I’m finally finally getting down to the samples that Angel so generously sent me last month. They’ve been sitting on my table staring at me but I’ve rarely been home to really sit down and enjoy teas like this. I never like having oolong on the go.

So, you know how burning tea leaves smell like something else? Right? Well, the dry leaf smells a little like that, which I guess I shouldn’t be so shocked about because this is a roasted oolong and all. I find it amusing.

Taste-wise, this is probably the best Wuyi anything I’ve had to date. I normally dislike Wuyi teas because I don’t care for mineral notes, but I’m not getting that here. Instead, I’m mostly getting cocoa notes and general roastiness. Kind of bold for an oolong, which is awesome. And I love that this has the perfect amount of roastiness to it, as some roasted oolongs taste on the burnt side, almost like burnt toast. None of that here.

I get hints of a floral note in the background but it’s ultimately masked by the aforementioned notes. So tasty.

Thank you so much, Angel. I am truly looking forward to making an order sometime, as soon as my stash dwindles down.

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