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Best wake me up kick

Which of your favorite teas provide the most caffeine, some say Yerba Maté is, not specifically because of caffeine but other stimulating chemicals as well. I also looked at 52tea’s RadioactiviTea and that looked pretty good, I need something to replace Coffee and energy drinks because I hate coffee and Energy drinks are bad for the morning, I’ve been drinking Bigelow Earl Grey but have been told it doesnt compare at all to the taste and effects of looseleaf. What are your thoughts?

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Cofftea said

Matcha always works for me. Until then (and even now once I’ve had my 1 serving of matcha that I allow myself) I went for Adagio’s ginseng green. For an extra kick, prepare an 8oz glass (the equivalent of 4 servings) using premium sencha parameters: 2TB tea leaves steeped in 160 degree water for 1.5min.

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Carolyn said

I’ve been using either The Simple Leaf’s Mountain Malt or Adagio’s Black Dragon Pearls when I need a kick in the seat of my pants. I’ve also used Golden Moon’s Pu-erh Chai, which is nicely stern.

If you want to maximize your morning caffeine, my recommendation is two cups of black tea with no resteeps.

I agree that most bagged teas don’t compare to the taste of loose leaf, but like anything it depends on the individual teas.

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Bethany said

I usually do either Teavana’s MateVana or SpecialTeas’ East Friesian Broken Blend when I need a boatload of caffeine.

Samantha said

I love both of those in the morning. You rule.

SoccerMom said

I too do Teavana’s Matevana always blended with either Teavana’s Rooibos Chai or My Morning Mate.

Samantha said

I’ve been hearing a lot about blending MateVana with Rooibos Chai. My dear mommy bought me 2oz of Rooibos Chai the other day as a gift, I can’t wait to try the blend.

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Erynn said

My personal fave is Floating Leaves House Black, a loose black tea with a lovely deep malty taste and a strong body. I take it steeped longer than usual (4-6 mins? I never really time it) and with half and half.

I do like yerba mate sometimes, but the different chemical composition can make me jittery and I have enough problems with my hands shaking at the best of times so I have to go easy on it. I do the mate prep in a gourd in the traditional manner, though with somewhat less mate than would be used, and sip through a bamboo straw. The metal ones just burn my lips.

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52teas said

You should consider our RadioactiviTEA: http://www.52teas.com/2009/06/08/060809-radioactivitea/

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Matcha seems like a very unique drinking experience but I think I’ll hold off on that for now.

Mountain Malt seems good, it seems the “malty” blends always have the most caffeine.

MateVana doesn’t quite appeal to me because it is described as tasting like coffee. But the Broken Blend seems very good.

The House Black seems good too, although the description seems more general black\

And to 52 Teas, I did already look at Radioactivitea as I said in my initial post

Thank you all for you Replies! I just made my first order from Adagio and very excited for its delivery!

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rabbysmom said

Late in reply, but this morning 2 cups of Twining’s Irish Breakfast did the trick! What did you get from Adagio? Did you order the tea maker too?

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I used to have Twinning’s bagged Irish Breakfast, and I did enjoy it alot, almost persuaded myself to get the IB on Adagio.

I’m kind of short on money so I just got a PersonaliTea, a 4oz Tin of Earl Grey Bravo, and 4oz Bag of Chamomile for nighttime

but I like the personalitea it seems very useful for its low price, I looked at many retailers and Adagio seemed to have the best deals on teaware, and on the tea itself in most cases

Cofftea said

Don’t forget that for every $1 you spend you get a frequent point- but that’s only if you buy directly from them.

rabbysmom said

I had never seen the Personalitea! The reaveiws are really good. Wonder how easy it is compared to the Ingenuitea one? Let us know when you get your shipment and how it works for you.

Cofftea said

I haven’t used the PersonaliTEA- not really into something I can’t set to an exact temp if I’m going to go the kettle route. But the advantages of the ingenuiTEA (which I do have- and LOVE) are:
Microwave safe (great for work)
Light weight
No need for a pot because you put the leaves right in (which lead to the sub-advantages of portability, convienience, ease of resteeping, and cleanliness of resteeping)

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Yeah I could have gotten the ingenuity but I only had $30 to spend and I wanted to spend more on tea than teaware, the PersonaliTea will be more than sufficient for my use. Unfortunetly because I ordered on Wednesday, and UPS and FedEx dont work on New Years/New Years Eve my order wont be shipped until Monday, and wont get to me til Wednesday =(

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You should check out First Flush Darjeeling!

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