Wrote this when Steepster was throwing a tantrum before my trip to Vancouver.

This tea smells like mulberry gummy candy, if they were to exist. I don’t detect any apricot, but I can already see why the West Coast crew chose this during the recent meet up because it smells very promising.

By the way, thanks to Heather for passing down a sample of this!

Brewed, the base gets a lot stronger than I was expecting, and even though I watched the steeping parameters, it’s a little on the astringent side. The creamy mulberry note really backed off, unfortunately. I was hoping for a berries and cream tea. I didn’t add any milk or cream. Perhaps I should have but too late for that since I just finished it. Not sure if I would buy more, but I’d be curious if further experimentation could result in the perfect steeping parameters, plus milk or cream, to thus yield the perfect berries ‘n’ cream tea.

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