Cantaloupe and Cream

Tea type
White Tea
Natural Flavors (Vegan), Organic Bai Mu Dan, Organic Helichrysum Flowers
Cantaloupe, Cream, Earth, Hay, Honeydew, Melon, Creamy, Floral, Fruity, Honeysuckle, Sweet, Hot hay, Apricot, Brown Sugar, Peach, Stonefruits, Tart, Green, Vegetal, Grass
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180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 45 sec 3 g 10 oz / 307 ml

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From Butiki Teas

The sweet cream notes of our Organic Bai Mu Dan compliment the cantaloupe and cream notes. This tea starts with vegetal and floral notes that quickly develop into mouth watering cantaloupe and cream notes. Try with our Brown Crystal Sugar for a sweet dessert treat.

Ingredients: Organic Bai Mu Dan, Organic Helichrysum Flowers, Natural Flavors (vegan)

Recommended Brew Time: 3 minutes 30 seconds
Recommended Amount: 1 1/2 teaspoons of tea for 8oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 180 F

For more information, please visit:

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291 Tasting Notes

470 tasting notes

I’ve been dying to try this tea—I love melon, it’s probably my favorite fruit flavor, both for teas and just for eating! I was lucky enough to get a sample of this from Kittenna in my swap with her, and then I got some more only a few days later from Stacy with my Butiki order! Of course I was over the moon, but somehow I hadn’t tried it out until today.

I cold brewed this with 1 small scoop in a tall glass of filtered water for about 16 hours or so: I was worried it might be a little weak because I used very little tea, but it is amaaaazing. The cantaloupe is the freshest fruit flavoring I’ve ever had in a tea, it legitimately tastes like fresh cantaloupe juice. The cream is very subtle and adds a hint of softness and a rich mouthfeel, and the white base sparkles. This is an exceptional blend, and of course now I want to brew some up hot just to compare…. but a tea this special is definitely not an everyday luxury.


Ooh, I’m glad you have (at least?) two cups’ worth now to try a cold and a hot brew! I haven’t tried cold-brewing it yet. But isn’t it amazing???


It’s SO GOOD. The cold brew was fantastic, so refreshing which is what you want when it’s this brutally hot out. I bet it’d be great with a sprig of mind!

Butiki Teas

So glad you love it! I definitely need to try cold brewing it. The nice thing about brewing the Cantaloupe & Cream hot is that it can be steeped several times. On a side note, someone just mentioned to me that Cantaloupe & Cream had made it to #1 for the “Best Teas” on here!


I wonder if my rating had a hand in that XD I think the Bailin Gongfu Black was #1 yesterday, so it was recent (but of course well-deserved!).

Butiki Teas

Cantaloupe & Cream was #2 yesterday so I think your rating did move it to #1. :)


Yup congratulations Stacy!! :)

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749 tasting notes

I wrote an exam this morning, and I had a few hours that I could spare away from studying to clean and get groceries and book appointments. I can’t wait until my life slows down just a tad.

Anyway, this is a sipdown! In preparation for my new Butiki order that will be en route soon enough! I am enjoying this with some delicious smørrebrød before heading back to school for extra lab time.

I hope all my American tea friends had a lovely Thanksgiving!


Smørrebrød? I’d love to hear more about that!


Smørrebrød is a Danish open face sandwich! They are my favourite, well there are all sorts of different ones actually, but in general they are a staple in my house. They also have them in Sweden, but I believe they are called smörgås there. :)


Was it on proper rye bread too, then?


It was on German rye bread. I have planned on making some proper Danish rye over the Christmas break when I have more time :) It’s difficult to find here!


Cool. :) Do you have connections to Denmark?


My grandfather is Danish! So I’m always trying to learn more about Denmark and Danish culture. Any suggestions on the rye bread? I have a recipe, but I’ve yet to try it.


