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Share Your Orders Thread

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Chizakura said

I’ve just placed my very first Teavivre order. :D With that, and the Butiki Teas order yesterday, that’ll conclude my orders for this month. (unless I break my rule, which I’d better not xD)

100g Golden Monkey
100g Bailin Gongfu Black Tea (though I’m a rebel and will be brewing it western)
Free sample Yun Nan Dian Hong Black Tea
Sample size Lapsang Souchong

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Sil select said

So it’s not June..but it wasn’t exactly a tea order. :) My other half approved it but we picked up 4 cups from verdant – 2 as a gift for my parents :)

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I just bought my birthday present (it’s less than a week away) from Verdant:

Jingdezhen Tall Lotus Gaiwan
Jingdezhen Red Lotus Tea Cup
Earl of Anxi sample
Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha sample

Oh man. I’m so tempted by that Gaiwan and cup. But I keep backing out since it’s my first gaiwan and I’m unsure about it. Lol.
I should just get them call it a birthday present for myself too since mine’s at the end(ish) of the month. XD Though I was eyeing this owl teapot and cup set. /ponders/

It’s my first gaiwan also. I’ve been wanting one for months, and I’m super excited to receive it and brew some finer teas. Also, the design appeals to me waaaay much more than what I’ve seen so far, and I’ve done quite a bit of searching.

Happy purchase is happy <3


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MissLena said

Ok, so I know I’m in Vegas and supposed to be partying and what not..but I saw the teawares come up on Verdant and I have been waiting for a gaiwan for sooo long! So yes, I just placed an order from my hotel room :P

Jingdezhen Tall Pond Gaiwan
Eight Treasures Yabao – 1 oz
Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha – 7 g
Bergamot Rose Laoshan Black – 7 g

Kittenna said

Ahaha, I read that as “so I know I’m Vegan and supposed to be partying and what not”… was wondering what special vegan holiday was going on that I was unaware about… until I reread it.

Also, way to buy tea on vacation :P

Chizakura said

@Kittena I did the exact. Same thing. xD

Hmm, now I should look up their teaware. It seems everyone’s buying, I must admit I’m curious.

Edit: Pout-arama! Those jars were so beautiful! I would’ve loved to have had one of each. But alas they’re all sold. I knew I should’ve looked sooner! Dx

MissLena said

@kittena and chizakura, haha woo vegan party! Lol nope, in sin city buying tea, that’s me! :)

The teawares are gorgeous and so hard to resist!

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alarickc said

My first order from Silver Tips Tea:
1/2 lb Makaibari 1st Flush 2013 Darjeeling

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Pia M said

Yippee! More tea on the way:

Simpson & Vail – Lilac Bouquet, Toasted Nut Cafe, Victorian Early Grey, Vietnam Black
Kusmi – Anastasia
Davids Tea – Coffee Pu’erh, Read My Lips

Can’t Wait!

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I’m on vacation in a cabin, huddling in the only corner that has a wifi signal, so I can order some spring laoshan green from verdant, as well as an adorable tiny fish and lotus tea cup! Squee! :)

I’m waiting for the Yunnan White Jasmine to restock. It’s amazing :(

It really was! I concur

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graceatblb said

Tea buying hiatus has officially been busted.

From Amazon
Sun’s Tea Glass Tea Tumbler

From Mandala Tea
4 oz of Special Dark pu’er—not on the site yet but Garret took pity on me.

oooh, curious about that pu’er!

graceatblb said

Me too! I have been obsessing about it since Garret mentioned it on Facebook.

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teapot1 said

I am on a tea buying hiatus, BUT…I needed this to brew up all the iced tea I’m drinking.

Tealizzy said

Ooh, I might have to get that!!

Tealizzy said

I just got it! :)

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Tealizzy said

So, I wasn’t planning on buying anything, but teapot1 got me interested in that flash chill iced tea steeper and someone else on here ordered a nice bonavita variable temperature kettle, and I didn’t have either, so I went for it! I also finally ordered a tin of Nina’s Paris grand amour tea while I was at it! Woohoo!!

teapot1 said

I saw great comments on this pitcher in a discussion thread HERE, and the Amazon comments are solid…I can’t wait to make my first pitcher of iced tea in it!!! Woohoo:)

What color did you choose?

Tealizzy said

Ya, the comments did look good, and I wanted something super easy. I got the raspberry one. So cute!

Dinosara said

Hope you love the kettle, I’m digging mine! Make sure you do at least three pots full of boiling water first to get some of the factory smell out of it (they recommend it in the instructions) After three I didn’t taste anything weird in the water.

Tealizzy said

Thanks for the tip, Dinosara!

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