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drank Pure Peppermint by Teajo Teas
3127 tasting notes

Thanks so much for this about a year ago (!), StarFevre! I didn’t expect much from it, as I wasn’t sure how old it was. I needn’t have worried, the flavor here is DELICIOUS. I always grab a mint tea for headaches. A mint only blend should especially do the trick. This worked. Headache gone. The flavor is pure minty sweetness. I will savor the remainder of this pouch for as long as I have it. I’m surprised there aren’t any other tasting notes for this one. It DOES look like this one is still available on Teajo.com, just to inform everyone.

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drank Vanilla Velvet by Teajo Teas
686 tasting notes

Here’s Hoping TTB

With a name like that, who could resist? Unfortunately, this one is nothing special. The woody rooibos base came through strongly with a layer of vanilla and not much else.

Flavors: Rooibos, Vanilla, Wood

Boiling 8 min or more 1 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

This was exactly how I felt about this one, and I’d had such high hopes

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drank Vanilla Velvet by Teajo Teas
347 tasting notes

Holiday TTB #7: This one smells very vanilla, both dry and steeped. But the main flavor is the roobios, with the vanilla adding a creaminess. I think I associate the rooibos flavor with cookies for some reason, and the vanilla in this only added, making me feel like a cookie tea instead of a vanilla one

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I’m trying to pare down my stash a little bit and there’s only a few cups left of this (and green tea is really starting to grow on me!)

This has more mint than I remember, but it’s not bad, the chocolate notes are a bit more subtle and the base does peak through a little bit. It’s quite refreshing in a strange way.

Flavors: Chocolate, Mint, Spearmint

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Have to be real honest. While the dry leaves smell great, I’m not so pleased with the flavor. It reminds me of the smell of paint. I’m really trying to find more flavors but the more I do the more I think of paint.


Lol oh dear. I would say boo to painty tea also!


It was so weird! I tried so hard to come back after eating something and getting different tastes on my tongue but… ug


Sounds like you’ve given it a good go. There’s some really nice mint chocolate rooibos teas out there that are worth trying if you haven’t yet.

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drank Red Mango by Teajo Teas
4 tasting notes

Made this tea iced for a large group of friends and I have to say that the Mango taste is very subtle while the rooibos tea flavor really stands out. I find it to be a really refreshing blend, but if you’re not a fan of rooibos you won’t be a fan of this.

See my post about it on my instagram: @Un_Te_Para_Tea

Flavors: Mango, Rooibos

190 °F / 87 °C 5 min, 30 sec

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drank Very Raspberry by Teajo Teas
268 tasting notes

The smell of the dry leaf is indeed raspberry. I also always enjoy when you can see pieces of the different ingredients. I steeped this for 2 minutes instead of the recommended 3-4 minutes because that is what I have better luck with as far as black teas go. Ended up adding sugar to this one. It took the edge of the black tea off and encouraged the berry flavor a bit. I’d like to mix this one with lemonade and see what happens!


Boiling 2 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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Green tea with mint flavor, and a chocolate flavor as an aftertaste. A combination that works well!

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drank Vanilla Velvet by Teajo Teas
268 tasting notes

Trying this one again tonight to see if I can decide how I feel about it. I still don’t smell the vanilla in the dry leaf, but there is some sense of cream somehow. Tonight this cup doesn’t have much taste. My mouth kind of feels fuzzy from it, strange.

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drank Vanilla Velvet by Teajo Teas
268 tasting notes

I was really excited for this one! I was thinking it was going to be creamy and vanilla-y. Instead I am getting a fruit flavor? After looking at the ingredients, it’s gogiberry, interesting.

