Chizakura said

So just how much caffeine is in guayusa?

I drink copious amounts of black tea, and aside from it keeping me awake at night if I have it at 8:30PM or later (I go to bed between 10:00-10:30P) it doesn’t affect me. Now and then at work, I have to do coffee tastings. Those affect me so badly, I feel like I could just keel over and die from being so headachey, jittery and sick to my stomach after one cup. (yeah, I’m a wimp)

Is guayusa closer to black tea in caffeine content, or to coffee? I realize it’s not an exact science as some black teas have more caffeine than other blacks, but I just mean roughly. There are a few guayusa blends I’m very curious about, but I’m afraid they might make me die. xD Haha. And I don’t really want to just try it and find out the hard way, you know?
Thanks for any help on this :)

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Definitely higher caffeine than black tea, but it doesn’t make me jittery like coffee does. I’d be careful with it though! Have you tried Yerba mate? It’s similar :) I’d offer to send you a sample but I don’t currently have any guayusa!

Chizakura said

I haven’t tried Yerba mate either. Otherwise I feel like I’d have a better idea.

I appreciate the thought, thanks :)

Dustin said

Caffeine (and pretty much any other drug for that matter) effect everyone so differently that I think you might have to brave it to figure it out. Try it early in the morning.

Chizakura said

That’s quite true. But at the same time, I’m kinda scared, haha. It’s not just the not wanting to stay awake too long, I’m worried if it’ll make me feel SICK like coffee does.

Courtney said

Guayusa, as far as I know, has a similar caffeine amount to coffee. Personally it doesn’t give the same caffeine high and crash like coffee does. I absolutely love guayusa. I mix it with so many of my other teas to give it different flavours, or I enjoy it straight. Usually I have a cup each morning. I have some I could send you if you’d like to give it a go.

Serenity said

I really can’t tolerate coffee: the caffeine is way too strong. I have recently tried Guayusa and it did not make me feel jittery and ill the way coffee does, at ALL. Same with Yerba Mate. And no blood sugar crash, which I can even get from my beloved black teas, at times. Best wishes, and if you wish to try some, I would like to suggest having a bit of food with it, that first time and drinking water a little at a time for the next few hours, just to stay hydrated.

A cup of straight guayusa contains about 90 mg of caffeine per cup, which is about (or less than) a cup of coffee but also lower than some cups of matcha. For me personally, I don’t get jittery but feel more alert and focused.

Chizakura said

Ah okay, thanks for all the helpful words everyone. :) I appreciate the insight. I think I’ll pass on the guayusa. I wasn’t really looking for an up in caffeine anyway, it was more the curiosity of how it tastes, and I think I’d rather not risk the horrid caffeinated feeling. Definitely glad I asked before I tried.

Lynxiebrat said

Having to do coffee tastings? shudders I couldn’t stand it. As for black teas, I have to quit drinking it past 4-pm. White and herbals/rooibos is what I stick to after then. It’s tough because evening, particularly late evening is when I most enjoy drinking tea.

Chizakura said

Neither can I. Dx I just choke the coffee down during those. I hate both the taste, and how ill it makes me feel.

I know what you mean, I always want a bedtime tea, but it’s gotta be a tisane, or else I’ll be laying awake regretting.

MissLena said

Hello! I am also very bad with coffee, I actually quit caffeine entirely for a whole year it bothered my stomach so much. Probably also from the energy drinks i used to consume quite often, bleck. I still don’t have it, but I’ve tried both guayusa and mate, after a lot of apprehension as well. I actually found that both were not bad for caffeine for me, altho I did not have mate straight, just in a blend. Personally I found guayusa a bit more awakening and gave me a few jitters, but the mate was just tasty, but that might be the blend, it was honeydew mate by davidstea, which also has green rooibos in it. But they affect everyone differently. I know I still can’t handle strong black teas, they are just too hard on my tummy at times lol. If you are unsure about trying it don’t make yourself, I know I was very nervous when I finally decided it was time to. You might want to at some point in the future as well :)

Lynxiebrat said

I’ve only tried Yerba Mate….I couldn’t stand the taste. I do like Caribean Calypso Mate tea from Teavana, and according to the store employee it has mate in it, but it doesn’t taste like it. and never tried it at night. heh.

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