I tend to like it with lots of whole grain in it. My mother used to bake it for Christmas. The rest of the year we’d just have store-bought. For me, the two are wildly different beasts in taste and texture, and I’m used to store-bought. It also makes a difference if you use sourdough or not. If you do, it can have a more sour sort of taste. My favourite sort has sunflower seeds in it. I have been baking rather a lot in the last year, but I haven’t attempted to tackle rye bread. I’d have to eat it all myself after all, as Husband (he’s English) doesn’t much like it. I also haven’t had much luck with bread in general. I’ve baked a lot of door-stoppers…


Yes the one I have that I purchased from the German store here, which also carries Dutch, and a few Nordic items has sunflower seeds. It’s quite tasty. I had planned on making the sourdough so I’ll have to let you know how everything goes. And haha for the door-stoppers! :P I made a few loaves of regular bread two months back and they turned out fine, albeit a bit fluffy, so I’m really hoping for the best with the rye. Do you have smørrebrød frequently? Do you enjoy herring? I’ve not been brave enough to try…


Actually, we have it fairly rarely. When a Danish person says smørrebrød they usually think of something like this with LOTS of toppings. Very elaborate, and not really an every day sort of food. It’s the sort of thing you might get if you eat lunch out or something or for special occasions where you would serve a lunch for guests, but not warm food.
What we actually have on a day to day business has only about a third of the topping and usually only one topping + one condiment. Much simpler and much more boring looking, but it has the advantage that you can eat it without using knife and fork. :) Like this Liver pate with pickled beets. Very trad! If you came to an informal every-day lunch in a Danish home you would very likely just be presented with the sliced bread and a selection of toppings and expected to make your own. :)

As for the pickled herring, most people enjoy it, but I don’t much care for it myself. I can eat a bit of it, maybe half a slice with herring, but that’s it. Truthfully, I don’t care for herring as a fish in general, pickled or not. I love fish, but somehow herring is just a little too fishy in flavour. :) I’ll take mackerel in tomato sauce any day.


Very neat! I feel the ones I’ve had recently fall somewhere in between. I have been having ham with a topping of steamed carrots and asparagus mixed with mayo, sour cream, and mustard. Sometimes I will add a slice of tomato. I will also take what I have in my fridge to make creations too. I hope I’m not making any horrible errors in that haha. :P

I asked my Swedish friend the same about the herring, and her answer was about the same as yours. I’m not really a seafood lover, and I wanted to get some input before attempting pickled herring haha. It may be a while before I work up the courage to try it out.

Thanks for all the info! I love learning more about these things :) I have so many more questions haha. I will have to inbox you with an update of my rye bread in a few weeks, and maybe a few more questions… (but let me know if this isn’t okay!) :)


I wouldn’t know anything about specific rules for topping really. Using your imagination is fine so long as it tastes good. Bit like flavouring tea. Sometimes someone comes up with a flavour combination nobody else has considered before and it turns out it really works.

I have to say that I also know people who like a bit of herring now and then but otherwise don’t really care for fish. I don’t know if for them it’s some sort of traditional thing that that’s just something you eat because it’s tradition or whether they actually enjoy it. My mum used to make her own around Christmas. She would buy the fish fresh and salt them first. It’s a pretty long process. She used to make as many of the toppings as she could as well. It was for my father’s birthday on the 26th, and this has turned into the traditional Christmas family lunch really. She’s made it more buffet-y in recent years though. There are still a few things that HAVE to be there like the herring and the liver pate, but other than that it’s easier to do it in a buffet style when one family member is vegetarian and another is allergic to eggs and a third is just a plain picky eater. :)

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807 tasting notes

Backlog from the first time I had this tea:

Yum Yum and YUM!

What an elegant creamy delight! A white tea base that is not over shadowed or muddled down by such amazing flavors!

First of all I have never had any kind of melon with cream. I never would have thought of such a thing! Berries and cream of course but cantaloupe? I would not have purchased this tea had it not been for stunning reviews I read elsewhere but wow I am so happy I did make this purchase and I will say this is going into my all time favorite flavored tea stash! I will have this on hand at all times!

Personally, I did not feel this needed any added sugar but the site suggests it to be added if you want a more dessert like tea. I still like mine better without, but the sugar does not take away from the tea flavors at all. So have it your way as it is a delight regardless!

