Traveling Butiki Educational Box

I’m putting this in General Discussions since it is not promotional, but feel free to reclassify it if appropriate.

We have a ton of samples and would like to do a little spring cleaning. The vast majority of these teas are not teas we sell. We would like to lump them in groups, so that they could be tasted at the same time so one could draw a conclusion about type of tea or location. For instance, we could lump together 2nd Flush Assams. Most of these will be unlabeled other then generally what they are. For instance, a label might say Assam #1, 2013 2nd Flush. These teas will all be unflavored.

Please note all of our samples are stored together and occasionally we receive unsolicited flavored teas. Due to a slight potential cross contamination we ask that anyone with a serious allergy not participate.

Most of these don’t have dates and we can’t be sure how old they are. We will try to keep this box to teas of higher quality and more recent teas.

Any interest?

Also, we are looking for a curator for this box. Basically, just someone that handles the logistics, rules, and makes sure the box moves along. We would prefer someone who has either started a box or been a participant. We will throw in a little extra bonus for whoever takes charge of the box (provided that there is interest in the box).

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Anna said

Best idea ever! You should probably state that you’re doing US or US/Canada only, if that is the case, and an estimate of the postage cost for the box.

Anna-Not really sure yet. I wouldn’t mind sending a box international but I guess it would depend on if there is an interest and who might be interested. I guess that would be up to the curator. Maybe a large Priority Flat rate? I’m very flexible and would be happy to do whatever is agreed on. For me, the larger the box the better so we can get rid of more samples but still am open.

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Ooh! I’d be interested. And I’d could also keep an eye on it as it goes around if you’d like. Good practice for the box I want to toss together.
Would this be a ‘take something out and put something back’ sort of box, or do you want it entirely just your samples?

Very flexible about that. People could add to the box if they want. Would probably like to keep with the theme of educational, so maybe unflavored teas. Basically, I just wouldn’t want to get the box back, other than that I’m flexible.

Lol. Makes sense. If you don’t want it back, it could be something more like ‘take two out, put one back’ or something?

That could work and as long as the final person isn’t worried about keeping a large box of teas, though they could start another box.

Lol! I’m sure something would be worked out.
Like I said, if there’s enough interest I’d totally be up for overseeing this travel around. I’m already following you so if you want you can send me a pm about it if you decide to let me curate it. ^^

Fantastic, I dub you curator (provided there is enough interest). I’ll send you a quick PM.

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I can’t even tell you how much I would love to do this.

Great! :)

Thanks, we emailed yesterday if it’s easier for you to contact me there. (Judith about the raspberry truffle).

Marzipan-Shawdowfall will be doing the contacting. :)

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One other thing, there won’t be any Taiwanese black teas because those all go home with me. :D

Well, lucky you! :D

Indeed! :) Shhh, don’t tell anyone, Taiwan is my favorite child. :D

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I would also be interested! Especially that recently I have been thinking of educating myself more about non-Chinese black teas. This seems like a great opportunity!

Excellent! There will definitely be a lot of Indian black teas. Not sure what else because I haven’t been through the sample boxes yet but definitely a lot from India.

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Cheri select said

This does sound like fun. I’d love to be involved.

Excellent! :)

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Sil select said

As the unofficial person that twisted stacy’s rubber arm to do this… I am all in as far as participation goes :)



Haha, yeah in general I have a pretty rubber arm. Thank you 3 for the input and getting me moving on this.

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I would love to be a part of this too. I’ve mostly been trying dessert teas as I’m still a bit of a newbie, but would love to learn more about unflavored teas and what my preferences are with them.
What an awesome idea!

That’s great! :)

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yyz said

Would love to participate as well..

Fantastic! Looks like there are plenty of people for a box now. :)

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I’d love to join if I can mail within the US! I have started a teabox and have participated in others. Love it! thanks so much!

Excellent! Glad you can participate in this one. :)

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