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Nice, really nice. It’s not as sweet as the Goomtee second flush from the GTT subscription, but it’s quite tasty. I like the finish.

I’m so glad I was working from home today. I just have been pulling a different tea out of my box of new teas all day long. It’s been fun! I never quite knew what I would get next.

Cameron B.

That sounds fun, maybe I’ll do that with the samples I have that I haven’t tried yet. :P

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I had to dig around to find this one, because Nothing is quite listed as I would expect it to be for Golden Tips Teas. That said, I found it. Yay me!

I really liked this one as it cooled. But even hot, it was quite nice. Surprisingly, not quite as nice as the second flush goomtee that I had before it. I will enjoy the rest of this tea that I have.

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And now I understand what people were saying about second flush teas. Yep.

My first sip. Sweet. Grape. Yep, I finally get it.

I did not expect to do more than casually like this tea, to be honest, but I knew I had to try it and give it a chance.

I really, really like this tea. I want more.

It’s sweet and slightly floral. I now know what people mean when they say “muscatal” when they’re talking about this tea. It really did remind me of those muscat grapes. Amazing.

I was worried that this subscription wouldn’t be right for me, but I guess I’m really growing as a tea lover. Sorry, Marzipan, I won’t be sending this one to you.


I’m glad to watch the journey :)

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I couldn’t resist this tea just for the name when I placed my Whispering Pines Tea order the other day. It’s not one that I probably would have picked otherwise, even though I’m working to expand my tea horizons.

I’m glad I did. I will be honest, I don’t quite get most of the flavors that my favorite tea hobbit talks about with this one in his descriptions. I do get that baked bread kind of flavor, though. It’s a step.

I do like it. It’s got a rich, bready flavor that makes me hungry for breakfast.

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It has been a lousy kind of day today. So I’ve been drinking WP teas to keep me company. They’re the bright spot to my day. Definitely.

This tea has been keeping me company all day. Creamy and buttery, green and barely floral and slightly nutty. Yum in a cup.

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Brenden threw in a sample of this with my recent WP order. This morning, trying to get out the door and realizing I needed more tea at work, but having no time to deal with pulling out anything and no space for anything but sample sizes, I grabbed this and hoped for the best.

It’s really good.

I love jasmine teas. I love green teas. This is a beautiful jasmine blend. It’s not too too jasmine, but it’s still definitely jasmine. Beautifully jasmine. Deliciously jasmine. Dance on my tongue jasmine.

It kept me company all morning. On the website, there are directions for 3 infusions, but I got 4 for sure. I thought about doing a fifth, except I them knocked the brew basket off my desk and decided I didn’t want to use the leaves that were now all over my cubicle carpeting again. (Other than tea, this has been my day.)

180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 6 OZ / 177 ML
Cameron B.

Aw, I’m glad you had a lovely tea to keep you company when the rest of your day wasn’t going well. Hooray for tea! <3


I’ve decided it’s a Whispering Pines Tea day, and that always makes a day better. Right now I’m on hold with the auto body shop that has had my MINI Cooper for 7 weeks as of today….. Sip sip sip. Ah, that makes me feel somewhat better.

Cameron B.

Wow, what are they doing to it that takes seven weeks?!

Go for the wee snaily yums! ;)


I don’t have the snaily yums. I’m still just learning to appreciate black teas, so I worry that the deliciousness might be lost on me. I’m working my way there.

I was in an accident on the interstate, and I decided to have some other damage fixed at the same time. They’ve gotten wrong parts in multiple times, and they’ve screwed up the new graphics they’re installing big time. (Some of the graphics had to be redone because of accident damage, so I decided to use it as an opportunity to have all new graphics done. They’ve been the same for 5-6 years now.) So I’m not a happy camper about that…but the WP oolong I’ve moved to….YUMMY!

Cameron B.

Psh, I’m definitely not a black tea expert either! I should send you some of the yums! I know, I’ll put some in the TTB for you. :) I hope you get your car back soon, and I hope it looks super snazzy with the new graphics!


You are way too sweet, Cameron. Sure! Thanks!!!

Cameron B.

Happy to share, it’s one of my favorites! :D

hippiechick 42

Sorry for the awful day. :( Happy about the tea though, I too love jasmine.

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I ordered this quite a while ago as part of the pu-er sampler from TeaVivre. Then it sat because I decided I wasn’t ready for it.

Today, I decided I was ready.

So I brought it to work, and I’m pseudo gongfu-ing it, following the gaiwan steeping directions from their website.

The first few infusions after rinsing were still…not quite right. Heavy, kind of earthy. Something that just wasn’t quite right for me. I couldn’t identify what that was. It was just an off flavor for me. It was just kind of bitterish. The aroma, on the other hand, really nice. I admit it, I dumped out half of the third. It just wasn’t working for me.

Starting with the 4th steeping…I started to really dig this tea. Woody, a little sweetish. Different. And it’s getting better with each infusion.

By the tenth infusion, it’s starting to really mellow out, sweeter and tasty. That woody is almost gone. I can’t stop drinking this tea. But I’m only half way there.

And yes, this is a lot of tea I’m drinking. The worst part is that it’s not actually waking me up.

And there’s some flavor here that I just don’t know how to describe. It’s interesting. Unique. I like it a lot. What it is? Gah. I hate this. It’s driving me crazy that I can’t identify it.

But I am downing cup after cup of this tea like a mad woman. It’s good. It’s really good. (Well, after the first few infusions, anyway.)

And maybe that energy is starting to come.

And I keep drinking this tea.

Nom nom nom nom nom!

All this tea nomminess is mine!

I wish I had more time (and a bigger bladder.) Unfortunately, the fifteenth infusion will have to be my last.

This beautiful sheng has kept me company at work all afternoon. It has made a crazy draggy day seem to go a little faster.

But I am officially a sheng pu-erh lover.


(Maybe you should consider that girly pink catheter)


Fifteenth! Wow.


The Tea had more to give, even after 15. I threw the leaves in for a cold brew with my leaves from the morning. (yes, girly pink would work. Might be necessary.)


Awesome review! This is helpful since I am new to pu’erh. I would have given up after 3 steeps. Glad you kept going!!!


TeaVivre says this one is good for at least 22 on their website.


22 infusions? Wow!!!!


sheng high fives!

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I got a sample of this tea from mj and after having some brownie I decided that I would have this tea.

It’s really deep, dark chocolate in flavor. Not quite enough almondy goodness for me. Ah well. I wonder how this would be with milk, but I don’t have any here at work. I will take the rest of this sample back home and try with milk.


It’s good with milk! Not enough almond for me either though.


It’s another one that smells outstanding. Maybe with a little bit of almond extract and milk. Hmmm……………

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drank Strawberry Oolong by Capital Teas
295 tasting notes

This is a bonus sample from mj

The dry leaf smells really pretty. It didn’t smell fake. It didn’t smell overwhelming, either.

The tea itself wasn’t too too strawberry, but it also muddled the flavor of the oolong. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m also for not a big fan of strawberry, warm or cold. I’m also not huge into the flavored oolongs, so I’m not going to give it a rating.

I will take the rest of my sample back home and see how it is cold brewed. I think that’s where this tea will shine.


I like this cold brewed a lot, but I’m also a huge fan of it in general so who knows if that means anything.


It smelled nice, but I didn’t get as much of that when it was hot. It might be perfect cold brewed. (Plus, I love oolong cold brewed.) I’ll try it. It can’t hurt, right??


It definitely cannot hurt :)

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Still relatively new to drinking teas, or so I feel, even though I’ve been at it for several months now.

I’m drinking more and more of different varieties of tea.


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