403 Tasting Notes

drank Sejak by O5 Tea
403 tasting notes

Brewing korean greens in japanese teapots. What a world.

Worked out fittingly, since the first note I get is seaweed. It’s not bitter, but I was pretty careful about the water. Seaweed with something else vegetal. Definitely not sweet, and it tapers into a very mineral aftertaste.

195 °F / 90 °C

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drank Violet by Kusmi Tea
403 tasting notes

I walked by Soko’s today and they had the rest of these out in their 50% off cart. So I guess they’re discontinuing them.

Well damn, I had to grab a tin then because I really do like this tea. I might have grabbed the rest of the tins… But I have having more than 100 grams of any tea. It just feels like too much. I guess it wasn’t too popular—Kusmi never had the single-ounce sample tins for this tea, so I’m not surprised. I was lucky enough to try it way back when the owner of Soko’s gave me a spoonful. It’s always been an odd blend for me, but I’ve always liked it.

Since the last time I had a tin of this, and now, I’ve tried violet-flavoured sweets. Which, with the addition of sugar, are powdery-perfume sweet, but not unpleasant. This could definitely TAKE sugar, maybe even milk, but I like it as is. I made it a bit too strong this time around, but it’s pretty much how I remembered it. A bit like the sweets, minus the sugar, with a medium-bodied china tea base. Hunan? Maybe a bit of Keemun? I’m guessing, but there’s something smoky in that base. I still don’t know how to describe violet as a flavour, other than powdery old candies, maybe. Like the kind of sweets an old English grandmother might have.

Looking back, I might have rated this a little too zealously, but it is a personal preference. Might rethink that rating in the future.

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drank Honey Scented Black Tea by Oollo Tea
403 tasting notes

Revisiting this one; it’s been in my cupboard a while. Brewed scent is honey with an almost cinnamon note. Almost reminds me of my mom’s honey carrots she used to make.

Cooled, the first sip is honey’d and bakey, like grains and fresh bread. Still a faint spice, almost like the kind you can get in certain honey varieties. The taste is short and sweet, and doesn’t linger particularly long in the mouth. Sipping more builds up a sweetness in the back of your throat, though. Something else like pollen or flowers.

Might do a side-by-side with DavidsTea’s Honey Black from the past December.

Still trying to get through textbook readings and three scientific articles on mass balance in glaciology, but I keep zoning out listening to David Bowie. For obvious reasons.

If you haven’t heard Chris Hadfield (the astronaut)‘s rendition of Space Oddity yet, I’d suggest it. Endorsed by the man itself, and for someone who grew up listening to the original… It might have made me cry a little bit. Sometimes you just miss important people you’ve never met.

Flavors: Baked Bread, Flowers, Honey, Spices

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drank Lavender by Great Wall Tea Company
403 tasting notes

Got this mostly to mix with black tea and to drink in the evenings. Lavender is probably the only floral tea that doesn’t taste… floral. Or at least not like perfume. It’s more like a mild spice, something like sage. It’s also a very clear brew. Just a faint green. Maybe it’s just because it’s a bit old, but it’s not a harsh tea, though you get something medicinal in the back of your throat. Not as prominent as the lavender in the lavender-chamomile blend I got for Christmas.

Weird thing to be drinking while listening to David Bowie and also trying to read research papers on glaciers for class.

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Maple Earl Grey by Canada True
403 tasting notes

This was a Christmas gift. I know exactly where they got it, because it’s still got the sticker. Plus I’ve thought about picking up this very tin from there a few times.

I like maple, and I like earl grey, so there wasn’t much that could go wrong. And I’m actually enjoying this quite a bit. It’s just your classic fannings-packed teabag on a string, but it’s nice. You get the maple first, nice and sweet, and as that mellows you get the more pungent earl grey. It’s a nice balance. And surprisingly, you get the honey oak sri lankan black coming through as well.

Not bad.

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drank Balhyocha Noeul by O5 Tea
403 tasting notes

Gaiwan. Might be a little too dark for a gaiwan, but we’ll see.

I was slightly zoning out on the computer while sipping this, though. Mainly got chocolate and plums or raisins; sort of a dark fruityness. Something stickysweet hits you in the back of the throat, like maple.


I was just at O5 a few days ago while I was visiting Vancouver and that was one of the teas I tried.


@Jillian I got one of their sample sets with this and their Balhyocha Saebyok.


Ha, I got the exact same sampler

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drank S'mores Oolong Tea by Teavana
403 tasting notes

I… do not enjoy this tea. Which sucks, because I really, really thought I would. Normally, Teavana’s teas have a little too much ‘stuff’ for me, so I shy away from them. But I was eyeing this on the site and finally decided to pick it up when I went in to get Joy. I figured it probably hasn’t changed from the Teaopia tea of the same name, right? And the picture on the site made it look like it at least had a good ratio of tea.