Now I work with essential oils and Helichrysum is one of my favorite oils for many purposes and while most people probably would not pick out that flavor I could taste it lingering under the surface – how lovely! This is my first tea that had this as a flavor element at least that I could discern in the flavor palate and not just the ingredients.

I also like that it is vegan – a tea THIS divine should be an option for all!

The dry leaf is gorgeous with the Helichrysum flowers making a noticeable appearance on downy white tea leaves! Steeped the leaves puff up quite nicely but I also notice that they appear to easily accept a second steep so that is what I have done, a second delightful steep! While I make my second steep lets look at some info from Butiki Teas…

I brewed as per the above instructions, adding 30 extra seconds to the second steep.
Steep two brought out a creamier mouthfeel and flavor! The cantaloup is still present but I am missing some of the Helichrysum flavor now to my disappointment but hey its still yummy! I am just a huge fan of that flower / flavor! Now it has a very interesting nutty flavor in the after taste which is a nice surprise! This is funny but I actually prefer steep two WITH sugar! I kind of like that though. I can enjoy the first steep in its natural form and the second for a little sugar rush! Both steeps are amazing and this is one tea you simply should not pass up! I love finding obscure tea blenders who do what they do oh so well! There are many who just miss the mark with me but get an E for effort. Butiki knows what they are doing though and I am looking forward to trying more and more blends from them! This specific tea however gets its own honorable place on my china hutch and I am now going to go find its own very special tin! Try it!

Butiki Teas

I came up for the idea of this blend because I love slicing fresh cantaloupe and using the thick creamy part of coconut milk that is at the top of the can. I even add a little sugar in the raw. Its amazing! I chose not to add coconut to this tea since coconut is one of those love it or hate it ingredients.

Scott B

Sounds delicious-especially for summer.


+1 for vegans!

Scott B


Butiki Teas

Well, I am vegan so every single tea and even our sugar is vegan. I also try for gluten free and allergen free too except for teas that have nuts in them.


I HIGHLY recommend this for summer but even colder weather the creaminess is so comforting!


I seriously got like 4 or 5 infusions out of this one. I’m ordering a bunch shortly; it is divine.


And Stacy/Butiki Teas, cantaloupe with coconut milk sounds amazing. I think I’ll have to try that as soon as good cantaloupes are available here.

Scott B

@ Butiki-Wow, that’s great to know!

Butiki Teas

Krystaleyn-Definitely give it a try when you have a chance, the coconut milk and cantaloupe mixture is so amazing! I love adding a little sugar in the raw to sweeten it a little and add a little crunch factor. Scott B-I’d like to clearly mark that on our website when I get a chance but feel free to ask any questions about ingredients. We are trying to make the ingredients transparent. All but one tea has only natural flavorings and are organic when possible and the dried fruits added are preservative free.

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5573 tasting notes

tigress_al’s tasting note on this yesterday really put me in the mood to have it, and I thought that’d it’d be just amazing cold brewed so that’s how I prepped it yesterday and am now enjoying it (it’s 3 PM and I’m only just starting my tea drinking for the day) now. I must say, it’s DELICIOUS!

It feels like I’m drinking Spring or early Summer picnics. Maybe that’s a weird way to put it – but basically this reminds me of something you might have on a refreshing and just warm enough (not sweltering) Spring/Summer day when you’re with your family and have fruit and vegetable plates and all that yummy picnic type stuff.

I think I actually like this better cold brewed than hot, too! Yummy.

Total cold brew time was four and a half hours, and I think next up I’m going to try Cold Brewing some of Rivertea’s Boatsman…

Iced 8 min or more 4 tsp 25 OZ / 739 ML

Great idea! did you just put four tsp into normal (unheated) water, and then stick what I’m assuming was the jar into the fridge?


I also drank some spring and summer today—I totally get it!!

Roswell Strange

Yup, into the mason jar with cold water and then it just sat in the fridge for a few hours before I strained it yesterday, but I waited to have it this morning for “breakfast”.

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3283 tasting notes

Some other steepsterite & I were talking about cold brewing this tea, & can’t remember who is was, but I did it, & it is delicious!
And it’s a sipdown!


