346 Tasting Notes


I got a sample of this today from MzPriss

I really wanted to love this tea, I really did.

I liked it a lot, but I didn’t love it. It smelled amazing, but the tea itself was just very good and not amazing. It was cocoa and vanilla and something else. But it wasn’t amazing.

I prefer Cocoa Amore over GO.

Who knew? I wasn’t expecting that after all the love this tea gets. But it is what it is and I’m honest about it.

I’m really glad I got to try it. It helped me decide what to order tonight, because after the day I had, I needed more of the River Rain. And I’m still good on the CA, so I didn’t have to order that, but I did order more Arbor Mist, because I’d like to try aging that.

So after a good dinner, and a successful order placed, totally breaking my tea buying hiatus, I’m going to have some gelato, a mug of tea and head to bed.

Cameron B.

I’ve definitely tried some teas that have a cult following here and not found them as amazing as other people. But I do love this one. ;)

Still need to try Cocoa Amore and several of the other vanilla dreams blends though.


I’m sending a sample of CA to you in the L&C box, but you’ll have to wait a little while longer. Unless you wanted to do a swap before then….;-)

Cameron B.

Lol, no swaps! And you really don’t have to put any Cocoa Amore in there! I feel bad because it’s so pricey. XD


It’s just one serving. No worries.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

I totally love CA more than GO too :P


I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’m now starting to regret not ordering more when I placed my order tonight….

Whispering Pines Tea Company

You can always order more and I’ll just ship them together :-)


You got me. I did. Gah. So Much Tea.


Golden Orchid is one of the best tea names.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

I agree with you Lariel! :-)

Order received, Cheri!

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Today has been another cruddy day. It’s not been a good week. Penny, the kitty in my profile picture, has been acting off, and since that has resulted in WWIII in our house, I took him to the vet yesterday to make sure he wasn’t sick. Dr. Fear, the awesome vet, called to tell me that he is indeed sick, but we don’t know with what. His white blood cell count is through the roof, but all the rest of his number are fine. We get to go back and do an xray tomorrow because he does have a known lung abnormality that has never been identified. Anyway, that was just part of my great day. Work has also been awfully awful. I have a terrible stress headache, possibly from pounding my head against my desk in frustration. (Okay, I didn’t really do that, but I wanted to.)

So I needed some comfort tea. This was the tea I chose as jasmine is one of my greatest comforts.

Brenden, I love this tea. It’s a really good jasmine. Not too jasmine, but just perfect. Comforting. Peaceful.

But now I am out of it, as this was just a random sample thrown in with my last order, and it’s out of stock. (Yes, I really, truly thought about breaking tea buying hiatus for this one. It’s that good and I need it in my cupboard. I didn’t realize it until now, but I do.)

edited to fix the fact that hearts seem to break my tasting notes….

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Marking back in stock right now. Desperate times call for soothing teas :)


Sorry to hear about your kitty, sending good wishes your way! I would be beside myself if anything happened to my cat :(


Wow, you are amazing, Brenden.

Thanks so much, MissLena. Penny has been my problem kitty since the day we got him with all sorts of weird health problems but I love him dearly. He is a joy, as are all of my kitties.


I have a chronic health problem kitty too, so I can relate. He has chronic upper respiratory, it never goes away for long. To add to the problem he likes to lick kitty butt. As in not his own. Unless I keep him forever separated from other cats, it’s impossible to stop him. Just finished a second round of antibiotics for butt licking and not sure he is past it yet.


I know I shouldn’t laugh, but I did. Penny has hyperthyroidism, which we tried to treat with radioactive iodine. He’s in the very tiny percentage of cats that don’t respond to the normal treatment. It’s better than it was before, but he’s still on daily pills to help with it, and we’re out $1500 for the treatment. He’s got a funny spot on one of his lungs that has never been identified, so he gets xrays on a regular basis to make sure it’s not growing or changing. (Primary lung cancer in cats is very, very incredibly rare, so they don’t think cancer, but it’s a possibility.) He’s got a weird high white count all the time, but now it’s more than double what it normally is, so we know he’s getting sick. We’ve never found a cause of this, but he seems to respond to antibiotics. Hopefully that’s what we do this time and he gets better again. We’ll see. He is an older cat — 14 now. (All of my kids are “old” between 12 and 15.)


Aww, I’m sorry to hear about your kitty.


