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Tea Pots n Treasures is in Indianapolis Indiana. The owner blends the teas. She has over 900 blends! Of course not all are available at once. This particular tea is about a year old. I put it in in a drawer, got very ill, and forgot it. That said, it is still pretty tasty. I added sweetener to revitalize the old leaf. That mostly worked. The aroma is complex. There is a lot going on but no one flavor really dominates. You do notice the peppermint first because, well, peppermint. Then the orange and rose hips mingle about. The vanilla is the weakest flavor but seems about right to me. The taste shows the age as the green tea really doesn’t jump out. It is there but not. You know? The mint is nicely cooling. The blood orange and rose hips mix into their own flavor thing. Kind of floral sort of. Kind of fruity, sort of. A touch earthy and dark. I finally decided it is like a tangy cranberry, plum, and orange. Finally, the vanilla brings it all together in a neat and creamy way. Despite the age and poor storage this was pleasantly enjoyable.


Hope you are feeling better!


Every day is a blessing. Sometimes I get a bonus and get to drink tea. Life is good.

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Free sample I received during my visit to this tea shop last weekend. Unfortunately I cannot abide by the large amount of rooibos in this tea. I will try to pass this along to someone who likes flavored coffee AND rooibos!

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I had the pleasure of visiting this tea shop in person last Saturday. They were about to close and the owner Donna was kind enough to stay a little late to show me around and tell me about her teas. The shop is chock full of vintage teaware and other goodies! Donna was extremely kind to me. She had heard of Steepster but did not realize a few of her teas were already reviewed here! I wish I could have bought more of her teas but she didn’t have any sample sizes so I picked two different packages and then she included a couple of free samples with my purchase. She does her own blending and sources organic teas whenever she can which is super cool. Also she uses locally made chocolate AND gummy bears in some of her teas!

ANYWAY, this herbal tea. I was so curious because the first ingredient is eucalyptus! Not sure I’ve ever had that in a tea before. This tea has a LOT going on. I am actually impressed with how balanced this tastes. None of the strong elements are sticking out. There is a cooling sensation from the mint and eucalyptus. I am a very picky person about my herbals and I am impressed! My only complaint is not really a complaint, more of a personal preference thing. I’m not sure the black tea is adding anything flavor wise and if it were omitted I’d be able to drink this one in the evenings and not worry about the caffeine!

Nice first experience with this tea seller.

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Haha, I pretty much had the same thoughts on this tea as I had last time – not bad, but I prefer Butiki’s. :) No astringency with the reduced infusion time, yay!

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Not bad! Got this in my box from LiberTeas, and figured that I had enough of it to give it a shot in the travel mug and still have enough left over to try normally.

Although unlike some other chocolate orange teas, this one doesn’t really smell like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, it really wasn’t bad! A bit astringent even with a short infusion (I think I’d drop it another 30s next time), but I can taste the orange, and a kind of chocolate creaminess. One bonus is the total lack of fishy pu’erh flavour, though!!

Thanks, LiberTeas!

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Have you tried Davidstea Chocolate Orange? Just curious :)


Yep! That was where the fish pu’erh comment came from, haha. Loved the flavouring, but not so keen on the base.


Yeah, if not for the fact that the chocolate and orange kind of hides the pu’erh taste I probably wouldn’t be a fan! I found their Creme de Menthe worse because it wasn’t hidden at all. I will have to seek out a good pu’erh sometime! Any recommendations? I’ve only ever had Davidstea’s!


I found Creme de Menthe to be better, hahaha. I think it depends highly on the batches, sometimes. In terms of pu’erhs, Verdant is usually a good source for them, and I’ve heard good things about Mandala. I’d recommend a sheng over a shu pu’erh to start, but I’m really just a newbie myself too :)

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I really enjoyed this tea. It is a bit fruitier than I initially imagined, but it is quite pleasant. The chocolate was very mellow and the orange is not pungent. I drank the same tea all day long and each steep was great. I was surprised by how many cups I was able to get out of about a teaspoon and a half of tea.

To my uncultured palate, each steep was fairly equal in flavor. I didn’t notice much change from cup to cup. I don’t sweeten my tea, but I did like the slight natural sweetness this blend provided. So far, it’s a lovely drink! :)

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This is my first tasting note, so please bear with me as I try to muddle through! :)

This is certainly a pretty tea to look at. It is a black tea with a sprinkling of pretty little blue, red, and yellow flowers. The mango smell is a bit strong in the dry tea, but once steeped it is quite mellow. The first steep has very light notes of the mango, but it is principally the flavor of a nice black tea. I will add to this after I get through a few more steepings.

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Thanks to LefTea for a sample of this brain brew!

BRAAAAINNNSSS is the first thing I thought of when I saw this tea. Mmmmmm! You’d think theres walnuts in it, it kinda looks like brains?

DRY: subtly sweet and nutty. Appears to be mostly mate leaves with a scattered twigs of rooibos.

STEEPED: light brown. robust smell and mate.

TASTE: Bright green mate with a little bitterness coming out, slightly nutty and roasted taste. No chocolate flavor.

WHO’D LIKE THIS: straight up mate drinkers.

COMMENTS: Hmmm. I’m thinking this is more of a yerba mate tea than a flavored one. I find the potentially delicious extras (chocolate, vanilla, hazelnuts, apples) aren’t really present, I see the odd apple and chocolate piece in the dry leaves.

Overall, okay tasting mate, but no fun magic present. Or brains.
(apparently the brain thing is the brand, checking the website it’s a whole line of brain tea quoting health benefits of mate).

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Hesper June

So, you are saying this tea would be a disappointment to Zombies then? ;)

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I recently vacationed in Indy and happened upon this place. You can see my review of it under places. This was what I choose to buy with just a tiny, trying not to be rude and sniff all the bags that will eventually be sold to other people, smell.

I love mates. I love their taste and I love how they seem to calm my migraines. We’ve got a heat wave moving through that’s hell bent on destroying my head so I grabbed this one this morning hoping it would help.

It’s possible my taste buds are messed up from the migraine, sometimes that happens, but there’s just something off here for me. Some flavor that doesn’t sit well with the blend and ruins it for me.

I’ll likely be posting this up for swap shortly and just stick to the tiramisu mate I got at another Indy tea joint. Ick.

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I received this tea as a Christmas gift from a long-time online friend who lives in Florida. It is labeled as an “herbal tea” which I suspect is merely a printing error, because this is most definitely a black tea.

The aroma is very nice – smells strongly of orange with chocolate in the background. The flavor is also very pleasant, reminds me a bit of the chocolate covered orange confections that are very popular around Christmastime. Sweet and delicious. I’d be happier if there were more chocolate in the blend, but then, is there ever a time when I don’t want more chocolate?

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