50 Tasting Notes


Thank you Plum Deluxe for this sample!

I was so excited to try this one, as white chocolate is one of my favorite things, and peppermint is one of my go to tea flavors, and to top it all off, it has a rooibos base, and I love the natural sweetness you get from a rooibos tea.

I was conflicting how long to brew it for because a rooibos tea I typically steep for a rather long time, however with peppermint teas I steep for considerably less time. So my solution was to brew my first cup right in the middle of the suggested time (3-6min). 4.5 minutes later I had myself a cup of tea! After the typical impatient waiting time for the tea to cool enough to drink, I tried it.

It was surprising, at first I really got the sweet rooibos and then the peppermint and then a light white chocolate flavor. I really enjoyed this combination and it was easy to sip the cup. I wish the flavors were a little more together rather than tasting each flavor individually, which is strange because I am not sure how that makes sense when it is a cup of tea so of course everything is all together…

If you like peppermint and white chocolate I would recommend this tea, it has a fuller, sweeter body than a typical peppermint tea, while still remaining light and easy to sip.

Flavors: Peppermint, White Chocolate

4 min, 30 sec

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drank Kitchen Table Blend by Plum Deluxe
50 tasting notes

Another sample from Plum Deluxe! Thank you!

I really like the thought that seemingly goes into the names of their teas. I have had a lot of other teas with similar ingredients, the main thing that made this one stick out was it is a black and green tea blend so I found that interesting. I was brewing my cup and honestly thought that the lighter floral flavors would be too weak to hold up to a black tea and I was then worried that the citrus would have to be really strong as with most black tea leaf citrus teas I’ve tried.

I was surprised when I started to sip my cup. It has a fuller body than a floral green tea but it is not as dark and strong as a typical black tea. My first few sips I really only tasted the black tea and lemongrass. However after a few minutes more of cooling down, I could start to taste the other citrus as well as the floral flavors. I enjoyed my cup and was happy to re-steep twice before the flavors started to fade.

This tea is well named, I could see myself keeping this tea as a go-to for something to drink while I am cooking or if I had some friends over and wanted something that could appeal to a lot of people, as the citrus and floral are not overwhelming. The flavors come together nicely in a way where I don’t feel overwhelmed or like I can only have one cup. I would happily drink a whole pot.

Personally for me at least, I would like to taste the green tea a bit more and maybe a little less lemongrass.

Flavors: Citrus, Floral, Lemongrass

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When I had bought this I had gone only off the name and it was a nice surprise to see it was a green tea with genmaicha. I hadn’t tried genmaicha before, although I think I have some in the cupboard.

My first few sips I was confused, I was tasting a roasted/toasted flavor over everything else. Then a few more sips and I was able to taste some of the apple. I am getting some of a toasted apple note, I just think there is a lot of other subtle flavors I just haven’t really tried before and that are distracting me from the toasted apple. I am now eager to try a straight genmaicha tea to try and distinguish the flavors more.

In the end it was a nice cup, a light and complex flavor that I am still trying to work out an hour after I’ve finished.

2 min, 30 sec

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Thank you Plum Deluxe for mailing me the samples!

I was so excited to try this tea as both a huge fan or Star Trek as well as earl grey tea. So excited that I first thought I should wait to try it until Thursday when the new episode of Picard comes out but I just couldn’t wait.

I was surprised at how much visually I see the orange and how very little I see pecans. However after brewing I can really get that nice nutty taste. I think it is a stronger and bolder take on the classic earl grey blend. I still get the lovely bergamot that keeps the tea in that earl grey range. All excitement from this tea being named after one of the best Captains and now retired admiral in Starfleet aside, it really is a nice tea. Naturally sweet enough where I don’t feel I need to add honey or sugar, and it has a nice slight creaminess to it as well. I typically don’t drink my tea with milk, but I imagine the nutty flavors would come out well with an almond milk or just as a classic latte too. I re steeped it once and the flavors all held up well. My only critique is that the orange overpowers the bergamot a little so I am not getting as much as I would have liked.

As this is a limited edition tea I will most likely be looking to place an order for more, it is a unique blend to me and one I could see myself having as an everyday type of tea.

Flavors: Bergamot, Orange, Pecan

4 min, 45 sec 1 tsp 9 OZ / 266 ML

Yeah I love all the flavors included in this one, and of course the name. I almost have to buy it!

