Blackberry Sage

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Black Fruit Blend
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Astringent, Bitter, Blackberry, Herbaceous, Sage, Sweet, Tart, Berries, Floral, Perfume
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  • Great Canadian Traveling Tea Box Certainly having fun with the travelling teabox today. I won’t get through them all today but i’m well on my way to being able to...” Read full tasting note
    Silaena 8177 tasting notes
  • “The best thing about this tea is the smell. Really great blackberry aroma comes wafting from the tin and the brewed liquid. I tried two cups using my fancy new water kettle my gf just got me...” Read full tasting note
    jason 114 tasting notes
  • “This tea was a favorite of mine when I was in my late teens, right before I switched to loose-leaf. I first discovered it in Rutherfordton, North Carolina at a combination coffee shop and bar...” Read full tasting note
    tabby 559 tasting notes
  • “My Wednesday night was the beginning of my climb out of a work-week funk (kicked off by the drive thru lady at Wendys accidentally giving the bf and I four chocolate frosties instead of...” Read full tasting note
    lfiske29 28 tasting notes

From The Republic of Tea

Tea For Wisdom. The soft taste and sweet aroma of fresh blackberries is experienced with the first sip of this fruity tea. A subtle undertone of cool white sage adds a balanced finish. Wonderful iced.

About The Republic of Tea View company

The Republic of Tea is a progressive and socially conscious business recognized for being the leading purveyor of more than 200 premium teas and herbs, ready-to-drink iced teas and more. Founded in 1992, The Republic of Tea sparked a tea revolution in America with the purpose of enriching people’s lives through the experience of premium teas and a Sip by Sip Rather Than Gulp by Gulp lifestyle.

93 Tasting Notes

8177 tasting notes

Great Canadian Traveling Tea Box

Certainly having fun with the travelling teabox today. I won’t get through them all today but i’m well on my way to being able to package the box up tomorrow…though i may wait until tuesday to add a couple teas that janelle would like to try.

this tea? not too shabby actually. Blackberry it is! i think this would make a really tasty cold brew with a dash of sweetner. Im thinking about just letting this cool off to drink it cold haha. it’s like a juicy tea. There is no sage in this though….like none. So i’ll have to knock off some points for not being the tea it claims to be. but it is tasty. :)


This was good iced.


yeah i’m really enjoying it cold now


One of my favorite RoT’s.

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114 tasting notes

The best thing about this tea is the smell. Really great blackberry aroma comes wafting from the tin and the brewed liquid. I tried two cups using my fancy new water kettle my gf just got me (kept the water warm for me!). The flavor seems to be more on the sage side than the fruity blackberry side. But I’m still not getting much from it. First time I tried about 4 mins steeping, then 4:30 the second time…not much difference. I feel like flavored/fruit teas have a hard time meeting my flavor expectations and continually come in below where I’d expect. Maybe I’m not as big a fruit…tea drinker as I thought ;)

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

Which fancy new water kettle?


I ended up getting the cheaper one and was COMPLETELY disappointed so I’m scared of the brand now, so I think I may pay more for the Chef Choice brand.


What was wrong with it? I haven’t used this one much yet for varying temps, but I love how it maintains a temp for you. You can keep a kettle going all day for fresh water without worrying about a thing :)


My main issue was it measures in C instead of F. It’s also pretty touchy. How much is the min you can have in the Pro and have it work properly? That was also a draw back for me. I make my tea anywhere from 2-8oz at a time.


Have you tried using Google to convert temperatures Cofftea? All you do is input (whatever temperature) C in F (or in my case the other way around) in the search box and it’ll instantly do the conversion.


@Cofftea: Mine is listed in F. Apparently you can order it in C or F, just ask the manufacturer or order from amazon. I think the one I linked before is in F (but it also says it’s currently unavailable :( ). For a minimum water amount, I’m not sure; I haven’t tried it with anything that small yet. But you can always just heat more water than you need and only use 2-8oz or however much you want. Also, from looking around it seems like there were some questions about the Chef Choice…but I guess you’ll get different opinions on everything :)


Jillian, yes I have. My issue is that the one in F is more sensitive. (1 degree C =~2 degrees F). If I’d get something like ths, I’d want exact temps, and since all of the temperatures for my teas are listed in F, I’d like that in a kettle as well. I don’t want to have to think about temperatures.

