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Green. Very green.


This is a really good tea. I don’t know how I never had this one from Stacy. It’s been added to my wishlist.

I love a good green tea, and this is one I love. I’m so glad it’s in the box to try.

I made myself a big mug of this, and it’s really helping me relax after a horrible week.

Now I’m going to curl up with a book and go to sleep. Well, once the laundry finishes washing so I can put it in the dryer. I need something to wear tomorrow.

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Sweet, vegetal, floral. Delicious. I really liked this. Wish I’d been able to have more of it.

Added to my wish list.

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drank Spring Tea by RiverTea
379 tasting notes


I normally don’t like flavored oolongs. This one may be the exception to the rule. The raspberry was really nice. It went incredibly well with my chocolate chip cookie. The raspberry, even though enhanced by flavoring, did not taste fake. I enjoyed this tea.

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drank Dragon well by RiverTea
379 tasting notes


This was a decent dragonwell. I enjoyed it well enough.

This tea does not go well with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

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drank The Tea of Kings by RiverTea
379 tasting notes


This one was a good lychee tea. Just the right amount of sweet.

I wrote up some notes on paper at work today, but they’re sitting on my desk. So I’m logging from memory now.

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I was not feeling very well by the end of the work day. I left early. I came home and napped. When I woke up, I wanted oolong in my cute clay teapot. This oolong was in the TTB and as generic as it was labeled (it’s old packaging and is just labeled “The Oolong”) but it was the option available, so I went for it.

Now I want more of this tea.

Other teas from the teabox I have enjoyed and I would probably get. This one I will make sure I get some more of.

Short, quick infusions in my clay teapot.

The first few infusions were decent. Green, creamy, nice.

But then.

about the fourth or fifth infusion, things changed. Sweet. Really sweet. Delicious. I rarely get honey like this. Fresh. Floral. SWEET.

So good.

I was getting sloshy, so I stopped and waited a while. Re-warmed everything and infused some more.

Still outstanding.


I just had some of this yesterday. Good right?!

I did ask them if there was a more specific name for it rather than just “Oolong” and they told me that in China and Taiwan oolongs are named after the region they’re grown in whereas Indonesia doesn’t have a tea history rich enough to do that yet, so it’s just called “Indonesian Oolong.” Learned something new.


This one was quite good. Since I’m putting so much back in the box, I’ll probably keep a little bit of this one so I can have it again.


What were you’re steeping parameters? I still haven’t tried mine yet.


I did my typical gongfu oolong….start with a short rinse, then 25s with very short increases up to about 2 or 3 minutes…then a nice long one if I think the tea can give me something. I think I got this one up to 3.

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This tea was a sample someone added for me. I think was Stephanie, but I could be completely wrong. I really don’t know. Everything to all mixed up.

Anyway, I was having a cruddy day at work and after going through everything I’d grabbed from the L&C box this morning, nothing appealed. This one was sitting on my desk, and sounded perfect.

It was.


I love white peony tea, and this is a beautiful example.


Sweet, creamy, delicious.


(Yes, I wrote YUM multiple times on my note paper while tasting this.)

Cameron B.

Yum, I just had bai mudan too. :D

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kinda sweet, a little roasty tasting.

Easy to drink.

Nice after it cools. (Work was crazy yet again today, and I had a couple of infusions of this that wound up sitting longer than planned.)

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lovely mouthfeel

gets really sweet when it cools off

I really enjoyed this tea. I bet it would have lasted many more infusions, but I’m trying to get through as many teas as I can before I have to send the box along.



Thanks for including the YS links!


This is the first that didn’t come up on the .us site. (I like the search there better.)

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Still relatively new to drinking teas, or so I feel, even though I’ve been at it for several months now.

I’m drinking more and more of different varieties of tea.

It’s been a few months that I’ve been on here. I’ve expanded from greens and flavored teas to now I’m all about the oolongs and some unflavored blacks. I’m mostly drinking unflavored teas now, but there are a few of those flavored ones that have a special place in my heart.


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