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196 Tasting Notes


My Nova Scotian friend gave me a sample of this, drinking it now and will report back!


Ok here I am.

This is a perfectly good breakfast tea that tastes like a breakfast tea.

The description on their website says this:

“One of our popular NOVA SCOTIA BLENDS!
A hearty breakfast blend of three uniquely flavourful estate teas from India.
Ingredients: Black tea.”

And that’s what it tastes like…black tea.
I put milk in it. It’s hearty.

Nothing unique about the flavor…..honestly I don’t find too much difference between this and the old Atlantic Canada Tetley Tea standby….is that bad? I mean, Tetley will always have a place in my heart but what’s the point of drinking tea that tastes like it came from Sobeys the grocery store?

It’s decent….generic but decent. Is that taste an India tea thing? Why do some black teas have layers of amazing tastes to them and some just taste like Tetley?

I’m here, world, and I’m ready to learn!!


I have a love for any tea with “Maritime” or “Nova Scotia”. The things that happen when you move away from home haha.


Coutney, you’re from NS? I visited once and fell in love with it and its people! I plan on going back eventually cause there’s just too much I haven’t seen!


Yep :) I can’t wait to move back home.


That’s a great question! I hope someone here answers it!


I lived in NS from age 4 to 12, and my parents’ families are all from there. Even though I’ve been in NB now for close to 20 years, I will always consider NS to be home in my heart :)


Yes! NS love.


If the opportunity ever presents itself to move back, I totally would all my greatest childhood memories are from then!!


Where in NS did you live? I have been wanting to go back from about the second day I got to AB. It’s funny how in the same country, things can be so different haha! Nothing wrong with AB, but it’s not for me. At least you’re close by in NB. :)


I grew up in Dartmouth :)
Probably not the area I’d move back to if ever given the chance, though! Whereabouts are you from?

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
196 tasting notes

I had a real breakthrough with this tea last night, it was probably the high point in my illustrious tea drinking ‘career’ thus far.

I took some LB to the movies in a Contigo mug, which incidentally had DT Chocolate Rocket in it previously which totally contaminated the lid with its overly perfumey extremely flavourful liquor.

So I took the lid off to drink it that way. And if I can go off on a tangent for a second here (yes I can, because this is my review!), I think I finally understand why all the travel mugs at DT have screw off lids, vs the sealed type like the Contigo…. Because scent is so much a part of the tea drinking experience. Smelling really helps you taste. (And never put stinky hand cream on and then drink a fancy tea…lesson learned) I’d always been concerned about spillage, which the Contigo type of mugs avoid altogether, but it does remove one of the senses you kind of need when trying to taste the fine nuances of something.

Anyway! I was sitting in the theatre drinking my laoshan black tea in a lidless mug, not even spilling a drop, and I was like “OMG, does this taste like roasty and delicious chocolate?!” Another sip, deep inhale… “I think it does!!”

The crowning moment of glory for me.

AND, I had just finished a crappy movie theatre froyo with skor bits in it, so not worth the $5.00 I paid…and even compared to that I could taste some sort of pure and delicious cocoa note in my tea!

Such a difference between that and the chemically flavored variety.

The tea was the best thing I consumed during that movie.

And the fact that the incredibly flavored Chocolate Rocket was ruining it for me says a lot about where I am today.


Flavors: Cocoa

Whispering Pines Tea Company

There’s something really beautiful about discovering something that makes tea much more enjoyable. :) Recently, I discovered that drinking tea outside makes it taste a whole lot better :)

Terri HarpLady

Yup! I like to walk around in my garden, tea cup in hand, contemplating what I will do next! Hopefully by the end of this year, I’ll have a little table & chairs set up in my Gazebo Arbor!


Yay! I love seeing reviews like this. And LB is so spectacular. The first time I had it I didn’t understand the fuss, but I waited months and months before trying it again, not realizing that the tea knowledge I was gathering would allow me to really love this tea. Now I can’t live without it. :)


Oh it was such a nice revelation to have :)

I discovered last summer that drinking tea outside is great! I had a mug even in the sweltering heat while I worked on my very first vegetable garden :)
I foresee more of this in the future!

It’s so awesome to finally be in the loop on the LB, it’s frustrating when everyone raves but you just don’t quite “get it”.


Whispering Pines Tea Company

I had the same problem when I first tried LB. Sadly, I still don’t really get it. I taste all of the notes everyone else does but it isn’t really much different than a lot of other chocolaty black teas, and it’s definitely not a favorite of mine. Oh well, everyone likes something different I guess :)

Whispering Pines Tea Company

It’s also possible that I got one of the less-yummy harvests. Who knows?


I am all about coffee in the hot summer months, which is solely due to good memories of coffee in the heat years ago. But outside in the fog/very slightly chilly weather with a cup of tea is divine!