Jason, I don’t think I’ll order it from amazon- I did that w/ the cheap one and now I’m stuck w/ a $40 kettle that I don’t want and can’t return. I need to look around for the cheapest shipping (amazon was $10) and has a return policy. I’d also prefer not to measure my water after it’s boiled, that takes time and passing the water from one vessle to another and results in cooling.


@Cofftea: Ah true, I just hadn’t thought of that before. Are there many heating vessels that are designed to heat a small amount of water like that?


Unfortunately no. Especially not w/ such temp variation.

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559 tasting notes

This tea was a favorite of mine when I was in my late teens, right before I switched to loose-leaf. I first discovered it in Rutherfordton, North Carolina at a combination coffee shop and bar called Legal Grounds. I distinctly remember my father having a sip and making a dad-joke about it not being “his cup of tea”.

So, anyway, this is my first time trying it again after maybe six or so years. It smells delightful and familiar, light on the sage but strong, sweet blackberry. It makes me think of gummy candy. And purple. It smells purple.

The taste really takes me back. Mildly astringent black tea for a base, and complimented by the sage. Those two go very well together, and I would be curious about trying them without the fruit flavor. But the fruity blackberry is nice, too. It’s not the most realistic it could be, but it’s not bad, and even ends on a slightly tart note. I can’t say I love this as much as I did when I first discovered it, but it’s nice to have it again for nostalgia’s sake.

Boiling 5 min, 15 sec

I remember thinking this was so cool when I was younger too. I think I liked the smell better than the flavor.

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28 tasting notes

My Wednesday night was the beginning of my climb out of a work-week funk (kicked off by the drive thru lady at Wendys accidentally giving the bf and I four chocolate frosties instead of two, and followed up by a good UTIOG sesh the next morning on the drive to work) I felt compelled to buy some tea while grocery shopping – just to celebrate. Keep in mind, the only loose leaf there was Twinnings – but RoT’s bags of blackberry sage sounded compelling!

As with their Vanilla Almond, the aroma right out of the can is powerful. The berry leads the way with the sage following softly behind it. Funny though, as soon as I start steeping, the roles reverse and it’s the sage I can smell quite distinctly with berry in the background.

Sipping, I get less black tea flavor than I was hoping for. All the flavors seem a little faint until the tea begins to cool. Then the berry is a very soft background flavor, the sage isn’t forefront, but kind of balances the tea by being everywhere in every sip at once – but not in an overwhelming way (though it does linger longer in the aftertaste than I’d like). It’s like when you’re cuddling up in a big down comforter that you’ve got all to yourself. It has that comforting, enveloping way of cozying up to the tea, rounding out the entire flavor – making the mouthfeel a little bigger and softer of a sensation than you may expect from a drink who’s liquid is comprised of only H2O. I like when a tea can do that. I just wish I could taste the actual tea […more].

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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998 tasting notes

Tea #2 Great Canadian Traveling Tea Box

Continuing on with the adventure, I chose another fruit with herb tea. This is definitely blackberry in black tea base. Like the other one tonight, I’m having problems finding the herbal component in this one too. There is just a hint of sage way in the back, but not enough for it to make the title of the tea. I think these companies want to make unusual blends but don’t want to scare off the general public. It’s like they just can’t commit to take it all the way.
This is nice blackberry tea, I’m enjoying it, wish it had more sage.
These are tea bags, I used 2 bags in 16oz just under boiling for 4 min.

Edit to add: I made a second steep from these bags and then put it in the fridge. Had it tonight. I added quite a bit of sweetener to it, but that really brought out both the blackberry and the sage. I many need to snag another couple of bags of this and cold steep them.


Someone in the travelling box’s path is ditching all their herb teas. :)


This one is good iced as well.

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358 tasting notes

First cup of the day. I am trying to hydrate with water in between all of my tea drinking. My running group starts back tonight after a 3 week break. I haven’t done much running during the break, since I’ve been so busy with house stuff and vacations and getting ready to start school. Whoops. I hope I don’t fall over during the run tonight, how embarrassing!

