Thanks to the glorious Sil for this matcha! The scent of the matcha is sort of like a strawberry Campino, except with sharper strawberry note.

Hot, with Silk organic soy, this tastes like So Good strawberry soy milk, warmed. Newsflash, right? There’s just something about the particular strawberry flavouring that is dead on like the stuff that So Good uses. It are crazy timez.

Right now, I’m enjoying it as a cold latte with So Good unsweetened soy with REAL strawberries. Kind of unfair to the matcha flavouring but I’m tasting more of the real stuff than the flavouring. Plus this unsweetened soy is on the bitter side. But nonetheless, the Strawberries and Cream matcha prevails. I’m sure it would play the most nicely with cow’s milk.

Afterthought, but so far, I prefer a strawberry matcha smoothie with coconut or almond milk and the French Vanilla matcha, then with them REAL strawberries in there. Yummy.

But thanks again to Sil! I was curious about this one, how Red Leaf in general would pull off the strawberry flavour.

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