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drank Dark Chocolate Mint by Teajo Teas
268 tasting notes

I get mint from the dry leaf and the first few sips of the liquid. I’m having a hard time finding the chocolate in the cup. There is something teasing the edges of the mint. There ends up being a gentle chocolate taste towards the very bottom of the cup. Interesting tea!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Dark Chocolate Dream by Teajo Teas
268 tasting notes

Finished this one off today as a latte. Had the local girlfriends over to watch Grimm and somehow we all ended up with a tea latte, don’t know how that happened ;)


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drank Dark Chocolate Dream by Teajo Teas
268 tasting notes

Finally getting back to my tea after a combination of moving, planning/decorating for a Christmas party (I know it’s not thanksgiving yet but with my schedule no one is going to be at my new place until that party, so it’s justified ;) ), and working nearly 3 hours away from home.

Made this one with a lot of leaf, possibly over three teaspoons for the cup of water, added a cup of warm milk/sugar and it’s a tasty morning latte. As my dog lays on my feet and the snow comes down out my windows, I think we are settling into the new place just fine.


Busy busy, you have been!

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drank Dark Chocolate Dream by Teajo Teas
268 tasting notes

Finally settling in after the move. Half of my tea stash has been misplaced though! That’s what I get for having family help pack! Now that I’ve taken my second licensing exam and am waiting for permission to take the next, I can slow down a bit, possibly find the rest of the tea, and enjoy it.
When I drank this a few days ago, the page wouldn’t load. I had it straight then and it was a bit bitter to me (although most black teas are to me, I’m getting better though!). Today I made this as a latte, my go to preparation for this one. It brings the right kind of sweet into the mix . I get less of the chocolate taste this way, especially since I had to use a tea bag today, but it makes for a great morning drink!


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drank Dark Chocolate Dream by Teajo Teas
268 tasting notes

Experimenting with lattes! This one is 1 cup milk, 1 cup water, and 2 tsp tea steeped for 3 minutes. It’s alright but I think I need to make the tea stronger to get more of the chocolate flavor I was hoping for, or maybe less milk. It still smells like a black tea. I do get a light chocolate flavor, not bad for the first of the day. Overall, this concoction is drinkable but needs improvements on my part.


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drank Dark Chocolate Dream by Teajo Teas
268 tasting notes

Taking a break from my morning black tea sipdown (Rose with French Vanilla by Dilmah) to try one of my newest teas.

Definitely need caffeine today. A dive trip and a cancelled flight home leading to staying overnight in the Baltimore airport have made it very difficult for me to wake up let alone get some productive studying accomplished. On to the tea -

The dry leaf smells pleasant and it’s fun to see the cacao pieces in it. You can see the little bits of cornflower too. The liquid is a light brown. Smells less pleasant than the dry leaf. Taste is interesting. I do currently have a bit of a cold/allergy thing going on and maybe the start of an ear infection due to diving. I don’t taste the chocolate until the back of the sip (if that makes any sense), even then I seem to find myself wishing for more. The addition of sugar seems to round out the sip. I believe I am tasting the black tea base. For a black tea, for me, this is enjoyable. It is a bit bitter but most black teas do seem that way to me. I don’t know what cornflower tastes like so I cannot pick it out.
I do not have milk in the house but I feel that it would be a good addition for this one, maybe even make this tea into a latte. I will hold off rating until these cold symptoms pass.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 20 OZ / 591 ML

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I think I’m on a black tea kick and liking it more and more with each new one I try. This one balances sweet against the black tea in a favorable way. It is almost like both the flavors subdue the other creating a nice blend.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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“a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one’s life, to one’s home or homeland, or to one’s family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time”

Sometimes you taste something or hear something or see something that just takes you back to past times and brings long lost memories and feelings that were never really forgotten but just hidden away deep inside and maybe neglected a bit.
That’s called Nostalgia, We all know what nostalgia is because I’m sure we’ve all expeirenced it at some point in our lives. Nostalgia can be a good thing sometimes and may be healthy for our minds.
“Reliving past memories may provide comfort and contribute to mental health. One notable recent medical study has looked at the physiological effects thinking about past ‘good’ memories can have. They found that thinking about the past ‘fondly’ actually increased perceptions of physical warmth”

I’m at the dialysis clinic with Lance today and I brought this tea along to taste and make a little review on here for it, easy peasy right? It was supposed to be easy peasy but Nostalgia happened.