I’ve finally moved on to the big box of teabags that I have to get through in the pantry. I only have 3 loose leaf teas left to rate and either put in tins or in the swap pile. Those 3 are all decaf, so I was happy this little fully caffeinated teabag was lying right on top of the box this morning when I looked. I’ve always enjoyed The Republic of Teas’s blends, and the little round teabags are so cute. This teabag smells a little artificial, but not terribly so. I can’t smell any of the sage in the dry teabag, and only a little hint of it in the brewed tea. The flavor is nice, with a fruity blackberry flavor and finish. The only sage that I can detect in the flavor is a small bit of it in the aftertaste. This tea is definitely more blackberry than sage. The blackberry is also not really quite ripe blackberry flavor, more of an almost candy-like, artificial blackberry. With that being said, it is still a nice tea and I am enjoying this cup.

-Round unbleached teabag.
-Teabag smells of artificial blackberries. Tea liquor aroma is lightly of blackberries with an herb note.
-Tea liquor is a clear medium orange brown color.
-Fruity blackberry flavor and finish. Light berry aftertaste with a very faint hint of sage.
-Best with milk and sweetener.
-Good tea. Somewhat artificial soft blackberry flavor. Very subtle hint of sage.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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558 tasting notes

Blah. Must be picking the wrong teas tonight. Great scent of blackberry but not much taste. Not smelling or tasting any sage. I think I will treat myself to some hibiscus tea that I love since I’ve had two mediocre cups.


Bummer :( I liked this tea last time I had it, but it was the prebottled version.


You stopped me from buying it – I trust your judgment. Guess I’ll have to find a way to craft my own blackberry and sage tea…with mint, of course! :)

Meghann M

I happen to have two bags left in my travelers tin if you want to take a go at it. It smells so wonderful but just doesn’t transfer to the taste.

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1015 tasting notes

So, this tea has just been sitting in my cupboard for awhile. I have established that it is not good hot, but I began to wonder if it would be good iced. Then I remembered that I have tried it iced but I had brewed it hot then let it cool which resulted in a nasty tea. So I decided to cold brew it in an attempt to make it drinkable and not so bitter. The experiment was a success! Cold brewing it allowed the blackberry to come through much more with the sage just lingering sweetly in the aftertaste. I don’t drink a lot of iced tea if I have the choice between hot and iced. But this one is definitely good iced. Not great, but much improved over previous fataliTEAs of this. My rating is being raised, but I can only give this tea a mid-range score because it is so horrible hot. This tea is a one-trick pony.

Meghann M

Glad to know it works iced using a cold brew. I have some of this left and shall try this soon!

Holly Arnold Plata

I like to stick a bag of this tea in my water bottle. It is one of the few teas I actually prefer without sweetener. It is really refreshing.

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871 tasting notes

I got this in a swap from Ellen.

I love blackberries. This is the best time of year, because they tend to be “in season” in the grocery store.

The dry tea bags definitely smells like blackberries. More on the tart side. I don’t smell any sage.

The brewed tea smell reminds me of sweet tarts. Definitely get that not quite ripe blackberry taste.

The liquor has that kind of sweet tarts taste. There is sage in the background. There is a sweetness to the tea, but more of a tart sweetness than a sugar sweetness. Mostly, you can taste the black tea base. It is a bit artificial tasting.

This tea was on my shopping list for a long time, so I am happy I had the chance to get it in a swap. Thanks again Ellen.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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571 tasting notes

Had to be a raging cow to my disgusting slobby housemates who never do their dishes or clean up their kitchen messes. It’s just two of them, and the rest of us all know that these two are the perps, but of course I can’t single just the two of them out, because then I’m conspiring against them or something. So I had to send a nasty message to all of them.

I’m sick of this crap. Keeping the house clean should be common sense/ courtesy. It’s amazing to me how magnificently some people fail to grasp that.

I’m also too tired and lazy to wait for boiling water, even though today is miserably cold. So I’m drinking a week-old cold brew of this stuff with honey that has been chilling in my fridge. Surprisingly, it’s not bad. I’m kind of weird in that I like my tea to be a little bitter, so the fact that I overleafed and probably oversteeped this pot of tea when I made it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. In fact, I really kind of love it. Blackberry is my favorite fruit, and it’s naturally tart. Some honey or sugar takes the edge off, but still allows it to shine in its natural state of take-me-or-leave-me flavor.

I really wasn’t that enthused about this tea when I first bought it, but I think I’ve grown to love having it around as an iced tea to grab when I’m having a day/ week/ month like this one. hahahaha.

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