I definitely don’t know enough to tell you why it’s so great….I mean it tastes good but would I have reached that conclusion on my own without being told all of the wonderful things about it? Likely not, if I’m being honest.

I’m just not there yet

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drank Chocolate Rocket by DAVIDsTEA
196 tasting notes


I used to have this at work for a pick me up but since I’m home on mat leave I brought all my teas home…there were lots….

I recall this being a favorite, something to drink when I felt like coffee, since at the time, I was off coffee. It’s very strong flavored, between the almonds, raspberry , chicory (that coffee feel), and chocolate.

To be honest, I have no idea what mate (sorry, no accents on my iPad) tastes like.

I took a Contigo full of this when I went for a stroll with the baby, glad I did because it was colder outside than I thought. We Canadians get absurdly excited when the Spring sunshine finally arrives. You’ll see the braver ones outside with flip flops on in April. I only put a hoody on but it’s definitely still jacket weather.

Unfortunately those Contigo mugs keep the liquid so hot that I didn’t get to drink much while I was out there. Just burned my tongue mostly.

When I got home I realized I wasn’t in the mood for this after all. It’s SO flavored. I almost had myself convinced I could taste the artificial flavoring.
Not at all what I wanted.

I emptied it out and decided to bring some Laoshan Black to the movies in my Contigo, so I rinsed it. Then I got to the theatre and all I could taste was this damn tea! So I had to remove the contaminated lid and drink it without.

Too much flavoring for me, too much going on, I seem to be moving away from this sort of thing. It served me well at work but I won’t restock.

I’d rather have coffee!!

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Drank the last of my sample, still just tasted like slightly sweet green tea with a hint of almond, zero cookie.
Possibly due to age.

Didn’t notice this last time but the wet leaves look like some sort of weird salad, haha.

Goodbye, mediocriTea!

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I had a bit too much for one cup but less than 2 left so I made a really potent mug of this.

It’s probably the closest you can get to drinking hot chocolate as a tea. It brews up very murky and potent, and I definitely added milk, very chocolatey. I enjoyed this.

The cinnamon was a nice touch but not overwhelming, as I don’t love cinnamon in tea.

I am sure I can resteep this because I used so many “leaves” for one cup.

I wonder if DT still makes it…. I’m not sure if i would buy more anytime soon but it made for a good chocolate tea, I mean literally, this is a chocolate tea!

Very satisfying to drink.
One more tea gone!

I don’t dare count my teas, because I like to stay in the dark about how dangerous this obsession actually is for my cupboard space and my wallet!

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drank Ice Cream Cake by DAVIDsTEA
196 tasting notes

It’s hilarious that I’m reviewing this now, because I’m pretty sure it’s been at least two years (perhaps 3) since DT stopped making it. So you’ve correctly deduced that I’m currently drinking some old-ass tea!

I had fallen in love with this back when I first discovered the exciting new world of dessert teas, when DT opened in my city. I thought this was amazing. I was seriously pissed when they discontinued this one and the chocolate cake tea in favor of keeping birthday cake. Birthday Cake, the nasty rooibos tea that I couldn’t get past….I haven’t had it in years, but that was my opinion then.

So, I’ve been hoarding my small packet of this ever since, my precioussssssssss! Hoarding, but not actually drinking, which I realize now is stupid. The tea gets worse with age, not better. I can’t honestly tell you that age has ruined what I have left of this, it’s been sealed in its zippy bag all this time…. But I also can’t tell you that I’m enjoying this cup. ‘Cause I’m not.

Why would anyone think that ice cream cake would make a good tea flavor? How can you ever replicate that?! No wonder they stopped making it. It’s like drinking liquid chemicals, which I imagine that’s mostly what it is anyway. I would not be surprised if the deliciousness has faded with time, but I suspect this is more or less the perfect nutshell example of how far my tea tastes have come in the last few years.

Also a lesson that hoarding tea is pointless, how can you enjoy it if you don’t drink it? Then you try, but it’s old and disappointing.

I can taste a suggestion of ice cream cake, but honestly man, if I want ice cream or ice cream cake, there’s no way I’m going to pretend to talk myself into thinking a cup of fake flavored tea would take care of the craving.
I even put some milk in this to add some creaminess. It’s not terrible, but I don’t even feel compelled to keep my last little bit. There are way better teas to drink!

I’ve got about enough of this left for 2 cups I think, so if any dessert tea fans out there are curious and just want to try this for fun, it’s yours! Just let me know!

Goodbye, ice cream cake tea. You represent everything I used to love. When I was young and innocent.


I’m so bad with hoarding, even though I know I shouldn’t. I want to save teas for bad days haha.


Yeah I’m really bad for the hoarding too. I’ve got a few teas that are easily 3+ years old including this one and the Chocolate cake. I’m so scared to drink a few of them ‘cause I know I’ll never get them again and I can’t bring myself to say goodbye. haha And there’s a few that I can’t stomach so they sit in there until I either give them away or decide I’m okay to toss them. I’ve had to throw out a lot in the past ‘cause I knew they just weren’t going anywhere…


I’m trying to go through my stash now and either drink or give away or toss everything I’ve been clinging to…no point keeping it!


