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This was one of the samples I apparently ordered in my sleep one night. I did a good job! I didn’t really know much other than “black tea” but if I had to guess, given my limited experience, I would have guessed a Yunnan just from looking at the leaf. I love Yunnans so that’s good! I can’t say that it’s so very different from others that I have had, but it was a very enjoyable cup and obviously a high quality tea.


The Jin Jun Meis that I have tried were super honey tasting!


Jin Jun Mei is usually Fujian :))


Oh good, see, I learned something today!


I find it really confusing too – for a long time I thought that Yunnans were my favorite style of black teas, then I learned that most of my favorite Yunnans were actually Fujian. If you like Yunnan, you will probably like Fujian too. :))


I have been reading the Harney book to self educate a bit, but I haven’t made it past the white chapter yet ;)

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This tea has been hanging out in my countertop basket for a few weeks, and on a whim I picked it up today.

Thoughts on the packaging: It’s quite adorable! I love the blue and the whimsical pictures. I found myself wondering if someone had to hand tie all of those little strings and what they did to deserve being punished like that. Now, here’s a serious question. I only have these little sample thingies and not full sized packages from them. But are they all packaged this way? Because I was dismayed to find that once I cut the top off of the little zip loc baggie, there went the label with the type of tea. I went ahead and used it all in one steeping since there was no way to put it back with the rest of the sample. And boy howdy, was there a lot of leaf! I also wish there was a recommendation as far as steep length and leaf amount on the tag (it just had temp in C).

So anyway, the tea. I went 3 minutes out of habit, although I was really thinking maybe I should cut it short due to the large amount of leaf. There were quite a few stems in there too, and maybe that’s normal for an Indonesian tea, I don’t know.

But damn, I really liked the end result! I sort of expected it to be just another black tea, but it had a unique flavor profile. I wish I could be better at picking out flavors but I sort of stink at it once we get past the really obvious ones. There are so many people on here who seem to be able to say a tea tastes like a 1972 naugahyde and such, but not me. The best I could come up with was that it tasted maybe a little fruity, but dark fruits, or possibly vegetal. I know, I suck. But the tea was great!


I really liked this one too!

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I really wasn’t sure about this tea, but I quite like it! I get so used to drinking only heavy black teas that sometimes I have to back up and appreciate something else for what it is.

First off, this is an oolong. Secondly, most of the oolongs I drink are heavily oxidized and I’d put this somewhere in the middle. Third, I usually do oolongs Gong Fu but the tin said 5 minute steep (really?) and nothing else. No temperature, no proportions, nothing. But I figured 5 minutes really needed to be western style, so I did that.

I admit that after a couple of minutes I started to get antsy, but I made myself go with their suggestion.

It’s nice! Not so green, not bitter at all, full flavor (more delicate than I’m used to but still nice). I get more almond than orange, but there were orange peels in the mix so I get it a little bit around the edges. I’m surprised how nice this is.

Thanks again to Cookie for going out of her way to get these Fauchon teas to me.


That sounds wonderful! My fave Fauchon tea is La Naissance, which has almond in it as well.

Cameron B.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this one too. When I saw that it was oolong it was definitely an “uh-oh…” but it was great in the end. :)


I’m sort of smacking my lips, it’s embarrassing. :)

Steph, we will be sort of near you Sunday, we are going to a board game thing at the gaming guild on First Ave if you want to run by and pick up your teas.

Cameron B.

I need to try it at 5 minutes. I did 3 for my brew (I don’t have the tin so I just went with it) and I got a lot of orange and not much almond. More almond please! :)


Oh nice! Yeah I might be able to do that, Marzipan. You’ll have to make a list of what you’d like me to bring for you as well. All I remember for sure is Shiva’s Breakfast! :D


It starts at 1, we’ll be there a few hours – but probably not until 7 when it ends. I have so much tea, don’t worry about bringing more ;)


I usually go to my parents for lunch on Sundays. I’ll likely have the dog with me and won’t want to leave her in the car long, but I’ll try to stop by! Yay!!


Text me and I’ll come out to the car and see the dog ;)



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I received this tea as part of an incredibly generous sample from Angel. Thank you so much!

First off, I love these little foil wrapped samples. They would be ideal for travel or for people who want to keep their tea packaged until the last minute. I know the package says not for sale, but I could see this being an item that some people would love to buy.

The dry leaf smelled familiar, a promising and complex smell that has come to mean “Yunnan” to me.

The package suggested a steep of 2 to 3 minutes. I went with 3 out of habit, but in hindsight I wish I had gone with 2. This is a very powerful tea! Strong and a bit malty, it is a perfect breakfast tea for me. It was both my first and second cup today. Usually I steep my first tea twice, but the second cup was still so strong and dark that I left it for a third steep (I haven’t done it yet).

I really enjoyed it! It’s definitely an early in the day tea for me, and I am looking forward to that next steep.


