307 Tasting Notes


It’s okay. It’s not a spectacular oolong, or a particularly horrible one. It just doesn’t stand out in the crowd.

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Another Butiki Tea for the day.

I love this tea.

I finished the end of my little sample that I had. I ordered a bunch of this tea on Stacy’s birthday, though, so I’ll have more again soon. This is another one of those, “What happened to me? I’m loving black teas!” teas.

I did manage to spill boiling water on my hand while pouring this one. Oops. And since the whole world is going crazy here at work (3 different skies are falling at the moment) I didn’t even have time to go run cold water on it. Fortunately, it was only really in one little spot, and it’s only slightly twingy.


Come to the dark side!


I’m on my way. It’s happening all over the place.


Muhahahaha. The dark side has the best tea!


I think there are amazing teas all over the spectrum.

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drank Nutmeg Cream by Butiki Teas
307 tasting notes

Yummy in a cup!

I decided that I wanted to drink Butiki teas all day again today. It’s always a fun way to spend my tea day.

I started with this one. I had a teeny tiny bit left from what I took from the TTTTB what seems like ages ago. (That tea box is what really got me from enjoying a couple of Butiki Teas to loving Butiki Teas.)

Creamy, rich, just the right amount of nutmeg. Delicious.

It helped keep me a little more calm this morning once I got into the office.

I finally got to pick up my car yesterday, after 57 days in the body shop. He looks great. (Yes, my car is a boy. His name is Jake.) This is after they screwed up all the vinyl work before. But now he looks nice: https://www.flickr.com/gp/cheri0627/Bp16P7/


The one taillight and brakelight were both not working on my way home. And then trying to get to that to check it out, we realized that the hatchback wasn’t opening with the button. Nice. They actually broke the connector for the button and the license plate lights.

So I had to go back to the body shop and show them my problems. They’re ordering new parts.

And I’m still ticked off

But nice tea really helped.


Jake is super cute :)


Glad you finally got your car back… My one experience taking a car to a body shop was not a good one either. I hope they get the parts in quickly and get Jake all good as new for you….Bummer you have to go back!


Whoa! Jake is a hottie :-)


Thanks, everyone. I love my car, and I’m glad to finally have him back. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long to get the part in, and hopefully they can fix him right this time. I’m not happy with the shop. I am happy with this tea.


Happy you got Jake back, he’s looking good, but I say after the fix what’s wrong with him now, never take him back to that place. I would be furious.

My cars name is beauty, ironic because she had already been through a few accidents when I got her, she looks like shes got bullet holes, the door is dented in and looks like someone had put a big sticker of it and then couldn’t get it off, and the front left head light was already damaged
(and then I got into a fender bender where we both went to merge and I clipped the guy, and now there’s no glass covering and theres only a ziptie keeping the bulb from hanging down towards the street).

Plus, shes supposed to be white. but when I got her she was yellowish (my friends called her the cheese wagon), since then I’ve waxed her so shes white, but needs a bath.

And I’ve had so many problems with her, last year I had a short that killed 3 batteries in 3 weeks, so I had to pull the courtesy lights fuse (no hitting a button to lock the doors, no cabin lights to see if a serial killer is in my backseat, ect), and the radio fuse (time and stations restart everytime I turn off the car).

And the door that was hit, the motor for the window went out and someone tried rolling down the window, causing a 1 inch gap that I had to duct tape because palmetto bugs got in and infested it (THAT was fun, had to bug bomb my car).

Oh and I have a short in my brake light that likes to blow the bulbs randomly while I’m sitting at a light and get me pulled over by a cop that was behind me at the light. I now officially keep spare bulbs in my trunk to avoid tickets.

And now my a/c isn’t working again. I can’t even tell you how many hot Florida dog days of summer days I’ve spent working on her, trying to figure out whats wrong with her this time.


That’s pretty crazy, Mandy. I hope you get the A/C problem sorted out.


I even bought freon but the combined efforts of me and my boyfriend and google, can’t find the correct valve. It was a special model or something apparently, and whoever designed the engine was more concerned with looks that practicality (you should see how the battery is placed, it takes an hour just to get it out and I’ve had to take it out ~10 times since I got it in 2010). Gah, I swear the person who designed it was a moron! Can’t wait till I can afford a new car that is from this century at least.

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So I decided to cold brew this one. I thought it was quite nice, even after sitting for quite a few days. And then I saved the leaves and did a second cold brew with it. I thought it was quite nice still. Quite orange, but I don’t think it tastes fake.

hippiechick 42

Could you tell me how to cold brew?