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drank Mango Melange by Adagio Teas
50 tasting notes

Thank you AJRimmer for the sample!
I have never had any adagios teas before so I was excited to try one. It has a strong fruity flavor, but not a typical berry or citrus. It really doesn’t have a strong mango flavor either but I do get some mango. There is some other flavor that is stronger than the mango I just can’t figure it out. I am enjoying how sweet it is, but could probably not have more than one cup in a sitting with the level of fruity sweetness. I will enjoy the rest of the sample nonetheless and maybe try it as an iced tea next.

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I’ve been on a bit of an Oolong kick recently so when I needed to take a tea sachet with me today instead of making loose leaf, I grabbed this sample. I got this as a sample in an order I placed a while ago, and just hadn’t thought about it.
It was a nice natural oolong, not very sweet or such a strong pomegranate taste, but I can tell there is something like a pomegranate taste in the background.
I ended up resteeping this tea bag several times and it held the strength of the flavor through all of them. I also loved seeing how large the full size oolong tea leaves got inside the sachet, made me happy knowing they are not all broken leaves, they are full and the same I imagine you get when you purchase loose leaf.

I would happily have another cup, and maybe I would pick up some next time I am in store, but nothing I need to have more of right now.


Drinking this one right now, actually! It tastes different than a standard tie guan yin, but the pomegranate is effectively a ghost of citric acid.

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drank Glitter Chai by DAVIDsTEA
50 tasting notes

I got some of this on sale because I had heard it really does glitter, and the idea of drinking something that glittered just made me so happy. This tea has a very strong cinnamon smell but does not taste quite as strong as the smell. It is sweeter than other teas and that is probably why I like it. I think I like it better than some other straight chai teas but the flavors are still a bit strong for me with all the cloves, cinnamon and I believe chicory root. I think I would enjoy the taste more as a latte, but as I rarely have milk around the home I will probably drink it straight more than as a latte.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Clove

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I made myself a cup of this to take to class this morning. It has a stronger pu’erh flavor than caramel, the caramel is really only used to sweeten it than add a caramel flavor. Writing this now it makes me want to get some caramel creamer to try with it or maybe just flat out caramel…
My main point being while it did sufficiently wake me up and I happily finished my cup, it was just not as sweet and creamy as I was looking for.

3 min, 45 sec

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drank Vanilla Orchid by DAVIDsTEA
50 tasting notes

I picked up this tea a while ago and had a cup and just thought… eh. After trying many other Oolong teas moving from flavored to straight and I suppose “acquiring the taste for it” I brewed myself a cup recently and found it delightful! The vanilla is a lot more natural than I am used to, but the subtle flavor really adds something to the tea. I also enjoy how many times I can re-steep without loosing the flavor. It is easy to drink all day, but it is not something I go to grab when I want a sweet treat or something a little crazy, better for drinking a whole pot or two while studying or reading.

Flavors: Vanilla

185 °F / 85 °C 4 min, 45 sec

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Peppermint tea is the type of tea I really grew up drinking before I got into different teas. I would just get grocery store peppermint and I had no idea what I was missing until I tried this loose leaf peppermint.

I was shocked that the steep time was 30 seconds to a minute, but following the instructions and steeped for about 55 seconds.
I drank this cup so quickly it was just that good. I went about my afternoon and decided I wanted more. I had planned this time to be working at my desk so I opted for making a whole small teapots worth.
It was still amazing and still made me happy, the added benefit of no caffeine is a nice plus.

I was also surprised at how much tea you get with only 4oz, much more than most teas

Flavors: Peppermint

1 min, 0 sec

Regarding peppermint loose leaf, I’ve found it tastes best when brewed way below boiling and with short steep times. Less musty, lighter and sweeter.


I will have to try it with a lower water temperature! Thank you!

Mastress Alita

I love it iced, too. Sometimes I just stick a bag in a water bottle of ice cold water and let it cold brew and sip on it in an insolated thermos. Refreshing and calms my tummy.


that sounds great! How long do you cold brew it for? or do you just start drinking it soon after

Mastress Alita

Sometimes I make a liter batch in the fridge, and usually I just set that overnight, then strain and drink it the next day. Other times I just put a few teabags worth into my insolated water bottle filled with ice cold refrigerated water from the Pur pitcher in the fridge and just leave the bags in the water bottle and take it on the go; I usually give it at least 30 minutes before I start drinking from it, the flavor will taste more like water with some mint leaves early on but quickly turn into that “mint tea” taste later.

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