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I got this about 5-6 weeks ago from David’s Tea, and have used it almost non-stop since. It turns out the hubby likes iced tea! This works well both for flash chilling with hot water and ice, and also for cold brewing. However, I do have a few caveats:

- When pouring, the spout is a bit splashy, especially if the pitcher is nearly empty.
- The plastic retains smells very easily. This doesn’t affect the taste of the tea any, but when the pitcher and filter are washed out and drying, you can definitely smell a lingering smell of previous iced teas.
- The pitcher is VERY tall. There is only about one space in my fridge where I can have it stand upright, which is on the fridge door next to the milk.


I think it seals tight enough that you can lay it on the side! I had it for a few months before I dropped it on my floor and cracked it. :|


Ooh, that reminds me, if I screw the lid on and hold it real tight, I can actually hold the pitcher upside down to shake the contents and get them mixed more thoroughly.

Aww, that’s too bad, Cavo. David’s is still selling them, though now the pitcher accents are an electric blue to match the new Carnival theme.


OH cavo…. i meant to tell you…i think these might be at costco..in a 2 pack. if they are, we could split one….

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reviewed Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker by Takeya
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I have a couple of 2L Takeya iced tea jugs that are sold at T2 in Australia as “T2’s The Jug”.

The original 2L jugs had filters that weren’t nearly long enough for the jug, and to be honest they weren’t quite big enough for fruit tea ingredients to make a full 2L jug either. Thankfully the company seem to have learned quickly from this error and the new jugs come with much longer filters. I’m not sure if T2’s jugs are quite the latest version as the filter in my new jug purchased in December 2013 still doesn’t reach as far down as the one on Takeya’s website shows, but it’s still great and does the job.

I would have been happy with just my black one but I couldn’t resist the beautiful limited edition light blue one and I have to admit having two is excellent over summer. All iced tea all the time.

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I got a double pack of iced chilled tea makers from Costco. LOVE these!The tea infuser is very fine so nothing gets thru the filter and the filter is very long so it goes all the way to the bottom of the pitcher. One of the pitchers comes with the tea infuser the other comes with a fruit infuser which I haven’t tried yet. The size of this pitcher makes it fit perfect on the side of the refrigerator.

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Great brewing pitcher! The Flash Chill version I have has longer infuser. The infuser is very fine, so even rooibos teas don’t seep through!

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I LOVE this pitcher!!!!!! I had been looking for a pitcher that I could use to cold brew my tea in the fridge. I’ll admit, I was skeptical that it would steep the entire pitcher when the infuser only goes down 1/4 or so of the way. Filled the pitcher with cold water, added loose leaf, screwed in the infuser and set in the fridge overnight. Much to my surprise I had a fully infused pitcher of tea in the AM! MIRACLE! Don’t know how it worked or if the fairies got in there overnight, but it works like a dream.
I just ordered a second one so that I can have more than one kind of tea ready!


Isn’t it the best? I used to use t-sacs in a cheap pitcher but this works so much better!


Yep, this is an amazing device. I now drink iced tea every day thanks to my friend here!

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This is a great brewing pitcher, especially for cold brewing.
Its very well made, and I like the fact that the infuser screws right into the lid.
It fits nicely into my fridge and makes the cold brewing process (which I am new to) very easy.
The only downfall would be if you only wanted to make 1/2 a pitcher, because the infuser does not reach to the bottom.


I almost got one when they were on sale on sneaqpeek or wait was it opensky – yeah opensky – anyway I didn’t pull the trigger. I should have.

Hesper June

Well,maybe next time!
Gives you something to look forward too:)


Exactly! Gotta save SOME tea goodies for later :)

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