Cold brew is easy. Put dry leaf in container. Add water. Put in fridge. Wait (8+ hours). Strain. Drink.

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Oh this was yummy!

I got this sample a few days ago from Cameron B. and it is even labeled Wee Snaily Yums!


Creamy, chocolaty, but not overly so. Just the right amount of malty. And I might even call that bit kind of sweet potato. Maybe. I’m not sure. It definitely has a hint of sweetness to it.

What has happened to me? When did I start liking black teas?

hippiechick 42

Wee snaily time! I love that!

hippiechick 42

yums I mean. Darn auto correct.

Cameron B.

I must share the Wee Snaily love with the whole world! :P


Be careful or you might have to send samples out to the whole world.

Cameron B.

That’s true, I am getting a little low… :O

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Interesting. Somehow this wasn’t listed as being in my cupboard even though I know I added it.

Anyway, this was my drive into work tea today. I have it like this a lot, but today I feel like writing about it. For whatever reason, it was really blackberry today. I mean really blackberry.

I’ve been listening to Aspects of Love in the car the last couple of days. Love Changes Everything was the first song played at Janet’s funeral on Sunday, and it had been ages since I’d listened to this. I love it. One day, I will get to actually see it performed. Really, I will.

But this tea, it kind of fit this musical. Fresh, lush blackberries, slightly sweet, slightly tangy. Delicious. With a bite of lime. Yes, it fits exactly.


Between you and Stacy, this tea is perfect, Stephanie. Thanks! I love it.


i love this tea. i feel like i have blackberries. Great idea Stephanie!

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I’ve recently braved a trip into sheng and when Brenden, that wily tea hobbit put this up for sale the same day as The Jabberwocky, I knew I had to get it.

I’m so glad I did.

Miso is right, and sweet. And cashews.


I’m not getting lime, which disappoints me, but i seem to be missing out of some of these flavors that Brenden tells me are in the tea, when I get others so clearly.

But anyway, this tea is good.

I didn’t follow his instructions, but made up my own, lots of short infusions.

And I’m listening to Oneohtrix Point Never today, too, after apt told me I’d really missed out at the NIN/Soundgarden show. Yep. I’m loving it. It seems to go really well with this tea. I’m definitely in a hello of a mellow state. (Although I can tell I’m pretty caffeinated, too. But I find that very calming.)

And while crazy things are happening at work, I’m giving people the answers they need to get things moving again, and somehow I’m finding time to tell the Wellness Coordinator that she needs to get us all tea (thanks Andrew!), buy more tea on sale, and keep refilling the cup. And I’m not even angry that one of my co-workers made the same stupid mistake three different times. Normally, this would have me fuming.

So yeah, I guess it’s this cha qi that Brenden talks about. I’m tranquil. I’m focused. I’m relaxed. I’m on top of everything.

And it’s all good. The tea, the energy, the day. It’s all good.


Yay, tea happy!!!!


I’m definitely tea happy and it’s a wonderful thing.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I can’t wait for this one :)


sounds amazing!


Glad you enjoyed cheri…sipping it right now for the first time. Will report later, hard to focus on anything else.


cha qi affects different people differently….for me it gives me a pretty intense head high and generally elevates my state of mind. yancha makes me focus and put in work and it also makes me serious as hell.

OPN is a good match for sheng, it’s complex and layered. glad to hear you enjoyed his music!


It was definitely a good feeling for the day yesterday, because if I hadn’t been in that kind of mood, I think I might have thrown things at someone or three.

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Just so you know, when I close my eyes, the pine trees are whispering to me.

When Brenden released The Jabberwocky, I was so taken by the name that I wanted some of that. And since I feel silly placing a tea order for just one tea, and one that I wasn’t sure I was going to like, I wanted to add more teas.

And then Brenden showed up in the corner of the web page, ready and able to chat. So I asked him about some of his teas. I was really interested in Port, but some of the others, too. He convinced me that this was the tea I needed to try with this order. (Oh, that hobbitses is really sneaky, my precious.)

And he was right.

This tea is heavenly. Dreamy.

It’s soooo chocolaty and creamy and comforting, rich and smooth, and I’m in love with the malty finish. I’m not getting as much of the promised cherry as I would have liked, but this is GOOD. I liked North Winds a lot, but this one was even better. It’s the vanilla. It’s got to be the vanilla. But like North Winds, it reminds me of Up North. It makes me crave Up North. I don’t know when I will get there again next, but that’s okay, because I have Up North in my cup in front of me.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Would you recommend this for someone who isn’t partial to cherries?