Another tea hoarder here… I know I should drink up my discontinued favorites, but I have an incredibly hard time going through with it.


whatshesaid since reading your mention about going through your stash, I think you’ve inspired me to do the same. I have a few off the top of my head I know I can get rid of and not even miss.
greenteafairy I feel the EXACT same way.


Yeah it’s a good time of the year to “Spring clean” your tea stash!!


I actually just steeped up the last cup of a discontinued tea I’ve been hoarding. Thanks for the nudge whatshesaid.


If we don’t do it, they’ll just sit there, sadly stagnating forever in our cupboards

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drank Toffee Dream by Tea Blendz
196 tasting notes


I wonder what this would have tasted like when it was fresh? Haha.

edit I guess I did have it when it was fresh-ER, so I guess I just wish I could remember!

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I can’t believe there’s rooibos in this. I think I talked myself into the idea that I hate rooibos on account of some bad, hay-like, medicinal tasting rooibos teas that I’ve tried in the past…. Even though there are a few I like, mostly the lemon/lime ones from Della Terra. Anyway to me this is mostly green. Green and caramel. And yum.

I still like it. I have two small tins and I am happy about that!

As far as green caramels go, not that I was ever technically ON the hunt for such a thing, but if I had been, the hunt would be over.

Flavors: Caramel

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drank St Petersburg by Kusmi Tea
196 tasting notes

Still an old favorite of mine. I had bought it blind from Kusmi, and didn’t regret it. I do love bergamot. I find it interesting how I’m just noticing now how similar this is to Harney and Son’s Paris tea, which I also love. I will have to do a taste test sometime. At the very least a sniff test, once my sick little nose is back to operating at 100%.

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drank Caramel by Kusmi Tea
196 tasting notes

You know how sometimes it seems like you search and search for something and it ends up being right under your nose the entire time? Like, a really good caramel black tea?

Yeah. I made this to take into the movies with me yesterday, and couldn’t believe how tasty it was.

I remember being super underwhelmed when I first tried it because at the time I was looking for super extreme flavoring, but now that I’ve refined my tastes a bit (great success!), I realize that I truly enjoy this tea.

It’s pretty delicious. Subtle. Sweet caramel flavoring and a tea base that seemingly can’t be ruined, because I’m pretty sure I let it steep for quite awhile. A nice rich liquor that stood up next to my milk and said “I shall not be overcome!”

It was good. I’m sad I swapped so much of this away back in the day, I might just have to suck it up and do another Kusmi order at some point (I hate paying stupid shipping fees but what can you do when you live in a shoe Canada??)

Bumping my rating up from 76. Such a happy ending to a tea story!

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So here’s where I am now. I had jumped head first into the world of teas after Davidstea opened in my city a number of years ago. I gave up coffee and became a huge tea freak. From there I joined Steepster and started ordering teas online like a madwoman (not that anyone here would know what that’s like…)

I was swappin’ up a storm and drinking like 6-7 cups a day and I had this tremendous stash to get through…..then. I got pregnant in Spring 2013 and my baby played a funny little joke on me by turning me into someone who had zero interest in drinking or even smelling most teas. I wanted only coffee all the time which was hilarious because of course you can’t really do more than a cup a day when you’re pregnant.

Anyway. In December 2013 I had my baby girl, and now I’m on maternity leave and though I still LIVE (I cannot emphasize that enough) for my morning cup of coffee (or two…), I am trying to get myself excited about tea again, because I have TONS.

So my mission, which I choose to accept, is to first sip down all the samples I have, sent to me last year by lovely Steepsterites, pre-baby.

Here’s what I love (or I did before, and am trying to again):

Butiki teas in general because the flavours are subtle and not fake tasting and don’t overwhelm the tea base

Harney and Sons Paris is my all time favorite tea.

Mariage Freres and Kusmi are also on my awesome list.

I love creamy earl greys.

Also have an appreciation of oolong.

I have a mega stash of super flavored teas to work through, or I may try to sell them if I decide they are no longer for me. The sip downs will determine!

I love swapping!
Please note my Cupboard contains everything I have including minuscule samples of teas so it is not intended to be reflective of what I have available for swap…

When I rate, it goes like this:

85 -100 = WIN! awesome, I love this and keep it on hand
70 – 85 = pretty darn good but I don’t NEED to own it
55 – 70 = not necessarily terrible but not a tea for me!
30 – 55 = missed the mark as far as I am concerned. Wouldn’t drink it willingly.
0 – 30 = I likely won’t rate this low very often, so if you see it, consider the tea a great big FAIL and probably disgusting.


New Brunswick, Canada



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