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I luckily found a tin on clearance at Indigo the other week and snatched it up. Already ripped through nearly a third of the tin. Has a nice, creamy lemon note accompanying an ultra light green rooibos base. I would have liked a little more flavour but it’s great to drink when you’re sick and need something caffeine-free. I’m currently battling a cold, but because I have been ultra dehydrated due to work, that further triggered a bacterial infection that’s a little TMI, so I’m missing a couple days of work. Hope my manager won’t be pissed at me, ugh.

Evol Ving Ness

It just never occurs to me to look for tea at Indigo, even though Sil took me on a tea tour there once. Thanks for the reminder.


Indigo yuck.


Uhhh what exactly is wrong with Indigo…


She’s just too lovely, that’s what’s wrong.

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I know I’m not supposed to drink this cold but I did it anyway. I drank it with Stevia because it really tastes bad. It should be good but maybe there’s something wrong with my palate. Anyway, if you want to lose weight and want the consequences of disgust, you can have this tea.

Flavors: Fruity, Spicy

Iced 8 min or more 30 OZ / 900 ML

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This is one of my all-time favorite teas! It pairs perfectly with cold weather, a good book, and homemade scones. Its bold flavor and high caffeine content will wake you up without the accompanying jitters some endure after drinking a big cup of coffee. With its wonderful blend of assam and ceylon tea leaves, it’s like bacon for tea drinkers: You smell it, and you’re up!

Because this is a black tea, I brew it at boiling point (~200 F) and steep for 5 minutes. I caution against oversteeping since this tends to bolster a bitter aftertaste.

Flavors: Dark Bittersweet, Perfume, Thick

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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Hot, this is a decidedly average tea. Smells like blackberry, tastes like generic black tea. However, I made some iced and it is great! Some of the best iced tea I’ve had. Somehow that preparation brings out the flavors much better and it’s a very refreshing drink. I thought I wanted to just get rid of this tea, but now I may have to buy it again!

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Very sharp citrus-type aroma and taste. Not good. I threw it out, I just couldn’t drink it.

Flavors: Citrus Zest

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Nabbed this one last time I was at Chapters, without realizing it was a green tea base and not herbal. That’s what I get for letting super cute packaging draw me in. Honestly, I probably would not have bought it if I’d realized it was a green tea…

I’m diving in anyway though; made this one up as a cold brew! Normally I let my cold brews go a solid 8-12 hours before straining them, but the teabags this tea comes premeasured in are fairly big and I was using my smaller mason jar (the 16 oz one and not the 25 oz) so I was worried it would get way too strong so I strained this at the four to five hour mark instead. Better to be cautious, for the first time anyway.

- Very tropical
- A little strong/abrupt at first but once you settle into it’s it’s quite good
- All three titular fruit flavours are well defined/present
- I appreciate that it’s not overly sweet either
- I felt like I also tasted mango as well
- The green tea base was actually present, somewhat grassy with floral tones
- Light to medium bodied in presence overall, and complimentary to the fruit

I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed this one, honestly! It’s a shame summer’s almost over; this actually would have been really nice to have around in June/July. I mean, I’ll still drink it but I think it’ll probably feel a little weird now that we’re definitely transitioning into the fall.

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Got some of this from the Here’s Hoping TTB.

Tossed a bag into a small mug with 90C water yesterday, I believe. It had a bit of an aroma, but for the most part…just tasted like water until I got to the bottom of the mug where the bag was, which just ended up being a mouthful of oversteeped green tea.

Not sure how old these bags were, so I couldn’t really say if I would or would not recommend this when fresh, but I certainly didn’t like the flavor of the tea itself.

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I wanted this to be a tea that I’d actually enjoy drinking…but for me, it’s ended up as a medicinal-only tea. I do think the ginger and turmeric help with aches and pains, but not as much as my homemade ginger tea does, although I don’t always have the time or energy to brew my own from scratch, so this fills in the gaps. This tea tastes very flat. The green tea in it seems to be of poor quality to say the least, and the ginger cannot be felt at all. The turmeric gives a pleasant aroma to the cup, but it’ll stain your mugs yellow which is kind of gross. (The stains wash out fine with baking soda, but ugh.) I can’t drink this at all without dressing it up with some honey and lemon, so yeah, not a good tea. My search for a palatable ginger-turmeric tea that I don’t have to make from scratch will go on. I will not buy more of this and would not recommend it to anyone.

