352 Tasting Notes

I think maybe Cameron sent this to me – thanks Cam! I actually really like it.

I am making myself go through my sample basket and get rid of some of the stuff that is just hanging around, so that’s my theme this week. I packed this up to bring on campus. When I smelled the leaf it didn’t smell like much (actually didn’t smell like anything), so to be honest I wasn’t very excited about it. I figured it was old and wouldn’t taste good. Surprise! I could smell it while it was brewing and I got definite citrus notes from it.

As I drink it, it’s making me happy. I would reorder this. It’s a bit of bergamot and a bit of lemon. Just citrus-y but not overly so, and very nice and satisfying.

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Sad sipdown. I really liked this one.

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drank Jamais Vu by Nina's Paris
352 tasting notes

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Sipdown! I’m sure it won’t be the last we see of each other.

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drank Pomme d'Amour by Dammann Freres
352 tasting notes

So, to recap. I ordered 17 different Dammann Freres teas, and this is the last one. As of today I have tried them all. Some are absolutely delicious, others are just good. It seems to me that their teas that have several flavors are better than the ones that are just orange black, for example.

In the 10 days or so since I got the order I have picked this tea up and put it down maybe a dozen times. I just couldn’t bring myself to choose it over other things or get excited about it. Now I am wondering WHY?

This is. So. Good. I was brewing it on campus, and started to smell it and it was like a punch to the face. Yummy! Then I tasted it and I don’t know what I expected, maybe plain apple tea? But this tastes like a lightly spiced, buttery, caramel drizzled apple turnover straight out of the oven. So, so good. Definitely one of my favorites from the whole batch.


Sounds amazing!

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drank Mangoustan by Dammann Freres
352 tasting notes

I was really excited to order this, because I don’t think I have ever seen a mangosteen tea before. If I’m being honest, my experience with mangosteen has been limited to a Greek yogurt with a mangosteen add in, and I liked that.

The funny part was, I mentioned this to my daughter (19, tea lover) and she asked me what mangosteen tastes like, and I had no idea what to tell her. So I went to Google and typed in, “What does mangosteen taste like?” What I learned is that unless a person has eaten one in Asia, fresh, they have no idea. It seems that mangosteen flavoring doesn’t taste anything like the actual fruit, and mangosteens don’t travel well enough for anyone on this side of the world to have the actual experience. I saw a funny anecdote that Queen Victoria offered a large cash award to anyone who could get one to her in pristine condition, and no one ever collected the money.

So anyway, it’s a nice tea. A little fruity, definite black base. Worth trying but maybe not a reorder for me.


Having been to China during mangosteen season: they taste amazing. A fresh light sweet with a touch of floral and “tropical”. Almost like a really good high mountain oolong minus the “green” flavor! I ate them up!


I have found “fresh” mangosteen at an Asian market before. They were pretty good and were a juicy version of the freeze dried ones that Trader Joe’s once had. Interesting to find it in a tea!

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I love this tea. I’m a big fan of marzipan (surprise?) and almond flavoring in general. Loved Butiki’s Almond Indulgence and this tea reminds me a lot of that, which is great since I can’t get the Butiki one anymore. This is all delicious almond flavor with a tea base that doesn’t overpower it.

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drank Agrumes by Dammann Freres
352 tasting notes

This is fine, nothing wrong with it. It’s just a citrusy black tea. It doesn’t wow me like many of the others that they have. Definitely not a reorder but it’s good enough to drink.


i keep meaning to say, if you like hazelnut/chocolate..you might want to consider charlotte au chocolat for your group order.


My biggest concern was that people said it tastes smoky, do you think so?


i never noticed the smoke to be honest. Mind you, i don’t mind smokey teas but i don’t recall finding it smoky. the other one that we recently tried via tea friends was their salted caramel oolong. I’m not a huge fan of oolongs but this one was buttery caramel goodness lol


I need a group of tea friends like that!

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This has flavors of blackberry, black current and blueberry (which is not a black fruit!) Usually I don’t care much for blueberry flavored things, but this blend tasted more of blueberry than the others. And surprise – I liked it!


Oooh, that sounds very appealing!


I really like black currant. Yum.

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drank Figue Fraîche by Dammann Freres
352 tasting notes

This is ok, nothing outstanding. Although I’m not getting much fig flavor at all. It’s coming out a little bit as it cools but I don’t know that I would have been able to identify the flavoring if I tried it blind. There is nothing offensive about it, just a nice comforting cup. I won’t reorder though.

Sandra Vdplaats

did you get Jardin Blue? I have it at home, it’s yum, and a very close resemblance to MG Marco Polo…
enjoy all your teas!! Seems fun to be trying out so many new tastes :)


I haven’t tried that one, but might need to order it now.

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Mom of two practically grown girls, extremely happily married to a man who is amused by my obsession with tea, and company owner who works from home. Life is good.

Likes/dislikes: I love black teas, especially strong/malty ones. I am ok with flavored teas if the base is strong. I like some whites. I really don’t like any tea that tastes “green” – if I wanted to drink something that tastes like green beans, I would cook some green beans. I am not big on green teas or genmaichas. I am learning to like puerhs.

If we are trading, I have a STRONG aversion to coconut, banana and licorice. I love citrus, vanilla and spice. Not a fan of florals.

I own a secret shopping company, and we have a lot of national accounts. If you are interested in being a shopper please send me your location and I’ll see what we have in your area.


Kentucky, drowning in tea.

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