305 Tasting Notes

I bought this a while back during their 50% off sale, and yesterday Stephanie was here, saw it and commanded me to drink it. So, I am!

Karsten came in right after the first rinse and said it smelled like feet. It really did! And, at that point I was a little worried because I’m not so big on feet. I ended up rinsing three times and letting the leaves rest for a while. The fourth steep was really good though! It doesn’t taste like it smells. It’s a little odd, but odd in a good way. I am always proud of myself when I try something new and then like it. It’s like all that preaching I have done to my kids wasn’t a big lie. :D

It’s noon and this is my first tea of the day, and people are lucky they haven’t died by now because I was feeling pretty beastly. But, after a couple of infusions of this I am feeling much better. I could see me restocking this.



yay. its good, its so good. You will get used to it. then you will crave it ;)


Feet! LOLZ!!!! I love rice shou so much :) glad you tried it <3


You were totally right!

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I guess it shouldn’t surprise me much that this tea wasn’t on Steepster yet since it’s from this fall.

Today has been a stinker of a Monday, but this tea is making me giggle madly (in a room by myself). It’s so good, and it is changing my outlook on my day drastically.

Let me back up a minute. This is from my first Yunnan Sourcing monthly box. It came on the best day possible (a day when I was not having a great day and getting tea in the mail helped a lot). I have been really impressed with the whole process really, from Scott’s openness to suggestion from the users here, to his willingness to substitute teas that are my liking. I must say, I feel like what I got was a very good value. These aren’t just samples guys, they are bags of tea. One of them looks like a full 100g, and another is 250g of pu. The others look to be about 25g each. I haven’t weighed them but that’s my eyeball guess.

I knew this tea was going to be good when I opened the package. Fairy dust all over, and that smell. You know the one. The magic malty yummy smell.

I’m not disappointed. The tea is delicious. I definitely need to make sure I watch for this one if it’s on sale for the holiday.


I’m so happy you liked the tea and the whole club experience. Now I just have to wait for mine. It seems to me that today was for Dark Tea Club. Haven’t heard any pu member receiving it. I’ll stop whining for now. Enjoy!


Did you get a tracking number?


I want the dark tea club too. trying to resist for now since I’n unemployed. Feel free to let me know if you’d like to sell some of it ;)

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I am reading the past reviews on this tea with a bit of disbelief, because I loved this. It wasn’t weak at all, and the orange flavor was very foreground. Maybe they have changed the blend a bit?

Anyway, let’s get this out of the way. I love the Kusmi tins. I know, I know. Weird tin fetish. But they are so pretty and distinctive! I ordered a gift set of this because the tin was supposed to be smaller than if it was ordered by itself, so I was surprised to get 125g of it. I probably didn’t read well enough. So, it’s a good thing I love it!

You know I love all things orange, and I love that whole Christmas thing where you stick whole cloves into oranges to make a wonderfully smelling decorative thing. This tea reminds me a bit of that, although it is not heavy on clove. It also reminds me a little bit of a tea I loved when I was a kid. It was called Boston Tea Party, and it came in a little copper colored tin. It was absolutely the fanciest tea available at our small KY town grocery store (think town of 8,000 people). Unfortunately that tea is no longer made.

So anyway. I opened the tin and could smell orange, almond, and spice. There’s no bergamot in this one so the orange smell is just orange, but it smells like fresh oranges to me, not orange candy.

Brewed, I don’t taste the almond. The orange is very foreground and the clove and cinnamon is dancing in the background somewhere. It’s really nicely balanced I think. Now I am really glad I have so much of this one!

Cameron B.

Sample-tize me, cap’n! ;)


Of course!

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This will be a long and chatty note. Our internet went out in the middle of the night Sunday night. We had a freak ice/snow storm and turns out the neighbor’s pain in the neck willow tree screwed up the line. We have been able to tether through our phones to get on for work but it eats up our data so we have been trying to keep it to a minimum. I haven’t been on here much, haven’t been in chat, and I have really missed you guys.

Today was stressful at work. It is the 18th and all of our clients want their projects done early due to the holiday. Normal project cycle is to get it all in before the end of the month, and them nagging and pushing doesn’t make us get anything done any more quickly. It just stresses us out. And, it’s a holiday for us too so of course we would love to be done!

Due to work stress I decided to try this sheng, because I have read about how calming it can be. This sample came from a Steepster friend yesterday. I used 5 g in my fishy gaiwan and did “flash” steeps, as was recommended. I did two rinses. After that, the first couple of steeps were smoky and leathery, but not really in a bad way. After that the tea was much lighter tasting and I started to really enjoy it.

I didn’t get tea drunk like I have with oolong in the past. And to be honest I didn’t think there was much of an effect at all. But about 20 minutes later I was having kitty time and I realized that I was in the most content, blissful and un-stressed state possible. That was the aha moment.

I remember asking the resident Pu heads once if they drink it for the taste or for how it makes them feel. I can really see myself seeking it out for the stress relief. At this point the flavor is still a bit foreign to me, but I am encouraged that I don’t dislike it. I am looking forward to the continued journey.


The taste grows on you for sure. Missed you in chat this week <3


Yay! You didn’t dislike it. It’s a good start ;)


Small steps will be great strides one day!


I missed you in chat, too. And just go slow. If you don’t like an infusion, you can always dump it and see if the next one is better. I know I did that my first few times with pu.

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drank Polka by Betjeman and Barton
305 tasting notes

Another sample from Cameron. I’m not familiar with this company at all. The tea smelled like blackberries. It tastes like a “red fruits” flavored black. It’s not bad but not one I want to order either. Thanks Cam!

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I had really high hopes for this one, but didn’t really love it. I think actually maybe I don’t like chocolate tea all that much, even though I keep thinking I should. This was just odd to me. I was able to finish the cup, but each sip got a hmm from me. I couldn’t figure out exactly what I didn’t like. But, you’ll probably be seeing this in your swap packets since other people love this one!


I think it depends on the chocolate. I’ve found some I like & some I really really don’t.

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I ordered this from Vente Prive. Glad I did since we have gotten news that they are closing. I liked this one a lot! I tried it one evening when we had company. This is company who doesn’t drink tea due to religious reasons, so I was surreptitiously enjoying it while we played a board game.

Oh it’s my move? (sip) oh wow that’s good. Your turn! (sip). Buttery, caramelly. Wow, this is better than I thought.


Your tasting note made me laugh! I can just imagine you sipping your tea quietly while everyone else was focused on the game. :D


It actually makes me sad for them, I have this great stuff that I want to share with them!

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drank Raspberry Macaron by Fauchon
305 tasting notes

I had tried this once before when Stephanie gave me a sample. I liked it ok. Luckily, I liked this even more this time! I admit, I picked out the peppercorns (why are they there anyway?) so I didn’t have that in the tea. But the resulting tea was just light and a little fruity. It was really nice. Oh, and the tin is so pretty!

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Mom of two practically grown girls, extremely happily married to a man who is amused by my obsession with tea, and company owner who works from home. Life is good.

Likes/dislikes: I love black teas, especially strong/malty ones. I am ok with flavored teas if the base is strong. I like some whites. I really don’t like any tea that tastes “green” – if I wanted to drink something that tastes like green beans, I would cook some green beans. I am not big on green teas or genmaichas. I am learning to like puerhs.

If we are trading, I have a STRONG aversion to coconut, banana and licorice. I love citrus, vanilla and spice. Not a fan of florals.

I own a secret shopping company, and we have a lot of national accounts. If you are interested in being a shopper please send me your location and I’ll see what we have in your area.


Kentucky, drowning in tea.

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