I didn’t really get much cherry out of this. If you want, I can send you some.

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This is the first of the Golden Tips Teas teas from my subscription that I haven’t had any positive feelings about. Others might like it, but this tea is doing nothing good for me. It’s Meh at best. It’s not horrible, though, but it just doesn’t have anything that I’m liking about it.


Well, it’s a daily blend, which means lots of stuff was swept together to produce a more economical tea than any of the single-estate teas from any single flush… Bear in mind that grocery store darjeeling is always something along these lines.


That makes sense. I didn’t know what daily meant. Thanks!

Golden Tips Teas India

Dear Cheri. Thank you for your review.
Yes, exactly like Sherapop mentioned our Daily Darjeeling is a a value everyday tea blend at a value price point :) For people who like to have a good cup of tea and a reasonable price, this is a good Darjeeling for them. Hope you love the teas other teas :)

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drank Milk Oolong by thepuriTea
307 tasting notes

Delicious. I’m pseudo gongfuing this one at work. It’s definitely been a Monday. Good tea really helps with that, but only to a point.

The weekend was long and I was barely on here. Friday night was summer beer fest, Saturday was Soundgarden/NIN, and Sunday I wound up going to a funeral in central IN. I had to drive my mom’s awful to drive car home through some storms. It was not fun.

I’m just about out of clean laundry. I was supposed to do that on Sunday but it obviously didn’t happen. Hopefully I will be able to get at least some done tonight or I’ll be coming to work naked in a couple of days.


Friday and Saturday sound awesome. I’m sorry for your loss, and I’m glad you made it through the storms. It rained for hours here. I would have hated to be driving!

I hope things work out with the laundry. They get really mad at my workplace when people show up naked. I’m assuming yours is the same way.


Thank you for the laugh at the idea of knowing that they get mad at your workplace about naked employees. I don’t think that it will come to that. I might just skip the gym so I have time to run a few loads of laundry before bed.


Oh man…soundgarden and NIN on the same night…awesome!

So sorry for your loss though…hope you can recuperate a little next week end :-)

And sars…you Are fooney!!!


TTF it was an amazing show. If it comes to your area, I highly recommend it.




too bad you didn’t get to see Death Grips though, their live show is the stuff of legends apparently.


I saw NIN back in the day. Like way, way back in the day. :p


nice!!! pretty hate machine is the only album by them that I truly enjoy. though I used to be a huge KMFDM and Skinny Puppy fan.

hippiechick 42

How does one pseudo gongfu? lol


I saw KMFDM back in the day. Like way, way back in the day. 3 times. Never saw SP, but they are touring now!


thats v cool! they were great from like 88-95 but then they fell off. im not really into industrial anymore though.


hippiechick: don’t even bother, just buy a gaiwan.


My “pseudo gongfu” is my lazy way of doing it. I use a small glass with an infusion basket, so I’m not trying to pour anything more than into the cup at my desk. I’m notoriously clumsy. Last time I used a gaiwan, I spilled everywhere. I also don’t really have room at my desk for a full set or anything. This works for me and keeps me in tea the way I like it while I’m working, which keeps me happier. It’s a win-win for me. Yes, a gaiwan would be more authentic, but this suits my needs.


It’s the first time I’ve seen NIN, surprisingly, but the one show I thought I was going to get to go to, my friend’s father’s funeral was that day. I opted to spend the day with her instead, which in the end was definitely the better choice. Then I wasn’t really into NIN so much anymore. My husband surprised me with these tickets and we had a blast.


good on you for spending time with your friend, that’s a great thing for you to do. glad to hear you got to go to the NIN show as well. did you see Oneohtrix Point Never play as well?


I told my BF that I want the SP tix for our already passed anniversary. I think he’s in.


I didn’t know who Oneohtrix Point Never was, but yeah, I saw that part, although we were actually sitting out on the lawn with friends during his set. It was quite nice. I have added the newest album to my queue to listen to at work tomorrow.


OPN is easily one of my favorite artists. R Plus Seven is a bit strange at first, though all of his work is. Maybe you should jump in with Replica first and then listen to R Plus Seven. R Plus Seven took me a while to like.


And Sarsonator, that’s awesome! Hope you get to see them!


I’ve added both OPN albums to the queue for tomorrow. Thanks!

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Still relatively new to drinking teas, or so I feel, even though I’ve been at it for several months now.

I’m drinking more and more of different varieties of tea.


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