The taste of this tea is not the best but it’s not bad by any means, in fact it’s pretty good just not in the way I was expecting. I was expecting a Very Rasberry taste and it’s actually more of a Raspberry Candy type of taste. It is kinda tart and the tea itself is a bit bold for a fruity blend. I added a bit of sugar to try and bring the sweet fruity taste of raspberries out a little morebut instead it went even more candylike to me.
It actually reminded me very much of the way a Raspberry Tootsie Pop used to taste when I was a child, So much so that nostalgia kicked in and I went back in time to a much better place than sitting here in the dialysis clinic.

I was taken back to Halloweens 3 decades ago, my sister and I sitting in the floor of my moms house in the living room dressed up as werewolves and princesses or whatever cool costume that we wanted that year becuase Mom always made sure we would dressed up as anything we wanted to be. Every year different costume but always the same ole candy that we looked forward to every year, I remember the Raspberry Tootsie Pops being one of those favorite candies that I pesonally looked forward to seeing in my halloween bag.
I remember my sister and I eating these thing and swapping candies that we didn’t like with each other for something that we did like. I remember this now because the memories were provoked by the candylike taste of this tea. I would try to gather up all the raspberry tootise pop that my sister had and I would offer her like 4 of my Grape pops for like 6 or 7 of her Raspberry pops which wasn’t fair but as a child it seemed fair to me lol
I remember Mom stepping in and teaching us to share and be fair and would make sure that I did my sister right and made a fair trade with her and everybody was happy and content.
Mom was great even tho we went trick or treating She still would make up little goodie bags for us herself with some of the favorite candies that she knew we each loved with raspberry tootsie pops always sticking out the top of my baggie(man i still remember what those baggies looked like she must had a lot of them and used them every year lol). Mom would check all of our candies and pick out what she wanted and “trade” with us for it by giving us our baggies and She’d stick in a video with some Halloween cartoons and we’d sit and watch and eat candy and sing along “trick or treat, trick or treat, trick or treat for halloween!!” Oh the good ole days.

I miss my Mom so much she was very good to us and always made us the best halloweens, raspberry tootsie were always part of all of that(along with other goodies) While I say the nostalgia was about the Halloween memories maybe it’s even more so that it made me think of my Mom along with that, My memories seem to dwell on Mom.

Anyways this Tea reminds me of Raspberry Tootsie pops and provoked some good memories of halloween and my Mom and by doing so it kinda gave some of that time with her back to me for a little while, I really appreciate that :)

Flavors: Candy


Thanks, love the review, especially the nostalgia part! Yes, all our fruit blends are bold because of the Assam. It’s our signature profile, which is perfect if you prefer really full-bodied tea.


wow that’s a long review! It’s very hard for me to do a long one my self. anyhow red tootsie pop eh? CANDY HEAVEN! :D I get nostalgia for videogames i played as a kid ;)

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I got this as a sample for entering the photo contes last month, and with all the teas I’ve got in my to-try pile, I just now got to it. I steeped it double strength, sweetened, and poured over ice. This is delicious, fruity and juicy and mouthwatering. It’s really hitting the spot on this hot summer day. The Assam adds a dark depth and complexity to the background, and it lingers for a while. It works so well with the passion fruit. I know how I’ll be drinking down the rest of this sample.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Black Manas by Teajo Teas
306 tasting notes

Heelllloooo tea!

This tea made me laugh. I expected the leaves to open up and put it in the cup infuser with the big holes. Then they just never got bigger and just slipped right one through! The infuser did catch the majority though, so not too bad.

This is what black tea is like in my head. Honestly I don’t drink much black tea at all and can’t tell an assam from a darjeeling from a …. is there more?

This is as it’s descried: a medium bodied black brew. No frills, and it doesn’t need them either. It’s bold and creamy and filling in all the right spots.

I don’t know if this would take sugar or milk well, although it probably will. I just associate those things with the teas I really don’t like.

Thanks to Piccolo for sending me this as part of the TEAcation promo. This is re-kindling my tea affair with Teajo teas. I haven’t reached for them in awhile, but this is reminding me why I was hoarding them.