Flavors: Dirt, Spices

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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Blackberry & Sage are two of my fav ingredients I was horribly disappointed by this :/ if my grandma drank this tea every day, having to smell it would be my least favorite part about visiting

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Incredible smell of freshly baked.. cinnamon rolls with no cinnamon? Tastes much like a horse barn, very lightly, but in a good way. One of the best teas I’ve tried :-)

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Smooth, sweet, and creamy.

I’m sipping on this one right now while exploring the new album that Poppy just dropped. Really enjoying the two songs I’ve made it through so far – and while I didn’t intentionally pair this tea with the album (because the album drop was a total surprise to me) I have to say that the soft, delicate vanilla and creamy lemon notes of this tea are actually pretty perfectly meshing with the music!

Poppy’s voice is really soft and light/bubbly. I mean, her whole aesthetic is this sort of vaporwave/pastel goth sort of thing? It’s hard to describe.

Anyway this is the song I’m listening to:

Suffice to say that if you’ve heard Poppy’s music or tried this tea you’d understand how the two match up/line up perfectly together!

Lexie Aleah

Is it very citrus-y like or fruity?

Roswell Strange

Pretty lemony, but more of a sweet/creamy lemon rather than acidic or tangy.

Maddy Barone

I don’t care very much for the woody edge of rooibos. I believe the green rooibos isn’t as woody, so maybe this tea avoids that. Is that the case, Ms. Strange? Because this one sounds yummy, but I don’t like rooibos.

Roswell Strange

Definitely A LOT less woody than your typical rooibos, but there is a slight taste of it IMO so it’s not completely free of that taste.

Maddy Barone

well, darn. maybe 52Teas or another will come up with a honeybush version. :)

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Evening cuppa!

Wanted something fruity, but also sweet to kind of sate some late night cravings. This one was a good fit because it tastes like sweet, lemony buttercream! This time around, a bit more of a lemon grass flavour over actual lemon, but still really tasty! I’ll need to try it with a spot of milk at some point, you know to really push the buttery/creamy elements to the extreme.

Side note – I’ve been REALLY into lateral thinking problems as of late but I’m running out of new ones so if anyone knows any tricky ones I’d love to take a swing at ’em?

If you don’t know what a lateral thinking problem is… here are a couple examples:

A woman is listening to music while walking. When the music stops, she dies. What happened?

The woman is a blind folded tight rope walker for a circus. The ringmaster plays music for her, and when he stops she knows she’s safely crossed the rope and can walk off onto the platform. On this particular day, he messes up and stops early. She walks off the rope, midair and falls to her death.


A man pushes his car until he reaches a hotel. He knows at that exact moment that he’s bankrupt. Why?

He’s playing Monopoly…

Stuff like that!

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So I went to Chapters to buy books, instead I ended up buying tea and no books.

Fuck. I have a problem.

Anyway; mostly it was the packaging of this one that got me interested – although the ingredients themselves sounded good too. The price was really good because it was on sale, so I figured it was worth the gamble even though these are teabags. And you know what? This was really pleasant!

It’s very delicate, light and airy overall – but the flavours are solid and clearly defined. Bottom line, it’s creamy vanilla, sponge cake, and sweet lemon! I think it actually does a shockingly good job of conveying the flavour of a fluffy, well baked lemon cupcake! Mmm! And… and! No traces of the base tea, either! This would be a really good one for someone who doesn’t like rooibos, and is looking for a dessert flavour for evenings/before bed.

Not overly complicated or nuanced; just a good, delicate but clear flavour! Yum!


I buy tea in places where most people would buy other things too. Its a shared problem on this forum, I imagine!


How can you see a tea and ignore it?? especially if you haven’t tried it yet. (tea addict)

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Good! I drink dandelion root tea occasionally to help my kidneys and I usually hate the taste but the vanilla in this does wonders. I even crave this occasionally.

Flavors: Toasted, Vanilla, Vegetal

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