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drank Iced Tea with Lemon by Good Drink
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I grabbed this bottled iced tea at the grocery store. Mostly because it was in an awesome old skool bottle.

I wasn’t expecting terribly much out of the taste based on the ingredients. But it is actually pretty decent. It is one of the most authentic bottled brewed iced tea drinks I can recall having. The base tastes like orange pekoe but I am unsure if that is what it is. There is some sweetness but it is not so sweet that all you get is the sugar. You can actually taste the tea! There is also that artificial lemon flavour most bottled teas have, but it is not too bad at all.

Well Good Drink, I am not sure this is too Good for me based on the 60 cals per 1 cup, and considering the bottle is 473 mL it is basically 120 cals…but I am still going to drink it anyway :)

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drank Mango Tea by Good Drink
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I was feeling thirsty when I was shopping at the local produce store and this caught my eye. I decided to buy it because I like mango and this had considerably less sugar involved than the standard sweetened iced teas like Lipton or Snapple. Also Good Drink is apparently a Canadian company and I like supporting domestic businesses.

Sadly it doesn’t seem to contain any actual mango besides the ‘natural flavouring’ and while it isn’t a bad tasting tea, it feels like false advertising to me. I’m not a hibiscus lover, but this does taste quite nice, lightly tart but it’s not trying to stage a hostile take-over of the rest of the tea. It’s likely the cause of the tea’s orangey-red colour – which is better than food colouring I suppose. The sweet-but-not-too-sweet vanilla flavour is probably what I like most about the tea, as it gives it an almost cream soda-like flavour.

So it didn’t blow my mind but it didn’t make me want to dump it down the sink either. It’s nicely thirst-quenching and it has a good-tasting flavour – thought it could be more authentic in terms of the mango content.


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