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217 Tasting Notes


I THOUGHT this was day 4 of the Dammann advent calendar. REALLY it was a free sample.I put the packet down from day 4 and got them mixed up. Sorry if you see this review twice I am now posting it in the right place!

THANK YOU YSAURELLA for pointing out my mistake by making me think about why I though the tea was cherry-y!

When I opened the packet I was worried because to me it smelled almost like cherry cough syrup. I was getting some of the same smells as I waited for it to infuse.

HOWEVER, while drinking it this is a very enjoyable cup of tea. The based is delightful with the cherry and candyish notes. This is not my favorite cup nor will I reorder but I am glad I got the chance to try it!


Ysaurella, I love candy references, I used to be a such a candy freak when I was younger, thank god I don’t really have a sweet toot in my adult life! I
Don’t know those candies, but they are so pretty, they remind me of Pez, do you have the famous Pez dispensers in France?



Hello sweet candy ladies. I’ve been working on my family tree (ancestry) and of course, through my grandmother,I found family that had to leave France for religious reasons and became settlers very early Colonial American history. The King wanted the Huguenots OUT of France! (So there you have it! Haha!)


Hahaha! Bonnie, no wonder you’re our Steepster mom…in one way or another, soon we’ll discover that you are related to everyone of us, lol!


Yes,I’m old! My grandmother always said we were Royal Stewart’s from Scotland which is true and her husband was from that same line too. She said there was a connection to France and I found it. (We kept good records so not hard to trace). It’s the stories I’m finding that I want to give my grandchildren that’s the best part.


Ysaurella: I’ve never heard of those candies but they looks so pretty like little works of art! Thanks for the info.

Bonnie: How have you been working on the family tree? With ancestry.com?


So sorry to highjack your review with all this, Ellyn! Sometimes, Steepster conversations just take over :-)
Bonnie, that’s not what I meant, silly, you’re not OLD!!!!


Yep ancestry.com although my Aunt lived to 100 and had records so did my Grandmother born in 1901. But I did a DNA test too for my cousin who’s been doing research on family for many years. Military records are helpful and immigration record, census records. Anyone can do the trial free for a month.


welcome dear Frenchie Cousine Bonnie. We kept some huguenots in France and didn’t send them all to the new world ! but that’s true we were more a catholic country even if since the 20th century France is probably the less religious country in the wold
@ TheTeaFairy yes we have the pez candies…I love them and it reminds me the TV serie le caméléon (the pretender) :)

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drank The Skinny (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
217 tasting notes

This tea is always a YES for me. I love it so much I always come back to it. I have a bit of a dry cough and the sniffles today so I made this to help bring me health. It tastes good, the warmth is nice, but so far no magic healing.

If I didn’t have a meeting I could not reschedule I would have stayed home from work today. I’m not germing up the place but I certainly don’t feel very good.

What teas do you drink to make you feel better when the sniffles come?


I’ve been drinking Tea Forte’s Ginger Lemongrass and Chamomile Citron. They helped me get through the past few days.


When I have sniffles it is always Chamomile & Honey
I love Tea Forte teas ;-)


I enjoy honey ginseng tea or peppermint teas when I’m not feeling so hot. Both are soothing.

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drank Jubilee by Fortnum & Mason
217 tasting notes

I am still love, loving this tea which I brought back from London what seems like a million years ago and a million teas ago. I have kept it stored really well and it still tastes AMAZING. Yum, yum, yum. It is like a pastry in a cup all sweet with a tinge of baked goodness.

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drank Berry Good (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
217 tasting notes

I purchased a small amount of this as part of the pu’erh collection when it was 40% off at my local Davids. It seems that many tasters liked this one but all I was able to taste was an overwhelming metallic fake berry flavor. I had to dump it out. I’m not sure if I made this wrong or what but, for me this was not a winner.