I think I was (at least) one of them. The creamy and steaming fruit essence of the hot tea didn’t go over well with me. I’m not the biggest fan of iced teas, but I’m still keeping it a possibility to try. Thanks for being the first and leaving your notes :)

Terri HarpLady

It was you! Thanks for the idea! :)

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757 tasting notes


This one is from CrowKettle and am I ever glad I got a sample of this! It’s everything that I’d hoped it to be. I’m on my phone now, but will write a more in depth review from my computer later.

Ok, so it is later. I was working today, then got dinner and went to a friend’s house to watch the new episode of Doctor Who, so I just got home, and I am still thinking of this tea. Actually, I mentioned how good it smelled and tasted to my co-workers today and they were all like, “You must really like that tea because you’ve talked about it 4 times already” or something like that.

Anyhow, like many people have said thus far, the tea itself, with the flowers, is quite lovely, and if anything evokes spring, it is this tea. And wow, what a gorgeous day to initiate this tea, too. We have had a string of really nice days lately (I hope it stays!!). The first thing that you notice when you open the bag, is the sweet and fresh real cantaloupe smell. The eyes see the leaves and the nose gets hit with the lovely scent. I’ve always felt that cantaloupe is sweet and a little bit floral. A bit like nectar or honey…and white tea is the perfect tea to blend this with too, I think.

Brewed, you get a pale yellow infusion, and the scent just wafts up into your nose and intoxicates you to the core. Seriously. Cuz all I could think about was how good this smelled and tasted. I admit freely that I do have a sweet tooth, so I do usually add sugar to my teas, though I have been working on reducing the amount. I think though, that in this case, adding it only intensifies the nectar qualities, and makes the melon juiciness just pop and explode across the tongue. Now in terms of cream, I can’t really taste cream per se, but I can pick up just a general smooth feel to it. Part of me wonders how this would be with a touch of milk or even cream. I know milk is usually for darker teas, but ever since DAVIDsTEA suggested adding milk and sugar to Buttercream, I have not been afraid to add milk to white teas where I feel the taste and texture will enhance the tea. I bet that this tea would be even more amazing with just a touch of honey instead of the sugar…perhaps even an orange blossom honey. I get my honey locally, but I am out, so this reminds me I need more.

Anyway, I am so so so grateful I got to try this tea. I think that I am gonna need this for the summer. I might just have to put in an order with Butiki now that I have had something I like, and that far exceeds my expectations. Thanks again CrowKettle!!!!


It is a very tasty tea :D


It is, indeed.


I’m so glad you like this one! Butiki and Stacy are amazing; it’s probably my favourite tea company right now. :)


I definitely want to put an order in.


^^ Do a shared order, you guys!! :) So worth it. The four of us in Toronto are putting in a huge one imminently :D


I’m totally game for that.


Ooh. I’d also be game for a Butiki order… I have a huge list of wants from them, but would be willing to pare the list down a lot for an initial try.


OMG no paring down! shared order = you can do 1oz order and still only be picking up a small quantity to try when there’s overlap between you guys.

Uh…i highly recommend using google docs if you get into it LOL


Yeah, my list is basically everything without mint. :) So anyone could order anything to share and I’d be happy.


I can live without mint.

Google documents is super nifty for planning.


Ok, so should we start a different message thread of teas from Butiki and Red Leaf Teas that we are all interested, and then whoever is google docs talented can put it all together?


Good plan! :)


Also, I went through my whole list and found a few other local-ish people that didn’t do the swap with us, but I could include them. I could also just message them separately to see if there’s any interest from them on a co-op type order.

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177 tasting notes

I am currently on the tweleve step program to combat melon addiction. The first step is admitting you don’t need three cantaloupe and a honeydew per pound of body weight. The second step is Butiki ’s Cantaloupe and Cream.

This is absoultely the most real and natural flavored tea I’ve had. The next closest thing to real melon and cream. But that’s not vegan friendly.
It starts off oddly more honeydew than cataloupe but the honeydew disappears after four steeps. The mouthfeel is juicy like real cantaloupe and the tea base provides the perfect honey toned background. This tea can only be improved by sharing with one’s pet lizard.

