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This is my first time trying matcha, a severely ground up green tea that is FULL of antioxidants and gives you enough energy to keep you through the day. I know some people put it in pancakes, ice cream, cookies, oatmeal, etc other than drinking it on its own or in a latte.

It does have a grassy smell right off, but it wasn’t too bad. The taste didn’t really come out for me until it was brewed. I didn’t have it straight like I usually do, but I decided to have it as a latte and the creaminess and the slight vanilla taste appealed to me into maybe buying some more.

It is a bit tricky to mix it up if you’re not used to it, but I didn’t have a whisk and used my milk frother. I am thinking of getting the Matcha Maker from DT if I do decide to get more since it seems easier to shake it up than whisking it IMO.

Not sure if I’ll try the straight Matchas, but I think starting with this little bag of the Vanilla was a good choice.

I just wish caffeine did something for me, I felt no extra ‘buzz’ during the day and I can usually have a pop or a black tea before bed and sleep just fine, but that shouldn’t impact on anyone’s choice for wanting to try matcha.

I would recommend this little green tea and recommend the Vanilla flavour as a great starter. 4 out of 5 scoops!

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Tasting review of the new Winter 2017 Collection from DAVIDsTea.

I only got a sample of this with my recent order along with Walnut Orange Scone and Carmel Shortbread (reviews to come).

Tried this hot and it tastes very light. I believe the white chocolate helps eases off any overly strong flavourings because the cranberry is very light.
The hibiscus I can’t really taste, which is a good thing because I really dislike hibiscus.

IMO, this is a nice tea, but I won’t be getting any more.

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Was excited to try this tea when it was announced and was surprised to see it as a ‘Tea of the Month’, so it would be a permanent Christmas-y tea throughout the year.

I ordered some when Santa’s Secret came back into stock and ordered about 100g of it.

It smelled alright, although not as strong in a minty flavour as Snow Day from last year. When brewed, it had a filmy coating on the top from the white chocolate. The taste wasn’t all that strong, wasn’t what I was expecting. I do like black teas, but was looking for a stronger mix of a minty taste and more of the white chocolate.

Basically, I was wanting a White Chocolate Frost kinda taste with a mix of Santa’s Secret, you can’t really get much of a taste of the peppermint or the white chocolate.

Will I get more? Not sure right now. I like SS more and mixing the two didn’t change much.

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My 40th tea review!

‘Me To We’, a tea created to coincide with DAVIDsTea’s collaboration with ME TO WE to help bring clean water to Kenya. Great cause, great friggin’ tea.

It tastes a little like watered down Fruit Punch, but it is so flavorful. I’ve only had it cold-steeped and am totally in love with it.

I usually hate teas with hibiscus because it usually is too strong, but I can barely taste it in this tea, tasting more of the fruits like the pineapple and cherry.

I hope they make this tea permanent .


Isn’t it delicious?! I’ve read that it has been added to their permanent collection. _

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drank Snow Day by DAVIDsTEA
43 tasting notes

This is one of my favorite teas from the Winter 2015 collection, and it seems like I may be one of the only few people here that actually like it.

It does seem to come along as a cousin/love-child of White Chocolate Frost from years ago.
The peppermint is a little stronger than WCF, which I don’t mind and there is a slight chocolatey taste.

Plus, there is the adorable little snowflake pieces. I liked this enough to get a full tin of it and I may get some more before its gone.

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First time (literally) trying this tea since DAVIDsTea brought this back for Halloween 2015.

Trying too hard not to let ‘Hocus Pocus’ distract me from reviewing this tea.

I’m getting more of a cinnamon taste to this than anything else, but there is a slight after taste that I’m really trying to place, it’s either the chocolate or the coconut or a combination of both.
I can taste the chocolate and the coconut as well as the black tea. The chocolate is a bit bitter, like Dark Chocolate Delight, so I think that masks the coconut taste a bit. (ie: I LOATHE the smell and taste of coconut, but if it’s disguised well in something, I’m usually ok).

The taste isn’t horribly strong, but you do get a punch of flavour with every sip, although I do not like it when it starts to get cold…blech.

It’s not bad, I ordered the Tombstone box with 100g, but I’m not gonna miss this when I finish it.
I loved and miss Swampwater 100x more than I do this, also I was disappointed when they only brought this one back this year, when last year they brought back 3.

I won’t be restocking this tea any time soon and I won’t miss it when it’s gone,

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I’ve always been a fan of these kinds of teas, liking the slightly spicy apple-ly, so I was happy that DAVIDsTea had decided to make a Spiced Apple tea for not only Fall but part of the permanent collection.

What do I think of it? I love it actually, it is not as spicy as the Celestial Seasonings Spiced Apple, but it’s pretty close, so I’m happy.
The spices are quite nice, the star anise is a nice featured ingredient, but nothing really overpowers anything else. The apple pieces are HUGE, so this is a heavy tea, but I don’t find it that big of a problem.

I will be definitely be adding a tin of this to my tea collection on my next order.

EDIT: Lowered my score because this tea love didn’t last long. It started to taste overly artificial after a while. I finished off what I had and abandoned this tea. (July 2019)

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drank Pumpkin Maté by DAVIDsTEA
43 tasting notes

For some reason I think it tastes like cigarette butts. Is WAY too earthy-tasting for me.

I don’t know if I hate it on the same lines as Choconut Oolong, but it’s pretty close.

I got around 50 grams of it, but I don’t want to throw it out, maybe I’ll just suck it up and finish it.

Sorry DAVIDsTEA, but I was really disappointed by this one.

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I’ll just say this right now, not overly down with this tea.
Its not bad, but there is just no ‘WOW’ factor in this for me. I do like this better than the Pumpkin Mate, but I like Pumpkin Chai and Pumpkin Patch a whole lot more than this.

I don’t taste a lot of pumpkin in this, I do get a lot of the maple taste. This is the maple taste I was missing a bit from the Maple Sugar tea from last year.

This will not be a restock for me, but that is just my opinion.

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Fall Collection 2015 Tea #4

This one isn’t bad either, but is it just me or are any of the teas this year, just not overly flavourful?
I do like this more than Forever Nuts (don’t freak out everybody, FN is just not for me), I am getting a light, creamy taste that is pretty good.

Maybe a small restock of this, like a skinny tin, but nothing to go mental for.

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