Aimee Popovacki

lol i thought it was okay when it came out.. it tasted like berry gum to me.. but my stomach killed after.. i didnt know if it was the tea or not so i tried it again like a month later.. and same thing.. horrible stomach pains…

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The base is a pretty basic decaf. I am not HUGELY sensitive to caffeine but after 7:00PM – 8:00PM I try to switch to decaf or caffeine. The yummy thing about this tea is that DEEP vanilla flavor. I hate fake-y vanilla. Abhor it. The vanilla here is pure deep vanilla bean sweetness. This is a great caffeine free late night desert tea.

I am a huge fan of Harney and Sons Vanilla. This tea rates comparable to my old decaf favorite.

I got to try this after a trip to Tin Roof Teas while visiting North Carolina. If you get a chance to visit this tea store while in NC I highly suggest it.


Ha ha. I am jealous. I have to stop drinking caffeine after lunch or I am up all night.


How does this compare to Harney’s decaf Vanilla Comoro? I am out at present and I only buy it loose by the pound, though I could call the Millerton location and get it by the ounce. Vanilla Comoro has more vanilla and caramel flavor than Vanilla Black. I will be near Tin Roof on Thursday and could pick some up then if it is as good.


I think that vanilla comoro still has more caramel notes. But this is a good stand-in and you can buy it locally and for less quantity. I will be home tonight and can do a side by side comparison. I will keep you posted tonight!!!


Oh, thank you!


I did the taste test. Both are good teas. Both are vanilla-ey. But the Tin Roof one is almost cherry-ey and the Harney one is more caramel. I like both but I think Harney comes out on top.


Thank you! I will just have to order another one pound bag! :)

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I love grapefruit teas. This tea has a really nice green base. When it was first brewed and at its hottest temperature the flavor of the grapefruit was somewhat muted. As it cools the grapefruit becomes more pronounced and the flavor becomes more juicy.

This is a really nice green tea. I am so enjoying drinking this and sipping this cup. I got to visit Tin Roof Teas yesterday since I am in NC visiting my offline friend and fellow steepserite Heidi. If you are in NC and near the store you should check it out!


I love Pink Grapefruit and I will have to try this someday :-)

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I received a sample of this in a long – ago swap. Swap partner – Thank you!

True to this tea being a ceylon (and true to the description) the flavor is very delicate. The color is a deep amber. I am getting a major sweet flavor. I am also tasting a slight dried fruit flavor. The flavor left in my mouth is very sweet but not cloying. This is an enjoyable tea that worked well with breakfast this morning!

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This tea is SO GOOD. I got this sample out of the “Considering Another Traveling Teabox” tea box. I also JUST placed a Della Terra order. I wish I had added this. I can taste the blueberry, the crumble, the sugar, caramel ,brown sugar, baked goods and just bliss.

Such a yum!

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drank Grapefruit Dragon by Butiki Teas
217 tasting notes

I got a sample of this from the “Considering Another Traveling Teabox” tea box. I was so excited to taste it BUT I think this sample might a little stale. It was a perfectly pleasant tea BUT I’m not getting any of the exciting notes that other tasters have found. I’m not going to leave a rating because I’m sure this is based on these specific tea leaves and NOT the tea as it comes from Butiki.

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drank Passion Fruit by Harney & Sons
217 tasting notes

I tried a sample of this out of the “Considering Another Traveling Teabox” Teabox.

Like all Harney and Sons teas that I have tried this has a solid black tea base. It is nice and very fruity and tart. But all I can say is….nice. I don’t get anything super passion-fruity specific flavors. It is a nice generally sweet black tea. Kinda non-descript.

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I like all kinds of tea and am open to new things. I am learning about all kinds of new tea and am working on pushing my palate with new tastes.

Looking for new tea shops/houses/cafes and finding new teas to sample is often part of the adventure!

Bringing varied teas to work makes the day interesting

I live in Framingham, MA with my husband, a cranky orange cat and an oversized chihuahua.

I am open to tea swaps from around the world and tea meetups if anyone is in the Greater Boston/ New England area.


Framingham, MA

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