First inkling was when she was measuring out, and I realized… those aren’t the tiny hotchocolate-sized marshmallows. Those are whole centimetre-across minimarshmallows. Kind of huge for a tea. Second was when I went to brew it, and realized all the dark stuff I thought was the oolong tea, was actually everything else. The chicory root, carob pieces. There’s very little actual tea in it. I was disappointed, but I’ve had teas like this before and figured it’d just go in my ‘after dinner decaf’ pile.

Brewed, it smells of chicory and chocolate, so toasty and sweet. There’s an oily film on top, and it brews very dark. The taste is… straight up chicory root, chased with chocolate. I don’t taste any tea, and sickly sweet. As if I’d added a little too much sugar to it. There’s a very off (not quite artificial, but weird and sweet) aftertaste as well. It’s familiar, so I think it must be the chicory or carob, because I’ve had decaf blends with those before.

All the chocolate bits leave a black sludge at the bottom of your mug, and all the marshmallows melt in the infuser leaving a sticky white mess that’s even harder to clean once it’s dried. Definitely rinse out your infuser right after making the cup.

Luckily, the low ratio of tea-to-everything-else means that I can use a good few teaspoons to make a cup. It’s definitely not for me, but still drinkable, so hopefully I’ll finish it fast; I hate when those less-than-spectacular tea buys end up sitting in the back of your cupboard for years.

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drank Snow Day by DAVIDsTEA
403 tasting notes

I’ve been playing around with steep-times for this, and I think I’ve found a sweet spot at about three minutes or slightly under. The peppermint is still peppery, and damn strong, but it’s much more drinkable, and not quite so overbearing. I get a bit more sweetness coming through, tasting a bit like white chocolate. Not much more than that coming through.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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This was the only tea out of the three new christmas ones they were advertising that DIDN’T have a sampler jug out, and it was the only one I was interested in. Since Murchie’s switched to a minimum of 50g last year (after they moved one street over downtown—I don’t know about the other locations), I decided to take a chance on it despite it containing almonds. Nothing against almonds, it just felt like they were trying to focus too much on the ‘nut’ in ‘chestnut’.

Dry, though, this smells strong and sweet. It actually smells like pancake syrup. That almost-but-not-quite-maple-generic-cornstarch-sweetness-for-your-eggos. Which, while delicious, was disappointing. Brewed, it smells a lot more subdued, and the actual smell of the tea mellows it out and makes it… MORE chestnut-like? It brews a nice, dark red-brown.

Taste-wise, it’s definitely sweet but not quite candy-sweet, with a touch of nuttyness that gives it an almost roasted character. Not maple-syrup. It didn’t quite come off as chestnut to me, but when I drank it the other night (new cup in front of me now) I noticed a more sweet-potato note as it cooled, which is pretty much how I describe chestnuts.

I feel like in order to really pin this tea down, I’d have to buy myself a bag of roasted chestnuts from downtown (or roast my own; I’ve done it before, though with limited success; though you can also get pre-peeled canned/bagged chestnuts) and nibble on them alongside a cuppa. I’m getting something of the taste of chestnut, but not quite the FEEL of chestnut.

All in all though, I do quite like it. Rolling it around a bit, I can tell it’s got a ceylon or nepal-like base, maybe blended with a china region. I wonder how this would taste with a really nice all-china base. There’s a few nutty and sweet/sweet potato teas that would do well with chestnut.

I’m marking this gamble a success.

Flavors: Almond, Caramel, Nutty, Pancake Syrup, Sweet Potatoes

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Cardamom French Toast by DAVIDsTEA
403 tasting notes

Y’know what this smells like to me? Shahi tukra. Sugary sweet french toast with spicy cardamom. I made it one time from an allrecipes entry, while looking for deserts with cardamom. It turned out delicious (though probably not at all accurate) and definitely smelt like this.

I had a cup of this yesterday as well while playing videogames. A good amount of cardamom, that’s really nicely smoothed out by the sweetness. Tastes almost syrupy, and caramelized.

Vancouver tea festival’s coming up.

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A tea-drinking transgendered Canadian, currently in the third year of university, majoring in geology (yes, “rocks and things”). I take most of my tea made straight into a mug, although occasionally if I’m not in a hurry (this isn’t often), I’ll have time to sit down with a pot or gaiwan. It’s the highlight of a good day.

My notes are pretty disjointed because I’m a fairly absent-minded individual, and I also keep a teatra.de blog for reviewing and rambling about tea books/publications.

And I’m a Doctor Who fanatic (Jon Pertwee, if you were wondering).

“But you should never turn down tea, when it’s offered. It’s impolite, and impoliteness is how wars start.” ~Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann


BC, Canada



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