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The site has been extremely slow for me all day, too. At one point, I saw that I was logged in (could see my Dashboard and avatar) but if I looked up in the right hand corner, it indicated I was not logged in and I was not able to comment anywhere, nor was I able to actually log in.

Yes, I realize this is all a work in progress and probably others, like Dustin, are having similar issues.

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wuwei4days said

many big thanks for the efforts! -after months being locked out (timeout error 503) im very happy to be able to access my account now. Perhaps something to do with my proximity in the Oceania region… the site is begrudgingly chugging along. Am okay to be patient, but often timeout and re-load is required.
Am a bit more annoyed by the twice daily security check. Regardless of browser, I am faced with cloudfare/hCaptcha ‘[] i am human’ >> ‘select all the boats’ game with each re-entry to steepster site.
Anyhow… am quite happy to have account access again and appreciate the work being put in. Thankyou

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Angrboda said

I had a few initial captcha related issues where it would hang at the ‘checking your browser’ bit, but then it very suddenly took a turn for the better. Not superfast, still, but defintiely getting there.

Will we at some point get an introduction to all these new names and faces in charge of running the site?

Seconding this – I would very much like to “meet” the new admin team. So far, I’ve made note of Michael, Tom, and Ilya but I’d like to know if there’s anyone else and what everyone’s expected role will be.

Angrboda said

Yes, and who or how to contact with this, that or the other problem or suggestion.

Ilya Kreymerman admin said

Roswell, Tom and myself will be handling the technical aspects of the site. You will also hear from Ashley (who post under the Adagio Teas moniker) with non-technical updates.

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pine1.1 said

Many big thanks from my part as well for the effort.

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LuckyMe said

Thank you for the update Ilya. I’ve experienced some slowness recently but I’ve also noticed fewer errors and less spam so your efforts are definitely making a noticeable difference. Will try posting some tasting notes on here again soon.

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Thank you for the update. I’m excited to see a mobile version of Steepster. That will be incredibly useful.

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Noting that I have also experienced some fluctuation in the speed of the site over the last week; some days it works quite fast for me and others it’s very slow…

I haven’t seen anyone else mention this, but a new “issue” that I’ve been facing (possibly related to site slowness) is that when I click on my notices from the dashboard about half the time it just never loads – similar to how some users describe posting tasting notes/comments just indefinitely posting/loading.

I also having the “Notices” issue, intermittently.

Notices are troublesome for me as well. But that’s the smallest issue in last days. But now the website runs quite smoothly.

Ilya Kreymerman admin said

We are aware of the fluctuations with the site’s general speed and are still tracking it down. We think it’s a combination of the database being quite large as well as constantly getting scraped by bots that causes the slowdown. Will continue to investigate.

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mrmopar said

I can’t access my notices on the dashboard page. I get the spinning wheel that doesn’t go anywhere.

Same for me @mrmopar. The site is a bit faster today but it still ‘lags.’

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Question for the Tech Team-how does one review tea places? I see that it’s possible to add one and to edit an existing one, but (to me) there is no way to write a review. Am I missing something? I ask because Random Tea Room is on the Places list and while it got positive reviews 9 years ago, it’s a filthy hole now and prospective
visitors should be forewarned. Also not able to review The Dandelion. It’s over priced and not terribly authentic, but good fun and very clean.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever known how to do it either, in all my time on Steepster. I have reviewed tea shops I’ve visited on vacations, but always did write ups just on my “normal” tea journal using the “Random Steepings” catch all to talk about them, which isn’t going to be searchable or all that useful to prospective visitors of those places, understandably (though at least I got my thoughts on those visits preserved and can easily move them elsewhere if needed…)

Odd. It looks like there was a way to review tea places at some point in the past. Other than a few of the big hotels and Chinatown, there are very few places where I live that cater to tea drinking, so I guess my inability to review any of them is not going to imperil humanity.

Dustin said

I’ve reviewed a few tea rooms in years past, but it’s been so long that I don’t recall how it’s done. I thought it was just like doing a tea review where you find the tea room’s page and click a button to pull up a review pop up.

AJ said

To review a tea place, click into the Place’s profile, then click the amount of ‘stars’ you want to rate it at. This will pop up a dialogue for typing your review in. It’s not intuitive because for some reason it’s styled rather differently from how you review a tea.

You also can’t post any ‘new’ reviews of a place you’ve already reviewed, only change your existing review.

Ilya Kreymerman admin said

Sadly, we haven’t even started looking at that part of the site. We are still mucking around with users and discussions at the moment.

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Thanks, AJ. Your directions were perfect. : )

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