david said

That feeling when you know you...

know you have an amazing steep of tea waiting for you at the office and are stuck in bumper to bumper traffic…

you have any?

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When you know one of your favorite teas is waiting for you at the post office, but there’s no way you’ll make it there before they close.

Claire said

Argh, I hate that!

Sounds like my biggest problems this week!

Not being able to get to the post office on Saturday is twice as bad because then you have to wait until Monday.

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Lala said

When you get a call from UPS saying they cannot deliver your tea order because your address does not exist – and really what happened was the delivery driver couldnt find your house because he was on the wrong street.

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When your cup of water is in the microwave, forgotten about, and now you can’t get to it so it just sits there, tea-less and alone!

david said

that’s great

K S said

Aahhh, that makes me so sad.

tperez said

Aww, poor cup! :P

poor water being put through the microwave :\

lol @yappy

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James R said

I work in an IT office so I hate it when I brew up a nice cup, and then get called to go on site somewhere. Sometimes I’ll just delay it like 10 minutes to finish it.

david said

Happens all the time! Let me call you back sir… continue tea drinking

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Azzrian said

your ADDICTED to tea – you feel the jitters coming on … you KNOW that you NEED not want but NEED tea NOW! You can’t focus, you are getting cranky, your eyes roll back in your head, palms begin to sweat, you look around nervously for ANY kind of tea, ANYWHERE …..


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gmathis said

Reading these makes me wince!

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when spending time with a “tea loving” friend whose taste in tea is limited to what you go out of your way to avoid, and though you want to socialize, your “good tea” is Down The Street….and just out of reach.(Oh, and since BOTH of you are Southern, it goes without saying that it is all kinds of awkward not to drink tea together)

david said

Gotta share the wealth!!

I try. She accepts whatever I gift her, but won’t use loose leaf otherwise cause she can’t afford it.

I have a friend like that. I love EGs and oolongs and she hates them both! We always end up with some artificially flavored dessert tea from davids teas. :C

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TEArender said

you can try and plant a plant that can grow free, but a man who’s ben transplanted can’t. A little bit hard pressed here because I would not even think of leaving without my thermos full of jasmine from the chinyyse store

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That feeling when you bring tea to work, happily waiting to test it but giant problems keep happening preventing you from taking a lunch… and getting anywhere near your tea.

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you are out and realize that you weren’t able to bring any tea and there is no fastfood that has a decent cuppa

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