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Following Liberteas’ experiment with 52Teas, I want there to be enough time for the flavoring to fully set but I’m not sure how long ago this batch was flavored. Perhaps someone on Steepster has such privileged knowledge?

Butiki Teas

It was flavored on Oct 3rd.

Butiki Teas

I’m curious, what was Liberteas experiment with 52Teas? What was the result?
Also, I’m totally imagining a lizard with a little tea bowl. awww.


@Butiki Teas: it has been my experience, not just with 52Teas but when I was flavoring teas myself, that the flavors need time to develop. Three weeks gives an adequate amount of time for the flavors to do their thing, I’ve found. A lesson I learned very early on was a tea that is flavored today will not taste the same three weeks from today.

It was more or less part of my trial and error thing when I was teaching myself the art of flavoring tea, but, something that I didn’t really think about until a year or so ago (I don’t really remember when I had the a-ha! moment), but I found it to be true with 52Teas’ blends, some of the teas I’d try as soon as I received them, and they were alright… but then I’d go back and try them a few weeks later and it was like WOW! I don’t remember it tasting this good… then I realized why … the flavors needed their time.

Butiki Teas

LiberTEAS-Interesting, very interesting. I had read that it took a week or two to settle, but that’s interesting that it may even be longer than that for the flavorings. I noticed that with spices quite a bit. At first I would overload the spicing then later on it would be way too much.


@Butiki Teas: This is why I would always wait three weeks before I would offer my flavored teas for sale. I wanted to test them before selling them, and I didn’t want to test them until I was sure of the flavoring. I was a bit of a perfectionist, I guess. LOL Which is yet another reason why I had no business selling tea. I am much better at just being an artist. Things don’t get done very often (perfectionism thing) but at least I’m not making things that people are clamoring to buy.

Butiki Teas

LiberTEAS-I know exactly what you mean. I have been working on this Pistachio Ice Cream green tea for maybe 2 months now trying to get the flavor just right. Then it gets to the point I’m not sure anymore if its good or not and I’m not sure if I just want to scrap the whole thing but I’ve already invested so much time.


Oh goodness… tell me about it. It took me over a year to develop my chai. Nearly as long to develop my caramel. My chocolate was a work in progress… and while my first couple of versions tasted wonderful and I sold them as I continued to work on the recipe… it took about five years before I developed the perfect chocolate. sigh


PS: I do look forward to trying Pistachio Ice Cream… YUM!

Butiki Teas

Wow, 5 years! That is quite a work of art. Thanks, I hope the Pistachio Ice Cream finished soon-ish.

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283 tasting notes

Sample sipdown! I’m trying to get through the box from Dexter3657 to make room for the Fusion tea arriving this week and the small Butiki order I placed yesterday.

I didn’t replace this because although it is very good the goal is to try as much Butiki tea as I can without going over budget.

I wouldn’t normally pick this as a morning tea but I need something low caffeine to give my liver a break from all the meds it has to process. Some of these also upset my stomach, I feel so very painfully full although I haven’t eaten since yesterday at 6. Uuugh! So anyway, I picked this tea. So, so delicate.

Going for a second steep as we speak. Just what I needed. Might not have medicinal properties but at least it Is gentle and very enjoyable.

And since we’re sharing pictures, this is what tea looks like a my house this morning:

Butiki Teas

cute teaware set!


Thanks! Someone brought it for me as a gift all the way from India a year ago when I was not even into tea. It was a pretty gift and I used it mostly for decoration on one of my kitchen shelves, I sure am putting it to good use now!

Butiki Teas

What a nice gift!

Terri HarpLady

That is a beautiful set! And all the pics of food!!


Looks like a lovely way to start the day


Love the pic :)


Wow! Such a lovely set… as if your friend somehow knew that someday, you were going to fall in love…with tea :-)

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6770 tasting notes

I’m backlogging this one as well as a sipdown! It was lovely and will be missed

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133 tasting notes

Rehydrating after being sick this morning – this is an excellent way of soothing a still queazy stomach while making my tastebuds happy.

Enjoying unsweetened! :)

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 30 sec

Get well soon!

Will Work For Tea

Thanks – the road to recovery starts with more tea. :)


This is good without sweetening!


Feel better!

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