It makes me feel really, super duper calm and happy. Not to mention that it smells absa-freakin-lutely gorgeous. Now I’ve got to go write an application for an internship at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. It asked me what museum I would create if I could create any museum.

Needless to say, I have planned out a Museum of Tea.

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Hi. I’m Isa. My photo is David Bowie. Actually, JK, it’s me, because I look like that. Yep.
I really like Davids Tea, because I live around the corner.

Ratings Scale:
(I tend to not rate too high or too low, so many of these are in the same range)

91-100: Practically unheard of
80-90: Basically all the teas I drink daily. These are GOOD TEAS
70-79: Okay, I liked this. I’m probably not going to buy it many more times, but I wouldn’t swap away the whole thing.
60-69: Does anyone want this tea? Because I don’t



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