Cameron B.

Don’t forget the Chinese blacks! :)

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drank Black Manas by Teajo Teas
424 tasting notes

So I drank this today, and it was black tea. That’s about all I can say since I can’t breathe or taste anything. I think it’s a combination of allergies and a cold, because at some point in the middle of the night I got up and fetched a ginormous fluffy comforter and added it to the bed because I was cold. … … … I don’t even know what to say about that.

I haven’t been posting reviews the last couple of days because the end of the month ate my brain and all I can manage is a drooling, “tea..tea” as a description.

So HELLO AUGUST 1! I might celebrate by stopping work at noon today. My husband wants to play a board game later and I told him I would IF he would do Gong Fu with me at the same time. Mua ha ha. So that’s the plan.


That sounds like fun!


Hope you are feeling better.


That sounds like a fun afternoon. Enjoy your gonfu :)


Good blackmailing skills Marzi.


I think it’s allergies, I’m having it myself. Allegra is very smooth and not drowsy. Feel better!

Miss Starfish

Awr, my boyfriend I do board games or computer games with a pot of tea quite often too. I’ve successfully weaned him onto tea (it took ages, but I love that we can share some together).

Hope you feel better soon! :(


I take Allegra. I’ve been taking it since it was a prescription. I alternate between that and Claritin (which I’ve also been taking since it was a prescription.) They can only do so much. I should probably do allergy shots or something, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

At least today my nose may be running, but I seem to be able to taste!

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Brewed this up yesterday extra strong, added sugar and poured over ice. Very delicious iced tea. Strong rich assam base and nice passion fruit flavor! My favorite is still Teajo’s tropical mango for fruity iced tea, though :)

Thanks for the sample Piccolo!


Glad to hear you enjoyed it…and yes, Tropical Mango is our most popular flavor down here!

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drank Classic Chai by Teajo Teas
84 tasting notes

I can’t believe I got a sample of this and waited a year to review. I’m hanging my head in shame guys. This is what happens when you’re drowning in tea and always say you’ll write a review “later” .

This is my second to last serving. I wanted to make it proper style on the stovetop but then I realized that since we just moved I one—don’t have a proper pot, and two—have no sweetener. So I’m drinking it straight up.

It’s good. Not amazing but balanced spices and a solid foundation. This isn’t a fancy tea. It’s a no muss no fuss basic chai and it does it’s job well.


Oops I forgot to mention it smelled super appley to me. Like I thought it was an apple cider tea at first wiff. There was definitely an apple note in the flavor as well.

This is what happens when I write tea reviews before I’ve properly woken up. I forget to actually mention the notes of the tea!

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drank Cranberry Chai by Teajo Teas
284 tasting notes

One more sample from TheTeaFairy bites the dust. I am running out of lots of favourites so this weekend when I’m downtown doing gay things during World Pride (yay, toronto!) I plan to use up my tea budget for a couple of months and stop at DAVIDs. In the meantime, no favourites means go through these samples I have around the house.

I left this toward the bottom of the pile because:
“cranberry: bleah.
chai: could be bleah, depending on mood”

I read someone’s tasting note and the person liked it cold better. I decided to go for broke and use the entire 2-cup sample. I tried it hot in a mason jar. Then I put a couple of ice cubes in to attempt “warm” and finally more ice for the “cold” version. I added sugar, it is a bit astringent. I’m also not getting much chai in the traditional sense, but that’s bonus tonight.

Really, a somewhat cranberry tasting astringent average black tea. Meh.

Thank you TheTeaFairy for your generosity!

Boiling 2 min, 45 sec 3 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML
Christina / BooksandTea

Have fun at Pride!


Thanks, Christina!


oh man pride is going to be insanity…it’s already a little crazy downtown and work is on the edge of all the fun :) Have a great time!


Ooh! Have fun! I almost wish I wasn’_t going up North this weekend. It’s awesome to see what pride has grown into over the years. From the street March/Block Party I remember when I was little! Have a blast.

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