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I’d rather huff this than drink it. The tea base was weak and disappointing BUUUUT the aroma is AMAZING. I finished my cup of tea at 11am, and by 8pm my room STILL smelled strongly of bergamot.

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drank Caramel & Rum by Lupicia
46 tasting notes

This is one of my absolute favorites. It’s so yummy, especially with a drop of milk and honey. All the notes come through pretty well, and I love how it doesn’t oversteep.

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drank Icewine Tea by Canada True
46 tasting notes

Smells delightful, with a sparkling winey sort of aroma. Sadly it doesn’t taste like much. I have the loose leaf version of this tea, not bagged, and I was pleased to see that the leaves weren’t crushed or broken. (ie not the usual tea dust).

Flavors: Grapes

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drank Tea Party by TWG Tea Company
46 tasting notes

A friend gave this to me as a birthday gift!
I want pink and gold sparkles to burst out of the canister every time I open it. The dry leaf smell is sooooo pretty! It’s sweetly candied in a way that is more delightful than sickening, with mildly toasted/buttery notes to round it out. And the bright yellow flowers in look like ribbons nestled among the tea leaves! One of my favorite teas, definitely. It conjures up images of cake and delicate cutlery, hahaha.

Flavors: Butter, Candy, Sweet, Toasted

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I steeped this with not-quite-boiling water; I think it resulted in a weaker tea.
This tea reminded me of pu-erh, it had the same earthy aroma. I personally don’t like either tea, but someone else might

Flavors: Earth

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This was nice in that it had a beautifully light floral aroma, paired with a woody and slightly nutty undertone (like dark chocolate).
The tea is drying to the palette even with the addition of milk to mitigate, but it’s lovely all the same.

Flavors: Floral, Nutty, Wood


I’m going to have to remember this one in future.

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drank Earl Grey by Tea Forte
46 tasting notes

Trying to log from memory, when I had this tea about a year or two ago.
Nothing remarkable, but not unpleasant.
Reminded me of….bread. In a good but kind of weird way. Definitely something I’d have at breakfast.

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drank Houjicha "Shigaraki" by Lupicia
46 tasting notes

I awoke in the middle of the night to review this tea, because I suddenly remembered that I’d forgotten to. That’s how much I liked it.
Straight off the bat, this is absolutely amazing tea. A resounding YES from the moment I tore the packet open. The roasted aroma is strong and incredibly rich, with very dark layers. If smells were sound, these are a lot of low-pitched notes, straying almost near bitter, but artfully keeping away from it. I’m impressed.
Especially delicious with a drop of milk to balance the strong taste while enhancing its richness.
Sadly I only had a teabag to sample. After my exams, I’m definitely going to stock my cupboard with this.

Flavors: Burnt, Roasted, Toasty, Wet Wood

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drank Momo Jasmin by Lupicia
46 tasting notes

I was opposed to the peach flavoring at first – it reminded me of those jellies with artificial flavoring. Once I got past that, it was great, though. Strongly jasmine and peach in the aroma, and mostly just the jasmine and green tea in the flavor. Good stuff, I’d say.

Flavors: Jasmine, Peach

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drank Korpokkur by Lupicia
46 tasting notes

I am pretty much addicted to this stuff now.
I have to admit that I didn’t like this tea at first. It was heavily perfumed and smelled very, very, sweet – I was taken aback. Add to this the fact that the label was in Japanese and I had no idea what I was supposed to be smelling or drinking. However, having shoved it to the back of my cupboard for a few months, I decided to pull it out and try again. There is much to be appreciated in this tea, though I have to guess at the make up of the blend. The aroma is complex, at first floral but underpinned by fruit. A very tropical scent. The tropical fruits come across more strongly in the taste of the tea itself, which balances the sweetness with the soft tannins of the base tea.

Flavors: Flowers, Mango

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