When you purchase samples from their website, they also come in those cute little foil packs :)

Cameron B.

I’ve really gotten accustomed to having a Yunnan as my first tea of the day. Although generally I always try a new one since Nicole sent me so many kinds! :D

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This was the oolong that made me love both oolongs and Gong Fu. I loved the sample I got from Green Terrace and then reordered more, so it probably is going to be a staple.

I had a crappy conference call with the world’s crankiest old man client and it put me in a bad mood, so I shut down work a little early and looked for my zen in the bottom of a teapot. And, it worked! :)

This is starting to be my go to happy tea.


I will be trying mine soon…

Cameron B.

I love this tea! And it was very good when I did it gong fu style. :D

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I got this in a trade from Shadowfall. I actually like it. It’s not a “knock your woks off” (snicker) sort of flavor black tea, but it’s a strong workhorse kick you in the keester first tea of the day.

My cupboard looks to be really out of date, so I think I might completely empty it and start over. I have been really bad about adding things to it. I think it’s sort of denial, like if I don’t add things to the number they don’t really exist. Or something.

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drank Read My Lips by DAVIDsTEA
219 tasting notes

Well this was interesting. I bought it in Chicago a while back and hadn’t opened it yet. I was looking for a “one steeper” tea so I could drink it once and be done for the day. The husband wanted to play a board game, so we played Dominion. Technically it doesn’t have a board but you get what I mean. I had a marzipan Ritter Sport that I had been hoarding but I shared it with him. That’s love.

Problem was, the candy bar made the tea taste like nothing at all, so I had to finish the candy and then drink a bunch of water before I could appreciate the tea. It was ok. A little thin. I think I expect chocolate drinks to have a thicker mouthfeel. I picked up the mint but interestingly it wasn’t listed on the package.

Might trade this one off, I’m on the fence.


I totally understand you about wanting a denser thicker mouthfeel w/chocolate teas, sometimes i feel that way too. Chocolate and mint are some of my favs though, I enjoy some of the ones blended for Christmas .. Haven’t tried this one yet.


Maybe I’ll add a little milk next time.

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Some people sleepwalk, apparently I sleep tea order. I totally have an email confirmation for this from four days ago, but only vaguely remember ordering it. But it showed up today.

It was a quiet day at work (calm before the storm) and I shut down early and decided to Gong Fu this. Five infusions later, I love it. I can’t say it’s so very different from the Eastern Beauty from Green Terrace, but that could just be my untrained taste buds. It was all yummy and honey fruity awesomeness though. I would definitely order it again.


Sleep tea order. Too funny!


I might be suffering from the same affliction then, marzi…that would explain things.

Cameron B.

I’m really excited to try more oxidized oolongs! Definitely going to pick up a couple from Stacy during her sale. :) That Gui Fei in particular sounds wonderful.

Terri HarpLady

Sleep tea ordering disorder? Without a doubt, I’m a fellow sufferer…I also occasionally go into a Tea Ordering Trance,


Butiki is having a sale!?


I think that sleep tea order thing is contagious on Steepster! I’ve done it!


You are too funny, Marzipan! It’s true: tea-site surfing late at night can be dangerous…


Zzzz….tea….zzzzz… ;)

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Sometimes it’s funny why you drink a certain tea. Last night I had Glitter & Gold, which came in a tiny, almost camera film sized tin (remember camera film?) Really, the dinkiest tin you can imagine. But since I emptied it, I felt compelled to use it again. At a glance I thought I had just enough of this tea to go in there, but there was about one cup’s worth left…so here we are.

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drank Glitter & Gold by DAVIDsTEA
219 tasting notes

When I was a wee tea newbie, this was the first tea that I was absolutely dying to try. Sipping it all down tonight was symbolic of how far I have come, tea-wise. Sparkle pony tea holds a place in my heart but I am pretty much over it, and on to thoroughbreds.


Sparkle pony tea!!! Hahaha <3


hehehe :)


That’s a good way to describe your tea journey. I feel the same, only I’m still going. Pretty ponies to start, and then to racing 2 year olds. I love those racing horses still, but I’m also developing an appreciation for the Clydesdale….

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Mom of two practically grown girls, extremely happily married to a man who is amused by my obsession with tea, and company owner who works from home. Life is good.

Likes/dislikes: I love black teas, especially strong/malty ones. I am ok with flavored teas if the base is strong. I like some whites. I really don’t like any tea that tastes “green” – if I wanted to drink something that tastes like green beans, I would cook some green beans. I am not big on green teas, genmaichas or puerhs (although I’m still trying).

If we are trading, I have a STRONG aversion to coconut, banana and licorice. I love citrus, vanilla and spice. Not a fan of florals.

I own a secret shopping company, and we have a lot of national accounts. If you are interested in being a shopper please send me your location and I’ll see what we have in your area.


Kentucky, in yoga pants.

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