Hope kitty gets well soon, that’s always rough to deal with. We had a hyperthyroid cat too. :(


I hope the kitty gets well soon!

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From the wonderful Stephanie

not smoky, but minerally I think
kinda spicy

I was drinking this all day while dealing with a shit ton of work crap that just seems to be getting deeper. I don’t even know anymore. I remember drinking the tea and enjoying it, but I don’t remember a lot. It’s a shame. I know I want this one again.

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One of my TeaVivre samples.





complicated and complex.



I enjoyed this quite a lot.

I was really surprised how green the leaves got when steeped.

This tea kept me company through a long afternoon in the office. Pseudo gongfu, of course, following the TeaVivre recommendations for time and temperature.

And the last infusion still has incredible flavor. If it weren’t for the fact that I want to go home soon, I’d probably try another infusion or two.

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I got this sample from Mandy a while back and I’m just now getting around to trying it.

I like it.

I like it a lot.

It’s creamy and floral. Sweet. Easy drinking.

I was just sad because I didn’t feel it lasted quite as long as I’d hoped.

I also don’t remember enough of it because I’ve been working all morning and it just went down nice and easy. (And yes, I’m just now getting to logging it. I’m a slacker.)

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drank Tai Ping Hou kui by Unknown
346 tasting notes

Yes, I completely forgot that I said last time I would actually weigh this one before making it.

I just did a bunch of tea, at 180° for 90s.

And I took a picture for Cwyn this time, too. https://www.flickr.com/gp/cheri0627/5696am

So it’s not the most beautiful of the teas that I saw in pictures, when I googled it, but it’s not as bad as some. It’s got whole leaves and buds, but most are broken leaf pieces.

it still tastes good. Light and vegetal, slightly sweet.

I should weigh it next time, and let it steep for longer, but whatever. I liked it this way.


It looks like there are indentations on the leaves.


There are. It has to do with how they’re prepared.



Woooow! Interesting technique. It’s so fascinating how tea producers come up with all these different ways to process green tea.


It is! This one was quite a surprise when I opened it up. (It came in a huge tin.)


Yay thanks for the pic. I’m still seeing quite a few 1 leaf/1bud in the photo. If you have broken off buds it could be just damage from the tin. Hard to know. Sure is pretty tea though, I really liked the taste of the one I tried , the little bit of charcoal roast on it is yummy and can stand up to overheating too.


I have a lot. I could send you some of you’re interested.

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from the (Mostly) Unflavored TTB

I like this one. It’s still green and floral, but also roasty and nutty at the same time. It has a really nice mouth feel as well, buttery. And it’s nice and sweet.

I think I’ll add this one to my wish list, so I remember to buy it. I’ve decided that there are enough SOT teas that I’m enjoying that I will place an order when my cupboard is back down to a comfortable level. Right now, it’s overflowing (literally. You should see the piles I have elsewhere because they won’t fit in the pantry) and I need to be patient. Patience…yeah, yeah, yeah…how long will that take?

Single Origin Teas

Glad to hear you have enjoyed our teas!

Patience is something that I have had to learn too, there are so many delicious teas out there that I want to stock!


I’m glad I did. I’m so happy that you included them in the TTB so we could try them. It was a really nice way to do it.

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I have a secret to confess:

I love floral teas. I love lavender. I love chamomile. I love rose.

This tea is really rose, in a really good way. This was the end of the pack of my first purchase of this tea, so it had a ton of rose in it. And I loved it. Loved it.


Hehe, did you love it? :-)


I might have.

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from the (Mostly) Unflavored TTB

I had this one in my new little clay teapot. It was quite nice. I know the pot is still sucking the flavors from the teas, and will for a while yet, but this was still quite tasty.

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from the (Mostly) Unflavored TTB

Now this tea I like. I like it a lot.

Sweet, creamy, slightly nutty, slightly grassy, but sweet, very sweet.

Makes up for the last tea.

I’m feeling very dreamy about this tea.



Now I’m sorry I skipped this one.


And it comes from a beautiful tea farm, too! Had the pleasure of being there in 2012 on a buying trip in that area. So happy that you are enjoying tea!!


Didn’t know Mandala has a Da Fang. Will try it sometime!

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Still relatively new to drinking teas, or so I feel, even though I’ve been at it for several months now.

I’m drinking more and more of different varieties of tea.


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